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Please help me build the list by submitting any politicans with twitter that are missing.
username name partisan mla province tags popularity klout followers fb
@NSNDPNova Scotia NDPNova Scotia NDPnspolitical_party9657.088618User has Facebook pageUser has Youtube page
@PremierDexterDarrell DexterNova Scotia NDPmlansparty_leader,premier309757.76539
@DrewMooreNSDrew MooreNova Scotia NDPnsformer_candidate004716User has Facebook page
@JimBoudreauMLAJim BoudreauNova Scotia NDPmlans004245User has Facebook page
@AbadKhanNSAbad KhanNova Scotia NDPnsformer_candidate002309User has Facebook page
@RamonaJennexRamona JennexNova Scotia NDPmlans4744.822163User has Facebook pageUser has Youtube page
@matmlaMat WhynottNova Scotia NDPmlans27451.441710User has Facebook pageUser has flickr page
@deniseprafuseDenise Peterson-RafuseNova Scotia NDPmlans040.68658
@PreyraMLALeonard PreyraNova Scotia NDPmlans8844.22614
@hepsteinmlaHoward EpsteinNova Scotia NDPmlans1245.66606
@TanisCrosbyTanis CrosbyNova Scotia NDPnsformer_candidate00440User has Facebook page
@nsyndNova Scotia Young New DemocratsNova Scotia NDPnsyouth032.54416User has Facebook page
@JimMortonMLAJim MortonNova Scotia NDPmlans045.34390User has Facebook page
@RealDealNSReal Deal Nova ScotiaNova Scotia NDPnspolitical_party042.64316
@BeckyKentMLABecky KentNova Scotia NDPmlans2735.62162
@PamBirdsallMLAPam BirdsallNova Scotia NDPmlans00157User has Facebook page
@PictouWestNDPPictou West NDPNova Scotia NDPnsriding_association3741.28130User has Facebook page
@HantsWest_NDPBarbara GallagherNova Scotia NDPns0097
@brianskabarBrian SkabarNova Scotia NDPmlans027.9594
@JoanMasseyNDPJoan MasseyNova Scotia NDPnsformer_candidate0013
@MichaelMacisaacMichael MacIssacNova Scotia NDPnsformer_candidate030.691

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If you know of a provincial politician missing from this list, please submit their twitter here.

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