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Please help me build the list by submitting any politicans with twitter that are missing.
username name partisan mla province tags popularity klout followers fb
@YourAlbertaAlberta GovernmentAlberta PCab39852.8394483
@DeronBilousDeron BilousAlberta PCabformer_candidate849.746790User has Facebook page
@EdStelmachMLAPremier Ed StelmachAlberta PCmlaabpremier041.435541
@KyleMLAKyle FawcettAlberta PCmlaab4150.423516
@mypcmlamypcmla.caAlberta PCab4154.382614
@LindsayBlackettLindsay BlackettAlberta PCmlaab040.62445
@JaniceSarichJanice SarichAlberta PCmlaab6221521User has Facebook page
@alanadelongAlana DeLongAlberta PCmlaab241.451409
@CindyAdy_MLACindy AdyAlberta PCmlaab033.211396
@ScottTannasScott TannasAlberta PCabformer_candidate044.371180User has Facebook pageUser has Youtube pageUser has flickr page
@MLA_NBhardwajNaresh BhardwajAlberta PCmlaab5734.53822User has Facebook page
@dougelniskiDoug ElniskiAlberta PCmlaab040.83701
@DaveHancockMLADave HancockAlberta PCmlaab060.67685
@MLACarlBenitoCarl BenitoAlberta PCmlaab028.66307
@GriffMLADoug GriffithsAlberta PCmlaabminister0053User has Facebook page
@GriffMLADoug GriffithsAlberta PCmlaabminister057.8953
@Premier_RedfordAlison RedfordAlberta PCmlaabparty_leader184.6620User has Facebook page
@MinisterJonoJonathan DenisAlberta PCmlaabminister060.1412
@MinisterJonoJonathan DenisAlberta PCmlaab060.1412
@ElectFredHorneFred HorneAlberta PCmlaab052.070

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If you know of a provincial politician missing from this list, please submit their twitter here.

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