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Please help me build the list by submitting any New Brunswick politicans with twitter that are missing.
username name partisan mla province tags popularity klout followers fb
@jodycarr_mlaJody CarrNew Brunswick PCmlanb4349.945846
@KLamrockKelly LamrockNew Brunswick Liberalmlanb17851.444404
@BruceFitchMLABruce FitchNew Brunswick PCmlanb434.52146User has Facebook page
@jackkeir1Jack KeirNew Brunswick Liberalmlanb1052.511544
@ShawnGraham_NBShawn GrahamNew Brunswick Liberalmlanbpremier040.911533
@DonArseneaultDonald ArseneaultNew Brunswick Liberalmlanb046.061369
@rickmilesRick MilesNew Brunswick Liberalmlanb142.141192
@gregbyrneNBGreg ByrneNew Brunswick Liberalmlanb029.95829
@MarySchryerMary SchryerNew Brunswick Liberalmlanb332.86779
@tj_burkeT.J. BurkeNew Brunswick Liberalmlanb031.5694
@RolandHacheMLARoland HachéNew Brunswick Liberalmlanb010218
@Carl4yorkCarl UrquhartNew Brunswick PCmlanb0066User has Facebook page
@Roy_BoudreauRoy BoudreauNew Brunswick Liberalmlanb0040
@jackcarr_mlaJack CarrNew Brunswick PCmlanb055.421
@VictorBoudreauVictor BoudreauNew Brunswick Liberalmlanb040.030

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Party Popularity on Twitter

party total people tracked popularity followers
New Brunswick Liberal1824819313
New Brunswick Progressive Conservative105716493
New Brunswick NDP827112975

If you know of a provincial politician missing from this list, please submit their twitter here.

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