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5Carolyn Bennett on Twitter: "Huge thanx! Nayla & Ives for coming in to volunteer @votecarolyn...@Carolyn_Bennetttwitter.comSun 1:24 pmretweet
2Niki Ashton on Twitter: "Mark Goudreau #NDP nomination candidate speaks to members+says it's...@nikiashtontwitter.comSun 1:21 pmretweet
2Anthony Rota on Twitter: "Great afternoon knocking on doors with a great crew of volunteers...@AnthonyRotatwitter.comSun 1:18 pmretweet
24CBC Politics on Twitter: "Tired of boring Facebook quizzes? Vote Compass shows which party...@CBCPoliticstwitter.comSun 1:15 pmretweet
59Liberal Party on Twitter: "Only one thing will fill the gap in the NDP’s promises: deep...@liberal_partytwitter.comSun 1:15 pmretweet
5Parti libéral on Twitter: "Une seule façon de combler l’écart de financement...@parti_liberaltwitter.comSun 1:14 pmretweet
4Niki Ashton on Twitter: "@DeborahChief speaks with eagle feather and asks "Are You Ready for...@nikiashtontwitter.comSun 1:10 pmretweet
4Navdeep Bains on Twitter: "It was a pleasure supporting my good friend @KirstyDuncanLIB at...@NavdeepSBainstwitter.comSun 1:06 pmretweet
34Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Here's 1 way the NDP may pay for its $14B in new spending: "billions...@jkenneytwitter.comSun 1:01 pmretweet
28Did Trudeau just change the campaign? | National Newswatch@MarcGarneaunationalnewswatch.comSun 12:59 pmretweet
12République Gabonaise on Twitter: "Je dis aussi merci à @MichaelleJeanF qui a honoré...@MichaelleJeanFtwitter.comSun 12:56 pmretweet
2Omar Alghabra on Twitter: "Awesome canvass today with a fantastic team @KarenLinWard5 http://t.co/WfCBfPOBze"@OmarAlghabratwitter.comSun 12:53 pmretweet
5Irene Mathyssen on Twitter: "We now have a poppy garden in #LdnOnt to honour our #veterans....@irenemathyssentwitter.comSun 12:49 pmretweet
20Charlie Angus NDP on Twitter: "Last month he was the deficit fighter. This month he promises...@CharlieAngusNDPtwitter.comSun 12:49 pmretweet
4Tom Mulcair on Twitter: "“It’s because of the legacy of Tommy Douglas that the #NDP...@irenemathyssentwitter.comSun 12:45 pmretweet
2EDITORIAL: Make deficit policies suit the economy | The Chronicle Herald@niknanosthechronicleherald.caSun 12:35 pmretweet
15Newsana: Elizabeth May lays out plan to end homelessness@CanadianGreensnewsana.comSun 12:24 pmretweet
2Twitter / ?@JayAspinMPt.coSun 12:13 pmretweet
2University to mark down students who say 'illegal immigrants' in class - Education News - Education...@ujjaldosanjhindependent.co.ukSun 12:13 pmretweet
6Twitter / ?@RathikaSt.coSun 12:09 pmretweet
32Jenni Byrne on Twitter: ".@ThomasMulcair’s reckless spending costs at least $13B in yr...@Jenni_Byrnetwitter.comSun 12:02 pmretweet
14Twitter / ?@Jenni_Byrnet.coSun 11:59 amretweet
25Jenni Byrne on Twitter: "New #NDP spending promises total $13.8B in 1st year, growing to at...@Jenni_Byrnetwitter.comSun 11:59 amretweet
23Jenni Byrne on Twitter: ".@ThomasMulcair must come clean on how he'll pay for his new spending...@Jenni_Byrnetwitter.comSun 11:58 amretweet
22Jenni Byrne on Twitter: "#NDP has min. $8B hole. Only way to fill the hole is to massively...@Jenni_Byrnetwitter.comSun 11:57 amretweet
11Sheila Malcolmson on Twitter: "We have 51 days until we repeal C-51! @ThomasMulcair and the...@CanadianGreenstwitter.comSun 11:54 amretweet
4Twitter / ?@BradButtMPt.coSun 11:53 amretweet
2Malcolm Allen on Twitter: "Special olympic fund raiser and pig roast on now at club richelieu...@Malcolm_AllenMPtwitter.comSun 11:49 amretweet
3Andrew Cash on Twitter: "Honour to be at San Lorenzo Church this morning and thanks to the...@AndrewCashtwitter.comSun 11:45 amretweet
2Rick Dykstra on Twitter: "Great lunch today at the Polish Legion on Vine Street for the Polish...@RickDykstratwitter.comSun 11:41 amretweet
2Jason Kenney touts broader definition of 'recession' - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.caSun 11:36 amretweet
2Amandeep Nijjar on Twitter: "Look who I ran into yesterday! @kennedystewart and members of...@kennedystewarttwitter.comSun 11:34 amretweet
6CBC Politics on Twitter: "Nova Scotia's key Tory ridings up for grabs as incumbents step down...@CBCPoliticstwitter.comSun 11:30 amretweet
6Nova Scotia's key Tory ridings up for grabs as incumbents step down - Nova Scotia - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.caSun 11:30 amretweet
4What lasting impression will the Duffy trial leave on voters? - The Globe and Mail@niknanostheglobeandmail.comSun 11:21 amretweet
3John Weston on Twitter: "You can stay connected with the campaign, events, accomplishments,...@JohnDWeston8twitter.comSun 11:18 amretweet
5Siobhan Coady on Twitter: "Had a great day at the Cowan Heights Community Market. Congrats...@SiobhanCoadyNLtwitter.comSun 11:17 amretweet
8"Tom is the most trusted leader." – Stephen Lewis - YouTube@PeggyNashNDPyoutube.comSun 11:14 amretweet
33Tom Mulcair on Twitter: "Thank you, Halifax. Families here and across the country are ready...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comSun 11:06 amretweet
6Tom Mulcair on Twitter: "Merci, Halifax. Je vous invite à vous joindre à nous dans cette...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comSun 11:04 amretweet
3Navdeep Bains on Twitter: "Another batch of lawn signs ready to go! Get one here: http://t.co/961D5Obn7i...@NavdeepSBainstwitter.comSun 11:03 amretweet
3» Order a lawn sign@NavdeepSBainsnavdeepbains.liberal.caSun 11:03 amretweet
6Instagram@jkenneyinstagram.comSun 10:59 amretweet
4» Order a lawn sign@JohnMcCallumLPCjohnmccallum.liberal.caSun 10:54 amretweet
2ChrisMcCluskey on Twitter: "Fourth homer in two games. And counting? @Encadwin http://t.co/nUkZatnRpk"@ChrisMcCluskeytwitter.comSun 10:51 amretweet
5» Thomas Mulcair’s $28 billion hole@LPCBCliberal.caSun 10:47 amretweet
2Le vent orange souffle sur l'Atlantique@MPJulianfr.canoe.caSun 10:42 amretweet
64Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "There's an $8 billion hole in the NDP spending plan. Which taxes...@jkenneytwitter.comSun 10:38 amretweet
67$8 Billion Hole In Reckless NDP Spending Plans | Conservative Party of Canada -@jkenneyconservative.caSun 10:38 amretweet
15Carolyn Bennett on Twitter: "House after house irritated ppl who didn't ask4 @MacDougallCPC...@Carolyn_Bennetttwitter.comSun 10:35 amretweet
7t.co / Twitter@bobzimmermpt.coSun 10:35 amretweet
8Tories, Liberals attack alleged multibillion dollar spending gap in NDP promises - Politics...@CBCPoliticscbc.caSun 10:26 amretweet
10Mohamed Fahmy's lawyer says Canada has formally applied for a pardon - World - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.caSun 10:26 amretweet
6George Brown, NDP Ottawa South candidate, signs damaged, campaign says - Ottawa - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.caSun 10:26 amretweet
7Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Spoke to thousands of Canadians at #Scarborough #Tamil Festival...@jkenneytwitter.comSun 10:23 amretweet
2Everything You Think You Know About the History and Future of Jobs Is Likely Wrong — Basic...@piratepartycamedium.comSun 10:23 amretweet
2Parm Gill - Mobile Uploads | Facebook@ParmGillfacebook.comSun 10:21 amretweet
2Laryssa Waler on Twitter: "Very grateful to the staff of @myStJoes for the safe deliver of...@Lwalertwitter.comSun 10:14 amretweet
5RichmondHillNDP on Twitter: "“You can’t claim to be a progressive and support #BillC51”...@RichmondHillNDPtwitter.comSun 10:13 amretweet
3Twitter / ?@Rob_Oliphantt.coSun 10:05 amretweet
2Marjolaine Boutin-S. on Twitter: "Jeux gonflables, jongleurs, maquillage, etc.: belle fête...@MarjBoutinSweettwitter.comSun 10:03 amretweet
2Scott Walker says building Canada border wall is a 'legitimate issue' | US news | The Guardian@ujjaldosanjhtheguardian.comSun 9:59 amretweet
3Migration crisis: Germany, France and Britain demand urgent EU meeting | World news | The Guardian@ujjaldosanjhtheguardian.comSun 9:56 amretweet
2» Week four: Liberals announce largest infrastructure investment in Canadian history@LPCBCliberal.caSun 9:47 amretweet
141Justin Trudeau on Twitter: "The hole in the NDP's promises: $28 billion over 4 years. There's...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comSun 9:45 amretweet
14Green Party Canada on Twitter: ""Our message is clear - vote for what you want! And not some...@CanadianGreenstwitter.comSun 9:45 amretweet
14Campaign Blog - Days 25 and 26 | Green Party of Canada@CanadianGreensgreenparty.caSun 9:45 amretweet
7Justin Trudeau on Twitter: "Le manque à gagner dans les promesses du NPD : 28 milliards...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comSun 9:45 amretweet
9Patrick Brown on Twitter: "Great to join @bruce_stanton at the 3rd annual Baseball Day in #Orillia...@brownbarrietwitter.comSun 9:42 amretweet
22Citizenship and Immigration Committee on May 7th, 2014 | openparliament.ca@jkenneyopenparliament.caSun 9:39 amretweet
2First Nations bear the risks of oilsands development | Toronto Star@younggreenscanthestar.comSun 9:36 amretweet
14NDP promises would create $8-billion deficit, Kenney says - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comSun 9:35 amretweet
6Twitter / ?@brownbarriet.coSun 9:29 amretweet
19Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Spoke to +15,000 proud Canadians @ Jamaat #Ahmadiyya conference...@jkenneytwitter.comSun 9:26 amretweet
5Liberal John McCallum LIVE at 12:30 ET - Ottawa - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.caSun 9:19 amretweet
34Nunavut's food crisis is becoming an election issue - Home | Day 6 | CBC Radio@CBCPoliticscbc.caSun 9:19 amretweet
6Richard Madan on Twitter: "Wisconsin Gov says building wall along Canadian border worth reviewing:...@iancapsticktwitter.comSun 9:18 amretweet
2Brad Lavigne on Twitter: "As PM, Harper has the worst economic growth record since the great...@RickAndersontwitter.comSun 9:13 amretweet
2Canada’s job recovery: best in show? | Behind the Numbers@RickAndersonbehindthenumbers.caSun 9:13 amretweet
3Geoff Regan on Twitter: "Stopped by @EBCMeet's Anniversary Celebration. Congratulations on...@geoffregantwitter.comSun 9:10 amretweet
2Harper should take a break from campaign to help Canadian journalist jailed in Egypt: NDP,...@nppoliticsnews.nationalpost.comSun 9:02 amretweet
5Robert Chisholm on Twitter: "@ThomasMulcair is rockin the house in Halifax #rallyforchange...@RobertNDPtwitter.comSun 8:58 amretweet
3Charlie Angus NDP on Twitter: "Looking forward to seeing folks at the Laughing Buddha in Sudbury....@CharlieAngusNDPtwitter.comSun 8:48 amretweet
31NDP_HQ on Twitter: "Overflowing room with over 1,000 ppl in Halifax with @ThomasMulcair. All...@NDP_HQtwitter.comSun 8:44 amretweet
13Tom Mulcair on Twitter: "Tom is about to take the stage in #Halifax. WATCH LIVE: http://t.co/WvN6P7gZak...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comSun 8:36 amretweet
3Tom Mulcair on Twitter: "Tom s'apprête à monter sur scène à #Halifax. REGARDEZ...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comSun 8:36 amretweet
104Ralph Goodale on Twitter: ".@JustinTrudeau is in very good company with his growth plan for...@RalphGoodaletwitter.comSun 8:30 amretweet
2Hélène LeBlanc on Twitter: "Vu sur Wellington. Merci de votre appui! http://t.co/T0Y3V2gruf"@HeleneLeBlanctwitter.comSun 8:29 amretweet
17NDP_HQ on Twitter: "The #Rally4Change in #Halifax with @ThomasMulcair is about to begin. Tune...@NDP_HQtwitter.comSun 8:29 amretweet
3Siobhan Coady on Twitter: "Nice to be joined by my colleague @PaulLaneMHA at today's Cowan...@SiobhanCoadyNLtwitter.comSun 8:21 amretweet
8TorontoStar on Twitter: "Fracking-caused earthquakes will increase in B.C., says expert http://t.co/a7sobNL9Vg...@CanadianGreenstwitter.comSun 8:11 amretweet
6Nova Scotia's key Tory ridings up for grabs as incumbents step down - Nova Scotia - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.caSun 8:11 amretweet
6Robert Chisholm on Twitter: "Getting set up for the #rallyforchange with @ThomasMulcair. #TM4PM...@RobertNDPtwitter.comSun 8:10 amretweet
8Power & Politics on Twitter: "@bradlavigne: Harper's economic approach not working, worst...@bradlavignetwitter.comSun 8:06 amretweet
20CBC Politics on Twitter: "Tired of boring Facebook quizzes? Vote Compass shows which party...@CBCPoliticstwitter.comSun 8:00 amretweet
3David Sweet on Twitter: "@JNFca COR Ride in the town of Little Britain. Children who lost...@DavidSweetMPtwitter.comSun 7:56 amretweet
2David Sweet on Twitter: "@JNFca COR Ride raising money for families of Corrections Officers...@DavidSweetMPtwitter.comSun 7:54 amretweet
5NDP knows value of hard work | MULCAIR | Columnists | Opinion | Toronto Sun@PeggyNashNDPtorontosun.comSun 7:50 amretweet
8CarpAdvocacy on Twitter: ".@ThomasMulcair promises to incr. GIS for seniors and reverse OAS...@phpndptwitter.comSun 7:47 amretweet
5Key Tory ridings in Nova Scotia up for grabs as incumbents step down - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comSun 7:42 amretweet

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