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1Fact Sheet: Cookies – Following the crumbs - Frequently Asked Questions (May 2011)@PrivacyPriveepriv.gc.ca3 minutes agoretweet
1The 5 Biggest Clean Energy Turkeys of 2014 : Greentech Media@GreenCanadagreentechmedia.com4 minutes agoretweet
1AlpheusGroup.ca – DailyWatch – Wednesday, November 26, 2014@LKMFedLiberalsalpheusgroup.ca5 minutes agoretweet
1Final Speech - Motion 532 - Care for Veterans - November 25, 2014 - YouTube@MPLaurieHawnyoutube.com5 minutes agoretweet
1Lakritz: It’s time for a charter of rights for animals | Calgary Herald@CamilleLabchukcalgaryherald.com7 minutes agoretweet
1Le top 10 des meilleures villes étudiantes au monde, Diaporamas@lawrence_cannonlesechos.fr13 minutes agoretweet
1New Brunswick to scrap abortion regulation | National Newswatch@jec79nationalnewswatch.com13 minutes agoretweet
1restaurant-bistro-boutique du terroir@RosaneDLdemenciel.ca17 minutes agoretweet
1MP harassment confusion, CRA privacy breach on Wednesdays with @Kady - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.ca18 minutes agoretweet
1Postes Canada affiche encore des profits | Résultats financiers@mpcharmaineborgaffaires.lapresse.ca27 minutes agoretweet
1Stephen Harper Was Briefed On Budget Cuts And Their Impact On Public Service@WatLibhuffingtonpost.ca27 minutes agoretweet
2Canoe Politics on Twitter: "China blames Putin's tiger for mystery goat deaths #Tigergate http://t.co/JlVmTmt4uL...@canoepoliticstwitter.com27 minutes agoretweet
2China blames Putin's tiger for mystery goat deaths@canoepoliticscnews.canoe.ca27 minutes agoretweet
2George Takach on Twitter: "Heard the latest #Etobicoke #Lakeshore #lpc voters? http://t.co/uiku3jk0Xu #cdnpoli http://t.co/HSLn2VG6EN"@georgetakachtwitter.com29 minutes agoretweet
2George_Takach_Telephone-Town_Hall Uploaded by GeorgeTakach at Your Listen@georgetakachyourlisten.com29 minutes agoretweet
1‘Death by a Thousand Cuts’ memo to Harper questions Conservatives’ across-the-board budget...@nppoliticsnews.nationalpost.com30 minutes agoretweet
3Baird to Host Digital Diplomacy Event with Former Swedish Prime Minister@HonJohnBairdinternational.gc.ca31 minutes agoretweet
1Ow.ly - image uploaded by @CPCGailShea@CPCGailSheaow.ly32 minutes agoretweet
3John Baird on Twitter: "Had a good chat with Maryland's @GovernorOMalley this morning while...@HonJohnBairdtwitter.com34 minutes agoretweet
2Government of Canada partners with Royal Bank of Canada and ParticipACTION to help deliver...@MinRonaAmbrosenews.gc.ca40 minutes agoretweet
4Stephen Harper Was Briefed On Budget Cuts And Their Impact On Public Service@Carolyn_Bennettm.huffpost.com53 minutes agoretweet
1November 25th International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women - YouTube@KirstyDuncanMPyoutube.com1 hour agoretweet
3Senators to pay tribute to outgoing speaker Noel Kinsella - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.ca1 hour agoretweet
52Council of Canadians on Twitter: "WIN! Ontario moves to restrict the use of bee-killing #Neonicotinoids...@CouncilofCDNstwitter.com1 hour agoretweet
52WIN! Ontario moves to restrict the use of bee-killing neonic insecticides | The Council of...@CouncilofCDNscanadians.org1 hour agoretweet
1Gord Brown on Twitter: "Great breakfast mtg with Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and Min. John...@gordbrowntwitter.com1 hour agoretweet
2Twitter / ?@JamesRajottet.co1 hour agoretweet
2Historical Photos Photographs of Devon@JamesRajotteprairie-towns.com1 hour agoretweet
1Canada.com on Twitter: "New Brunswick to scrap regulation that restricts access to abortion...@ylc_jlctwitter.com1 hour agoretweet
1New Brunswick to scrap regulation that restricts access to abortion | canada.com@ylc_jlco.canada.com1 hour agoretweet
2Ow.ly - image uploaded by @ylc_jlc@ylc_jlcow.ly1 hour agoretweet
1allAfrica.com: Namibia: Seal Meat to Hit Local Shelves Next Year@HervieuxPayetteallafrica.com1 hour agoretweet
1La sécurité des transports n'est pas négociable | Hoang Mai@MattDubem.huffpost.com1 hour agoretweet
7WIN! Bill 6 moratorium on fracking passes in Nova Scotia | The Council of Canadians@CouncilofCDNscanadians.org1 hour agoretweet
5Ow.ly - image uploaded by @ylc_jlc@ylc_jlcow.ly1 hour agoretweet
1Ow.ly - image uploaded by @ylc_jlc@ylc_jlcow.ly1 hour agoretweet
2SO 31 - VAC Mental Health Investments - November 24, 2014 - YouTube@MPLaurieHawnyoutube.com2 hours agoretweet
3Man tried to vote twice in last election | National Newswatch@RalphGoodalenationalnewswatch.com2 hours agoretweet
3New Brunswick to scrap regulation limiting abortion access - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.com2 hours agoretweet
18New Brunswick abortion restriction lifted by Premier Brian Gallant - New Brunswick - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.ca2 hours agoretweet
1L'Agence du revenu du Canada aurait livré des informations confidentielles | National@laurinliulapresse.ca2 hours agoretweet
1La sécurité des transports n'est pas négociable | Hoang Mai@hoangmai_npdquebec.huffingtonpost.ca2 hours agoretweet
3Tories refuse to apologize to Liberal even as Sun Media retracts story their attacks were based...@nppoliticsnews.nationalpost.com2 hours agoretweet
6Adam Goldenberg on Twitter: "Extremely proud that my mom, @DrPaulaGordon, is among @WXN’s...@adamgoldenbergtwitter.com2 hours agoretweet
6Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 – Current Winners | WXN - Women's Executive Network...@adamgoldenbergwxnetwork.com2 hours agoretweet
1Facebook@AnnickPapillonfacebook.com2 hours agoretweet
2Harper's infrastructure plan to trim next year's surplus by $300M - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.ca2 hours agoretweet
1Malcolm Allen demands the government apologize to Veterans - YouTube@laurinliuyoutube.com2 hours agoretweet
3Budget watchdog open to legal action against revenue agency@PercyDownecanada.com3 hours agoretweet
1La situation de l’emploi chez les Jeunes - Chambly Matin - Journal le Chambly Matin, Montérégie...@MattDubechamblymatin.com3 hours agoretweet
2Memo to PM questions cost to morale of across-the-board budget cuts - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.com3 hours agoretweet
1Instagram@adamgoldenberginstagram.com3 hours agoretweet
4Ow.ly - image uploaded by @HS_UserImages (Hootsuite User Image)@TonyclementCPCow.ly3 hours agoretweet
2Nanos on the numbers: Security concerns trail only jobs as top issue of concern | CTV News@niknanosctvnews.ca4 hours agoretweet
2Blaine Calkins, MP on Twitter: "Regaling in stories told by Maxine Bredt, who is wearing her...@blainecalkinsmptwitter.com4 hours agoretweet
1http://english.alarabiya.net/en/News/middle-east/2014/11/25/ISIS-stone s-2-gay-men-to-death-in-Syria-observer-.html@RickAndersonenglish.alarabiya.net4 hours agoretweet
2John McCallum on Twitter: "@Startup_Canada has 50 entrepreneurs in York Region alone - they...@JohnMcCallumMPtwitter.com4 hours agoretweet
1Power Play: Expelling MPs and party leaders | CTV News@niknanosctvnews.ca4 hours agoretweet
1VOCM.COM|Minister says Dome Delays Won't Impact Muskrat Falls Construction | Article-@YvonneJJonesvocm.com4 hours agoretweet
2http://www.cbc.ca/player/News/Canada/Montreal/ID/2604576326/@GeorgesLaraquecbc.ca5 hours agoretweet
1Georges Laraque - Un petit vidéo de ma course en vélo... | Facebook@GeorgesLaraquefacebook.com5 hours agoretweet
2Twitter / ?@ChrisCharltonMPt.co5 hours agoretweet
3Saskatchewan Premier chides Ontario, Quebec counterparts on Energy East - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.com5 hours agoretweet
1Jim Maclean: Silence from the province on the ramifications of ‘traditional’ medicine |...@nppoliticsfullcomment.nationalpost.5 hours agoretweet
1Christian Paradis on Twitter: "Toujours un honneur de pouvoir échanger avec Son excellence...@christianparadtwitter.com5 hours agoretweet
1Justin Trudeau's Liberals drop in polls, but is Harper catching up? - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.ca5 hours agoretweet
6Soldiers with PTSD might not get full pension, advocates warn - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.ca5 hours agoretweet
1Ted Menzies on Twitter: "Listening to PM Abbott talk about Australia's bright future. Thanks...@TedMenziestwitter.com6 hours agoretweet
2Blaine Calkins, MP on Twitter: "There is nothing left to say, except Thank You. #Italy70 http://t.co/jBER0FUaml"@blainecalkinsmptwitter.com6 hours agoretweet
1Blaine Calkins, MP on Twitter: "Presentation by locals who search for artifacts from WWII in...@blainecalkinsmptwitter.com6 hours agoretweet
3Blaine Calkins, MP on Twitter: "Likely the most moving memorial I have ever seen was today...@blainecalkinsmptwitter.com6 hours agoretweet
1Blaine Calkins, MP on Twitter: "Local Ortona youth laying a flower with Veteran Ralph Kearny...@blainecalkinsmptwitter.com6 hours agoretweet
1Blaine Calkins, MP on Twitter: "Massive display of affection from locals in Ortona today for...@blainecalkinsmptwitter.com6 hours agoretweet
227 Situations que Tous les Propriétaires de Chats Connaissent@MPerreaultQCbuzzly.fr6 hours agoretweet
1Manon Perreault - Manon Perreault shared Sadia Groguhé... | Facebook@MPerreaultQCfacebook.com6 hours agoretweet
2Christian Paradis on Twitter: "Arrivée au centre international de conférence de Dakar...@christianparadtwitter.com7 hours agoretweet
2The NDP’s poisoned chalice - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.com8 hours agoretweet
4Tanzania accused of backtracking over sale of Masai’s ancestral land | World news | The...@keithmartinmdtheguardian.com10 hours agoretweet
2Canada's Internet Needs to Join the 21st Century | Benjamin Klass@piratepartycahuffingtonpost.ca10 hours agoretweet
3Jim Harris on Twitter: "Canada Now #1 Contributor To Deforestation Globally http://t.co/xREY8HLwCt...@keithmartinmdtwitter.com10 hours agoretweet
3Canada Largest Contributor To Deforestation Worldwide: Study@keithmartinmdhuffingtonpost.ca10 hours agoretweet
1Michael Den Tandt: Canadian veterans deserve better | National Post@DebCoynefullcomment.nationalpost.10 hours agoretweet
2Niki Ashton on Twitter: "Justice for #Ferguson. Passed by US Consulate in TO where vigil had...@nikiashtontwitter.com10 hours agoretweet
2Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Joined in honouring the remarkable Hugh Segal @ 31st annual...@kenneyjasontwitter.com11 hours agoretweet
1How to Stop the Next Ebola: Call in the Veterinarians - NationalJournal.com@keithmartinmdnationaljournal.com11 hours agoretweet
1Today’s letters: Pierre Trudeau — and other politicians that don’t keep their word |...@nppoliticsfullcomment.nationalpost.11 hours agoretweet
1LEGISinfo - Private Member’s Bill C-636 (41-2)@SimcoeNorthNDPparl.gc.ca11 hours agoretweet
2New Prince Rupert ferry terminal must use American iron and steel@jinnysimstheprovince.com11 hours agoretweet
1NDP MP says she gave no 'explicit' consent to Liberal MP Massimo Pacetti's alleged advances...@CBCPoliticscbc.ca11 hours agoretweet
1http://hocca.vo.llnwd.net/2014/2014-11/0003f51d.wmv@SimcoeNorthNDPhocca.vo.llnwd.net11 hours agoretweet
1House of Commons Committees - PROC (41-2) - Notice of Meeting - Number 058 (Official Version)@SimcoeNorthNDPparl.gc.ca11 hours agoretweet
1Yamiche Alcindor on Twitter: "Police now saying everyone must leave. "This is an unlawful assembly."...@piratepartycatwitter.com11 hours agoretweet
1St. Louis County PD on Twitter: "Tact unit deployed tear gas to disperse crowd b/c of vandalism:...@piratepartycatwitter.com11 hours agoretweet
1Adam Goldenberg on Twitter: "Patrick’s mom bought a book about training your dog. Sookie...@adamgoldenbergtwitter.com12 hours agoretweet
1Instagram@adamgoldenberginstagram.com12 hours agoretweet
2Niki Ashton on Twitter: "Rad view for @UpforDebate2015 panel hosted by @OxfamUofT! Thank u...@nikiashtontwitter.com12 hours agoretweet
3Fair Vote Canada on Twitter: "Thanks @PeteSchwarzhoff @HolmanGary for joining FVC Vancouver...@FairVoteCanadatwitter.com12 hours agoretweet
1MP Maria Mourani: Justin Trudeau isn't a leader - News - CBC Player@phpndpcbc.ca12 hours agoretweet
1Canoe Politics on Twitter: "NDP MP may be ready to proceed with investigation http://t.co/RxfhRjFsOW...@canoepoliticstwitter.com12 hours agoretweet
1NDP MP may be ready to proceed with investigation@canoepoliticscnews.canoe.ca12 hours agoretweet

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