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username name prov notes popularity followers fb
@lraittLisa RaittonMinister of Natural Resources425240448User has Facebook page
@JamesMoore_orgJames MoorebcMinister of Canadian Heritage23323734User has Facebook page
@leonaaglukkaqLeona AglukkaqttMinister of Health49945User has Facebook page
@ColinCarrieColin CarrieonParliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health885892
@RickDykstraRick DykstraonParliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration 05408User has Facebook page
@kenneyjasonJason KenneyabMinister of Citizenship, Immigration22012User has Facebook page
@stevenjfletcherSteven FletchermbMinister of State (Democratic Reform)04User has Facebook page
@dianeablonczympDiane AblonczyabMinister of State (Small Business and Tourism)32User has Facebook page
@mpdeandelmastroDean Del MastroonParliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage12User has Facebook page
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