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1Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "10 Yrs of @cgi_global in Halifax. Thank you for your contribution...@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.com11 minutes agoretweet
1Afghan War commemoration cost more than $1.8 million | Ottawa Citizen@joycemurrayottawacitizen.com24 minutes agoretweet
1Check out the House of Commons' DailyWatch – September 17, 2014 here:…@LKMFedLiberalsplus.google.com39 minutes agoretweet
2Le Championnat mondial junior tarde à vendre des billets à Montréal | RDS.ca@DenisCoderrerds.ca52 minutes agoretweet
6DenisCoderre on Twitter: "Nous sommes de tout cœur avec le #IMFC ce soir!! Olé Olé...@DenisCoderretwitter.com55 minutes agoretweet
2Twitter / ?@DenisCoderret.co57 minutes agoretweet
1Emergency Ebola Debate September 15, 2014 - YouTube@KirstyDuncanMPyoutube.com3 hours agoretweet
2Ow.ly - image uploaded by @FrankValeriote@FrankValerioteow.ly3 hours agoretweet
2Geoff Regan on Twitter: "Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko speaking to joint session of...@geoffregantwitter.com3 hours agoretweet
3Yvonne Jones on Twitter: "Canadian Parliament welcomes Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko shows...@YvonneJJonestwitter.com3 hours agoretweet
2Sean Casey on Twitter: "This is my view of today's guest in the HoC, the President of Ukraine....@SeanCaseyMPtwitter.com3 hours agoretweet
4Putting spotlight on all Canada's vulnerable - Winnipeg Free Press@Carolyn_Bennettwinnipegfreepress.com3 hours agoretweet
4Ralph Goodale on Twitter: "Standing ovations for Ukraine President Poroshenko in Cdn House...@RalphGoodaletwitter.com3 hours agoretweet
2CRA obsessed with image; fails to collect - Letter to editor - The Guardian@PercyDownetheguardian.pe.ca3 hours agoretweet
1Stephen Harper to world: We are angry, and we have adjectives@OmarAlghabramacleans.ca4 hours agoretweet
2A national inquiry would empower First Nation women - The Globe and Mail@Carolyn_Bennettm.theglobeandmail.com4 hours agoretweet
2Denis Coderre prie pour Mgr Turcotte@DenisCoderretvanouvelles.ca4 hours agoretweet
4Glen Pearson on Twitter: ""Democracy's Shadow Side"- with a tip of the hat to London political...@GlenPearsontwitter.com4 hours agoretweet
1South Africa's Game Industry Insiders Continue to Evade Punishment for Rhino Crimes :: ANNAMITICUS@keithmartinmdannamiticus.com4 hours agoretweet
1Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "Big turnout for the City Staff BBQ at Alderney landing. Lots...@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.com4 hours agoretweet
2Keith Martin MD on Twitter: "PHOTO. Wow. Largest carnivore ever discovered by @NatGeoExplorers....@keithmartinmdtwitter.com5 hours agoretweet
9Liberal Party on Twitter: "Liberals in Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie have chosen @nadinemedawar...@liberal_partytwitter.com5 hours agoretweet
4Parti libéral on Twitter: "Les libéraux de Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie ont élu...@parti_liberaltwitter.com5 hours agoretweet
1Twitter / ?@parti_liberaltwitter.com5 hours agoretweet
1Liberal leader LIVE - Politics - CBC Player@WatLibcbc.ca5 hours agoretweet
5DenisCoderre on Twitter: "Le décompte du Championnat du Monde Hockey Jr est commencé...@DenisCoderretwitter.com5 hours agoretweet
1Check out the House of Commons' here: http://buff.ly/1pixfYy@LKMFedLiberalsplus.google.com5 hours agoretweet
1Google down? Realtime overview of Google status, issues and outages | Canadian Outages@WatLibcanadianoutages.com5 hours agoretweet
2Sen. Mobina Jaffer on Twitter: "DAY 156 since more than 200 of our Nigerian daughters were...@SenJaffertwitter.com6 hours agoretweet
9http://www.michaelignatieff.ca/assets/pdfs/For%20the%20sake%20of%20Sco tland_The%20Times%20of%20London.pdf@M_Ignatieffmichaelignatieff.ca6 hours agoretweet
3Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "With the wonderful crew @takeactiongroup who make a real diff...@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.com6 hours agoretweet
1Gordon Brown's Better Together speech the day before the Scottish referendum - YouTube@OmarAlghabrayoutube.com7 hours agoretweet
1Check out the House of Commons' DailyWatch – September 16, 2014 here:…@LKMFedLiberalsplus.google.com7 hours agoretweet
9Suicide claims more soldiers than those killed by Afghan combat@FrankValeriotethespec.com7 hours agoretweet
3Sean Casey, "Ethics" on Sept. 16th, 2014 | openparliament.ca@SeanCaseyMPopenparliament.ca7 hours agoretweet
2Den Tandt: How Justin Trudeau has changed the game in Ottawa@ylc_jlccanada.com9 hours agoretweet
2Nanos Party Power Index scores for Liberals continue to climb on all measures | National...@WatLibnationalnewswatch.com9 hours agoretweet
1The EI cut: Thanks for nothing, Mr. Harper@WatLibipolitics.ca9 hours agoretweet
1AlpheusGroup.ca – DailyWatch – September 17, 2014@LKMFedLiberalsalpheusgroup.ca9 hours agoretweet
4Twitter / ?@adamgoldenbergt.co9 hours agoretweet
4Teaching Jobs in Canada - powered by Education Canada Network@adamgoldenbergjobsearch.educationcanada9 hours agoretweet
3The Cabinet Minister. The Senator. And the Taxpayer. | Canadians for Tax Fairness@PercyDownetaxfairness.ca9 hours agoretweet
5Twitter / ?@NSYoungLiberalst.co10 hours agoretweet
7Answering a written question from an MP cost the government $117,188 - The Globe and Mail@JohnMcCallumMPtheglobeandmail.com10 hours agoretweet
5Glen Pearson on Twitter: ""Cities: Democracy's Shadow Side" - with a tip of that hat to @MohamedMOSalih...@GlenPearsontwitter.com11 hours agoretweet
2Twitter / ?@GlenPearsontwitter.com11 hours agoretweet
4Cities: Democracy’s Shadow Side | The Parallel Parliament@GlenPearsonglenpearson.ca11 hours agoretweet
1The Islamic State of Sexual Violence@keithmartinmdforeignpolicy.com11 hours agoretweet
2Scottish independence referendum poll: the latest tracker - Telegraph@BobRae48telegraph.co.uk11 hours agoretweet
1Les réseaux sociaux nous rendent-ils empathiques ou partisans ? | InternetActu@BobRae48internetactu.blog.lemonde11 hours agoretweet
1Head of Russian Orthodox church given fighter jet by factory workers | World news | theguardian.com@BobRae48theguardian.com11 hours agoretweet
6However Scotland votes, UK politics has changed permanently | Comment is free | The Guardian@BobRae48theguardian.com11 hours agoretweet
3The New York Times on Twitter: "Updated: What you need to know about the Ebola outbreak http://t.co/IZNGGjOyxc...@BobRae48twitter.com12 hours agoretweet
1http://ruthlessresearch.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/scottish-independe nce-question.jpg@_Hamishruthlessresearch.files.wo16 hours agoretweet


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