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1Matthew Kellway Petitions Canada Bangladesh Day 2015 03 27 - YouTube@MatthewKellwayyoutube.com2 minutes agoretweet
1Gord Brown on Twitter: "Opening of 43rd annual Leo Boivin Classic Midget Hockey tourney in...@gordbrowntwitter.com5 minutes agoretweet
1Lois Brown on Twitter: "Visit my booth at the @NmktChamber Home Show tonight, Saturday + Sunday...@MPLoisBrowntwitter.com10 minutes agoretweet
1Brad Butt on Twitter: "Wonderful performance by the Toronto Children's Concert Choir tonight...@BradButtMPtwitter.com11 minutes agoretweet
1‘Best weapon’ against ISIL is ‘political solution,’ Foreign Affairs says | Ottawa Citizen@MattDubeottawacitizen.com12 minutes agoretweet
1Canoe Politics on Twitter: "Rob Ford health update: 'It's in the good Lord's hands now' http://t.co/md2fYQCBEw...@canoepoliticstwitter.com13 minutes agoretweet
1Rob Ford health update: 'It's in the good Lord's hands now'@canoepoliticscnews.canoe.ca13 minutes agoretweet
1Brad Butt on Twitter: "Great to attend retirement party for @Toycenontheroad and share thanks...@BradButtMPtwitter.com18 minutes agoretweet
2Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Honoured to attend the swearing-in of the Court Martial Appeal...@jkenneytwitter.com20 minutes agoretweet
1SPECTRE teaser trailer@MattDubeamp.twimg.com21 minutes agoretweet
6The Abacus Budget - YouTube@MeganLeslieMPyoutube.com23 minutes agoretweet
1Stephen Harper’s Middle East strategy takes Canada in more warlike direction | National Post@nppoliticsnews.nationalpost.com24 minutes agoretweet
1Instagram@brentrathgeberinstagram.com24 minutes agoretweet
1Jim Prentice on Twitter: "Keeping Michener Centre open was one of our first decisions...it...@JimPrenticetwitter.com27 minutes agoretweet
3Interim Order Respecting Flight Deck Occupants - Transport Canada@lraitttc.gc.ca29 minutes agoretweet
1Don’t rush to the polls over this Alberta budget - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.com29 minutes agoretweet
2Laryssa Waler on Twitter: "Great speech by @Billbrowder today. Captivating. @UCPBA @ukrcancongress...@Lwalertwitter.com34 minutes agoretweet
1Dan Harris on Twitter: "Great crowd for the Scarborough Centre #NDP AGM and Federal nomination....@danharrisndptwitter.com38 minutes agoretweet
1Twitter / ?@JimPrenticetwitter.com38 minutes agoretweet
2Laryssa Waler on Twitter: "Great event today with @billbrowder thx to @MPWLizon @IrwinCotler...@Lwalertwitter.com41 minutes agoretweet
3Iraqi Shia militias refuse to fight with coalition against ISIS - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.ca44 minutes agoretweet
2http://murrayrankin.ndp.ca/new-democrats-plan-to-reduce-child-poverty- by-closing-tax-loophole-for-ceo-s-stock-options@MurrayRankinmurrayrankin.ndp.ca49 minutes agoretweet
1ShawnMurphy on Twitter: "Big crowd at the District 13 Nomination Convention. Results will be...@ShawnMurphy51twitter.com57 minutes agoretweet
1t.co / Twitter@Crockatteert.co58 minutes agoretweet
4Political parties need to have positions on future of health care in Canada, says Romanow |...@TheHillTimeshilltimes.com59 minutes agoretweet
1Guy Caron on Twitter: "Et c'est parti! Bonne chance à @oceanicrimouski vs. les Tigres de...@GuyCaronNPDtwitter.com1 hour agoretweet
1Check out the House of Commons' DailyWatch – Thursday, March 26, 2015 here:@LKMFedLiberalsplus.google.com1 hour agoretweet
1House of Commons Committees - AANO (41-2) - Notice of Meeting - Number 036 (Official Version)@YukonNDPparl.gc.ca1 hour agoretweet
6Pierre Poilievre on Twitter: "Our plan for child care gives all parents a choice. Trudeau would...@PierrePoilievretwitter.com1 hour agoretweet
7Ian Capstick on Twitter: "An incredible keynote by @femfreq and panel response. Inspiring....@iancapsticktwitter.com1 hour agoretweet
3Gord Brown on Twitter: "Working together with Mayors Todd, Jones and Scott and @SteveClarkPC...@gordbrowntwitter.com1 hour agoretweet
5Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "Enjoying dinner with Team Canada @curlingcanada. Welcome all...@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.com1 hour agoretweet
1Carolyn Bennett on Twitter: "Felicidades! The real #DonaLuz w Chef Luis Barreto- loving the...@Carolyn_Bennetttwitter.com1 hour agoretweet
1Liberals Reveal What They Would Change About The Anti-Terror Bill@WatLibhuffingtonpost.ca1 hour agoretweet
1NDP vows to eliminate tax break on stock options - The Globe and Mail@LondonWestNDPm.theglobeandmail.com2 hours agoretweet
2Pierre Poilievre on Twitter: "Vous avez des enfants? Vous êtes éligible à la Prestation...@PierrePoilievretwitter.com2 hours agoretweet
1James Moore on Twitter: "Our new Family Tax Cuts http://t.co/x8E8wYCmkD"@JamesMoore_orgtwitter.com2 hours agoretweet
4Pierre Poilievre on Twitter: "The Universal Child Care Benefit puts money back into the pockets...@PierrePoilievretwitter.com2 hours agoretweet
4Pierre Poilievre on Twitter: "Have kids? You qualify for the Universal Child Care Benefit....@PierrePoilievretwitter.com2 hours agoretweet
5Pierre Poilievre on Twitter: "Support for Families Act will make life more affordable for hard...@PierrePoilievretwitter.com2 hours agoretweet
5Air Line Pilots Association, International | ALPA Canada Board: Committed to Highest Standards...@lraittnewswire.ca2 hours agoretweet
3Mylène Freeman contre l'intervention en Irak - YouTube@MyleneFreemanyoutube.com2 hours agoretweet
1Weston on the Pipeline Safety Act - YouTube@JohnWestonMPyoutube.com2 hours agoretweet
1Mark Adler on Twitter: "Today CDN CF-188 Hornets struck #ISIL fighting positions southwest...@MarkAdlerMPtwitter.com2 hours agoretweet
1The Daily — National tourism indicators, fourth quarter 2014@MPNinaGrewalstatcan.gc.ca2 hours agoretweet
4Carolyn Bennett on Twitter: "Delicioso!!! The Grand Reopening of the fab #DonaLuz on St. Clair...@Carolyn_Bennetttwitter.com2 hours agoretweet
1O Canada, We Raise Our Wine Glass to Thee - WSJ@MPNinaGrewalwsj.com2 hours agoretweet
2Jinny Sims on Twitter: "Looking forward to seeing you all at my Re-election dinner tonight....@jinnysimstwitter.com2 hours agoretweet
3Twitter / ?@brownbarriet.co2 hours agoretweet
3Twitter / ?@gordbrownt.co2 hours agoretweet
2Canoe Politics on Twitter: "Feds will make amendments to #BillC51 http://t.co/iQLIT6Ylxe http://t.co/BCKrLOKF60"@canoepoliticstwitter.com2 hours agoretweet
2Feds to amend Bill C-51@canoepoliticscnews.canoe.ca2 hours agoretweet
1Twitter / ?@MarkAdlerMPt.co2 hours agoretweet
1My Benefits: Matthew@MarkAdlerMPbudget.gc.ca2 hours agoretweet
1Mark Adler on Twitter: "Meet Louise to learn about our govt's #tax relief & #benefits' measures...@MarkAdlerMPtwitter.com2 hours agoretweet
1My Benefits: Louise@MarkAdlerMPbudget.gc.ca2 hours agoretweet
19Anti-terror Bill C-51 to be changed as Tories respond to criticism - Politics - CBC News@NDP_HQcbc.ca2 hours agoretweet
9UK in Canada on Twitter: "How the #UK and #Canada plan to work together over the coming year...@UKinCanadatwitter.com2 hours agoretweet
9Canada-United Kingdom Joint Declaration - Statement 2015 - Publications - GOV.UK@UKinCanadagov.uk2 hours agoretweet
2Mike Duffy’s trial to examine his secrets — and the Conservative government’s |...@WatLibottawacitizen.com2 hours agoretweet
1Nigeria’s political cynicism is making its problems worse@TheCICopencanada.org3 hours agoretweet
4The EKOS poll: Liberals slipping as NDP surges@danharrisndpipolitics.ca3 hours agoretweet
8Twitter / ?@JimPrenticet.co3 hours agoretweet
1Canada Post flips to $194M profit in 2014 - Business - CBC News@NPDpierrefondscbc.ca3 hours agoretweet
4Privacy, security and terrorism: Everything you need to know about Bill C-51 - The Globe and...@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.com3 hours agoretweet
14Globe Politics on Twitter: "Conservatives to amend C-51 to exclude protests and not give spies...@globepoliticstwitter.com3 hours agoretweet
1Peggy Nash, MP on Twitter: "Always a pleasure to see Roberto from @Outpost_Coffee. Happy weekend...@PeggyNashNDPtwitter.com3 hours agoretweet
2Sean Casey on Twitter: "Dominic Leblanc taking his Friday evening to speak to the Charlottetown...@SeanCaseyMPtwitter.com3 hours agoretweet
1Canada invests in the James Webb Space Telescope - YouTube@JamesMoore_orgyoutube.com3 hours agoretweet
1What happens if Parliament ignores The Supreme Court ruling on doctor-assisted suicide? - Canada...@globepoliticsask.theglobeandmail.com3 hours agoretweet
1Globe and Mail - Canada Q&A Video Submission - Thu Mar 19 2015 - YouTube@globepoliticsyoutube.com3 hours agoretweet
1Ontario’s Sunshine List: Top-earning Torontonians on the public payroll include TTC collector,...@nppoliticsnews.nationalpost.com3 hours agoretweet
1Twitter / ?@WatLibt.co3 hours agoretweet
2Wai Young, MP on Twitter: "Pleased to help reopen Powell Place women's shelter with colleagues,...@WaiYoungtwitter.com3 hours agoretweet
9Twitter / ?@UKinCanadat.co3 hours agoretweet
9Foreign Secretary signs UK-Canada joint declaration - Press releases - GOV.UK@UKinCanadagov.uk3 hours agoretweet
1http://www.phoque.org/_files/FR_DiscoursS-2442emelectureMars2015.pdf@HervieuxPayettephoque.org3 hours agoretweet
1http://www.sealsonline.org/_files/EN_SpeechS-224secondreadingMarch2015 _000.pdf@HervieuxPayettesealsonline.org3 hours agoretweet
4NDP_HQ on Twitter: "Conservatives and Liberals: divided and confused – Overheard This...@NDP_HQtwitter.com3 hours agoretweet
4Conservatives and Liberals: Divided and confused – Overheard This Week@NDP_HQndp.ca3 hours agoretweet
1Justin Trudeau made these principles clear last fall, and we stand by them…@LKMFedLiberalsplus.google.com3 hours agoretweet
1Twitter / ?@NDP_HQtwitter.com3 hours agoretweet
1404 « Canada's NDP@NDP_HQndp.ca3 hours agoretweet
1Gouvernement du Canada: Instituer la Journée nationale des produits du phoque et de la mer@HervieuxPayettesecure.avaaz.org3 hours agoretweet
1Government of Canada: Respecting National Seal and Seafood Products Day.@HervieuxPayettesecure.avaaz.org3 hours agoretweet
2Twitter / ?@irenemathyssent.co3 hours agoretweet
4Murray Rankin questions Conservatives on CBC cuts - YouTube@MurrayRankinyoutube.com3 hours agoretweet
3Registre des armes à feu : « La Cour suprême fournit les allumettes au gouvernement...@BlocQuebecoisblocquebecois.org3 hours agoretweet
3Liberals propose oversight, time limits on new spy powers | Toronto Star@HedyFrythestar.com3 hours agoretweet
5Paul Dewar on Respect - YouTube@PaulDewaryoutube.com4 hours agoretweet
27Liberal Party on Twitter: "Canada’s job market is stalled. But still Stephen Harper stays...@liberal_partytwitter.com4 hours agoretweet
1http://s3.documentcloud.org/documents/1679664/working-group-on-natural -resource-development.pdf@LindaDuncanMPs3.documentcloud.org4 hours agoretweet
2Parti libéral on Twitter: "Le marché du travail au Canada stagne. Malgré cela, Stephen...@parti_liberaltwitter.com4 hours agoretweet
2NDP McGill on Twitter: "Megan Leslie, NDP MP, introduces Anita Sarkeesian by reading misogynistic...@ndpmcgilltwitter.com4 hours agoretweet
1Prince Charles's 'black spider memos' can be disclosed, court rules - World - CBC News@jec79cbc.ca4 hours agoretweet
1John Ivison: Opposition antics help explain why government isn’t budging on parliamentary...@nppoliticsnews.nationalpost.com4 hours agoretweet
2Alexandrine on Twitter: "Megan Leslie introducing Anita Sarkeesian, talking about being a young...@ALatendresseNPDtwitter.com4 hours agoretweet
5Tories to amend terror bill to allay concerns it goes too far - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.com4 hours agoretweet
1Twitter / ?@liberal_partytwitter.com4 hours agoretweet
1Twitter / ?@parti_liberaltwitter.com4 hours agoretweet

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