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    Daniel BealsThis year the Sleepless Goat is one of four restaurants taking part in A Taste for Life. On April 23rd from 5 pm on, 25% of the proceeds will go to fundraising efforts for Kingston's HIV/AIDs Regional Services...But beyond that, I will be the host at this location and I expect you all to come and visit me and have a bit to eat on April 23rd. DJB.
    Fri 7:02 pm | Ontario, Kingston and the Islands
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    Russ ChristiansonApril 28th, 2014 Day of Mourning Why ? To remember those who have died, been injured or fallen ill as a result of their work for which they toil and to once again establish the need for a healthy workplace. We need support from you to attend. Where? Lucas Point Park Cobourg and the location is off Willmott St. Time? 1615 hr. Please come out and join us for the ceremony. All of us have been or know someone who has been affected by their workplace. Any questions, please contact me. Yours truly Chris Leavitt chrisleavitt53@gmail.com (905) 375-5445
    Fri 9:23 am | Ontario, Northumberland—Quinte West
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    Marc LaferriereSee what Thomas Mulcair (@ThomasMulcair) Leader of the NDP has been up to - nom meetings, first nations meeting, coaching hockey, hanging in Brantford etc.
    Fri 7:59 am | Ontario, Brant
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    Susanne LautenGreen Cleaning Works! Use reusable dust cloths instead of throw away wipes made with and full of chemicals that get tossed and add to landfills. They work just as well if not better and saves you a couple bucks too!
    Fri 5:10 am | Ontario, Haliburton—Kawartha Lakes—Brock

Apr 17th

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    Marc LaferriereEd Broadbent: This is a particularly important moment in Canada’s history to have such a conversation. The Conservative party – and the well-organized right-wing groups that underpin it – are doing all they can to undermine Canadians’ faith in government and its role in furthering the common good. They have attacked unions and silenced charities, gutted environmental and social programs. They scorn all expert advice. They even stop government scientists from fully discussing the results of their work. They now promise to deliver more tax giveaways to the rich that will deepen inequality, such as the regressive income-splitting policy. What makes all this even more disturbing is that much of the political debate in Canada is being shaped by this conservative approach, narrowing the confines of accepted political discourse and persuading Canadians that the policy options are limited. Even while the evidence is strong in polls that the majority of Canadians remain committed to progressive values, Conservatives, right-wing think tanks and much of the media keep telling us that Canada has “moved to the right.” There is an alarming disconnect between this narrow debate and what Canadians actually want and believe.
    Thu 3:21 pm | Ontario, Brant

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