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This is a new feature that attempts to track the Twitter reaction to election pomises by the parties during the campaign. I'm working on increasing the accuracy and number of tweets scanned, some of the announcements are similar so it's tricky separating them. Check back again!

Please tweet me if I've missed a policy promise on the list!


party date promise total tweets pos sentiment neg sentiment adjusted retweets mps news facebook
libApr 2Liberal Platform link1907604680.9118211851130
ndpApr 10NDP Platform link1380244870.74884502745
conApr 8Conservative Platform link9421781540.54836401434
greApr 7Green Platform link13030120.7159005

Promises & Policies

party date promise total tweets pos sentiment neg sentiment adjusted retweets mps news facebook
conApr 24Children’s Arts Tax Credit link48010200
libApr 22Improved Prescription Drug Coverage link00000000
libApr 21Support For Canadian Artists link9418011816013
ndpApr 21Crack Down On Absent Mps link84018-170000
conApr 21Life-saving Defibrillators link7223-0.673059
ndpApr 21Consumers First In The Digital Economy link602440.8673323
conApr 20Guaranteed Income Supplement link11601-1706516
conApr 19Fund Brain Research link641020.8399412
conApr 19Crackdown On Marriages Of Convenience link202016260
conApr 18Connect Canada’s Highway System link16960.672302
ndpApr 18Support To Cities link52016010
conApr 17Human Smuggling link2313038-0.5632314207
ndpApr 17Fight Elder Abuse link96640.6122516
conApr 15Prevent Elder Abuse link1300013110
ndpApr 15New Transmission Link For Pei link52012210
libApr 13Canada Service Corps link47810620.98664804
libApr 13Federal Prison Farm Program link804-110001
conApr 11Extension Of Home Retrofit Program link250003626
ndpApr 10Ndp Platform link1380244870.74884502745
conApr 10Support For Farmers link611-0.51004
libApr 9Recovery Of Davie Yards link10000050
conApr 8Conservative Platform link9421781540.54836401434
libApr 8Your Family. Your Future. Your Canada link3650142002
ndpApr 8Made-in-canada Defence Plan link132016020
greApr 7Green Platform link13030120.7159005
ndpApr 7More Police, Safer Streets For Our Kids link50920.8233460
conApr 7Double Tax-free Savings Account link1904-15001
libApr 5Rural Canada Matters link26601,0838400.5623641387881
conApr 5Loans To Assist With Foreign Credential Recognition link1211370.65835166
ndpApr 5Our Quality Home Care Plan link38130129511
conApr 5Strengthen Essential Services In Rural Canada link40001004
conApr 4End Long-gun Registry link53240135552
ndpApr 4Boost Cpp Benefits, Premiums link53620184320
libApr 2Liberal Platform link1907604680.9118211851130
libApr 2Green Renovation Tax Credit link14511012510323
conApr 2Fitness Tax Credit For Adults link31229270.524302027
ndpApr 2Restore Respect And Dignity For Veterans link80003000
libApr 1Family Care Plan link1927820.987411229
ndpApr 1Boost The Front-line Health Services link2504-159320
conApr 1Here For Workers Plan link1000058214
libMar 31Early Childhood Learning And Care link1546420.979012330
conMar 31Support For The Lower Churchill Hydro Project link952220.92906104
ndpMar 31Cancel Oil Subsidies, Invest In Clean Energy link176012110
conMar 31Job-creating Trade Agreements link32011003
ndpMar 30Lower Small Business Tax link721830.8638344
libMar 30Strengthen Public Pensions link56120196413
libMar 29The Canadian Learning Passport link959230580.8747471164
libMar 29Reversing Cuts To Family Reunification link27924170.59169151813
ndpMar 29Capping Credit Card Rates link1211428-0.67811336
conMar 29Hiring Credit For Small Business link8713011571415
conMar 28Family Income Splitting link1021150212-0.5977830817

Party Totals


8876 tweets
2839 positive
1061 negative


3407 tweets
646 positive
237 negative


4176 tweets
671 positive
611 negative


260 tweets
60 positive
24 negative

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