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1Wayne Rideout: Explaining Canada’s multi-layered anti-terrorism strategy | National Post@nppoliticsfullcomment.nationalpost.36 minutes agoretweet
2Getting Past the Way of the Gun@keithmartinmdforeignpolicy.com2 hours agoretweet
1Blue Planet Society on Twitter: ""A water bottle will turn into 55,000 pieces of 1mm #microplastic"...@keithmartinmdtwitter.com3 hours agoretweet
1Microplastics: a puzzle in Lake Champlain@keithmartinmdburlingtonfreepress.com3 hours agoretweet
1Blaine Calkins, MP on Twitter: "Veterans gathering for a ceremony at Casa Berardi, where Cap....@blainecalkinsmptwitter.com3 hours agoretweet
1Blaine Calkins, MP on Twitter: "Mr. Berardi, telling his eyewitness account of the Van Doos...@blainecalkinsmptwitter.com3 hours agoretweet
1Another coup for Quebec’s TV confessional - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.com3 hours agoretweet
1Obama’s yes men say no thanks - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.com3 hours agoretweet
1Stephen Harper steals speech from Emperor Palpatine - YouTube@pmoharperyoutube.com5 hours agoretweet
2Not Steve Harper on Twitter: "#NewStarWarsSpoilers Darth Harper https://t.co/jqGpIGlpdN http://t.co/cn4vyZ2utO"@pmoharpertwitter.com5 hours agoretweet
2Darth Harper - YouTube@pmoharperyoutube.com5 hours agoretweet
1Twitter / ?@pmoharpertwitter.com5 hours agoretweet
4Auditor General Fall Report: Taxpayers In Dark On Big Auto Bailouts@pmoharperhuffingtonpost.ca6 hours agoretweet
1Twitter / ?@MatthewKellwayt.co6 hours agoretweet
2Blake Richards, MP on Twitter: "Was a pleasure to emcee @TIAC_AITC Canadian Tourism Awards...@BlakeRichardsMPtwitter.com6 hours agoretweet
1Manon Perreault - Manon Perreault shared Équiterre's photo. | Facebook@MPerreaultQCfacebook.com6 hours agoretweet
1Louis-Jean Cormier - Tout le monde en même temps - YouTube@alexboulericeyoutube.com6 hours agoretweet
5Peter Goldring retracts statement advising MPs to wear body cameras - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.ca6 hours agoretweet
1Today’s letters: Ontario and Quebec ‘bite the hand that feeds them’ | National Post@nppoliticsfullcomment.nationalpost.7 hours agoretweet
1Canoe Politics on Twitter: "Canadians waiting more than 4 months for surgery: Report http://t.co/vFuwjEqgZN...@canoepoliticstwitter.com7 hours agoretweet
1Canadians waiting more than 4 months for surgery: Report@canoepoliticscnews.canoe.ca7 hours agoretweet
6The Accidental Activist · thewalrus.ca@ElizabethMaythewalrus.ca7 hours agoretweet
2Vancouver Centre NDP on Twitter: "Our fantastic candidates @ConstanceBarnes @deaconalisdair...@VanCentreNDPtwitter.com7 hours agoretweet
3Patrick Brown on Twitter: "Nice to see my friends @kwhite96 @smarksiaff at @opffa reception...@brownbarrietwitter.com7 hours agoretweet
3Instagram@brownbarrieinstagram.com7 hours agoretweet
1Canoe Politics on Twitter: "Tory MP backtracks on advice to wear recording devices in order...@canoepoliticstwitter.com7 hours agoretweet
1NDP MP details harassment allegations: ‘It was sex without explicit consent’ | Toronto...@RichmondHillNDPthestar.com8 hours agoretweet
1WWF Climate Savers on Twitter: "This is why we need world leaders meeting at #COP20 in Peru...@keithmartinmdtwitter.com8 hours agoretweet
2Twitter / ?@VanCentreNDPt.co8 hours agoretweet
6DenisCoderre on Twitter: "WOW!!! Tout un Show du Refuge!!! Un des meilleurs que j'ai vu. Bravo...@DenisCoderretwitter.com8 hours agoretweet
2Tory-Hired Expert Says Marlo Raynolds, Liberal Candidate, Made Controversial Comments@pmoharperhuffingtonpost.ca8 hours agoretweet
2Tory MP Peter Goldring: Wear Recording Device To 'Protect' Against False Allegations@pmoharperhuffingtonpost.ca8 hours agoretweet
1Twitter / ?@VanCentreNDPt.co8 hours agoretweet
1Family homeless after house fire | Orillia Packet and Times@SimcoeNorthNDPorilliapacket.com8 hours agoretweet
1Vancouver Centre NDP on Twitter: "Don't be shy! There's seats up front come on in for our Q&A...@VanCentreNDPtwitter.com8 hours agoretweet
2Parliament passes harassment ‘hot potato’ on how to handle allegations - The Globe and...@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.com9 hours agoretweet
1Wildrose leader vows ‘no more floor-crossings’@JimRossStrategyedmontonjournal.com9 hours agoretweet
3Canoe Politics on Twitter: "A Tory MP's response to Parliament's sexual harassment scandal?...@canoepoliticstwitter.com9 hours agoretweet
4Wear recording devices to guard against allegations, Tory MP advises@canoepoliticscnews.canoe.ca9 hours agoretweet
1Forces et Démocratie officiellement reconnu par Élections Canada@fortjfforcesetdemocratie.org9 hours agoretweet
1Forces et démocratie devient officiellement un parti | Mélanie Marquis | Politique canadienne@fortjflapresse.ca9 hours agoretweet
4Wildrose Leader Smith turning a new leaf following two floor-crossings - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.com9 hours agoretweet
1David Anderson, MP on Twitter: "Congrats to Rose Marie Carey, Parks Canada, Batoche. Finalist...@DavidAndersonSKtwitter.com9 hours agoretweet
1Jean Crowder - Mobile Uploads | Facebook@JeanCrowderfacebook.com9 hours agoretweet
4Missed expense-report deadline could be costly for First Nations - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.com9 hours agoretweet
1Speech by Justin Trudeau to the Young Liberals of Canada (Québec): Liberal…@LKMFedLiberalsplus.google.com9 hours agoretweet
1John Weston, MP on Twitter: "Steve Sammut and Rocky Mountaineer @Rmountaineer prepare to receive...@JohnWestonMPtwitter.com9 hours agoretweet
2John Weston, MP on Twitter: "Big shout-out to @SeatoSkyGondola of Squamish for being nominated...@JohnWestonMPtwitter.com9 hours agoretweet
2Tory-hired audio expert: that’s Raynolds | National Newswatch@jec79nationalnewswatch.com10 hours agoretweet
5David Anderson, MP on Twitter: "Phenomenal! Jori Kirk and crew, Cypress Hills Eco-Adventures,...@DavidAndersonSKtwitter.com10 hours agoretweet
10Sen. Mobina Jaffer on Twitter: "DAY 225 since more than 200 of our Nigerian daughters were...@SenJaffertwitter.com10 hours agoretweet
3Joe Preston on Twitter: "Innovator of the Year goes to Elgin Military Museum and HMCS Ojibwa....@Joe_Prestontwitter.com10 hours agoretweet
6Vancouver Canucks Pregame Tribute to Pat Quinn 11/25/14 [HD] - YouTube@JamesMoore_orgyoutube.com10 hours agoretweet
6DenisCoderre on Twitter: "Très fier d'assister au 24e show du Refuge ce soir Bravo et merci...@DenisCoderretwitter.com10 hours agoretweet
3Harper appoints Quebec Sen. Pierre Claude Nolin as new Speaker of the Senate - The Globe and...@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.com10 hours agoretweet
1Sen. Mobina Jaffer on Twitter: "Congratulations to Abdur Rahim on the release of his great...@SenJaffertwitter.com10 hours agoretweet
1Sheldrick Wildlife on Twitter: "Behinds the scenes as our mobile Vets work to save #elephants...@keithmartinmdtwitter.com10 hours agoretweet
1Combatting Poachers From the Sky: A Look Into the Work of Kenya’s Mobile Veterinarians |...@keithmartinmdonegreenplanet.org10 hours agoretweet
2Twitter / ?@Crockatteert.co11 hours agoretweet
1David Anderson, MP on Twitter: "Waiting for the decision with Jori Kirk, Cypress Hills Eco...@DavidAndersonSKtwitter.com11 hours agoretweet
1This week`s MP report for #Okanagan-CoquihallA busy week in Ottawa - Dan Albas MP@DanAlbasdanalbas.com11 hours agoretweet
4RJ Hayden on Twitter: "Meet the world's most wanted environmental criminals http://t.co/7vcf56vY5Q...@keithmartinmdtwitter.com11 hours agoretweet
4Meet the world's most wanted environmental criminals@keithmartinmdnews.mongabay.com11 hours agoretweet
5Revenue Canada privacy breach concerns artists, writers - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.ca11 hours agoretweet
1» Help us fight Bill C-42@LPCBCliberal.ca11 hours agoretweet
3Shell Canada on Twitter: "Proud to be a sponsor of the @CNBCEnergy event in #yyz. Bright minds...@RickAndersontwitter.com11 hours agoretweet
3t.co / Twitter@Cathy_McLeodt.co11 hours agoretweet
1Eve Adams, MP on Twitter: "We must work at every level, to ensure events such as the Elliot...@MPEveAdamstwitter.com11 hours agoretweet
2Hazel McCallion, in her own words, on her last day as Mississauga mayor after almost four decades...@nppoliticsnews.nationalpost.com11 hours agoretweet
1Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada announcing the new Speaker of the Senate of Canada...@RonCannanpm.gc.ca11 hours agoretweet
1Twitter / ?@RonCannant.co11 hours agoretweet
6Twitter / ?@nathancullent.co11 hours agoretweet
7Compact fluorescent bulb recycling won't be mandatory, Ottawa says - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.ca11 hours agoretweet
1Local veteran mystified after almost 300 flags go missing from soldiers’ graves | Windsor...@BrianMasseMPblogs.windsorstar.com11 hours agoretweet
3Mylène Freeman on Twitter: "Chef Gaëtan Tessier ChocoMotive #Montebello nommé pour...@MyleneFreemantwitter.com11 hours agoretweet
2Justin Trudeau's Liberals drop in polls, but is Harper catching up? - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.ca11 hours agoretweet
1Peter Goldring’s harassment accusation advice: Wear video equipment | Globalnews.ca@ClearyNDPglobalnews.ca11 hours agoretweet
3PTSD and danger among deterrents to visible minorities joining military - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.ca11 hours agoretweet
3Peter Goldring says he wears video camera to avoid 'besmirchment' - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.ca11 hours agoretweet
6http://www.gg.ca/document.aspx?id=15873&lan=eng@GGDavidJohnstongg.ca11 hours agoretweet
2http://www.gg.ca/document.aspx?id=15873&lan=fra@GGDavidJohnstongg.ca11 hours agoretweet
1Rathika Sitsabaiesan on Twitter: "Awesome chatting w/ @TdLalla here at the @ACTRAnat reception...@RathikaStwitter.com11 hours agoretweet
1The NDP’s poisoned chalice - The Globe and Mail@AlexSBurtontheglobeandmail.com11 hours agoretweet
2Rob Oliphant on Twitter: "At the Chiefs of Ontario Gala with @Jon Telch and @jennatherrien...@Rob_Oliphanttwitter.com11 hours agoretweet
3TransCanada : Tenir tête - YouTube@BlocQuebecoisyoutube.com11 hours agoretweet
1Check out the House of Commons' DailyWatch – Wednesday, November 26, 2014 here:@LKMFedLiberalsplus.google.com11 hours agoretweet
1Joan Crockatt MP on Twitter: "That's Lindsay Jardine of @calgarystampede at @TIAC in #yow!...@Crockatteertwitter.com11 hours agoretweet
216 chats qui ressemblent étrangement à d'autres trucs@MPerreaultQCbuzzly.fr12 hours agoretweet
38Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Great discussion with @GovernorOMalley at @Canada2020 on challenges...@JustinTrudeautwitter.com12 hours agoretweet
13Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Belle discussion avec @GovernorOMalley à @Canada2020 sur...@JustinTrudeautwitter.com12 hours agoretweet
1t.co / Twitter@jinnysimst.co12 hours agoretweet
2Rathika Sitsabaiesan on Twitter: "W/ @benjaminayres and @ttovatweet at the @ACTRAnat #parliament...@RathikaStwitter.com12 hours agoretweet
7Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Colleague Bob Sopuck, conservationist extraordinaire, launching...@kenneyjasontwitter.com12 hours agoretweet
1How to create good jobs in BC | CCPA Policy Note@jinnysimspolicynote.ca12 hours agoretweet
4Tony Clement on Twitter: "MP @RobertSopuck signing copies of his new book "A Life Outdoors"....@TonyclementCPCtwitter.com12 hours agoretweet
2Documents reveal $750,000 secret government deal to buy back land unfit for development@YukonNDPyukonndpcaucus.ca12 hours agoretweet
2Derrière les cotes d’écoute - La Presse+@pierrenantelplus.lapresse.ca12 hours agoretweet
1François Choquette Député Drummond... - François Choquette Député Drummond...@F_Choquettefacebook.com12 hours agoretweet
10Peter Goldring says he wears video camera to avoid 'besmirchment' - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.ca12 hours agoretweet
2Gary Clement on Jian Ghomeshi | National Post@nppoliticsfullcomment.nationalpost.12 hours agoretweet

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