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    The Pirate PartyThis is just a quick reminder that our General Meeting have been moved to Deember 8, 2014, Monday at 8pm EST. The meeting is going to be held on IRC. If you don't have an IRC client you can simply join us through your web browser with this link: https://pirateparty.ca/chat IRC info: Server: ca.pirateirc.net or irc.pirateparty.ca Ports: 6667 (standard), 6697(SSL) Nominations for the Political Council election (to be held in mid January of 2015) are now open. The nomination forum can be found here: https://my.pirateparty.ca/forum/119 Nominate someone or yourself, post your candidate's bio, ask candidates questions, discuss issues. The elected PC members will continue working and debating on the large numbers of new policies proposed by our members. They will help us prepare for the 2015 General Election in October, or whenever the government decides to call it. Hope to see you all at the meeting.

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