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    The Pirate PartyAustria, Brazil and Ecuador have recently chosen to extend the franchise to 16- and 17-year-olds and the Scottish Parliament chose in 2014 to give this group the right to vote in a landmark independence referendum. The referendum was a great success where over 100,000 16- and 17-year-old Scots headed to the polls, spurring legislators to permanently lower the voting age. Proponents argue that lowering the voting age reflects the maturity of sixteen year-olds who are allowed to leave school, start working and drive, and it might encourage a higher voter turnout by allowing teens and politicians to speak on issues that affect them.

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    Art LowePrison for life over a single marijuana cigarette? With federal mandatory minimum sentences there are plenty of examples of this horrible injustice. Jury members are not allowed to know the sentences before they hand down verdicts. Billions are wasted per year putting away non-violent offenders for grotesquely inflated sentences. When will it end? The Senate is scheduled to take up a mandatory minimum reform bill this year and today's Liberty Report takes on the injustice and the possibilities to reform the injustice: The Injustice Of Mandatory Minimums http://bit.ly/1nq2SGT
    Jan 21, 2016 4:24 pm | British Columbia, Victoria
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    Art LoweShould Prime Minister Trudeau use federal tax dollars to bail out the oil and gas industry? Absolutely not. The Libertarian Party opposes all forms of corporate welfare. The solution lies in cutting spending and lowering taxes, not more government.
    Jan 21, 2016 8:18 am | British Columbia, Victoria

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    The Pirate Party"What I do know is the concept [of Basic Income] is the closest thing I've heard of to achieving the type of future I want to live in."
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    The Pirate PartyLibraries continue to develop ways to keep patron privacy at the forefront of the services they provide, including material accessed through library computers. Macrina’s group encourages libraries to operate “exit nodes” that aid the operation of difficult-to-trace web browser Tor – the Department of Homeland Security attempted to enlist the help of local law enforcement to shut down the project at a New Hampshire library last year, but was thwarted. At a local level, Macrina said, librarians generally understand that the town police and the town library are part of the same town. But when it comes to federal authority, few librarians have qualms about “having an adversarial relationship”.
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    Art LoweIs it fair that a Canadian born today will inherit over $17,000 in federal debt? Is it fair that Trudeau, like Harper before him, will continue to make this number larger? We don't think so!
    Jan 13, 2016 2:37 pm | British Columbia, Victoria
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    The Pirate PartyWhile a basic, regular income would increase equality and stability for every homemaker, it's impossible to ignore that most of these homemakers are, in fact, women. But there are male homemakers, and in the same way that patriarchy marginalizes women by pre-prescribing roles and behaviors, the responsively insidious effect that patriarchy has on men is that when they take on the role of homemaker, they're largely seen as obfuscating their perceived role in the workforce. A Pew Research study found that even when 51% of those surveyed said children are "better off" with the mother at home, they only felt the same way about fathers 8% of the time.

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    The Pirate PartyThere’s a lot to say about what we have accomplished in this decade. For starters, the party is ten years old today, and we’re on our second term in the European Parliament. That kind of success borders on ridiculously impossible. We brought a radical copyright monopoly reform proposal into the mainstream – the Pirate Party platform is now an integral part of the platform of the Green party group in the European Parliament. We stopped Three Strikes and made it illegal across Europe, thwarting the copyright industry’s plans of shutting people off the net in the hundreds of thousands. We were instrumental in stopping ACTA, working from inside Parliament while Anonymous and others were staging rallies across European cities. Finally, there’s the Reda report, where Julia Reda – Pirate Member of the European Parliament, elected from Germany – was tasked with formally evaluating what works and what doesn’t work in the European Union copyright monopoly legislation, and who wrote a report on the matter and managed to get the Parliament as a whole to approve it. If somebody had told me a Pirate would be formally in charge of evaluating the copyright monopoly at the European level less than a decade after the Pirate Party’s founding, I’m not sure I would have believed them. But that’s what we’ve done.

Dec 31st

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    The Pirate Party"We remember what happened when we asked, "Who will help us fight against cannabis prohibition?" "Not us," said the unions. "There are a lot of jobs for us in arresting and jailing cannabis users." "Not us," said the corporations. "Legal cannabis would hurt our investments in pharmaceuticals." "Not us," said the politicians. "Instead, we're going to pass stricter laws than ever, because that gets us more votes!" So we did it by ourselves. We used the money from our openly illegal bong shops, seed banks and dispensaries to pay lawyers and cover court costs, chipping away at prohibition one case at a time. Canada's cannabis community doesn't need the liquor unions, or the corporations, or the politicians to take over our industry. We know what we're doing when it comes to growing, distributing and enjoying cannabis. Just get rid of your ridiculous prohibition laws, stop arresting and hassling peaceful people for pot, and leave the rest to us."

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