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4Gerry Byrne on Twitter: "The very first statue ever to be placed in the Hall of Honour should...@Gerry_Byrnetwitter.com2 hours agoretweet
2STATEMENT / DÉCLARATION : Shootings in Ottawa / Les fusillades survenues à Ottawa@JohnMcCallumMPus1.campaign-archive2.com2 hours agoretweet
2Navdeep Bains on Twitter: "Spent the evening with former premier Bill Davis and his family...@NavdeepSBainstwitter.com2 hours agoretweet
9Adam Goldenberg on Twitter: "The Globe profiles the Sergeant-at-Arms. http://t.co/sBC3SFIQXh...@adamgoldenbergtwitter.com3 hours agoretweet
9Sergeant-at-arms Kevin Vickers thrust into role of modern-day hero - The Globe and Mail@adamgoldenbergm.theglobeandmail.com3 hours agoretweet
6Globe Editorial: After the attack, we’re still Canada - The Globe and Mail@adamgoldenbergm.theglobeandmail.com3 hours agoretweet
52Remarks by Liberal Party of Canada Leader Justin Trudeau on the shootings in Ottawa@liberal_partyliberal.ca3 hours agoretweet
4Allocution du chef du Parti libéral du Canada, Justin Trudeau, à propos des fusillades...@parti_liberalliberal.ca3 hours agoretweet
3CTV News Channel: Canada 'not innocent' | CTV News@LKMFedLiberalsctvnews.ca3 hours agoretweet
2Moments ago I was escorted, with my... - Mark Eyking M.P. | Facebook@MarkEyking_MPfacebook.com3 hours agoretweet
31Adam Goldenberg on Twitter: "You should read what @GlenPearson wrote about the Sergeant-at-Arms,...@adamgoldenbergtwitter.com4 hours agoretweet
31Kevin Vickers Brought More Honour to Parliament Than Any Politician | Glen Pearson@adamgoldenberghuffingtonpost.ca4 hours agoretweet
10A truly terrible day for Canada….. |@Carolyn_Bennettcarolynbennett.liberal.ca4 hours agoretweet
4Ted Hsu on Twitter: "Heading out http://t.co/feUujfqhL7"@tedhsutwitter.com4 hours agoretweet
7Adam Goldenberg on Twitter: "“America’s northern.” This typo brought to you...@adamgoldenbergtwitter.com5 hours agoretweet
2Keith Martin MD on Twitter: "Excellent talk by #US @ambchrishill @wac_DC. The strength of a...@keithmartinmdtwitter.com5 hours agoretweet
2Omar Alghabra on Twitter: "http://t.co/xWKzAHK7cE"@OmarAlghabratwitter.com6 hours agoretweet
4Michael Zehaf-Bibeau: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know | Heavy.com@ujjaldosanjhheavy.com6 hours agoretweet
8Omar Alghabra on Twitter: "We just layed a wreath at the Mississauga Cenotaph in memory of...@OmarAlghabratwitter.com6 hours agoretweet
4http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/../../glen-pearson/kevin-vickers_b_603138 6.html@GlenPearsonhuffingtonpost.ca6 hours agoretweet
11Gerry Byrne on Twitter: "The scene at the moment. Still under lock down on Parliament Hill....@Gerry_Byrnetwitter.com7 hours agoretweet
2Statement by Dr. Hedy Fry on the Ottawa shootings | Hedy Fry – MP for Vancouver Centre@HedyFryhedyfry.com8 hours agoretweet
2Former MP and premier concerned about creeping terror in Canada - News - Vancouver Courier@ujjaldosanjhvancourier.com8 hours agoretweet
2Former MP and premier concerned about creeping terror in Canada - News - Vancouver Courier@ujjaldosanjhvancourier.com8 hours agoretweet
3Liberal Party of Canada statement on shootings in Ottawa@VanEastLiberalsliberal.ca9 hours agoretweet
2I would like to thank everyone for your... - Mark Eyking M.P. | Facebook@MarkEyking_MPfacebook.com9 hours agoretweet
4Liberal Party of Canada statement on shootings in Ottawa@geoffreganliberal.ca9 hours agoretweet
8Twitter / ?@parti_liberalt.co9 hours agoretweet
26t.co / Twitter@liberal_partyt.co9 hours agoretweet
9Gerry Byrne on Twitter: "Going door to door room to room. #cdnpoli our public security men...@Gerry_Byrnetwitter.com10 hours agoretweet
4Gerry Byrne on Twitter: "Very grateful to our frontline protectors! #cdnpoli http://t.co/kL8r66Ja2q"@Gerry_Byrnetwitter.com10 hours agoretweet
14Adam Goldenberg on Twitter: "http://t.co/PcnmUEXL4R"@adamgoldenbergtwitter.com10 hours agoretweet
51Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "This afternoon we've lowered our flags to half mast in honour...@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.com10 hours agoretweet
3Canada Shooting: Soldier Dead In Parliament Attack - ABC News@keithmartinmdabcnews.go.com11 hours agoretweet
2Yvonne Jones on Twitter: "Speaking at Mining Forum, Labrador lacks investment in Infrastructure...@YvonneJJonestwitter.com12 hours agoretweet
3Keith Martin MD on Twitter: "Cruel irony: small holder farmers in #Africa are some of the world's...@keithmartinmdtwitter.com12 hours agoretweet
3Parliament Hill attacked, soldier shot at National War Memorial in Ottawa - Politics - CBC...@MarkEyking_MPcbc.ca14 hours agoretweet
21Gerry Byrne on Twitter: "Tactical unit on scene now. http://t.co/i6TZkpwCsB"@Gerry_Byrnetwitter.com14 hours agoretweet
3BBC News - Shots fired near Canada parliament@WatLibbbc.com14 hours agoretweet
35Gerry Byrne on Twitter: "The black sedan with the door open right below me MAY be what we are...@Gerry_Byrnetwitter.com15 hours agoretweet
63Gerry Byrne on Twitter: "Significant police presence right outside of the office where I am...@Gerry_Byrnetwitter.com15 hours agoretweet
2Police say man believed to be soldier shot at National War Memorial | Toronto Star@WatLibthestar.com15 hours agoretweet
2Yvonne Jones on Twitter: "Mining companies, Tata, NMI, IOC, Altus provide updates on mining...@YvonneJJonestwitter.com15 hours agoretweet
2Schedule for Oct. 22, 2014 | Q with Jian Ghomeshi | CBC Radio@TDLibscbc.ca16 hours agoretweet
3Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "Wonderful breakfast for Brunswick St mission. Very impressive...@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.com18 hours agoretweet
11Liberal Party on Twitter: ".@JustinTrudeau was at the @WritersFest this evening talking #CommonGround...@liberal_partytwitter.comTue 6:24 pmretweet
3Bob Rae on Twitter: "At the #Travers2014 I much fun and good cheer. Debating the Senate and...@BobRae48twitter.comTue 5:38 pmretweet
5Justin Trudeau in Conversation with Stephen Quinn | Vancouver Writers Fest@HedyFrywritersfest.bc.caTue 4:55 pmretweet
3Parti libéral on Twitter: ".@JustinTrudeau parle de son livre « #Terraindentente »...@parti_liberaltwitter.comTue 4:38 pmretweet
12Liberal Party on Twitter: ".@JustinTrudeau speaking about his book, #CommonGround, tonight...@liberal_partytwitter.comTue 4:36 pmretweet
4Canada, Australia's Climate Change Record: From Leaders to Deniers | New Republic@Carolyn_Bennettnewrepublic.comTue 2:53 pmretweet
5Canada Needs To Adopt a 'Health In All Policies' Approach | Dr Ryan Meili@Carolyn_Bennetthuffingtonpost.caTue 2:40 pmretweet
4Ralph Goodale on Twitter: "Interesting conversation today between @JustinTrudeau and Lutheran...@RalphGoodaletwitter.comTue 2:25 pmretweet
13Canada is Losing the Values War! - Blogs@ujjaldosanjhujjaldosanjh.orgTue 1:56 pmretweet
4Twitter / ?@liberal_partyt.coTue 1:16 pmretweet
4Bob Rae on Twitter: "Premier Bob (aka student Bob) w Sir Isaiah Berlin 20 years ago at U of...@BobRae48twitter.comTue 1:11 pmretweet
4Page not found | The New York Review of Books@BobRae48nybooks.comTue 1:11 pmretweet
2Wayne Easter on Twitter: "Was a pleasure to meet with some East Coasters to talk about the...@WayneEastertwitter.comTue 12:19 pmretweet
2Yvonne Jones on Twitter: "@OldfordKaren @ColinVardy http://t.co/OPvTA17Zaq"@YvonneJJonestwitter.comTue 12:14 pmretweet
7World's Scientists Call On Stephen Harper To Restore Science Funding, Freedom@joycemurrayhuffingtonpost.caTue 12:12 pmretweet
3World's scientists call on Stephen Harper to re...@SimcoeGrFedLibsscoop.itTue 12:09 pmretweet
2Stephen Harper's CRA: Selective audits, "p...@SimcoeGrFedLibsscoop.itTue 12:08 pmretweet
2Joyce Murray 梅麗喬 on Twitter: "With Mr. Haim Peri of Kerrisdale, #Vancouver after...@joycemurraytwitter.comTue 12:02 pmretweet
4Montreal teacher, 73, loses job over film nudity more than 40 years ago - The Globe and Mail@BobRae48m.theglobeandmail.comTue 12:00 pmretweet
3Liberal Party on Twitter: "Thrilled to welcome North Okanagan–Shuswap’s @CDerkaz...@liberal_partytwitter.comTue 11:13 amretweet
4Team Trudeau - Liberal Candidates 2015@liberal_partyliberal.caTue 11:13 amretweet
3Question on Protective Equipment - YouTube@KirstyDuncanMPyoutube.comTue 10:26 amretweet
2Yvonne Jones on Twitter: "@JordanLabCity You would like this sign from Australia for FIFO http://t.co/X9rym5WA1O"@YvonneJJonestwitter.comTue 10:15 amretweet
2For Harper, a bad day at the bookstore - The Globe and Mail@RodgerCuznerm.theglobeandmail.comTue 10:10 amretweet
2Fiddling while the economy burns@AnthonyRotaipolitics.caTue 10:02 amretweet
2Statement in the House to commend Stewart MacRae - YouTube@WayneEasteryoutube.comTue 9:58 amretweet
3Ryan Maguhn nominated as Liberal candidate for Yellowhead by-election:…@LKMFedLiberalsplus.google.comTue 9:34 amretweet
3Ryan Maguhn nominated as Liberal candidate for Yellowhead by-election@LKMFedLiberalsliberal.caTue 9:34 amretweet
2Wayne Easter on Twitter: "Great meeting this morning with @SportMatters613! http://t.co/B0r0l7YQJm http://t.co/IMMJQcl1Hp"@WayneEastertwitter.comTue 8:19 amretweet
2Morning Meeting with Sports Matters |@WayneEasterwayne-easter.liberal.caTue 8:19 amretweet
2t.co / Twitter@ylc_jlct.coTue 8:17 amretweet
4https://s3.amazonaws.com/ucs-documents/science-and-democracy/ScienceNe edsYouENG.pdf@tedhsus3.amazonaws.comTue 8:16 amretweet
2Jumping The Track | Opinion | The Harvard Crimson@adamgoldenbergthecrimson.comTue 8:15 amretweet
2Harvard Likely To Offer Concentration in ‘Theater, Dance, and Media’ | ...@adamgoldenbergthecrimson.comTue 8:15 amretweet
2Statement by Liberal Party of Canada Leader Justin Trudeau on Diwali and Bandi Chhor Divas@LPCBCliberal.caTue 8:06 amretweet
3Government Must Report to Canadians on Efforts to Combat Ebola@LPCBCliberal.caTue 8:04 amretweet
2Joyce Murray 梅麗喬 on Twitter: "@ #RideauHall for the Canadian #Bravery Decorations...@joycemurraytwitter.comTue 7:33 amretweet
7Flaherty comes out against Harper’s tax cut promise | Toronto Star@MarcGarneauthestar.comTue 7:32 amretweet
2Developing Professional Standards for Citizen Engagement, The Netherlands - Focus on Citizens...@Carolyn_Bennettoecd-ilibrary.orgTue 7:01 amretweet
2Timeline Photos - Ontario Women's Liberal Commission | Facebook@OWLCnewsfacebook.comTue 7:00 amretweet
2Geoff Regan - New Clayton Park West Neighborhood Watch... | Facebook@geoffreganfacebook.comTue 6:56 amretweet
2Ow.ly - image uploaded by @SeanCaseyMP@SeanCaseyMPow.lyTue 6:54 amretweet
4Yvonne Jones on Twitter: "Listening to Que Gov't present on Plan Norde at #mining Forum in...@YvonneJJonestwitter.comTue 6:14 amretweet
2Webcitizen@Carolyn_Bennettwebcitizen.com.brTue 5:56 amretweet
5CBC News - World's scientists call on Stephen Harper to restore science funding, freedom@Carolyn_Bennettcbc.caTue 5:13 amretweet
6A Message to the 21st Century by Isaiah Berlin | The New York Review of Books@BobRae48nybooks.comTue 4:35 amretweet
3Sen. Mobina Jaffer on Twitter: "DAY 189 since more than 200 of our Nigerian daughters were...@SenJaffertwitter.comTue 4:32 amretweet
6Glen Pearson on Twitter: ""Mayors: Don't Be Shy" http://t.co/o47o0MOlIC #ldnont #cdnpoli @CitizenCorpsLDN...@GlenPearsontwitter.comTue 4:08 amretweet
7Mayors: Don’t Be Shy | The Parallel Parliament@GlenPearsonglenpearson.caTue 4:08 amretweet
2Home - Fundar Centro de Análisis e Investigación@Carolyn_Bennettfundar.org.mxTue 3:38 amretweet
3Bring back the mandatory long-form census@tedhsupetition.liberal.caMon 6:53 pmretweet
8DenisCoderre on Twitter: "Sugar Sammy en feu!!!Merci pour ta contribution à la soirée...@DenisCoderretwitter.comMon 6:20 pmretweet
35John McCallum on Twitter: "Honoured to host Guru @srisri in Ottawa. With enormous humanitarian...@JohnMcCallumMPtwitter.comMon 6:19 pmretweet
4Égoportrait | Segments | Tout le monde en parle | ICI Radio-Canada.ca@parti_liberalici.radio-canada.caMon 5:39 pmretweet
4Stickboy | Vancouver Opera@HedyFryvancouveropera.caMon 5:20 pmretweet

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