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Politwitter tracks Canadian political Twitter, but how can you join the conversation?
First you need a Twitter account, if you don't already have one, signup here: https://twitter.com/signup

How do i get my Tweets to display on Politwitter?

There are 3 main ways too have your political Tweets indexed by Politwitter and read by others.

  • Use #Hashtags in your tweets where relevant. Go here for a list of Canadian Hashtags to use.
    A hashtag is a way of categorizing or tagging your tweet by adding the pound symbol to the front of a word.

  • Direct your tweet at an Member of Parliament (MP). Politwitter will track any Tweets that have an @reply directed at one of the Canadian MP's on Twitter.

  • If you use your Twitter almost entirely to discuss political topics, you can submit your account to be included in the Politwitter political twitter list. Most people on this list will have all their tweets added to the Politwitter index.

But how do I Twitter or Tweet?

There are many ways you can post Twitter updates or "tweet". You can use Twitter.com or one of the many desktop apps.
But if you're a political Twitter'er why not use Politwitter.ca! You can post new tweets, reply and retweet right from Politwitter.

First login, then press the "Post" button in the top right on ANY page to reveal the post box. how to tweet


Check out our political guide to social media for Mps and candidates.

To learn more about using Twitter view their help page. To learn more about Politwitter check out our help page.
Are you a partisan Twitterer? Check out the Partisans Guide to Twitter.
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