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3Andrew Coyne: We can’t realistically reform or abolish the Senate, but we can defang it |...@Carolyn_Bennettfullcomment.nationalpost.Fri 6:45 pmretweet
2Economic crosscurrents buffet Ontario’s Liberal government - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comFri 6:43 pmretweet
4Twitter / JeanCrowder: 30th islands folk festival ...@JeanCrowdertwitter.comFri 6:36 pmretweet
2Twitter / DMayorKelly: Going to the #LiveGreenFest ...@Lwalertwitter.comFri 6:24 pmretweet
3Twitter / RickDykstra: Just got photo-bombed at the ...@RickDykstratwitter.comFri 6:12 pmretweet
2Andrew Coyne: We can’t realistically reform or abolish the Senate, but we can defang it |...@nppoliticsfullcomment.nationalpost.Fri 6:09 pmretweet
4https://www.liberal.ca/?p=75877@JohnMcCallumMPliberal.caFri 5:57 pmretweet
2Twitter / RickDykstra: @jimbradleympp and ...@RickDykstratwitter.comFri 5:55 pmretweet
2Twitter / PeggyNashNDP: We're ready to go for tomorrow's ...@PeggyNashNDPtwitter.comFri 5:15 pmretweet
5Twitter / PierrePoilievre: Lumberjacks at work at Redblack's ...@PierrePoilievretwitter.comFri 5:08 pmretweet
3STATEMENT BY NDP HEALTH CRITIC ON THE DEATH OF AIDS CONFERENCE DELEGATES | Libby Davies - MP...@LibbyDavieslibbydavies.caFri 4:36 pmretweet
4Twitter / MPJulian: Come out to @nwep GreenDrinks ...@MPJuliantwitter.comFri 4:24 pmretweet
2Twitter / MPJulian: Meeting with officials and ...@MPJuliantwitter.comFri 4:17 pmretweet
9Twitter / JimPrentice: Entrepreneurs are the foundation ...@JimPrenticetwitter.comFri 4:17 pmretweet
2This week at the Foreign Office (with images, tweets) · foreignoffice · Storify@UKinCanadastorify.comFri 4:15 pmretweet
6UPDATE: Pipeline firm to seek hammer over Burnaby - Burnaby NewsLeader@kennedystewartburnabynewsleader.comFri 4:01 pmretweet
12Twitter / Gerry_Byrne: Something you don't see every! ...@Gerry_Byrnetwitter.comFri 3:59 pmretweet
8Mike Duffy 'keen' for case to be heard 'where people are under oath' - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.caFri 3:22 pmretweet
6Palestinians urge Ottawa to press Israel to stop Gaza attack - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.caFri 3:22 pmretweet
3Twitter / DanAlbas: A tremendous amount of work ...@DanAlbastwitter.comFri 3:18 pmretweet
2Twitter / MichelleRempel: .@chinook_arc sighting. Vantage ...@MichelleRempeltwitter.comFri 3:16 pmretweet
2Twitter / MPJulian: It's BBQ season! Join me & ...@MPJuliantwitter.comFri 3:15 pmretweet
3Ow.ly - image uploaded by @jasbirsandhu@jasbirsandhuow.lyFri 3:15 pmretweet
3Twitter / MPJulian: Come out to @nwep GreenDrinks ...@MPJuliantwitter.comFri 3:15 pmretweet
2Twitter / MurrayRankin: Great evening of door-knocking ...@MurrayRankintwitter.comFri 3:03 pmretweet
2Twitter / lraitt: @CBStoneChurch I did visit ...@lraitttwitter.comFri 2:59 pmretweet
2Member's Statement in Remembrance of Nelson Mandela - YouTube@peterbraidyoutube.comFri 2:59 pmretweet
2MH17: Harper urged to support international probe of Malaysia Airlines crash - The Globe and...@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comFri 2:49 pmretweet
2Twitter / RobMoore_CPC: With food sector leaders in ...@RobMoore_CPCtwitter.comFri 2:47 pmretweet
2Twitter / JimPrentice: Thanks to Al Rashid Mosque ...@JimPrenticetwitter.comFri 2:31 pmretweet
4Twitter / ?@PeggyNashNDPt.coFri 2:28 pmretweet
2Twitter / RobMoore_CPC: Visited 3 Points Aviation to ...@RobMoore_CPCtwitter.comFri 2:17 pmretweet
4Gaza doctor refuses to hate - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comFri 2:03 pmretweet
3July 18, 2014 - News Release - Supporting Those Who Serve – Thank an Officer Today@MPJoySmithjoysmith.caFri 1:55 pmretweet
4Twitter / ?@liberal_partyt.coFri 1:54 pmretweet
2Try It Now Politics Insider - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comFri 1:47 pmretweet
12Twitter / liberal_party: Congratulations to @VoteCelinaRay ...@liberal_partytwitter.comFri 1:42 pmretweet
2Twitter / parti_liberal: Félicitations à @VoteCelinaRay, ...@parti_liberaltwitter.comFri 1:41 pmretweet
3Tories Release Pro-Israel Ad Amid War In Gaza, But They Don't Want Everyone To See It (VIDEO)@pmoharperhuffingtonpost.caFri 1:38 pmretweet
13Government of Canada Helps More Skilled Newcomers Get Jobs in Their Fields Faster ...@kenneyjasonnews.gc.caFri 1:34 pmretweet
5Le gouvernement du Canada permet à un plus grand nombre de nouveaux arrivants qualifiés...@kenneyjasonnouvelles.gc.caFri 1:34 pmretweet
2Twitter / RobMoore_CPC: At MacDougall Steel Erectors ...@RobMoore_CPCtwitter.comFri 1:29 pmretweet
2After MH17 shot down, video shows Buk missile launcher allegedly being moved from Ukraine...@nppoliticsnews.nationalpost.comFri 1:24 pmretweet
2Twitter / ?@JimPrenticet.coFri 1:10 pmretweet
15Twitter / joycemurray: The community speaks - loud ...@joycemurraytwitter.comFri 1:05 pmretweet
2Twitter / brownbarrie: My 9th Annual Community Family ...@brownbarrietwitter.comFri 1:03 pmretweet
2MP Patrick Brown's 9th Annual Community Family BBQ | Facebook@brownbarriefacebook.comFri 1:03 pmretweet
3Twitter / ?@Lynne_Yelicht.coFri 12:46 pmretweet
2http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Canada-remembers-the-Korean-War.htm l?soid=1102448203548&aid=xkHpgZL0hSw@BlakeRichardsMPmyemail.constantcontact.cFri 12:07 pmretweet
7Twitter / LindaDuncanMP: Over 2000 positive responses ...@LindaDuncanMPtwitter.comFri 12:06 pmretweet
4To Harper, a ‘majority’ (on sex) is not always a majority (on marijuana) - The Globe and...@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comFri 11:58 amretweet
2Twitter / JulianFantino: @TEMATrust #HeroesareHumanTour ...@JulianFantinotwitter.comFri 11:55 amretweet
2Twitter / ?@MPJuliant.coFri 11:51 amretweet
2Twitter / MPJulian: Into #renewableenergy? Come ...@MPJuliantwitter.comFri 11:50 amretweet
7Twitter / danharrisndp: NDP's Nat'l Day of Action on ...@danharrisndptwitter.comFri 11:49 amretweet
31Twitter / liberal_party: Sign our petition and share ...@liberal_partytwitter.comFri 11:48 amretweet
31Stop the Harper Conservative CBC budget cuts@liberal_partypetition.liberal.caFri 11:48 amretweet
7Twitter / parti_liberal: Signez notre pétition et ...@parti_liberaltwitter.comFri 11:47 amretweet
7Arrêtez les coupures budgétaires infligées à la SRC! - Liberal.ca@parti_liberalpetition.liberal.caFri 11:47 amretweet
2Twitter / JulianFantino: Happy to be part of the 158th ...@JulianFantinotwitter.comFri 11:47 amretweet
2Smith Creek Fire news release #10 from @CO_emerg - Dan Albas MP@DanAlbasdanalbas.comFri 11:46 amretweet
6Twitter / JulianFantino: Very proud to support @TEMATrust ...@JulianFantinotwitter.comFri 11:46 amretweet
3Linda Duncan - Linda Duncan shared Linda Duncan's status... | Facebook@LindaDuncanMPfacebook.comFri 11:44 amretweet
11Twitter / NDP_HQ: It's not too late to get ...@NDP_HQtwitter.comFri 11:41 amretweet
2Twitter / canoepolitics: 'It's a sad day for the ...@canoepoliticstwitter.comFri 11:32 amretweet
2State of emergency declared in Tecumseh, Ont., after blaze destroys food plant@canoepoliticscnews.canoe.caFri 11:32 amretweet
2Twitter / canoepolitics: South Africa launches limited ...@canoepoliticstwitter.comFri 11:29 amretweet
2Nelson Mandela birthday tribute: South Africa launches limited edition coins@canoepoliticscnews.canoe.caFri 11:29 amretweet
4Twitter / ?@RathikaSt.coFri 11:27 amretweet
3July 1st: Tenants Have No Reason To Celebrate@ccpabehindthenumbers.caFri 11:26 amretweet
2Bodies rained down on Ukraine village after plane disaster@canoepoliticscnews.canoe.caFri 11:26 amretweet
2SOS Mai - Meet Mai Duong. She needs your help.@oliviachowsosmai.comFri 11:24 amretweet
19Elizabeth May backs Green Party motion condemning 'illegal' Israeli settlements - Politics...@CBCPoliticscbc.caFri 11:22 amretweet
3Alberta leadership hopeful Prentice lets carbon capture go - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comFri 11:11 amretweet
7Twitter / JimPrentice: Working under the watchful ...@JimPrenticetwitter.comFri 11:03 amretweet
3Twitter / Crockatteer: Downtown noon treat: Ellen ...@Crockatteertwitter.comFri 10:58 amretweet
4Twitter / tedhsu: Tour trolley pulls up to prison ...@tedhsutwitter.comFri 10:53 amretweet
11Convention 2014 Live@CanadianGreensgreenparty.caFri 10:43 amretweet
2Mike Duffy maintains innocence after charges in expenses scandal - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comFri 10:40 amretweet
5Twitter / JimPrentice: Riding in the @kdaysyeg parade ...@JimPrenticetwitter.comFri 10:39 amretweet
2http://www.hockeycanada.ca/en-ca/Corporate/About/History@MPLaurieHawnhockeycanada.caFri 10:34 amretweet
2Twitter / SusanTruppe: With Bart and Adam touring ...@SusanTruppetwitter.comFri 10:21 amretweet
4Twitter / RalphGoodale: Sask Metis Prez Robert Doucette ...@RalphGoodaletwitter.comFri 10:21 amretweet
2Full Pundit: Return of the Clusterduff | National Post@nppoliticsfullcomment.nationalpost.Fri 10:11 amretweet
4Twitter / HonJohnBaird: Pleased to learn that my ...@HonJohnBairdtwitter.comFri 9:58 amretweet
6Twitter / RalphGoodale: National Metis President Clem ...@RalphGoodaletwitter.comFri 9:54 amretweet
2Smith Creek Fire news release #9 from @CO_emerg - Dan Albas MP@DanAlbasdanalbas.comFri 9:40 amretweet
6Peter MacKay’s $175, 000 Prostitution Poll: Paid with Public Funds » Sean Casey@SeanCaseyMPseancasey.liberal.caFri 9:39 amretweet
2Twitter / HeleneLeBlanc: Visite du Centre d'info ...@HeleneLeBlanctwitter.comFri 9:26 amretweet
2Putin and the Crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 : The New Yorker@TheCICnewyorker.comFri 9:22 amretweet
4Events@HedyFryworldhepatitisday.orgFri 9:17 amretweet
5Twitter / UKinCanada: 5 compelling reasons your ...@UKinCanadatwitter.comFri 9:10 amretweet
5Five Compelling Reasons Your Canadian Business Should Open an Office in the UK - Techvibes.com@UKinCanadatechvibes.comFri 9:10 amretweet
2Silvio Berlusconi wins appeal to overturn conviction for sex with minor, dodges seven-year...@nppoliticsnews.nationalpost.comFri 9:06 amretweet
8Square Dance on Parliament Hill Danse carrée sur la Colline@SenateCAvine.coFri 8:55 amretweet
4ACAP Cape Breton concerned about Parks Canada cuts - Local - Cape Breton Post@RodgerCuznercapebretonpost.comFri 8:47 amretweet
2Harper’s three political options to manage the Duffy affair - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comFri 8:35 amretweet
2Twitter / JulianFantino: Great meeting with #Veterans ...@JulianFantinotwitter.comFri 8:33 amretweet
2Twitter / ?@canoepoliticst.coFri 8:24 amretweet
2Ajax, Ont., man killed on Malaysia Airlines flight@canoepoliticscnews.canoe.caFri 8:24 amretweet

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