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8Pauline Marois is gone. Is Stephen Harper next, given the similarities? Siddiqui | Toronto...@WayneEasterthestar.comSun 4:08 amretweet
3Twitter / darylkramp: Flooding on Moira Lake ...@darylkramptwitter.comSun 3:58 amretweet
2Ukraine crisis: Geneva deal hangs by a thread as five people die in Slavyansk | World news...@RickAndersontheguardian.comSun 3:18 amretweet
3Easter Message from Elizabeth May | Green Party of Canada@BarrieGreensgreenparty.caSun 2:34 amretweet
2Twitter / powerstim: Easter in St. John's. Great ...@powerstimtwitter.comSun 2:24 amretweet
3The Tyee – For-Profit Clinic Lawsuit May Transform Health Care@DebCoynethetyee.caSat 9:13 pmretweet
23.10 Animal welfare | Green Party of Canada@younggreenscangreenparty.caSat 7:49 pmretweet
22Twitter / oliviachow: Reflection & commemoration ...@oliviachowtwitter.comSat 7:22 pmretweet
4Twitter / joycemurray: w Barrie Mowatt #Vancouver ...@joycemurraytwitter.comSat 6:58 pmretweet
3Veal industry under scrutiny after hidden camera footage reveals horrific conditions and abuse@younggreenscanctvnews.caSat 6:49 pmretweet
7Canada’s Special Forces to get new vehicles for the Arctic but Army left out in the cold@joycemurrayvancouversun.comSat 6:29 pmretweet
2Twitter / MPmarkwarawa: I attended Vaisakhi is Surrey ...@MPmarkwarawatwitter.comSat 6:02 pmretweet
2Editorial: It’s time for sober second thought on megaproject@jec79vancouversun.comSat 5:56 pmretweet
3Twitter / MinTimUppal: These boys put on a great bhangra ...@MinTimUppaltwitter.comSat 5:46 pmretweet
4Twitter / MinTimUppal: Conservative booth with ...@MinTimUppaltwitter.comSat 5:42 pmretweet
7Twitter / brownbarrie: At Mady Centre to announce ...@brownbarrietwitter.comSat 5:40 pmretweet
2Twitter / brownbarrie: Speaking at Talk is Free Theatre ...@brownbarrietwitter.comSat 5:34 pmretweet
2Parm Gill, M.P. - Its great to see Canadian companies... | Facebook@ParmGillfacebook.comSat 5:30 pmretweet
3Twitter / JohnMcCallumMP: Celebrating Bengali New Year ...@JohnMcCallumMPtwitter.comSat 5:04 pmretweet
2Twitter / jinnysims: Photos galore at #surreyvaisakhi. ...@jinnysimstwitter.comSat 3:34 pmretweet
3Twitter / jinnysims: Rain did not deter crowd at ...@jinnysimstwitter.comSat 3:31 pmretweet
6Virtual Townhall: Strategies to stop extreme energy in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River...@CouncilofCDNscanadians.orgSat 3:29 pmretweet
6Twitter / MichelleRempel: #albertaproud http://t.co/dEmsDKVxlT@MichelleRempeltwitter.comSat 3:09 pmretweet
11Twitter / MichelleRempel: O Canada. http://t.co/8j9WfBWUO4@MichelleRempeltwitter.comSat 3:02 pmretweet
2Bloquez l’oléoduc Northern Gateway | Peter Julian, MP@MPJulianpeterjulian.caSat 1:19 pmretweet
5IRENA | REmap@MPJulianirena.orgSat 12:35 pmretweet
9Imagine a Canada powered by clean energy | Peter Julian, MP@MPJulianpeterjulian.caSat 12:31 pmretweet
11Twitter / oliviachow: Best endorsement of the day! ...@oliviachowtwitter.comSat 12:30 pmretweet
4Twitter / oliviachow: Good times with the Easter ...@oliviachowtwitter.comSat 12:23 pmretweet
3Twitter / oliviachow: Getting ready for the Easter ...@oliviachowtwitter.comSat 12:21 pmretweet
16Twitter / RalphGoodale: Hand-crafted Easter Eggs from ...@RalphGoodaletwitter.comSat 11:45 amretweet
2Twitter / Malcolm_AllenMP: Mary Marsh cuts her cake to ...@Malcolm_AllenMPtwitter.comSat 11:32 amretweet
2Ryan Cleary - Beautiful! | Facebook@ClearyNDPfacebook.comSat 11:27 amretweet
2Twitter / PaulCalandra: With Easter Bunny in Town ...@PaulCalandratwitter.comSat 10:49 amretweet
2Twitter / RickMcGuire6: Ice movement at Beechwood . Good ...@mpmikeatwitter.comSat 10:46 amretweet
2Fill the Hill planned in Ottawa for 420@canoepoliticscnews.canoe.caSat 10:34 amretweet
7Twitter / BestProHumor: The biggest lies on the internet ...@adamgoldenbergtwitter.comSat 10:32 amretweet
21Twitter / OshawaNDP: Even the newspaper in Pierre ...@OshawaNDPtwitter.comSat 10:19 amretweet
47Twitter / FairVoteCanada: Does your vote count? If you ...@FairVoteCanadatwitter.comSat 10:08 amretweet
10Twitter / oliviachow: Putting my art skills to use ...@oliviachowtwitter.comSat 10:07 amretweet
5Proportional representation has never been given a fair chance@FairVoteCanadaguelphmercury.comSat 9:47 amretweet
5Instagram@TonyclementCPCinstagram.comSat 9:45 amretweet
3Twitter / TonyclementCPC: Lots of #earthday activity ...@TonyclementCPCtwitter.comSat 9:43 amretweet
9Twitter / ?@HonJohnBairdt.coSat 9:29 amretweet
6The House: What's next in the Duffy-Wright affair? - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.caSat 9:18 amretweet
18Twitter / ?@HonJohnBairdt.coSat 9:03 amretweet
2Twitter / ?@sukhdhaliwalt.coSat 8:55 amretweet
2Why are the Tories going after Mayrand? Fear.@CraigScottNDPipolitics.caSat 8:41 amretweet
3Operation Earful | It's Politics, All the Way Down@adamgoldenbergpoliticsallthewaydown.worSat 8:37 amretweet
11The House: What's next in the Duffy-Wright affair? - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.caSat 8:29 amretweet
2MPs switch suits to promote national fitness - Politics - CBC News@JohnWestonMPcbc.caSat 8:25 amretweet
2Twitter / notl419: @jeffchesebrough and MP ...@RickDykstratwitter.comSat 8:02 amretweet
2Twitter / RickDykstra: 7 and 8 year Olds. They clean ...@RickDykstratwitter.comSat 8:01 amretweet
4Twitter / WayneEaster: Happy Easter to all from my ...@WayneEastertwitter.comSat 7:51 amretweet
4Instagram@TonyclementCPCinstagram.comSat 7:39 amretweet
18Twitter / ?@HonJohnBairdt.coSat 7:19 amretweet
2How Did Yahoo!'s Fired COO Get $58 Million? Good Timing - Businessweek@RickAndersonbusinessweek.comSat 7:09 amretweet
5Twitter / canoepolitics: Ontario mayors call for flooding ...@canoepoliticstwitter.comSat 7:00 amretweet
5Ontario mayors call for flooding aid from province@canoepoliticscnews.canoe.caSat 7:00 amretweet
3Twitter / scottbrison: Enjoyed a great breakfast this ...@scottbrisontwitter.comSat 6:52 amretweet
2Twitter / RickDykstra: Kevin and Li Ann Jack's pride ...@RickDykstratwitter.comSat 6:45 amretweet
2Twitter / RickDykstra: Nothing like the beginning ...@RickDykstratwitter.comSat 6:39 amretweet
2André Bellavance veut démontrer la pertinence du Bloc | Joël-Denis Bellavance | Politique...@fortjflapresse.caSat 6:16 amretweet
4Foreigners approved to fill hockey coaching positions in Canada - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comSat 4:44 amretweet
3Twitter / ?@D_Soudast.coSat 4:35 amretweet
2Twitter / D_Soudas: Good morning Oakville Burlington! ...@D_Soudastwitter.comSat 4:16 amretweet
2Twitter / ?@D_Soudast.coSat 2:53 amretweet
5http://denisfalvey.com/@FairVoteCanadadenisfalvey.comFri 8:53 pmretweet
11‘Private interests’ in the Senate: How business conflicts are everywhere in Canada’s...@phpndpnews.nationalpost.comFri 8:46 pmretweet
18Twitter / oliviachow: A spiritually uplifting candlelit ...@oliviachowtwitter.comFri 8:18 pmretweet
10Twitter / ?@oliviachowt.coFri 7:57 pmretweet
7Youth Canvass for Joe Cressy | Facebook@uoft_ndpfacebook.comFri 7:38 pmretweet
4Twitter / elttesitram: The community paper in ...@younggreenscantwitter.comFri 7:20 pmretweet
3Toronto councillor Adam Vaughan emerging as a star candidate in Liberal byelection | National...@nppoliticsnews.nationalpost.comFri 7:20 pmretweet
4‘Private interests’ in the Senate: How business conflicts are everywhere in Canada’s...@sfharrisww2.nationalpost.comFri 7:15 pmretweet
2Twitter / politixgirl: Nothing like a flashback ...@keithmartinmdtwitter.comFri 7:06 pmretweet
28Manning: So long, Jim. Easter is why I know I’ll see you again@kenneyjasoncalgaryherald.comFri 7:05 pmretweet
3Team Orange picks a candidate@SimcoeNorthNDPsootoday.comFri 6:55 pmretweet
5Krauthammer: Building the Keystone XL pipeline an 'open and shut case' | Fox News@RickAndersonfoxnews.comFri 6:51 pmretweet
2‘Private interests’ in the Senate: How business conflicts are everywhere in Canada’s...@nppoliticsnews.nationalpost.comFri 6:41 pmretweet
14Twitter / NatGeoMag: May cover revealed: Thanks ...@keithmartinmdtwitter.comFri 6:38 pmretweet
3Air Canada baggage fail 20 ft bag toss in Toronto - YouTube@RickAndersonyoutube.comFri 6:33 pmretweet
8Canada signs deal with U.A.E. to fight poverty, grow economy - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comFri 6:18 pmretweet
17Twitter / DenisCoderre: Correction! Merci Beaudet!! ...@DenisCoderretwitter.comFri 6:14 pmretweet
44Twitter / DenisCoderre: Merci Ygreck hahaha! ...@DenisCoderretwitter.comFri 6:10 pmretweet
4Elections Canada Online | Statements and Speeches: Commissioner of Canada Elections@SimcoeNorthNDPelections.caFri 6:00 pmretweet
6Baird raises jailed Canadian journalist’s case in Egypt - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comFri 5:47 pmretweet
2Twitter / danharrisndp: Why do you annoy me so... an ...@danharrisndptwitter.comFri 5:24 pmretweet
4Crown belongs to Prentice – if he wants it - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comFri 5:15 pmretweet
2Happy Easter from Newmarket-Aurora MP Lois Brown - YouTube@MPLoisBrownyoutube.comFri 5:06 pmretweet
2Funny eCards, Happy Birthday eCards, and Holiday eCards - JibJab.com@pmoharperjibjab.comFri 5:00 pmretweet
3Likely premier of Newfoundland and Labrador defends his anti-abortion beliefs - The Globe and...@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comFri 5:00 pmretweet
10Laureen Harper Heckled At 'Just For Cats' Internet Video Festival@pmoharperhuffingtonpost.caFri 4:45 pmretweet
2Canada’s war on doorknobs: Knobless oblige | The Economist@DebCoyneeconomist.comFri 4:37 pmretweet
3We interrupt this cat video with something genuinely important | rabble.ca@younggreenscanrabble.caFri 4:36 pmretweet
4Twitter / Scott_Simms: Let the playoffs truly begin!!! ...@Scott_Simmstwitter.comFri 4:32 pmretweet
2U.S. to delay Keystone XL decision - World - CBC News@sukhdhaliwalcbc.caFri 3:44 pmretweet
4Federal government could cut nearly 9,000 more public service jobs@jinnysimsottawacitizen.comFri 3:36 pmretweet
3Teachers: Don’t doubt yourselves. | The Coal Mine@jinnysimsthecoalmine.wordpress.comFri 3:31 pmretweet
5Senator Mobina Jaffer - Happy Easter!@SenJaffermobinajaffer.caFri 3:09 pmretweet

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