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    Art LoweWhile I think it would be best for nobody to be bombing Syria -- or arming rebels -- why is it that Washington is so furious that Russia has decided to go after two of the top US enemies? Why is Washington Against Russia Bombing ISIS and Al-Qaeda? http://bit.ly/1L7vgpf
    Thu 8:40 pm | British Columbia, Victoria
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    Adnan ShahbazWhat a night. Spent the night meeting with business leaders at the Oakville Chamber of Commerce annual Chairs Dinner and heard a great keynote address from the current US Ambassador. His words fit in perfectly with the Green Economic vision. Sustainability, innovation and new economy. The time is now. Once again, I'm inspired. Thank you to John Sawyer, the President of the Chamber for the invite.
    Thu 7:31 pm | Ontario, Prince Edward—Hastings
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    Art LoweSenator McCain has a plan for how to deal with Russian planes bombing ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria: Shoot them down! The Senator suggests we arm and train the Syrian rebels how to blow up Russian planes and kill Russian pilots. How would the US react if it was a Russian lawmaker calling on Russia to help kill US service members? Is McCain insane? John McCain Wants to Shoot Down Russian Planes http://bit.ly/1VqHy2B
    Thu 12:47 pm | British Columbia, Victoria
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    Art LoweLibertarian Party of Canada - Parti Libertarien du Canada On October 19th, vote for the party that believes sovereignty rests with the individual, politicians are representatives of groups of individuals, and thus they should be held accountable to them. #cdnpoli #elxn42 #weareliberty
    Thu 8:45 am | British Columbia, Victoria
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    Art LoweThe info war is on. Before the Russian strikes even began, the US-funded "White Helmets" NGO in Syria claimed that Russians had killed scores of civilians. The US-funded propaganda is aimed at the US audience. Will it work again? US-Funded NGO in Syria Uses Old Photo to Claim Civilian Death in Russian Airstrikes http://bit.ly/1N4DNeZ
    Thu 8:34 am | British Columbia, Victoria
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    Rob ClarkeThe financial security and well-being of seniors is important to our Conservative Government. I've heard from seniors living in Desnethé Missinippi-Churchill River who are telling me that the changes we have introduced including significant tax relief including cutting the GST and the largest Guaranteed Income Supplement increase in over 25 years are improving their quality of life. Many are using the increased Tax Free Savings Accounts to let their investments grow tax free and pension income-splitting is letting seniors keep more of their hard earned income, I also hear that they are concerned about what they are hearing from Mulcair and Justin. Threating to raise taxes, cut the TFSA amounts and returning the government to massive annual deficits. The Conservatives will protect the benefits seniors have gained over these last few years and Prime Minister Harper has announced new tax savings for single seniors so they can get the same benefits of married seniors. Like and share so they your parents and grandparents know that the Conservatives are the only party who will provide real tax relief to Canada's seniors.
    Thu 7:19 am | Saskatchewan, Desnethé—Missinippi—Churchill River

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