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Please help me build the list by submitting any politicans with twitter that are missing.
username name partisan mla province tags popularity klout followers fb
@stephenkentSteve KentNewfoundland PCmlanl7861.9512958User has Facebook pageUser has Youtube page
@king_darinDarin KingNewfoundland PCmlanl244.094244User has Facebook page
@Keith_HutchingsKeith HutchingsNewfoundland PCmlanl244.962600
@granterhwVaughn GranterNewfoundland PCmlanl344.942406User has Facebook page
@SSullivanMHASusan SullivanNewfoundland PCmlanl040.042229User has Facebook page
@johnsonMHACharlene JohnsonNewfoundland PCmlanl141.081510
@MHAKevinPollardKevin PollardNewfoundland PCmlanl041.531151
@mhaCalvinPeachCalvin PeachNewfoundland PCmlanl037.52731
@MHAPaulLanePaul LaneNewfoundland PCmlanl647.87620
@KevinOBrienPCKevin O’BrienNewfoundland PCmlanl024.81504User has Facebook page
@kennedyMHAJerome KennedyNewfoundland PCmlanl90421
@TomOsbornePCTom OsborneNewfoundland PCmlanl7039415
@KevinParsonsPCKevin ParsonsNewfoundland PCmlanl015240
@D9MHADave DenineNewfoundland PCmlanl024.53167
@RayHunterPCRay HunterNewfoundland PCmlanl010166
@BobRidgleyBob RidgleyNewfoundland PCmlanl023.33145
@joanburkesvilleJoan BurkeNewfoundland PCmlanl225.0538
@PaulDavisNLPaul DavisNewfoundland PCmlanl041.999

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If you know of a provincial politician missing from this list, please submit their twitter here.

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