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Twitters Reaction to the Election

posted by @cka_politwit on Mar 26, 2011

The mainstream media in the last few days have been citing polls that show Canadians don't want an election or are unhappy about having one, but what does the Twittersphere think?

Politwitter indexed 13,389 tweets from thursday to saturday that included the popular #elxn41 hashtag. Here is some analysis of all those tweets.

  • Positive: 2,271
  • Negative: 1,014
  • Neutral: 10,410
  • Percent postive: 69%

These results seem to indicate the overal tone of Twitter over the news of a federal election was positive, the opposite of the mainstream media polls. Interesting stuff! People tweeting with the #elxn41 are probably more engaged in politics than the random selection of people that would be polled traditonaly.

Here are how often the party leaders were mentioned in the #elxn41 tweets:

  • Harper: 8,094
  • Ignatieff: 4,154
  • Layton: 1,712
  • Duceppe: 968

These are the most tweeted words:

#elxn41 reaction

The most retweeted tweet during this period was (169 retweets):
#elxn41 reaction
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The tweet with the most replies was (109 replies):
#elxn41 reaction
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