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username name partisan mp prov location tags popularity klout followers
@jamesbezanJames BezantorympmbSelkirk—Interlake52248.619336User has Facebook pageUser has Youtube page
@rodbruinoogeRod BruinoogetorympmbWinnipeg South147.464991
@ShellyGloverMINShelly GlovertorympmbSaint Boniface003000User has Facebook page
@MPJoySmithJoy SmithtorympmbKildonan—St. Paul248.042956User has Facebook page
@RobertSopuckRobert SopucktorympmbDauphin-Swan River-N002768User has Facebook pageUser has Youtube page
@CHoeppnerMPCandice HoeppnertorympmbPortage—Lisgar7210605User has Facebook page
@matejickaAnn MatejickatorymbWinnipeg Northformer_candidate022.29203
@joyce_batemanJoyce BatemantorympmbWinnipeg South005User has Youtube page
@stevenjfletcherSteven FletchertorympmbCharleswood—St. Ja047.614User has Facebook pageUser has flickr page

* you can click the table headings to sort the table of List of Manitoba Federal Conservatives on Twitter.
* popularity is tracked by politwitter & determined by how many mentions of that username or name in the last several months.

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