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username name partisan mp prov location tags popularity klout followers
@RalphGoodaleRalph GoodaleliberalmpskWascana584557.7443929User has Facebook pageUser has Youtube pageUser has a blog
@darrenhill1Darren HillliberalskSaskatoon—Humboldtformer_candidate151.774464User has Facebook page
@LisaAbbott_SWLisa AbbottliberalskSaskatoon—Wanuskewformer_candidate001503User has Facebook page
@SaskYoungLibsSaskatchewan Young LiberalsliberalskSaskatchewan, Canadayouth027.44504
@KashKashAndreychukliberalskYorkton—Melvilleformer_candidate141.38241User has Facebook page
@dfilsonfarmerDuane FilsonliberalskCypress Hills—Grasformer_candidate026.74172User has Facebook page
@Zipchen_LiberalPatricia ZipchenliberalskSaskatoon—Wanuskewformer_candidate38058User has Facebook page
@liberallhilllsRoman Todosliberalskriding_association000

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* popularity is tracked by politwitter & determined by how many mentions of that username or name in the last several months.

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