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3Today is the last day to nominate a... - Young Liberals Canada - University of Waterloo | Facebook@ylc_jlcfacebook.comMon 10:09 amretweet
11NDP urges Harper to strip former spy watchdog Arthur Porter of title - The Globe and Mail@NDP_HQtheglobeandmail.comMon 10:06 amretweet
4Twitter / ?@WatLibt.coMon 10:05 amretweet
2Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Captain's chair on @HMCS_Calgary features @CalgaryStampede &...@jkenneytwitter.comMon 10:02 amretweet
5Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Delighted to congratulate Cdr Julian Elbourne on taking command...@jkenneytwitter.comMon 10:01 amretweet
4Twitter / ?@CanadianGreenst.coMon 9:55 amretweet
4Fact Sheet: Privacy and Outsourcing (Private Sector)@PrivacyPriveepriv.gc.caMon 9:50 amretweet
2DW Berkley on Twitter: "Infographic on how #Fracking works... http://t.co/GMgdPOd8sd"@bobzimmermptwitter.comMon 9:46 amretweet
2Justin Trudeau on Vaccination Education - YouTube@WatLibyoutube.comMon 9:43 amretweet
7The NDP will stand up for the CBC « Canada's NDP@CraigScottNDPndp.caMon 9:39 amretweet
3The Hill Times on Twitter: "This week's front page http://t.co/aKWY4ntBsy"@TheHillTimestwitter.comMon 9:38 amretweet
2Canadian man, 71, gets seven years in jail for molesting nine-year-old boy in Nepal: report@bobzimmermpnationalpost.comMon 9:37 amretweet
18The Hill Times on Twitter: "This week's @TheHillTimes editorial cartoon by @deAdder #cdnpoli...@TheHillTimestwitter.comMon 9:35 amretweet
2Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Delighted to congratulate Cdr Julian Elbourne on taking command...@jkenneytwitter.comMon 9:29 amretweet
10Twitter / ?@PeggyNashNDPt.coMon 9:22 amretweet
3NDP urges Harper to strip former spy watchdog Arthur Porter of title - The Globe and Mail@alexboulericem.theglobeandmail.comMon 9:20 amretweet
4Sharon Stone Is Being Sued for Skipping an Anti-Chevron Protest - Bloomberg Business@bobzimmermpbloomberg.comMon 9:15 amretweet
2Marjolaine Boutin-S. on Twitter: "La nouvelle photo du mois! Mars 2015 // Irène lafleur...@MarjBoutinSweettwitter.comMon 9:12 amretweet
2http://marjolaineboutinsweet.npd.ca/photos?page=0&photoset_id=72157647 172234243@MarjBoutinSweetmarjolaineboutinsweet.npdMon 9:12 amretweet
3Who is a “traitor to the Liberal Party” now? | Warren Kinsella@ValckeNDPwarrenkinsella.comMon 9:07 amretweet
5Council of Canadians on Twitter: "Alix complete the NEB Application to #StopEnergyEast in #Halifax...@CouncilofCDNstwitter.comMon 9:06 amretweet
5NDP urges Harper to strip Arthur Porter of title - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comMon 9:00 amretweet
5Doubling TFSA Contributions Limits: Even Nastier than Income Splitting@ccpabehindthenumbers.caMon 8:59 amretweet
3Gail Shea on Twitter: "Congratulations to Jacob MacNeill who is the 2015 Easter Seals Ambassador...@CPCGailSheatwitter.comMon 8:56 amretweet
6Raif Badawi could be retried and beheaded by Saudis, say his family | World news | The Guardian@MarcGarneautheguardian.comMon 8:55 amretweet
3Arabie Saoudite : après le fouet, la peine de mort pour Raif Badawi ? – metronews@MarcGarneaumetronews.frMon 8:53 amretweet
2Dany Morin: Acharnement de Postes Canada envers Chicoutimi-Nord - YouTube@drdanymorinyoutube.comMon 8:49 amretweet
2Laurin Liu on Twitter: "Une activité amusante pour toute la famille avec l'@ArmadaBLB! #hockey...@laurinliutwitter.comMon 8:37 amretweet
2Mike Sullivan on Twitter: "World's best volunteer, Josie Mullins got coral nails for her trip...@MikeSullivanMPtwitter.comMon 8:33 amretweet
4Tony Clement: Canada #1 amongst G7 in R&D support for tech innovation | BetaKit@TonyclementCPCbetakit.comMon 8:32 amretweet
8Toronto tunnel dug by 2 men as 'man cave', police say - Toronto - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.caMon 8:27 amretweet
4Toronto tunnel dug by 2 men as 'man cave', police say - Toronto - CBC News@CraigScottNDPcbc.caMon 8:26 amretweet
5Facebook@MarcGarneaufacebook.comMon 8:26 amretweet
6Liberal Party on Twitter: "#LPC members in Rivière-des-Mille-Îles have chosen @LapointeLinda...@liberal_partytwitter.comMon 8:19 amretweet
6» Candidates & MPs@liberal_partyliberal.caMon 8:19 amretweet
4YouTube@jamesbezanyoutube.comMon 8:16 amretweet
2Institution de financement du développement: une conjoncture défavorable? | Hélène Laverdière@HLaverdiereNPDquebec.huffingtonpost.caMon 8:07 amretweet
2http://www.cbc.ca/m/news/politics/tom-mulcair-shares-ndp-plan-to-resto re-cbc-funding-1.2978026@phpndpcbc.caMon 7:58 amretweet
5Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "Raising the flag for Kidney Awareness Month http://t.co/xeNgsHL3Eg...@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.comMon 7:54 amretweet
5The Kidney Foundation of Canada | La Fondation canadienne du rein@MikeSavageHFXkidney.caMon 7:54 amretweet
5Canoe Politics on Twitter: "Ont. family finds bag signed by employees in the last box of Canadian-made...@canoepoliticstwitter.comMon 7:53 amretweet
5Ont. family finds last box of Canadian-made Frosted Flakes@canoepoliticscnews.canoe.caMon 7:53 amretweet
3Manning Centre Networking Conference is the Coachella for conservatives | hilltimes.com@TheHillTimeshilltimes.comMon 7:44 amretweet
3Statement by the Honourable Leona Aglukkaq ᐅᖃᐅᓯᒃᓴᖏᑦ ᓂᕈᐊᖅᑕᐅᓯᒪᔪᑉ ᓕᐅᓇ...@leonaaglukkaqfacebook.comMon 7:40 amretweet
3The Hill Times on Twitter: "MT @rachaiello: @ITK_CanadaInuit hosts intimate preview of Taste...@TheHillTimestwitter.comMon 7:39 amretweet
3ITK hosts intimate preview of next week's Taste of the Arctic event | hilltimes.com@TheHillTimeshilltimes.comMon 7:39 amretweet
26The Hill Times on Twitter: "We ‘don’t have a clue’ what’s in omnibus bills,...@TheHillTimestwitter.comMon 7:36 amretweet
26We ‘don’t have a clue’ what’s in omnibus bills, say MPs | hilltimes.com@TheHillTimeshilltimes.comMon 7:36 amretweet
2Thawing relations between Cuba and U.S. get final seal of approval: Paris Hilton goes to Havana...@nppoliticsnews.nationalpost.comMon 7:34 amretweet
6The Hill Times on Twitter: "Hill media fight over harassment policy, some say it could destroy...@TheHillTimestwitter.comMon 7:29 amretweet
6Hill media fight over harassment policy, some say it could destroy Parliamentary Press Gallery...@TheHillTimeshilltimes.comMon 7:29 amretweet
9Twitter / ?@ScarpaleggiaMPt.coMon 7:28 amretweet
28Stephen Harper on Twitter: "Great to meet Olympic curling bronze medalist, Shannon Kleibrink...@pmharpertwitter.comMon 7:22 amretweet
2Twitter / ?@Crockatteert.coMon 7:20 amretweet
6Political players discount speculation on early spring election call, say it’s too risky...@TheHillTimeshilltimes.comMon 7:20 amretweet
2Marjolaine Boutin-S. on Twitter: "Personnes handicapées: séance d'information gratuite...@MarjBoutinSweettwitter.comMon 7:00 amretweet
3Harper Government Announces New Measures to Support Canadian Mining@btrottierfin.gc.caMon 6:46 amretweet
2Gail Shea on Twitter: "Pleased to announce Gov of Canada investment of $270,500 for the Town...@CPCGailSheatwitter.comMon 6:10 amretweet
2Ottawa mayor Jim Watson breaks his pelvis in snowmobile event for teaching ‘urban’ leaders...@nppoliticsnews.nationalpost.comMon 6:10 amretweet
2Canoe Politics on Twitter: "Need to take a "personal day?" Try spending it in a tunnel built...@canoepoliticstwitter.comMon 6:09 amretweet
2Avijit Roy was hacked to death for his secular views. Let’s share his story | Alom Shaha...@ujjaldosanjhtheguardian.comMon 6:07 amretweet
8Toronto tunnel: Police identify men who built mysterious chamber | CTV News@nathancullenctvnews.caMon 6:05 amretweet
3Energy East Pipeline hearing application due date nearing - New Brunswick - CBC News@CouncilofCDNscbc.caMon 6:05 amretweet
2Geoff Regan on Twitter: "Mississauga-New Credit FN Knowledge & Wisdom Keeper at #PDAC opening...@geoffregantwitter.comMon 5:44 amretweet
2Toronto tunnel built for 'personal reasons': Cops@canoepoliticscnews.canoe.caMon 5:32 amretweet
3Town Hall meeting on changes at Canada Post | Facebook@MeganLeslieMPfacebook.comMon 5:30 amretweet
11Tom Mulcair shares NDP plan to restore CBC funding - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.caMon 5:15 amretweet
10Green Party Canada on Twitter: ""It's not about power, but the empowerment of people." - @franceslitman...@CanadianGreenstwitter.comMon 5:13 amretweet
2The gun in the nightstand - Opinion - The Boston Globe@keithmartinmdbostonglobe.comMon 4:27 amretweet
2Hélène LeBlanc on Twitter: "I am in Saskatoon for the Federated Co-op Limited AGM "Locally...@HeleneLeBlanctwitter.comMon 4:24 amretweet
4Beyond Parliament, a debate about C-51 - Macleans.ca@alexboulericemacleans.caMon 4:00 amretweet
2t.co / Twitter@jec79t.coMon 3:29 amretweet
2Colin Kenny: What real intelligence oversight would look like | National Post@nppoliticsnews.nationalpost.comMon 3:07 amretweet
6Ottawa’s diplomatic approach to China naive, says former ambassador - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comMon 2:07 amretweet
2With veto, it’s time for the NAFTA option - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comMon 12:31 amretweet
5Westminster, archaic but accessible - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comMon 12:15 amretweet
3Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Met Dr Saren Azer,who's doing tremendous work w/ Canada's Kurdish...@jkenneytwitter.comSun 11:11 pmretweet
5Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Where in CDA can you find a brilliant 7-piece #klezmer band...@jkenneytwitter.comSun 10:26 pmretweet
15Calgary federal Liberal hopeful Cam Stewart says Canada shouldn't be battling IS@MichelleRempelcalgarysun.comSun 10:23 pmretweet
2Michelle Rempel on Twitter: "Status update, several hours later, re this https://t.co/Nb4OLhD2Uy....@MichelleRempeltwitter.comSun 9:27 pmretweet
2Twitter / ?@MichelleRempelt.coSun 9:27 pmretweet
14Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Little-known fact: the @RCAF_ARC Flyers Hockey Team won the...@jkenneytwitter.comSun 9:17 pmretweet
3Bill Casey is the candidate for Cumberland-Colchester - Nova Scotia - CBC News@sukhdhaliwalcbc.caSun 9:06 pmretweet
5Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Good to meet Laura Smith, the dynamic, young, new Conservative...@jkenneytwitter.comSun 9:03 pmretweet
2Waterloo Liberals on Twitter: "Thank you @justinf3672 for organizing and Ray Won for chairing...@WatLibtwitter.comSun 9:02 pmretweet
6Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Thanks @RCAF_ARC 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron for letting...@jkenneytwitter.comSun 8:43 pmretweet
2Canadian Screen Awards 2015: Mommy big film winner, Orphan Black takes top TV trophies - Yahoo...@Carolyn_Bennettca.news.yahoo.comSun 8:32 pmretweet
4Ottawa didn’t learn Air India lesson, says ex-judge - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comSun 8:04 pmretweet
4Few claim Ottawa’s new ‘super’ tax credit for first time charity donors - The Globe and...@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comSun 7:17 pmretweet
15PRESS RELEASE: Stephen Harper’s Bill C-51 undermines Canadian democracy and amounts to anti-dissent...@piratepartycapirateparty.caSun 7:05 pmretweet
2Andrew Cash on Twitter: "Wonderful to play a tune tonight with bursary recipient Brittany Fontes...@Cash4TOtwitter.comSun 6:50 pmretweet
4No Veterans Should Have to Repeatedly Prove They've Lost Limbs | Erin OToole@pmoharperhuffingtonpost.caSun 6:38 pmretweet
3Carolyn Bennett | Facebook@Carolyn_Bennettfacebook.comSun 6:30 pmretweet
5Mohamed Fahmy Urges End To 'Diplomatic Blockage' In Leaving Egypt@pmoharperhuffingtonpost.caSun 6:26 pmretweet
10Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Mes félicitations à @NicolasBillon qui a gagné le prix...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comSun 6:24 pmretweet
3Peggy Nash, MP on Twitter: "Congrats to all the winners of the Shine! Music Bursary @Lula lounge....@PeggyNashNDPtwitter.comSun 6:17 pmretweet
12Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Great to meet @RicoColantoni at the #CdnScreen15! What amazing...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comSun 5:44 pmretweet
2t.co / Twitter@Crockatteert.coSun 5:36 pmretweet
2Anti-terrorism bill C-51 'dangerous' legislation, 100 academics say - Politics - CBC News@RichmondHillNDPcbc.caSun 5:35 pmretweet
3John McCallum on Twitter: "Honoured to be apart of the @ncctonline #GrandGala Thank you for...@HonJohnMcCallumtwitter.comSun 5:34 pmretweet

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