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    The Pirate PartyParty members have been aware of this for a few weeks now but I'd like to take a second to address a recent change to how we handle our memberships. We have done away with membership renewals and are now offering lifetime memberships for all current and future members. Why are we doing this? 1. Partly we made the change because its what we've been doing all along (we have never kicked someone out of the party for failure to pay dues) and wanted our membership promotion to match what we actually do. It was also not fair to those who were diligent with membership renewals. 2. Most of our funds come from direct donations, not membership renewals. With so little money involved it was felt this change could be made without affecting operations. 3. Chasing after people to remind them to renew their membership is not an effective use of the leadership's time and energy. So from now on $10 lets you be a member of the Pirate Party of Canada for as long as you like. That is a steal! Bargain. I meant bargain. :D Memberships: https://www.pirateparty.ca/helpus/ Donations always welcome: https://www.pirateparty.ca/donate/ ~Wilson
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    Liberal Party ManitobaTerry Hayward Nomination Meeting #Provencher #EastMan on July 14

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