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5Grit Leader Trudeau, Green Leader May only two federal leaders in for debate on women’s issues,...@ujjaldosanjhhilltimes.com3 hours agoretweet
3Rob Oliphant on Twitter: "Some of the #LPC #DVW policy & communications group planning next...@Rob_Oliphanttwitter.com6 hours agoretweet
3Rob Oliphant on Twitter: "Two-week old Judah Farber attends his first #LPC #DVW policy team...@Rob_Oliphanttwitter.com6 hours agoretweet
4Omar Alghabra on Twitter: "Heard on the Harper and Mulcair campaign buses! http://t.co/mqy6LgG796"@OmarAlghabratwitter.com11 hours agoretweet
2» Volunteer@Rob_Oliphantroboliphant.liberal.ca14 hours agoretweet
8Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "Avec Michel C. Auger ce midi! #BlocQC #polcan #elxn42 http://t.co/cQF11qVJah"@GillesDuceppetwitter.com16 hours agoretweet
3Omar Alghabra on Twitter: "Our team had a great time at the campaign launch in Mississauga...@OmarAlghabratwitter.com16 hours agoretweet
6Navdeep Bains on Twitter: "“After a decade under Harper, Ont. families are struggling...@NavdeepSBainstwitter.com17 hours agoretweet
6https://www.liberal.ca/eda/?eda=10004@YvonneJJonesliberal.ca19 hours agoretweet
10Navdeep Bains on Twitter: "Off to a great start this morning with a rally in #Mississauga!...@NavdeepSBainstwitter.com19 hours agoretweet
10Omar Alghabra on Twitter: "Awesome launch in the GTA with @JustinTrudeau this morning #RealChange...@OmarAlghabratwitter.com19 hours agoretweet
3Omar Alghabra on Twitter: "Our team is present in full force at the @JustinTrudeau event in...@OmarAlghabratwitter.com20 hours agoretweet
4Glen Pearson on Twitter: ""Buying Incompetence With Our Own Money" http://t.co/J3prt4oPOw #ldnont...@GlenPearsontwitter.com21 hours agoretweet
5Buying Incompetence With Our Own Money | The Parallel Parliament@GlenPearsonglenpearson.ca21 hours agoretweet
2Katherine Stewart on Twitter: "The war on Planned Parenthood Is also an assault on poor women...@keithmartinmdtwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
2PBS NewsHour on Twitter: "For the past 3 years, in Sudan's Nuba Mountains & Kordafan regions,...@keithmartinmdtwitter.comMon 5:03 pmretweet
3Glen Pearson on Twitter: ""This wasn’t about the practice of democracy but the humiliation...@GlenPearsontwitter.comMon 3:42 pmretweet
3Siobhan Coady on Twitter: "Beautiful evening for Door to Door in St. John's West. Grateful...@SiobhanCoadyNLtwitter.comMon 2:40 pmretweet
2Glen Pearson on Twitter: ""Buying Incompetence With Our Own Money" - tomorrow's post #ldnont...@GlenPearsontwitter.comMon 2:14 pmretweet
21Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "Merci de nous aider en contribuant à la campagne du Bloc Québécois!...@GillesDuceppetwitter.comMon 11:55 amretweet
11http://www.985fm.ca/lecteur/audio/la-campagne-electorale-est-lancee-et -m.-duceppe-co-281428.mp3@GillesDuceppe985fm.caMon 11:21 amretweet
2Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "C'mon down to the Oval today. Beautiful day for a skate. http://t.co/GX5PM2f6SK"@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.comMon 11:13 amretweet
3Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "Celebrating Jamaican Independence at Halifax Common today....@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.comMon 11:11 amretweet
4E-Reg@YvonneJJonesereg.elections.caMon 10:30 amretweet
3Twitter / ?@MikeSavageHFXt.coMon 9:44 amretweet
3Anthony Rota on Twitter: "First sign of this marathon campaign our Team Rota is ready! If...@AnthonyRotatwitter.comMon 9:33 amretweet
3Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "Off to salute paddlers of the 120th #Dartmouth #NatalDay regatta...@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.comMon 9:14 amretweet
3Twitter / ?@Rob_Oliphantt.coMon 8:54 amretweet
5Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "Walking with @SteveCraig4HRM alongside the @hfxgov float in...@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.comMon 7:30 amretweet
3Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "Thanks to the sponsors of the 120th #NatalDay Festival! Many...@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.comMon 6:37 amretweet
3World Economic Forum on Twitter: "How will #climatechange affect our #health? http://t.co/zPHIDflBD9...@keithmartinmdtwitter.comMon 5:08 amretweet
2Defense.gov News Article: DoD Releases Report on Security Implications of Climate Change@keithmartinmddefense.govMon 4:58 amretweet
3Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "A happy time at the Hydrostone this morning for the @CFBHalifax...@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.comMon 4:53 amretweet
3Calestous Juma on Twitter: ".@HelenClarkUNDP Rhino poaching @MailOnline http://t.co/LgmpuAeKOt"@keithmartinmdtwitter.comMon 4:47 amretweet
6Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "Kicking off the 109th Dartmouth #NatalDay Road Races! Congrats...@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.comMon 4:23 amretweet
3Omar Alghabra on Twitter: "Congratulations to @muslimfest and their volunteers on another successful...@OmarAlghabratwitter.comSun 5:37 pmretweet
4Navdeep Bains on Twitter: "Our first lawn signs going up on Day 1 of the #elxn42 campaign....@NavdeepSBainstwitter.comSun 2:52 pmretweet
13Rob Oliphant on Twitter: "First sign goes in the ground for 2015 #LPC campaign in #DVW! #realchange...@Rob_Oliphanttwitter.comSun 1:06 pmretweet
5Twitter / ?@MikeSavageHFXt.coSun 10:11 amretweet
6Navdeep Bains on Twitter: "It's going to be a great journey and I hope you'll be able to join...@NavdeepSBainstwitter.comSun 10:04 amretweet
7http://www.roboliphant.ca/index.html@Rob_Oliphantroboliphant.caSun 9:15 amretweet
3Rob Oliphant on Twitter: "Ready to bring #realchange to #DVW with #LPC ! Thanks #redshirtrob...@Rob_Oliphanttwitter.comSun 8:52 amretweet
36Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "Entouré de quelques-uns de mes candidats. Des candidats de terrain...@GillesDuceppetwitter.comSun 7:28 amretweet
2‘If you hate the migrants in Calais, you hate yourself’ | Nick Cohen | Comment is...@ujjaldosanjhtheguardian.comSun 3:54 amretweet
2CDC STD on Twitter: "#Clinicians- Est. 49% of new #HPV cases each year are among people age...@keithmartinmdtwitter.comSun 3:50 amretweet
2Navdeep Bains on Twitter: "Hanging out with @TashaIsmail and @mohamadfakih8 at #MuslimFest...@NavdeepSBainstwitter.comSat 7:16 pmretweet
2Navdeep Bains on Twitter: "Somebody's pulling all the stops to become volunteer of the week....@NavdeepSBainstwitter.comSat 3:50 pmretweet
5Navdeep Bains on Twitter: "Our 4 teams from today's #canvass; the 'Better than the Dream Team'...@NavdeepSBainstwitter.comSat 1:28 pmretweet
17Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "Au festival Présence autochtone à Montréal pour célébrer...@GillesDuceppetwitter.comSat 12:54 pmretweet
4Twitter / ?@Rob_Oliphantt.coSat 12:51 pmretweet
3Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "Dropped into @COPnovascotia Pop-up Shop at #1313Hollis in...@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.comSat 11:28 amretweet
14Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "Nous passons une agréable journée au Rendez-vous estival!...@GillesDuceppetwitter.comSat 11:08 amretweet
13Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "Rencontre avec les festivaliers au Rendez-vous estival Le Gardeur!...@GillesDuceppetwitter.comSat 10:15 amretweet
3Twitter / ?@MikeSavageHFXt.coSat 10:10 amretweet
9Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "Avec Monique Pauzé et les organisateurs du Rendez-vous estival...@GillesDuceppetwitter.comSat 9:58 amretweet
3Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "Join us at the Mayor & Council #NatalDay2015 Garden Party...@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.comSat 9:36 amretweet
3Twitter / ?@MikeSavageHFXt.coSat 8:45 amretweet
3Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "At ferry terminal with Diane, top fundraiser for #msbiketour....@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.comSat 8:21 amretweet
4Rob Oliphant on Twitter: "Off to visit people around Broadway and Mt. Pleasant. How about some...@Rob_Oliphanttwitter.comSat 7:37 amretweet
2A book for children that both parents and politicians must read@ujjaldosanjhscroll.inSat 6:43 amretweet
3Punjab's biggest challenges: Not Khalistan but political corruption, static agriculture and...@ujjaldosanjhscroll.inSat 6:31 amretweet
2Hunting Lions for Fun | National Geographic (blogs)@keithmartinmdvoices.nationalgeographicSat 6:13 amretweet
5Hunting Lions for Fun | National Geographic (blogs)@keithmartinmdvoices.nationalgeographicSat 5:58 amretweet
3US Fish and Wildlife on Twitter: "Tonight on @AC360 Wildlife trafficking, poaching & the National...@keithmartinmdtwitter.comSat 4:46 amretweet
53Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "Mulcair imite Harper et se défile de sa responsabilité. À...@GillesDuceppetwitter.comFri 7:02 pmretweet
2Omar Alghabra on Twitter: "Much better weather for tonight's canvass! http://t.co/GGKvScnhbI"@OmarAlghabratwitter.comFri 5:43 pmretweet
4Architectural love story unfolds | The London Free Press@GlenPearsonlfpress.comFri 2:30 pmretweet
8Navdeep Bains on Twitter: "Had great conversations at the Malton #Masjid today, with...@NavdeepSBainstwitter.comFri 2:17 pmretweet
2Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "My last announcement with @MinPeterMacKay, a terrific supporter...@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.comFri 11:32 amretweet
39Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "Nous sommes plus forts avec vous. Merci de contribuer à la campagne...@GillesDuceppetwitter.comFri 11:16 amretweet
3Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "With Gov't partners to announce $$ for new buses, water main...@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.comFri 11:09 amretweet
3Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "This is what partnership looks like #HousingFirstHfx. Let's...@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.comFri 10:21 amretweet
5Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "We can do more together than we can apart. Work to begin to...@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.comFri 10:14 amretweet
10Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "Dîner au restaurant Au Boucaneux de Rivière-du-Loup avec...@GillesDuceppetwitter.comFri 9:18 amretweet
12Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "À Cacouna avec Louis Gagnon, candidat à l'investiture du...@GillesDuceppetwitter.comFri 8:59 amretweet
15Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "À RDL avec des députés du #PQ et nos futurs député(e)s...@GillesDuceppetwitter.comFri 7:53 amretweet
15Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "Discours lors de notre passage à Rivière-du-Loup! Merci pour...@GillesDuceppetwitter.comFri 7:41 amretweet
12Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "Nous avons croisé le chemin du sympathique Andrew Primavera...@GillesDuceppetwitter.comFri 6:58 amretweet
21Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "Jour 3 de la tournée, avec l'équipe de la boulangerie Au...@GillesDuceppetwitter.comFri 6:41 amretweet
3Canada is in recession - Business Insider@NavdeepSBainsbusinessinsider.comFri 5:59 amretweet
7Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "En entrevue ce matin à @CIELFM103 en compagnie de @PKP_Qc. Un...@GillesDuceppetwitter.comFri 5:51 amretweet
5Rubagumya Fidel,MD on Twitter: "@keithmartinmd @ughe_org @agnesbinagwaho @NIH @NCITedTrimble...@keithmartinmdtwitter.comThu 7:30 pmretweet
10Omar Alghabra on Twitter: "Our team loves canvassing! #cdnpoli http://t.co/R0blDMowvT"@OmarAlghabratwitter.comThu 6:03 pmretweet
9Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "En direction de Rivière-du-Loup avec Émilie Duguay (élève...@GillesDuceppetwitter.comThu 5:54 pmretweet
12Navdeep Bains on Twitter: "We're ready to go! #elxn42 #LPC #RealChange #HopeAndHardWork http://t.co/yCKfAvaQZN"@NavdeepSBainstwitter.comThu 4:29 pmretweet
6Rob Oliphant on Twitter: "In front of the Walliphant ready to canvass in west Don Mills, near...@Rob_Oliphanttwitter.comThu 3:46 pmretweet
6Musings on the State of the World - Blogs@ujjaldosanjhujjaldosanjh.orgThu 3:13 pmretweet
10Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "Crème glacée à Saint-Fidèle après une autre journée...@GillesDuceppetwitter.comThu 3:06 pmretweet
2Musings on the State of the World - Blogs@ujjaldosanjhujjaldosanjh.orgThu 1:30 pmretweet
7Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "À Baie-Saint-Paul avec @nicolelegerPAT et @PKP_Qc pour rencontrer...@GillesDuceppetwitter.comThu 12:05 pmretweet
3Religion and politics in Canada: Crosses, turbans and maple leaves | The Economist@ujjaldosanjheconomist.comThu 10:11 amretweet
2MP Wai Young not unusual in bringing Tory politics into evangelical church | Vancouver Sun@ujjaldosanjhblogs.vancouversun.comThu 10:10 amretweet
2Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "Touring CleanEarth Technologies with @DarrenFisherNS. Innovative...@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.comThu 10:09 amretweet
14Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "Nous sommes en compagnie de la charmante équipe de l'auberge...@GillesDuceppetwitter.comThu 8:57 amretweet
9Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "Devant la basilique Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré avec @PKP_Qc! #BlocQC...@GillesDuceppetwitter.comThu 8:49 amretweet
4Omar Alghabra - Political Man, The Sequel - YouTube@OmarAlghabrayoutube.comThu 8:29 amretweet
4Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "Art of Disability Festival at @AlderneyLanding. An amazing...@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.comThu 8:25 amretweet
6Office of the Mayor on Twitter: "Happy #NatalDay! Embracing our heritage, raising old Dartmouth...@MikeSavageHFXtwitter.comThu 8:15 amretweet
6Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "Avec @PKP_Qc et Jean-Marie Gravel, propriétaire du dépanneur,...@GillesDuceppetwitter.comThu 8:04 amretweet
11Gilles Duceppe on Twitter: "Nous poursuivons notre tournée à vélo pour aller à...@GillesDuceppetwitter.comThu 7:58 amretweet

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