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Please help me build the list by submitting any federal & provincial politicans on Youtube that are missing.
name partisan mp prov tags youtube username videos
Chris Crowellliberalnschriscrowellca3User has youtube page
Geoff ReganliberalmpnsGeoffRegan93User has youtube page
Gerald KeddytorympnsGeraldKeddyMP76User has youtube page
Jim Burrowsliberalnsformer_candidateJimBurrowsCCMV4User has youtube page
Mark EykingliberalmpnsEykinm142User has youtube page
Megan LesliendpmpnsMeganLeslieMP256User has youtube page
Mike Savageliberalnsformer_mpSavageStaff18User has youtube page
Richard Zurawskigreennsformer_candidateUCqUZu7YV2xQTcnFj5Y3QRRA0User has youtube page
Robert ChisholmndpmpnsRobertNDP154User has youtube page
Rodger CuznerliberalmpnsRTCuzner61User has youtube page
Stan Kutcherliberalnsformer_candidateStanKutcher10User has youtube page

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