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5Mark Warawa on Twitter: "Today is the International Day to End Violence Against Women & Day...@MPmarkwarawatwitter.comTue 3:17 pmretweet
8'Unified security force' to patrol Parliament Hill following Ottawa shooting - Politics - CBC...@CBCPoliticscbc.caTue 3:12 pmretweet
6Council of Canadians on Twitter: "USDA study: if #TPP cut all tariffs and TRQs to 0, GDP gains...@CouncilofCDNstwitter.comTue 3:04 pmretweet
6http://www.ers.usda.gov/media/1692509/err176.pdf@CouncilofCDNsers.usda.govTue 3:04 pmretweet
3FCO marks #16days against gender violence (with images, tweets) · foreignoffice · Storify@UKinCanadastorify.comTue 2:55 pmretweet
4Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "Mixing drinks @nectardartmouth for Churchill Academy. #opportunities....@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.comTue 2:54 pmretweet
11Fair Vote Canada on Twitter: "1984: the last time we had a majority gov't supported by a majority...@FairVoteCanadatwitter.comTue 2:49 pmretweet
5Fair Vote Canada on Twitter: "When every vote counts with PR, any party who earns a majority...@FairVoteCanadatwitter.comTue 2:45 pmretweet
3Instagram@brownbarrieinstagram.comTue 2:43 pmretweet
2Fair Vote Canada on Twitter: "@mikebednarski Some volunteers uses mock vote with chocolate...@FairVoteCanadatwitter.comTue 2:39 pmretweet
30Liberal Party on Twitter: "Our veterans & their families deserve nothing less than the best...@liberal_partytwitter.comTue 2:38 pmretweet
10Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Encontré @liliantintori acerca del encarcelamiento escandaloso...@kenneyjasontwitter.comTue 2:38 pmretweet
4Parti libéral on Twitter: "Nos anciens combattants et leurs familles méritent de recevoir...@parti_liberaltwitter.comTue 2:38 pmretweet
13Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Met @liliantintori re: outrageous imprisonment of her husband,...@kenneyjasontwitter.comTue 2:37 pmretweet
4Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "J’ai rencontré @liliantintori au sujet de l’emprisonnement...@kenneyjasontwitter.comTue 2:37 pmretweet
4Party leaders should be reined in, poll suggests - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comTue 2:31 pmretweet
20Auditor General Report Reveals Major Flaws in how Conservatives treat Canadians | Green Party...@CanadianGreensgreenparty.caTue 2:22 pmretweet
6IN THE HOUSE ~ Question ~ another massive privacy breach at the Canadian Revenue Agency | Peter...@MPJulianpeterjulian.caTue 2:21 pmretweet
8The Hill Times on Twitter: "House, Senate to join security forces after last month's attack...@TheHillTimestwitter.comTue 2:04 pmretweet
8House, Senate to join security forces after last month’s attack on Parliament Hill | hilltimes.com@TheHillTimeshilltimes.comTue 2:04 pmretweet
15Twitter / ?@JustinTrudeaut.coTue 2:01 pmretweet
8Twitter / ?@JustinTrudeaut.coTue 2:00 pmretweet
2L’énergie d’hier, notre vision de demain - J'appuie Boulerice@F_Choquettejappuie-boulerice.orgTue 1:59 pmretweet
4Fisherman's Road: Why are Harper Cons allowing increased oil-spill risk in Placentia Bay@ClearyNDPfishermansroad.blogspot.cTue 1:49 pmretweet
14Twitter / ?@liberal_partyt.coTue 1:45 pmretweet
17Harper Government Destroys Farmer Control Over Seed | National Farmers Union@CouncilofCDNsnfu.caTue 1:42 pmretweet
8Murray Rankin on Twitter: "Join this free public event on bringing real democratic reform to...@MurrayRankintwitter.comTue 1:41 pmretweet
10A townhall on fixing Canadian democracy | Facebook@MurrayRankinfacebook.comTue 1:41 pmretweet
37The sacred obligation: Dennis Manuge's Story - YouTube@scottbrisonyoutube.comTue 1:37 pmretweet
21944 Grey Cup Champions - Navy Combines | CFL.ca | Official Site of the Canadian Football League@joycemurraycfl.caTue 1:25 pmretweet
2Joyce Murray 梅麗喬 on Twitter: "Great to meet with dedicated reps from #CanadianHealthCoalition...@joycemurraytwitter.comTue 1:23 pmretweet
2The Attack of Liberal candidate for Banff-Airdrie, Marlo Raynolds - YouTube@WayneEasteryoutube.comTue 1:16 pmretweet
2Ron Cannan on Twitter: "Met some wonder Canadian Nurses with home solutions to improve #seniors...@RonCannantwitter.comTue 1:15 pmretweet
2Dan Harris on Twitter: "Got my #flushot to protect myself, my family and folks in #ScarbTO...@danharrisndptwitter.comTue 1:14 pmretweet
3Timeline Photos - Mark Eyking M.P. | Facebook@MarkEyking_MPfacebook.comTue 1:11 pmretweet
2The Attach of Liberal candidate for Banff-Airdrie, Marlo Raynolds - YouTube@WayneEasteryoutube.comTue 12:59 pmretweet
2ParlVU Event Center@pierrenantelparlvu.parl.gc.caTue 12:50 pmretweet
3Chapitre 3 — Les services de santé mentale pour les vétérans@BlocQuebecoisoag-bvg.gc.caTue 12:49 pmretweet
2François Choquette en période des questions - 24 novembre 2014 - YouTube@F_Choquetteyoutube.comTue 12:43 pmretweet
2Twitter / ?@pmoharpert.coTue 12:42 pmretweet
2First Past The Pizza - YouTube@FairVoteCanadayoutube.comTue 12:40 pmretweet
2Friday Fill(ibuster): Liberal learnings and political powerhouses@FairVoteCanadasamaracanada.comTue 12:40 pmretweet
9Mid Island chapter to share solidarity statement on Burnaby Mountain | The Council of Canadians@CouncilofCDNscanadians.orgTue 12:39 pmretweet
3L’énergie d’hier, notre vision de demain - J'appuie Boulerice@alexboulericejappuie-boulerice.orgTue 12:30 pmretweet
6First Nations to 'resist' complying with financial transparency act - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.caTue 12:28 pmretweet
4Hill harassment: Committee agrees to study, but needs House sign-off - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.caTue 12:28 pmretweet
3Green Party Canada on Twitter: "More photos of @ElizabethMay 's meeting with the Dalai Lama...@CanadianGreenstwitter.comTue 12:11 pmretweet
4Green Party Canada on Twitter: "@ElizabethMay met with the Dalai Lama in Vancouver! #cdnpoli...@CanadianGreenstwitter.comTue 12:10 pmretweet
2Charlie angus challenges Tax Minister on lost data - YouTube@CharlieAngusMPyoutube.comTue 12:08 pmretweet
4MORE RESOUNDING FAILURES FROM THE CONSERVATIVES | Dan Harris, MP@danharrisndpdanharris.ndp.caTue 12:06 pmretweet
2Vets wait eight months for benefits: auditor | National Newswatch@irenemathyssennationalnewswatch.comTue 11:58 amretweet
4Mike Wallace on Twitter: "Parliament is beautiful at Christmas time. http://t.co/scfWy4skZ3"@MikeWallaceMPtwitter.comTue 11:57 amretweet
7The Challenge of Reconciliation | OKT@BobRae48oktlaw.comTue 11:56 amretweet
5Twitter / ?@Malcolm_AllenMPt.coTue 11:55 amretweet
3Rob Nicholson to reveal cost of Iraq mission at defence committee - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.caTue 11:55 amretweet
5Harper's Infrastructure Plan To Trim Federal Surplus To $1.6B@pmoharperhuffingtonpost.caTue 11:49 amretweet
20International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women - Public Health Agency of Canada@MinRonaAmbrosephac-aspc.gc.caTue 11:48 amretweet
2Statement in the House - November 25, 2014 - YouTube@bobzimmermpyoutube.comTue 11:45 amretweet
2RÉPARONS LES TORTS!@NDPHoC_NPDCdCreparonslestorts.caTue 11:39 amretweet
3Twitter / ?@NDPHoC_NPDCdCt.coTue 11:38 amretweet
3Clerkship Program@adamgoldenbergontariocourts.caTue 11:36 amretweet
4Rona Ambrose on Twitter: "Honoured to meet Owen Layton and hear his experiences with #T1D and...@MinRonaAmbrosetwitter.comTue 11:33 amretweet
3Wasting Away » APTN National News@sfharrisaptn.caTue 11:30 amretweet
3Julz Ghanamixtapes on Twitter: "@RathikaS Join us, lets #FightEbolaWithMusic #Toronto http://t.co/49tZmq9ZYg"@RathikaStwitter.comTue 11:24 amretweet
3Try It Now Politics Insider - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comTue 11:21 amretweet
2http://sen.parl.gc.ca/nkinsella/PDF/NewsRelease25nov14-e.pdf@SenateCAsen.parl.gc.caTue 11:20 amretweet
5Senate of Canada on Twitter: "HRH Queen Elizabeth @BritishMonarchy bestows Chain of Office...@SenateCAtwitter.comTue 11:20 amretweet
3Patrick Brown on Twitter: "Having a great lunch today with the University of Ottawa Campus...@brownbarrietwitter.comTue 11:20 amretweet
4Automne 2014 — Rapport du vérificateur général du Canada@NDPHoC_NPDCdCoag-bvg.gc.caTue 11:19 amretweet
8Yvonne Jones on Twitter: "Amy Cooney visits Parliament from HVGB promoting awareness, need...@YvonneJJonestwitter.comTue 11:16 amretweet
2Canadian International Council – Canada's hub for international affairs » A new U.S. Secretary...@TheCICopencanada.orgTue 11:13 amretweet
4Nina Grewal Member of Parliament Fleetwood Port-Kells British Columbia@MPNinaGrewalninagrewal.caTue 11:12 amretweet
10PETITION: Call on the Conservatives to treat our veterans with respect@liberal_partypetition.liberal.caTue 11:10 amretweet
3PÉTITION : Demandez aux conservateurs de traiter nos anciens combattants avec le respect qu’ils...@parti_liberalpetition.liberal.caTue 11:09 amretweet
2Statement by the Honourable Rob Nicholson, Minister of National Defence on Navy Appreciation...@MPNinaGrewalnews.gc.caTue 11:03 amretweet
3http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/first-nations-that-havent -complied-with-transparency-law-face-consequences/article21762980/?cmp id=rss1&click=dlvr.it@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comTue 11:02 amretweet
2Timeline Photos - Randy Hoback M P | Facebook@MPRandyHobackfacebook.comTue 10:59 amretweet
2Minister Fantino launches action plan to respond to Auditor General's report ...@JulianFantinonews.gc.caTue 10:54 amretweet
5Ontario falling behind its own poverty reduction goals | Toronto Star@MarjBoutinSweetthestar.comTue 10:45 amretweet
5Laurin Liu on Twitter: "Regardez qui j'ai croisé aujourd'hui au Parlement... Félicitations...@laurinliutwitter.comTue 10:43 amretweet
3Senate of Canada on Twitter: "#SenCA Photo: Speaker Kinsella honours Naval Heroes for Navy...@SenateCAtwitter.comTue 10:34 amretweet
2Blaine Calkins, MP on Twitter: "Mayor of Ortona #Italy70 thanking a Canadian Veteran who fought...@blainecalkinsmptwitter.comTue 10:26 amretweet
4» Liberal statement on International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women@KirstyDuncanMPliberal.caTue 10:20 amretweet
4NASA | A Year in the Life of Earth's CO2 - YouTube@MurrayRankinyoutube.comTue 10:19 amretweet
5Ted Hsu@tedhsublog.tedhsu.caTue 10:15 amretweet
3Government of Canada Launches Second Appathon - the Canadian Open Data Experience ...@peterbraidnews.gc.caTue 10:15 amretweet
2Notice - Transport and Communications@SenateCAparl.gc.caTue 10:10 amretweet
3NDP urges compensation for Thalidomide survivors « Canada's NDP@NDPHoC_NPDCdCndp.caTue 10:09 amretweet
3Rona Ambrose on Twitter: "Great meeting with @TheHSF today. Thanks for all you do to improve...@MinRonaAmbrosetwitter.comTue 10:04 amretweet
2Notice - National Finance@SenateCAparl.gc.caTue 10:02 amretweet
3#BackClimateAction - Cities, Homes, Business, Biodiversity, - YouTube@UKinCanadayoutube.comTue 10:00 amretweet
3Pat Quinn Tribute – Forever a Canuck - YouTube@JamesMoore_orgyoutube.comTue 9:59 amretweet
4Officer Darren Wilson's story is unbelievable. Literally. - Vox@piratepartycavox.comTue 9:59 amretweet
12Why I Chose the NDP Over the Quebec Sovereignty Movement | Maria Mourani@NDP_HQhuffingtonpost.caTue 9:56 amretweet
6Ottawa Vigil for Mike Brown - #BlackLivesMatter | Facebook@TheHillTimesfacebook.comTue 9:55 amretweet
3Laurie Hawn on Twitter: "http://t.co/mceCwAxIjS"@MPLaurieHawntwitter.comTue 9:53 amretweet
3Laurie Hawn on Twitter: "http://t.co/D6HB4OrvQe"@MPLaurieHawntwitter.comTue 9:53 amretweet
3Laurie Hawn on Twitter: "http://t.co/1JV3tL8fDe"@MPLaurieHawntwitter.comTue 9:52 amretweet
28PM to attend Francophonie Summit in Senegal | Prime Minister of Canada@pmharperpm.gc.caTue 9:50 amretweet
3Notice - Foreign Affairs and International Trade@SenateCAparl.gc.caTue 9:50 amretweet

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