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57Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "I’m proud of the many talented women who have stepped...@JustinTrudeautwitter.com3 hours agoretweet
12Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Fier des femmes douées qui se sont jointes à l’équipe...@JustinTrudeautwitter.com3 hours agoretweet
4Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "After a great chat w/ @alferraby, back on @cfax1070 w/ Pam McCall...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.com5 hours agoretweet
2Bob Rae on Twitter: "It was a great game, but LeBron stopped us at the end...#Raptors ! http://t.co/dPdMe8NMmX"@BobRae48twitter.com19 hours agoretweet
38Stephen Harper on Twitter: "Honoured to receive the Erebus Medal with my wife @LaureenHarper...@pmharpertwitter.com19 hours agoretweet
30Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Productive meeting with @ArvindUBC. Gov’t can and must...@JustinTrudeautwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
9Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Rencontre productive avec @ArvindUBC. Le gouv. doit faire +...@JustinTrudeautwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
49Elizabeth May MP on Twitter: "Today's @PeninsulaNews Review Brilliant cartoon. Thanks Ingrid...@ElizabethMaytwitter.comWed 2:46 pmretweet
44Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Great discussion w @UBC students about smart climate policy,...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comWed 2:20 pmretweet
11Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Belle discussion avec les étud. de l’@UBC sur l’environn.,...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comWed 2:19 pmretweet
33Stephen Harper on Twitter: "Nice to see my friends @OfficialGretzky and Bobby Orr on the fridge...@pmharpertwitter.comWed 2:05 pmretweet
20Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Good to see @jjhorgan at the Leg in #Victoria with @AMacGregor4CML....@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comWed 1:51 pmretweet
16Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Wonderful visit with @AMacGregor4CML at @cherrypointwine, a great...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comWed 12:56 pmretweet
9Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Excellente visite avec @AMacGregor4CML de @cherrypointwine, une...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comWed 12:56 pmretweet
106Stephen Harper on Twitter: "Announced our Govt’s intent to introduce legislation to keep...@pmharpertwitter.comWed 11:21 amretweet
9PM announces upcoming legislation to keep Canada’s most heinous criminals behind bars...@MPRandyHobackpm.gc.caWed 10:44 amretweet
34Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Amazing Town Hall in #Nanaimo last night #BC w/ #NDP candidates...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comWed 7:26 amretweet
9Coal company withdraws proposal for contentious mine on Vancouver Island - The Globe and Mail@ElizabethMaym.theglobeandmail.comWed 4:34 amretweet
104Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "If elected Prime Minister, I promise not to play at any concerts....@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comTue 6:32 pmretweet
15Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "These are the real job creators. #NDP candidate @s_malcolmson and...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comTue 6:31 pmretweet
71Tom Mulcair: Leading the charge against C-51 | National Post@ThomasMulcairnews.nationalpost.comTue 6:28 pmretweet
14» Justin Trudeau propose d’utiliser le modèle de l’assurance maladie pour lutter...@JustinTrudeauliberal.caTue 1:00 pmretweet
34Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Hey, it's 5 o'clock somewhere! Great visit at @townsitebrewing...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comTue 10:38 amretweet
11Twitter / ?@ThomasMulcairt.coTue 8:13 amretweet
17Global warming contributed to Syria's 2011 uprising, scientists claim | Environment | The Guardian@ElizabethMaytheguardian.comTue 4:06 amretweet
5Home - Years Of Living Dangerously@ElizabethMayyearsoflivingdangerously.Tue 3:14 amretweet
11Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Le #NPD défend Radio-Canada au QG à Toronto, qui risque d’être...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comMon 12:39 pmretweet
58Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "#NDP stands for #CBC at #Toronto headquarters, which may be sold...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comMon 12:38 pmretweet
42The birth of three sports | About McGill - McGill University@pmharpermcgill.caMon 11:48 amretweet
30Stephen Harper on Twitter: "Great to meet Olympic curling bronze medalist, Shannon Kleibrink...@pmharpertwitter.comMon 7:22 amretweet
10Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Mes félicitations à @NicolasBillon qui a gagné le prix...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comSun 6:24 pmretweet
12Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Great to meet @RicoColantoni at the #CdnScreen15! What amazing...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comSun 5:44 pmretweet
115Conrad Black: Alarm bells must ring in response to the government’s new anti-terror bill@ElizabethMaynationalpost.comSun 4:33 pmretweet
47Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Mandatory selfie at the #CdnScreen15 Awards. #WhenInRome @Academy_NET...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comSun 3:11 pmretweet
33Twitter / ?@ThomasMulcairt.coSun 3:06 pmretweet
16Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "What a pleasure to meet the very talented @TatianaMaslany from...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comSun 3:05 pmretweet
4Peggy Nash, MP on Twitter: "@ThomasMulcair with Catherine at the @academy_net #cdnscreen15...@PeggyNashNDPtwitter.comSun 2:06 pmretweet
24Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "#NDP will partner with the mining industry to responsibly increase...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comSun 1:59 pmretweet
24Tom Mulcair’s NDP will strengthen the mining industry « Canada's NDP@ThomasMulcairndp.caSun 1:59 pmretweet
6Twitter / ?@ThomasMulcairt.coSun 1:58 pmretweet
6Le NPD de Tom Mulcair renforcera le secteur minier « NPD du Canada@ThomasMulcairnpd.caSun 1:58 pmretweet
3Andrew Cash on Twitter: "@ThomasMulcair @academy_net with his wife Catherine #CdnScreen15 congrats...@Cash4TOtwitter.comSun 1:39 pmretweet
2Peggy Nash, MP on Twitter: "@ThomasMulcair addressing @the_PDAC kickoff in #Toronto Key industry;...@PeggyNashNDPtwitter.comSun 9:23 amretweet
17Elizabeth May MP on Twitter: "Walking to church, thought some cherry blossoms were worth sharing....@ElizabethMaytwitter.comSun 7:45 amretweet
53Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Great day door-knocking in Papineau, chatting w/ folks about...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comSat 2:21 pmretweet
22Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Bonne journée de porte-à-porte dans Papineau, discussions...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comSat 2:20 pmretweet
30Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "A lot of fun with Andrew (@Cash4TO) and Marit (@Maritstiles) at...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comSat 10:32 amretweet
17Protests disrupt Kinder Morgan pipeline drilling attempt | rabble.ca@ElizabethMayrabble.caSat 10:04 amretweet
52» Liberal Party of Canada statement on the shooting death of Boris Nemtsov@JustinTrudeauliberal.caSat 9:01 amretweet
9» Page non trouvée@JustinTrudeauliberal.caSat 9:00 amretweet
8Émissions, actualités en direct | ICI Radio-Canada.ca@ThomasMulcairici.radio-canada.caSat 8:47 amretweet
79Twitter / ?@JustinTrudeaut.coSat 6:15 amretweet
26Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Mes activités préférées: passer du temps avec mes...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comSat 6:14 amretweet
33Bob Rae on Twitter: "With Boris Nemtsov Russian opposition leader and Irwin Cotler, at a press...@BobRae48twitter.comFri 7:47 pmretweet
178Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on the murder of Russian politician Boris Nemtsov...@pmharperpm.gc.caFri 7:46 pmretweet
3Elizabeth May MP on Twitter: "Here you go! @RosieBarton and next one will be the ideas exchanged...@ElizabethMaytwitter.comFri 3:30 pmretweet
18http://www.cbc.ca/m/news/technology/cold-weather-doesn-t-mean-climate- change-isn-t-happening-bob-mcdonald-1.2975491@ElizabethMaycbc.caFri 3:11 pmretweet
673Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "We mourn the loss of Leonard Nimoy. For us #Trekkies he was...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comFri 1:45 pmretweet
76Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Nous pleurons la perte de Leonard Nimoy. Pour nous les #Trekkies,...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comFri 1:44 pmretweet
14Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Merci à @chambremontreal pour excel. discussion sur avenir...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comFri 12:51 pmretweet
18Twitter / ?@JustinTrudeaut.coFri 12:51 pmretweet
35Stephen Harper on Twitter: "Great meeting with players from the Canadian @amputeehockey league...@pmharpertwitter.comFri 12:04 pmretweet
61Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada marking important anniversary in Ukraine’s struggle...@pmharperpm.gc.caFri 11:24 amretweet
41Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "He lived long and prospered. Remembering Leonard Nimoy. #LLAP http://t.co/ApiyqsNwrZ"@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comFri 10:40 amretweet
29Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Took a break from talking #childcare to read ''Where the Wild Things...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comFri 9:44 amretweet
10Andrew Cash on Twitter: "@thomasmulcair reads Where The Wild Things Are to kids at WestEnd...@Cash4TOtwitter.comFri 7:45 amretweet
41Twitter / ?@pmharpert.coFeb 26, 2015 5:17 pmretweet
36Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Can’t believe Hadrien will be 1 on Saturday. #TBT to what...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comFeb 26, 2015 3:46 pmretweet
14Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Je ne peux croire que Hadrien aura 1 an samedi. #TBT c'est...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comFeb 26, 2015 3:45 pmretweet
20Twitter / ?@ThomasMulcairt.coFeb 25, 2015 3:49 pmretweet
45Twitter / ?@JustinTrudeaut.coFeb 25, 2015 3:16 pmretweet
11Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "J’ai rencontré @BillGates ajd pour discuter du develop....@JustinTrudeautwitter.comFeb 25, 2015 3:16 pmretweet
86Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "As a father of 3, I wear pink today and stand united with all...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comFeb 25, 2015 2:30 pmretweet
25Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Père de 3 enf., je porte du rose ajd et appuie tous les...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comFeb 25, 2015 2:29 pmretweet
61Stephen Harper on Twitter: "Our commitment to #SavingLives of mothers & children will not waver....@pmharpertwitter.comFeb 25, 2015 2:24 pmretweet
56PM Harper and Bill Gates renew call to advance global Maternal, Newborn and Child health priority...@pmharperpm.gc.caFeb 25, 2015 2:10 pmretweet
20Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "I join the entire #NDP team and all Canadians today in raising...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comFeb 25, 2015 1:53 pmretweet
12Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Le #NPD se joint aux Canadiens qui portent du rose aujourd’hui...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comFeb 25, 2015 1:52 pmretweet
2PM Harper and Bill Gates Renew Call to Advance Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Priority...@JohnBCarmichaeljohncarmichael.caFeb 25, 2015 1:25 pmretweet
27Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "A lot of fun meeting Rachel Parent, a great advocate for #GMO labelling....@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comFeb 25, 2015 1:00 pmretweet
121Twitter / ?@pmharpert.coFeb 25, 2015 11:30 amretweet
20http://www.cbc.ca/m/news/politics/stephen-harper-mohamed-fahmy-and-the -unmade-phone-call-1.2969924@ElizabethMaycbc.caFeb 25, 2015 4:41 amretweet
3Dan Quayle set to co-host super PAC fundraiser for Jeb Bush - The Washington Post@BobRae48washingtonpost.comFeb 25, 2015 3:58 amretweet
12Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Thanks to the Manitoba Legislative Interns and @ParlInternship...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comFeb 24, 2015 2:48 pmretweet
7Local - First@ThomasMulcairradio.securenetsystems.neFeb 24, 2015 8:19 amretweet
7Listen Live 650 | News Talk 650 CKOM@ThomasMulcairckom.comFeb 24, 2015 7:39 amretweet
29Debate on joint House, Senate security limited to six hours in Upper Chamber | hilltimes.com@ElizabethMayhilltimes.comFeb 24, 2015 4:49 amretweet
139Twitter / ?@JustinTrudeaut.coFeb 23, 2015 7:08 pmretweet
23Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Félicitations à @rugbycanada + @canadasevens pour le...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comFeb 23, 2015 7:08 pmretweet
14Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Game on! Dropping the puck at the start of the @CHBAHockey vs....@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comFeb 23, 2015 3:36 pmretweet
3Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "J’ai l’honneur de mettre la rondelle au jeu au match...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comFeb 23, 2015 3:33 pmretweet
28A stronger Calgary makes Canada better - YouTube@JustinTrudeauyoutube.comFeb 23, 2015 3:21 pmretweet
30Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Congrats @RugbyCanada @CanadaSevens on winning bid to host 2016...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comFeb 23, 2015 2:18 pmretweet
10Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Félicitations @RugbyCanada! Gagnants pour accueillir un tournoi...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comFeb 23, 2015 2:17 pmretweet
5Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Tune in to @CTVAtlantic shortly for my interview with Steve Murphy...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comFeb 23, 2015 1:56 pmretweet
2Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "En ondes sous peu : mon entrevue à @CTVAtlantic avec Steve Murphy...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comFeb 23, 2015 1:55 pmretweet
9Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Great tour of the Irving Shipyards. Heureux de faire le tour du...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comFeb 23, 2015 12:31 pmretweet
45Twitter / ?@ThomasMulcairt.coFeb 21, 2015 9:33 amretweet
48Audio | CBC Radio@ThomasMulcaircbc.caFeb 21, 2015 9:28 amretweet
13Elizabeth May MP on Twitter: "Barefoot on terrace @GalianoInnSpa for #GalianoLiteraryFestival...@ElizabethMaytwitter.comFeb 21, 2015 9:15 amretweet

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