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2Twitter / ?@MichelleSimsont.coTue 2:41 pmretweet
3Twitter / scottbrison: Great @fritolay tour today ...@scottbrisontwitter.comTue 1:44 pmretweet
2Liberal Party of Canada » Pints & Politics - North Vancouver@NVLiberalsevents.liberal.caTue 1:36 pmretweet
2http://ralphgoodale.ca/files/2014/04/cansim-2020605-eng-31756013486398 30540.xlsx@RalphGoodaleralphgoodale.caTue 1:32 pmretweet
2Twitter / SeanCaseyMP: A thorn between two daffodils? ...@SeanCaseyMPtwitter.comTue 12:47 pmretweet
2http://joycemurray.liberal.ca/news/mp-joyce-murray-celebrates-earth-da y/@joycemurrayjoycemurray.liberal.caTue 12:05 pmretweet
17Senator Mobina Jaffer - Blog - Your Question Period@SenJaffermobinajaffer.caTue 12:04 pmretweet
2Twitter / Carolyn_Bennett: Honoured to do #EarthDay Mother ...@Carolyn_Bennetttwitter.comTue 11:19 amretweet
2Welcome to Mother Earth Water Walk@Carolyn_Bennettmotherearthwaterwalk.comTue 11:19 amretweet
4Twitter / georgetakach: This is how #Harper and Co. ...@georgetakachtwitter.comTue 10:48 amretweet
2Twitter / Carolyn_Bennett: #EarthDay Water Walk around ...@Carolyn_Bennetttwitter.comTue 10:48 amretweet
5Herb Gray deserves state funeral, Paul Martin says | 680News@adamgoldenbergm.680news.comTue 10:46 amretweet
2Regardez et écoutez le discours de Justin Trudeau : « Une chance réelle et équitable...@MarcGarneauliberal.caTue 10:15 amretweet
3Watch Justin Trudeau’s Speech: “A Real and Fair Chance to Succeed”@MarcGarneaut.coTue 10:14 amretweet
3Twitter / tedhsu: CSC is holding a meeting on ...@tedhsutwitter.comTue 9:47 amretweet
34https://www.liberal.ca/?p=72664@JustinTrudeauliberal.caTue 9:44 amretweet
11https://www.liberal.ca/fr/salle-des-nouvelles/dclaration-du-chef-du-pa rti-libral-du-canada-justin-trudeau-propos-du-dcs-de-herb-gray/@JustinTrudeauliberal.caTue 9:44 amretweet
4Twitter / ?@Carolyn_Bennettt.coTue 8:25 amretweet
2Known to Police | GTA | Toronto Star@adamgoldenbergthestar.comTue 7:36 amretweet
5Conservatives lead Liberals, NDP among both eligible and likely voters in April | Angus Reid...@adamgoldenbergangusreidglobal.comTue 7:26 amretweet
3The emerging law of environmental human rights is clearer than ever before@keithmartinmduniversal-rights.orgTue 6:37 amretweet
3Alliance of writers and scientists angry with Prime Minister David Cameron for insisting Britain...@OmarAlghabranews.nationalpost.comTue 6:10 amretweet
4http://www.liberal.ca/fr/salle-des-nouvelles/dclaration-du-chef-du-par ti-libral-du-canada-justin-trudeau-propos-du-dcs-de-herb-gray/@parti_liberalliberal.caTue 5:49 amretweet
3Twitter / MikeSavageHRM: Thanks @globalhalifax for the ...@MikeSavageHRMtwitter.comTue 5:37 amretweet
3RIP to the Right Honourable Herb Gray: - Lambton-Kent-Middlesex Federal Liberal Association...@LKMFedLiberalsfacebook.comTue 4:28 amretweet
2Twitter / ?@keithmartinmdt.coTue 4:23 amretweet
2Twitter / GlenPearson: "They Are You" http://t.co/TSa ...@GlenPearsontwitter.comTue 4:11 amretweet
3They Are You | The Parallel Parliament@GlenPearsonglenpearson.caTue 4:11 amretweet
2Politics Uncut: Arun Jaitley-1-News-Exclusives-TIMESNOW.tv - Latest Breaking News, Big News...@DhallaRubytimesnow.tvMon 11:21 pmretweet
2Politics Uncut: Dimple Yadav - 1-News-Exclusives-TIMESNOW.tv - Latest Breaking News, Big News...@DhallaRubytimesnow.tvMon 11:05 pmretweet
2Twitter / keithmartinmd: The grim list of 21,286 #species ...@keithmartinmdtwitter.comMon 9:22 pmretweet
12STATEMENT / DÉCLARATION : Herb Gray@Carolyn_Bennettus1.campaign-archive1.comMon 8:58 pmretweet
11Former deputy PM Herb Gray dies at 82 | National Newswatch@_Hamishnationalnewswatch.comMon 8:38 pmretweet
5http://www.liberal.ca/newsroom/news-release/statement-liberal-party-ca nada-leader-justin-trudeau-death-herb-gray/@LPCBCliberal.caMon 8:34 pmretweet
3Twitter / USFWSHQ: Spring, summer, winter, fall ...@keithmartinmdtwitter.comMon 8:23 pmretweet
3Timeline Photos - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service | Facebook@keithmartinmdfacebook.comMon 8:23 pmretweet
7http://www.liberal.ca/newsroom/news-release/statement-death-honourable -herb-gray/@OmarAlghabraliberal.caMon 7:22 pmretweet
9John Reynolds, "Right Honourable Herb Gray" on March 13th, 2002 | openparliament.ca@adamgoldenbergopenparliament.caMon 7:19 pmretweet
3Common sense, not ideology, best for economy - Ralph Goodale@WatLibralphgoodale.caMon 5:08 pmretweet
3Harper’s tough choice on new fighter jet for Canada | Toronto Star@joycemurraythestar.comMon 3:46 pmretweet
3Hermanville wind farm production on target - Prince Edward Island - CBC News@PercyDownecbc.caMon 2:56 pmretweet
5Security Check Required | Facebook@SeanCaseyMPfacebook.comMon 1:47 pmretweet
2Igniting Innovation | Innovation Week 2014 | May 5th – 9th@SiobhanCoadyNLinnovationweek.caMon 12:39 pmretweet
9With Trudeau on the rise, will Harper stick around? | Opinion - Policy Nexus@WatLiblispop.caMon 12:39 pmretweet
2As Canada’s appetite for artisanal cheese grows, small producers worry about impact of flood...@MHallFindlaylife.nationalpost.comMon 12:23 pmretweet
33Feds pull troublesome questions from poll | National Newswatch@RalphGoodalenationalnewswatch.comMon 12:00 pmretweet
2'Orphan Black' Has Made Canada A Player On The Global Television Stage - Forbes@DebCoyneforbes.comMon 11:14 amretweet
2Cuts and red tape are gagging US and Canadian science - opinion - 14 April 2014 - New Scientist@DebCoynenewscientist.comMon 10:58 amretweet
2Sun News : Winds of political change begin to stir across Canada@sukhdhaliwalsunnewsnetwork.caMon 9:10 amretweet
5Conservatives unhappy with Poilievre’s ‘bombastic’ style on elections overhaul bill |...@WatLibhilltimes.comMon 6:40 amretweet
3Harper sees role as protector of the rich and powerful@SeanCaseyMPipolitics.caMon 6:23 amretweet
2Sorry - we can't find that page@YvonneJJonescbc.caMon 5:37 amretweet
5Common sense, not ideology, best for economy - Ralph Goodale@RalphGoodaleralphgoodale.caMon 5:13 amretweet
5Fisheries department response to salmon decline report remains secret@joycemurrayvancouversun.comMon 12:48 amretweet
12Why South Sudan May Face World's Worst Famine in Quarter Century@KirstyDuncanMPnews.nationalgeographic.cSun 8:37 pmretweet
3International aid can’t arrive soon enough for the Central African Republic - The Washington...@KirstyDuncanMPwashingtonpost.comSun 8:25 pmretweet
23Conservative Mockery of the Charter of Rights: Let's Count the Ways | Irwin Cotler@Carolyn_Bennetthuffingtonpost.caSun 7:55 pmretweet
2Four Toronto fire trucks to be decommissioned Monday | CTV Toronto News@jimkarygiannistoronto.ctvnews.caSun 7:06 pmretweet
11Halte là!.dv - YouTube@DenisCoderreyoutube.comSun 6:57 pmretweet
5Twitter / adamgoldenberg: Tonight on @CBCTheNational: ...@adamgoldenbergtwitter.comSun 5:25 pmretweet
12Twitter / ?@DenisCoderret.coSun 5:05 pmretweet
2Mini Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting (Martha Stewart) - The Cook's Tour@Carolyn_Bennettsites.google.comSun 4:23 pmretweet
4Twitter / M_Ignatieff: Jacob did 5 miles yesterday ...@M_Ignatiefftwitter.comSun 4:09 pmretweet
48Twitter / Taleeb: Here's a great way to understand ...@adamgoldenbergtwitter.comSun 2:44 pmretweet
2"Bears": A Stunning Look At One Animal Family From Disneynature@keithmartinmdthedodo.comSun 1:08 pmretweet
5protect_the_jumbos@keithmartinmdrebelmouse.comSun 12:59 pmretweet
10P.E.I. winery wins big at international competition - Local - The Guardian@PercyDownetheguardian.pe.caSun 12:33 pmretweet
2Twitter / Carolyn_Bennett: Loved these carrot mini-muffins ...@Carolyn_Bennetttwitter.comSun 11:49 amretweet
8Rhino Terribly Maimed: Poaching in Africa - YouTube@keithmartinmdyoutube.comSun 11:03 amretweet
6Twitter / TIME: Check out Queen Elizabeth's ...@adamgoldenbergtwitter.comSun 9:45 amretweet
3Twitter / SiobhanCoadyNL: I hope your Easter basket ...@SiobhanCoadyNLtwitter.comSun 7:18 amretweet
2Twitter / keithmartinmd: MT @politixgirl: MT @aliciakeys: ...@keithmartinmdtwitter.comSun 7:08 amretweet
5Twitter / RalphGoodale: Easter Greetings! ...@RalphGoodaletwitter.comSun 6:57 amretweet
5Twitter / GlenPearson: A meaningful Easter everyone. ...@GlenPearsontwitter.comSun 6:32 amretweet
18Twitter / BobRae48: Happy Easter as we celebrate ...@BobRae48twitter.comSun 5:58 amretweet
10Twitter / Abramjee: Rhino poachers & syndicates ...@keithmartinmdtwitter.comSun 4:55 amretweet
8Pauline Marois is gone. Is Stephen Harper next, given the similarities? Siddiqui | Toronto...@WayneEasterthestar.comSun 4:08 amretweet
3The Tyee – For-Profit Clinic Lawsuit May Transform Health Care@DebCoynethetyee.caSat 9:13 pmretweet
4Twitter / joycemurray: w Barrie Mowatt #Vancouver ...@joycemurraytwitter.comSat 6:58 pmretweet
3Twitter / JohnMcCallumMP: Celebrating Bengali New Year ...@JohnMcCallumMPtwitter.comSat 5:04 pmretweet
16Twitter / RalphGoodale: Hand-crafted Easter Eggs from ...@RalphGoodaletwitter.comSat 11:45 amretweet
7Twitter / BestProHumor: The biggest lies on the internet ...@adamgoldenbergtwitter.comSat 10:32 amretweet
2Twitter / ?@sukhdhaliwalt.coSat 8:55 amretweet
3Operation Earful | It's Politics, All the Way Down@adamgoldenbergpoliticsallthewaydown.worSat 8:37 amretweet
4Twitter / WayneEaster: Happy Easter to all from my ...@WayneEastertwitter.comSat 7:51 amretweet
3Twitter / scottbrison: Enjoyed a great breakfast this ...@scottbrisontwitter.comSat 6:52 amretweet
2Twitter / politixgirl: Nothing like a flashback ...@keithmartinmdtwitter.comFri 7:06 pmretweet
14Twitter / NatGeoMag: May cover revealed: Thanks ...@keithmartinmdtwitter.comFri 6:38 pmretweet
17Twitter / DenisCoderre: Correction! Merci Beaudet!! ...@DenisCoderretwitter.comFri 6:14 pmretweet
44Twitter / DenisCoderre: Merci Ygreck hahaha! ...@DenisCoderretwitter.comFri 6:10 pmretweet
2Canada’s war on doorknobs: Knobless oblige | The Economist@DebCoyneeconomist.comFri 4:37 pmretweet
4Twitter / Scott_Simms: Let the playoffs truly begin!!! ...@Scott_Simmstwitter.comFri 4:32 pmretweet
2U.S. to delay Keystone XL decision - World - CBC News@sukhdhaliwalcbc.caFri 3:44 pmretweet
5Senator Mobina Jaffer - Happy Easter!@SenJaffermobinajaffer.caFri 3:09 pmretweet
4Twitter / WatLib: Easter weekend wishes from ...@WatLibtwitter.comFri 1:03 pmretweet
3Twitter / keithmartinmd: PL RT @CUGHnews: 2014 ...@keithmartinmdtwitter.comFri 10:04 amretweet
2Twitter / sukhdhaliwal: Wishing you joy, happiness, ...@sukhdhaliwaltwitter.comFri 9:28 amretweet
2The less Canadians know about Fair Elections Act, the more they support it: poll - The Globe...@sukhdhaliwaltheglobeandmail.comFri 7:45 amretweet
3Top court advice on Senate next week | National Newswatch@sukhdhaliwalnationalnewswatch.comFri 6:45 amretweet
6Twitter / RodgerCuzner: An absolutely inspiring, and ...@RodgerCuznertwitter.comApr 18, 2014 5:43 amretweet

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