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Liberals Outpacing Conservatives on Twitter

posted by @cka_politwit on Aug 25, 2010

The homepage of Politwitter features a pie chart on the right side showing the current months partisan indexed tweets. It’s been in the back of my mind that for many months the Liberals have been dominating this pie chart, so I thought I would investigate further.

The pie chart not only shows Federal Liberal MPs but also other liberal tweeters indexed by Politwitter and liberal hashtags. In this metric Liberals are dominating all the other parties combined.

If the chart is changed to only show Liberal MPs, the results are similar. Liberal MPs are tweeting much more than Conservatives. This is not something new, this is a trend that started at the beginning of 2010.

Individual Liberal MPs are also outpacing their rivals, the most active tweeter is Liberal MP Denis Coderre and a total 0f 5 Liberal are in the top 10 Tweeters for 2010, compared to 4 Tories and 1 NDP.

Liberals have also stepped up their game with hashtags, the conservative #ROFT hashtag used to dominate the stats as the most used partisan tag, but over this summer #LPC has overtaken it. The liberal Express hashtag has also been used a lot #lpcx.

There are 2 more Conservative MPs on Twitter than Liberals, but the liberals have a higher percentage of their MPs using Twitter.

party MPs with Twitter total MPs percentage

Liberal MPs also have more total combined followers at 145,827 compared to the Conservatives 120,696. In 2009 the Conservatives were ahead, but again the Liberals have steamed ahead in 2010. Also noteworthy that Liberal MP Justin Trudeau has more followers than party leader Gilles Duceppe and is catching up to Jack Layton.

Liberals are also ahead in other social media, 34 Liberal MPs are on Facebook compared to 30 Conservatives. 14 Liberals on Flickr, 8 Conservatives. 20 liberals on YouTube, 18 Conservatives.

Liberal MPs also post more pictures to twitter and Flickr than Conservatives, but they do lag behind the Conservatives a bit in posting YouTube videos. Liberals also have a higher combined “Social Media Score”. Liberals also have more candidates and Riding associations on Twitter.

Is this all just a coincidence or are the Liberals making a concerted effort to bolster their Twitter & social media presence and usage?

Politwitter’s main focus is tracking Twitter, so some of the stats on facebook, youtube & flickr usage might not be up-to-date.

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