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    MPconservatJason KenneyA recently revealed federal briefing note shows that the Trudeau Liberals have future carbon tax hikes planned. It'… https://t.co/YP5FNZOHlZ
    • jackshope@jkenney Bored now. Don’t you have any new material? Anything?
    • Shmizer1@jkenney Perhaps you should consider moving into federal politics.
    • BradLafortune@jkenney Ridiculous. Using a small business in Calgary as a prop to drum up fantasy concerns about fantasy federal… https://t.co/hn5aSkk6dG
    • Phatkd1@jkenney This socialist agenda by the Liberals and defacto NDPs is strangling the power to middle class. 2019 can’t… https://t.co/gNjKJ9QmGv
    • T8NTraynor@jkenney You should really consider going into federal politics! It seems like your thing!
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    MPconservatJason KenneyThe rule of law must be enforced (guessing the protesters didn't get the memo that Alberta now has 'social license'… https://t.co/FaoyibaeZl
    • BrockWarkentin@jkenney I hope these protesters realize its a "Risky venture" to break the law and they could have a criminal reco… https://t.co/jPIr3LtCOu
    • Chad02396088@jkenney Turn off the taps to the Lower mainland and impose tariffs on all goods travelling thru Alberta until they get the message please.
    • yeghite@jkenney You trying to be onside by throwing a sly dig at the carbon tax in Alberta is exactly what protesters are… https://t.co/NArTr4OZk2
    • GeoffreySaucer@jkenney I don't buy the whole social license bullshit and am betting it won't stand up in court. Throw the book at these assholes!
    • hunkEmusic@jkenney Nobody said that "social license" would silence the protestors.
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    MPconservatJason KenneyTerrible. We unfortunately hear far too many stories like this. Charities and not-for-profits getting hit by NDP’s… https://t.co/24jIhNJwSK
    • MMA_Realist@jkenney No @jkenney, this can’t be true, don’t you know Alberta is booming? All the businesses love NDP, or at lea… https://t.co/JlTEqKoObX
    • rahazelwood@jkenney Chalk another one up to Notley and her pack of scumbag NDP. Where is the pipeline?
    • BrandlKvn@jkenney The "progressives", who have never signed a payables or payroll cheque in their life, will now expound on… https://t.co/sWtheaCoKk
    • JonSpadeX@jkenney right...so something your party started and was going to follow through on is now the proverbial "the sky… https://t.co/6CD9Zc5aXg
    • sonia1863@jkenney @RachelNotley @abndpcaucus thanks NDP not god 2019 can’t come soon enough get these morons out of power
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    MPconservatJason KenneyToday is Raoul Wallenberg Day, remembering one of humanity's great heroes in one of the darkest periods of human hi… https://t.co/KoGHJOujEk
    • emilia_suze@jkenney yes and sad to say look at things in the progressive west We still have not learned! Europe has shamed itself over and over
    • FouldsIain@jkenney ... Kenney: So, you are comfortable with the NDP delaying a return to the legislature until March 8th? It… https://t.co/PdE1CMqdxz
    • western1voice@jkenney and we allow george soros in this country? sitting beside our "leaders"? where's the outrage? shameful h… https://t.co/0JjAeYoXQl
    • socialmworrier@jkenney @bnaibrithcanada Where were everyone when darkest tragedy befell him? Let’s not forget he died in soviet K… https://t.co/clztjRGExx
    • DKinnard@jkenney @bnaibrithcanada May his memory be a blessing.
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