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2David Sweet on Twitter: "Congratulations to all the Richter's @baykingmotor on the Grand Opening...@DavidSweetMPtwitter.com23 minutes agoretweet
2Rick Dykstra on Twitter: "THE HEAD TABLE. Last #strutt2014 of the evening. Great end to the...@RickDykstratwitter.com9 hours agoretweet
5Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Celebrated Lebanese Independence Day with friends at a World...@kenneyjasontwitter.com10 hours agoretweet
3Twitter / ?@kenneyjasont.co10 hours agoretweet
2Rick Dykstra on Twitter: "A dress made out of pictures. Entitled MEMORIES. Who would of thought......@RickDykstratwitter.com10 hours agoretweet
4Rick Dykstra on Twitter: "First act of the evening UNSTRUNG. Pretty high end performance! #strutt2014 http://t.co/7qjHXBZyp4"@RickDykstratwitter.com10 hours agoretweet
3Ted Menzies on Twitter: "Apparently not the first Menzies to walk here in Canberra # longestservingPM @karicunningham...@TedMenziestwitter.com11 hours agoretweet
2Joy Smith on Twitter: "MP Joy Smith thank a Fire Fighters that put their lives on the line...@MPJoySmithtwitter.com11 hours agoretweet
3Andrew Scheer on Twitter: "Pleased to attend the '14 Festival of Trees. Raising $ for palliative...@andrewscheertwitter.com12 hours agoretweet
2Gord Brown on Twitter: "With President Donovan Arnaud at 80th Anniversary of.Kemptville Rotary...@gordbrowntwitter.com12 hours agoretweet
9Twitter / ?@kenneyjasont.co12 hours agoretweet
3Twitter / ?@kenneyjasont.co13 hours agoretweet
13John Baird on Twitter: "Discussed the release of political prisoners in #Venezuela with @dsmolansky,...@HonJohnBairdtwitter.com13 hours agoretweet
3Costas Menegakis on Twitter: "Pleased to be at the Aurora Santa Under the Stars Parade with...@CostasMenegakistwitter.com13 hours agoretweet
10Baird Condemns Cowardly Attack in Kenya@HonJohnBairdinternational.gc.ca13 hours agoretweet
2Lois Brown on Twitter: "At the Santa Under the Stars Parade in #AuroraON with my good friend...@MPLoisBrowntwitter.com14 hours agoretweet
8Twitter / ?@kenneyjasont.co14 hours agoretweet
4Julian Fantino on Twitter: "Best wishes 4 a memorable trip 2 our Veterans who are off to Italy...@JulianFantinotwitter.com14 hours agoretweet
3Colin Carrie on Twitter: "Lots of parade still to come! Join us if you can or catch it on #Rogers...@ColinCarrietwitter.com14 hours agoretweet
10John Baird on Twitter: "Talking about #Georgia's involvement with NATO, with former Georgian...@HonJohnBairdtwitter.com14 hours agoretweet
13Twitter / ?@HonJohnBairdt.co14 hours agoretweet
9Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Participated in launch of the Armenian Canadian Conservative...@kenneyjasontwitter.com15 hours agoretweet
2Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "J'ai participé au lancement de l'Association canado-armenien...@kenneyjasontwitter.com15 hours agoretweet
3Instagram@TonyclementCPCinstagram.com16 hours agoretweet
32James Moore on Twitter: "Vancouver & Mt. Baker from as viewed from Mt. Gardner on Bowen Island...@JamesMoore_orgtwitter.com16 hours agoretweet
50Twitter / ?@pmharpert.co16 hours agoretweet
7Tim S. Uppal on Twitter: "Today we mark a great world tragedy, the Holodomor Genocide in Ukraine....@MinTimUppaltwitter.com16 hours agoretweet
10Twitter / ?@JimPrenticet.co16 hours agoretweet
2MP Parm Gill Commemorating the 81st Anniversary of the Holodomor - YouTube@ParmGillyoutube.com17 hours agoretweet
2Brad Butt on Twitter: "Attending anti-terrorism forum hosted by Coalition of Progressive Canadian...@BradButtMPtwitter.com17 hours agoretweet
2Steven Blaney on Twitter: "Meeting with NZ Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee. #friendsandpartners...@MinStevenBlaneytwitter.com19 hours agoretweet
2Lois Brown on Twitter: "Popped into the Trinity United Church Nmkt. Christmas Bazaar. Great...@MPLoisBrowntwitter.com19 hours agoretweet
5James Moore on Twitter: "Incredible app that helps you digitize your books. Bonus: created...@JamesMoore_orgtwitter.com20 hours agoretweet
5Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on the 81st anniversary of the Holodomor | Prime...@MPJoySmithpm.gc.ca20 hours agoretweet
2BitLit | Get an ebook for every print book you own@JamesMoore_orgbitlit.com20 hours agoretweet
3Tim S. Uppal on Twitter: "One of my favourite parts of my job - welcoming new Canadian Citizens....@MinTimUppaltwitter.com20 hours agoretweet
4Tim S. Uppal on Twitter: "Joined @brownbarrie and @BalGosal at the 13th Annual Watno Dur Awards...@MinTimUppaltwitter.com20 hours agoretweet
2Lois Brown on Twitter: "At No Frills for the Valley View Church Jingle Bell Blitz to fill...@MPLoisBrowntwitter.com20 hours agoretweet
2Parm Gill, M.P. - Timeline Photos | Facebook@ParmGillfacebook.com21 hours agoretweet
2ChrisMcCluskey on Twitter: "This is the line-up for Foo Fighters tix in Calgary. Unaware this...@ChrisMcCluskeytwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
3Scott Armstrong on Twitter: "Pleased to join local beef producers at Maritime Beef Testing...@Armstrong_MPtwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
3Michelle Rempel on Twitter: "Thank you Tim for hosting a fab event at @wine_ink tonight. http://t.co/LMSRyVlsMK"@MichelleRempeltwitter.comFri 9:55 pmretweet
2Twitter / ?@bobzimmermpt.coFri 8:33 pmretweet
3Instagram@brownbarrieinstagram.comFri 8:05 pmretweet
4James Moore on Twitter: "Great fundraising lunch today with Jojo Quimpo, 2015 CPC candidate...@JamesMoore_orgtwitter.comFri 7:39 pmretweet
13Jim Prentice on Twitter: "Pleasure to speak at the Canada Energy Summit about a future w/ energy...@JimPrenticetwitter.comFri 7:08 pmretweet
2Mark Strahl, MP on Twitter: "A sunset photo taken today in Iqaluit, Nunavut at 2:45pm after...@markstrahltwitter.comFri 7:08 pmretweet
6Twitter / ?@BlakeRichardsMPt.coFri 6:47 pmretweet
2Gord Brown on Twitter: "Prescott Light up the night Parade. Awesome turnout. Merry Christmas...@gordbrowntwitter.comFri 5:08 pmretweet
11Twitter / ?@JimPrenticet.coFri 4:37 pmretweet
5John Baird on Twitter: "With @bbclysedoucet at #HISF2014 - one of Canada's most successful...@HonJohnBairdtwitter.comFri 3:56 pmretweet
12Twitter / ?@HonJohnBairdt.coFri 3:41 pmretweet
7Canada and Zambia Lead United Nations Efforts to End Child, Early and Forced Marriage@HonJohnBairdinternational.gc.caFri 3:35 pmretweet
7Chris Alexander on Twitter: "Joined many supporters of @chriselliottpc for Ontario PC leader...@calxandrtwitter.comFri 3:24 pmretweet
10Ministers continue to take action to help Canadians get the skills they need for available...@kenneyjasonnews.gc.caFri 2:51 pmretweet
3Joan Crockatt Condemns Putin and asks for Canadian Armed Forces Update - YouTube@Crockatteeryoutube.comFri 2:37 pmretweet
2Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Journée productive avec les ministres du marché du travail...@kenneyjasontwitter.comFri 2:35 pmretweet
2Les ministres continuent de prendre des mesures pour aider les Canadiens à acquérir les...@kenneyjasonnouvelles.gc.caFri 2:35 pmretweet
6Ted Opitz on Twitter: "Today marks the 1-year anniversary of the #Euromaidan revolution of...@TedOpitztwitter.comFri 1:43 pmretweet
3Parliamentary Misconduct Too Important To Be Left To Politics And Politicians | Brent Rathgeber@brentrathgeberbrentrathgeber.caFri 12:59 pmretweet
8Patrick Brown on Twitter: "Mapleview Community Church's youth group is issuing the local @WDDTHere...@brownbarrietwitter.comFri 12:40 pmretweet
8Supporting Innovative Businesses in British Columbia - Canada News...@JamesMoore_orgnews.gc.caFri 12:11 pmretweet
2Canada's Sustainable Fish and Seafood@CPCGailSheadfo-mpo.gc.caFri 11:24 amretweet
3Paul Calandra on Twitter: "Thanks John and Carole! You two are great friends and I truly value...@PaulCalandratwitter.comFri 10:10 amretweet
5Genome British Columbia :: A BEAUTIFUL MIND - British Columbia Alzheimer's Research Award Program...@JamesMoore_orggenomebc.caFri 9:28 amretweet
2Mise à jour de la norme sur les radars d'automobiles en vue d'améliorer la sécurité...@JamesMoore_orgnouvelles.gc.caFri 9:23 amretweet
2Nisga’a First Nation agrees to support LNG development | Energeticcity.ca@bobzimmermpenergeticcity.caFri 9:15 amretweet
4Stand With Ukraine - YouTube@jamesbezanyoutube.comFri 9:14 amretweet
2Laurie Hawn on Twitter: "Please remember to wear red today as a sign of support for our @CanadianForces...@MPLaurieHawntwitter.comFri 8:10 amretweet
2More Money For Veterans’ Services - Veterans Affairs Canada@btrottierveterans.gc.caFri 8:02 amretweet
43John Baird on Twitter: "Today marks 1year since Maidan protests started. Here's why Russia...@HonJohnBairdtwitter.comFri 7:38 amretweet
43John Baird: Russia’s aggression is against its own best interest | Toronto Star@HonJohnBairdthestar.comFri 7:38 amretweet
3Joan Crockatt MP on Twitter: "Alberta is a leader in env clean tech w/ $1.6B in 97 projects,...@Crockatteertwitter.comFri 7:38 amretweet
3Twitter / ?@MPLaurieHawnt.coFri 7:23 amretweet
6Gord Brown on Twitter: "Leeds Grenville Eco Dev Summit in North Grenville.Lots of positive...@gordbrowntwitter.comFri 6:32 amretweet
2Tony Clement on Twitter: "Great luncheon with #Korea President Park. Lots to talk about, incl...@TonyclementCPCtwitter.comFri 3:24 amretweet
3Lawrence Cannon on Twitter: "À #Montpellier. Le Canada, partenaire de croissance dans le...@lawrence_cannontwitter.comFri 3:15 amretweet
2Tony Clement on Twitter: "Another pic of the #DMZ: the gravel difference marks the boundary...@TonyclementCPCtwitter.comFri 1:42 amretweet
5Michelle Rempel - Great people seek power for the... | Facebook@MichelleRempelfacebook.comThu 10:47 pmretweet
2Twitter / ?@RonCannant.coThu 9:44 pmretweet
2Earth Rangers: The Kids' Conservation Organization@RonCannanearthrangers.comThu 9:44 pmretweet
2Lois Brown on Twitter: "A full house tonight at the Aurora Legion for our @QYRangers. Great...@MPLoisBrowntwitter.comThu 8:01 pmretweet
2Instagram@TonyclementCPCinstagram.comThu 7:45 pmretweet
2Gord Brown on Twitter: "Destination Thousand Islands ED Katherine Christensen and Ontario Tourism...@gordbrowntwitter.comThu 7:03 pmretweet
3Bal Gosal, MP on Twitter: "From my speech tonight. "I am always impressed by @SpecialOCanada...@BalGosaltwitter.comThu 5:16 pmretweet
15Alberta Public Affairs Bureau | Joint Provincial-Federal Funding to Support Growing Needs in...@JimPrenticenewswire.caThu 4:18 pmretweet
2Red Fridays Foundation of Canada@BradButtMPredfridays.caThu 4:05 pmretweet
6Ontario’s day of reckoning looms@peterbraidtherecord.comThu 1:56 pmretweet
5Historic $130 million gift from the Rogers family to establish the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart...@JamesMoore_orgsickkidsfoundation.comThu 1:41 pmretweet
7Historic $130 million gift from the Rogers family to establish the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart...@MinRonaAmbrosesickkidsfoundation.comThu 1:36 pmretweet
9The Diefenbaker Defender of Human Rights and Freedom Award - YouTube@HonJohnBairdyoutube.comThu 1:30 pmretweet
2Nina Grewal on Twitter: "#Great to meet with such a passionate group of youth concerned about...@MPNinaGrewaltwitter.comThu 1:03 pmretweet
5National Child Day - November 20, 2014 - Public Health Agency of Canada@MinRonaAmbrosephac-aspc.gc.caThu 12:50 pmretweet
2Canada's food safety system ranked world's best - Canada News Centre@MinRonaAmbrosenews.gc.caThu 12:26 pmretweet
2Cyber Security Technical Advice and Guidance@MPNinaGrewalpublicsafety.gc.caThu 11:51 amretweet
4Paul Wells in conversation with Michelle Rempel@MichelleRempelmacleans.caThu 11:41 amretweet
2Twitter / ?@MPLaurieHawnt.coThu 11:39 amretweet
2Timothea Gibb on Twitter: "Great meeting of NB officials with @mpmikea @FCM_online #HometownProud...@mpmikeatwitter.comThu 11:21 amretweet
34MYCanada Tweets on Twitter: "Such a great meeting. Thank you for taking time out of your...@mpmikeatwitter.comThu 11:20 amretweet
224 SEVEN Exclusive: Highlights from the G20 Summit in Brisbane, Australia - YouTube@BalGosalyoutube.comThu 11:08 amretweet

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