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    Hello Friends and Fellow Citizens.... I realize that I have not done a good job at being the outgoing politician of sorts. noticing a recent tally of 1000 views and few likes. I will effective immediately begin posting and commenting on subjects of matter. Rest assured my biggest complaint as a citizen of the Corporation of Canada is Bill C-51. We, the people, need to remember that WE are in control of our destiny, despite what social convention would have us believe. We are only within these boundaries and beliefs because we have accepted a group consciousness and we have believed we have no way to change convention. Like we are born into a lottery where most of us have failed to achieve and experience the 'good life ' that is portrayed upon us by media and corporations. It is now time to take a stand. I want people to vote with their consciousness. With discernment and with certainty and conviction demanding the changes we all know within our hearts. I may run with the platform of Green because it is the closest to my ideals and the furthest from the old ways of Liberals and Conservatives. Vote for the person and vote for the platform and vote for real change. DEMAND real answers and real commitments, lest we sign ourselves up for further domination by the Globalist Elite, corporations, and psychopaths. I most certainly do not know the GAME of politics. What I do know is how to be a real, human being consciously living from my heart, and with care and concern for all citizens, animals included and. Mother earth.
    Jun 11, 2015 4:30 pm | Ontario, Mississauga—Brampton South






Benjamin Stone

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