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2Tim S. Uppal on Twitter: "Happy Halloween from Cat in the Hat, Things1&2, Goldfish and the...@MinTimUppaltwitter.com9 hours agoretweet
12Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Please help support Canadian Poppy Campaign, add a #Twibbon...@kenneyjasontwitter.com9 hours agoretweet
4t.co / Twitter@JamesMoore_orgt.co9 hours agoretweet
5James Moore on Twitter: "10 year old trick or treating @deadmau5 fan in Port Moody http://t.co/vtjGxPKSWr"@JamesMoore_orgtwitter.com9 hours agoretweet
6Twitter / ?@TonyclementCPCt.co12 hours agoretweet
20t.co / Twitter@lraittt.co12 hours agoretweet
4Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Announced doubling of newly refundable Children's Fitness Tax...@kenneyjasontwitter.com12 hours agoretweet
3Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "J'ai annoncé à Calgary que +600,000 familles albertaines...@kenneyjasontwitter.com13 hours agoretweet
3Le gouvernement Harper présente des baisses d'impôt et une bonification des prestations...@kenneyjasonnouvelles.gc.ca13 hours agoretweet
5Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Announced in #Calgary that over 600,000 Alberta families will...@kenneyjasontwitter.com13 hours agoretweet
5Harper Government Introduces Tax Cuts and Increased Benefits for Canadian Families ...@kenneyjasonnews.gc.ca13 hours agoretweet
2Twitter / ?@kenneyjasont.co14 hours agoretweet
3Rona Ambrose on Twitter: "Inspiring event last night to honour 2014 @GairdnerAwards recipients...@MinRonaAmbrosetwitter.com14 hours agoretweet
2PM to visit China | Prime Minister of Canada@JamesMoore_orgpm.gc.ca17 hours agoretweet
5Instagram@TonyclementCPCinstagram.com23 hours agoretweet
2Just a moment...@TedMenziesproducer.comFri 5:21 amretweet
2Travel advice and advisories for Burkina Faso@Lynne_Yelichtravel.gc.caFri 3:45 amretweet
2Twitter / ?@Lynne_Yelicht.coFri 3:45 amretweet
2Geoffrey Pollock on Twitter: "Great seeing @TonyclementCPC this evening. http://t.co/BrSfI174z4"@TonyclementCPCtwitter.comThu 8:12 pmretweet
8Canada Imposes Sanctions Against Both Sides of South Sudan Conflict@HonJohnBairdinternational.gc.caThu 7:05 pmretweet
27Twitter / ?@kenneyjasont.coThu 5:13 pmretweet
4Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Spoke to the @VIAlliance #VISummit regarding our skills agenda...@kenneyjasontwitter.comThu 3:53 pmretweet
4Minister Kenney Talks Jobs and Skills Training at the 8th Annual State of the Island Economic...@kenneyjasonnews.gc.caThu 3:53 pmretweet
13New Tax Breaks for Canadian Families@joeoliver1conservative.caThu 2:11 pmretweet
8Baird Calls for End to Violence in Burkina Faso@HonJohnBairdinternational.gc.caThu 2:07 pmretweet
8James Moore on Twitter: "New Tax Breaks For Canadian Families #NewTaxBreaks http://t.co/crhrQHjRJB...@JamesMoore_orgtwitter.comThu 2:06 pmretweet
33New Tax Breaks for Canadian Families@JamesMoore_orgconservative.caThu 2:06 pmretweet
2Ow.ly - Shorten urls, share files and track visits - Owly@Lynne_Yelichow.lyThu 2:03 pmretweet
3Industry Minister to Highlight Tax Cuts and Increased Benefits for Canadian Families ...@JamesMoore_orgnews.gc.caThu 1:49 pmretweet
19Twitter / ?@kenneyjasont.coThu 12:59 pmretweet
9Canada Condemns ISIL’s Massacre of Sunni Opponents@HonJohnBairdinternational.gc.caThu 12:30 pmretweet
11John Baird on Twitter: "Excellent, thought-provoking roundtable discussion with @shaheedsr...@HonJohnBairdtwitter.comThu 12:19 pmretweet
3LIVESTREAM: Watch PM Harper deliver remarks live in Vaughan, Ontario, Thursday October 30th...@JulianFantinopm.gc.caThu 12:02 pmretweet
13Tim S. Uppal on Twitter: "Walking on the grounds of Auschwitz-Birkenau was a very powerful...@MinTimUppaltwitter.comThu 11:41 amretweet
3James Moore on Twitter: "Pleased to welcome US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker to Ottawa...@JamesMoore_orgtwitter.comThu 10:02 amretweet
17Bal Gosal, MP on Twitter: "Please retweet if you are as proud to be Canadian as this @RugbyCanada...@BalGosaltwitter.comThu 9:54 amretweet
123John Baird on Twitter: "Great mtg with @shaheedsr @Lynne_Yelich to discuss #Iran's disturbing...@HonJohnBairdtwitter.comThu 8:24 amretweet
26Montreal Jihadist Sami Elabi Burning and Shooting Passport - YouTube@kenneyjasonyoutube.comThu 8:17 amretweet
3Commemorative festival pays tribute to Veterans in Richmond Hill -...@JulianFantinonews.gc.caThu 7:08 amretweet
7Lynne Yelich on Twitter: "Discussing the latest on the #humanrights situation in #Iran with...@Lynne_Yelichtwitter.comThu 6:31 amretweet
2Le Canada accueille favorablement les résultats des élections historiques en Tunisie@HonJohnBairdinternational.gc.caThu 5:15 amretweet
10Jack M. Mintz: The federal government should cut taxes | Financial Post@kenneyjasonbusiness.financialpost.coWed 5:27 pmretweet
15Tim S. Uppal on Twitter: "Visited His Eminence Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz in Krakow. Had a...@MinTimUppaltwitter.comWed 4:50 pmretweet
6Julian Fantino on Twitter: "Congratulations to Wilfred Jephson, RCMP Veteran and recent appointee...@JulianFantinotwitter.comWed 4:06 pmretweet
3Baird and Minister Yelich to Meet with UN Envoy on Human Rights in Iran@Lynne_Yelichinternational.gc.caWed 1:27 pmretweet
8PM announces changes in the senior ranks of the Public Service | Prime Minister of Canada@JulianFantinopm.gc.caWed 12:53 pmretweet
7John Baird on Twitter: "Talked about trade and regional issues with my #CostaRica counterpart...@HonJohnBairdtwitter.comWed 12:21 pmretweet
7Baird Discusses Trade and Regional Issues with Costa Rican Counterpart@HonJohnBairdinternational.gc.caWed 12:21 pmretweet
13James Moore on Twitter: "Terrorism has a definition & when it applies, it is applied. http://t.co/CfHnfBsE3k...@JamesMoore_orgtwitter.comWed 12:19 pmretweet
13Definitions of Terrorism and the Canadian Context - Memorializing the Victims of Terrorism@JamesMoore_orgjustice.gc.caWed 12:19 pmretweet
7Tony Clement on Twitter: "Courtesy of @philholdsworth, US midterms are getting #transformers!...@TonyclementCPCtwitter.comWed 10:47 amretweet
10Bal Gosal, MP on Twitter: "Great job @CanadianMint, on 100th @HockeyCanada coin. @HockeyCanada_fr...@BalGosaltwitter.comWed 10:39 amretweet
10Canadian Coins | Circulation, Collecting Coins & Coin Sets | the Royal Canadian Mint@BalGosalmint.caWed 10:39 amretweet
11Canada's child poverty rate down despite recession, UNICEF finds - Politics - CBC News@kenneyjasoncbc.caWed 10:38 amretweet
3Bal Gosal, MP on Twitter: "Proud to be Canadian! http://t.co/GiIDLoc49Y"@BalGosaltwitter.comWed 10:33 amretweet
2Bernard Valcourt on Twitter: "Congrats to the 2015 Indspire awardees, truly exemplary individuals...@Min_BValcourttwitter.comWed 10:21 amretweet
2Minister Valcourt Congratulates Indspire Award Recipients - Canada...@Min_BValcourtnews.gc.caWed 10:21 amretweet
2Opinion: Coming to a Ballot Near You: Food Labelling Wars@TedMenzieswsj.comWed 10:19 amretweet
12James Moore on Twitter: "http://t.co/hzqKDKbjo3"@JamesMoore_orgtwitter.comWed 7:41 amretweet
10Twitter / ?@kenneyjasont.coWed 6:32 amretweet
11Twitter / ?@kenneyjasont.coTue 5:59 pmretweet
27John Baird on Twitter: "Good discussion with @pmharper and @JohnKerry this afternoon http://t.co/AMZCNJjyyr"@HonJohnBairdtwitter.comTue 5:16 pmretweet
2Commemorative Exhibit to Honour Fallen Soldiers of North Vancouver Island ...@JulianFantinonews.gc.caTue 3:41 pmretweet
7Lynne Yelich on Twitter: "As @PMHarper stated, “May young Marcus Cirillo find comfort...@Lynne_Yelichtwitter.comTue 2:40 pmretweet
2Omar Khadr sued for $50M by widow of U.S. soldier killed in Afghanistan and wounded sergeant@kenneyjasonww2.nationalpost.comTue 2:19 pmretweet
107Matt Wolf on Twitter: ".@OttawaCitizen ignores the man Khadr killed. Chris Speer leaves behind...@kenneyjasontwitter.comTue 1:57 pmretweet
3Lynne Yelich on Twitter: ""May young Marcus Cirillo someday find comfort in the fact that our...@Lynne_Yelichtwitter.comTue 1:55 pmretweet
6Lynne Yelich on Twitter: "Congratulating Ukrainians on exercising their core democratic rights...@Lynne_Yelichtwitter.comTue 1:38 pmretweet
6Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on the Parliamentary elections in Ukraine | Prime...@Lynne_Yelichpm.gc.caTue 1:38 pmretweet
55Fred Lum on Twitter: "Canadian flags in the breeze as the casket bearing Corporal Nathan Cirillo...@kenneyjasontwitter.comTue 1:37 pmretweet
18James Moore on Twitter: "Former Canuck Gino Odjick is in Ottawa today & showing great courage...@JamesMoore_orgtwitter.comTue 1:31 pmretweet
22John Baird on Twitter: "Had a good discussion w @JohnKerry including ISIL, #Ukraine, energy,...@HonJohnBairdtwitter.comTue 11:56 amretweet
6Le ministre Baird discute de sécurité internationale avec le secrétaire d’État Kerry...@HonJohnBairdinternational.gc.caTue 11:50 amretweet
2Baird Discusses International Security with Secretary Kerry in Ottawa@HonJohnBairdinternational.gc.caTue 11:45 amretweet
7Steven Blaney on Twitter: "Pleased to welcome on the Hill this morning, Ambassador Barak (@IsraelinCanada)...@MinStevenBlaneytwitter.comTue 11:42 amretweet
2Steven Blaney on Twitter: "Heureux d’accueillir sur la colline ce matin, l’ambassadeur...@MinStevenBlaneytwitter.comTue 11:41 amretweet
29John Baird on Twitter: "Joined Secretary @JohnKerry in paying respects to our fallen soldiers...@HonJohnBairdtwitter.comTue 10:10 amretweet
33James Moore on Twitter: "http://t.co/LUs8l4fWES"@JamesMoore_orgtwitter.comTue 9:00 amretweet
4Lynne Yelich on Twitter: "Greeted #US Sec. @JohnKerry upon his arrival in Ottawa today to hold...@Lynne_Yelichtwitter.comTue 8:44 amretweet
6Instagram@TonyclementCPCinstagram.comTue 8:21 amretweet
3Rona Ambrose on Twitter: "Thank you Heidi Bonnell for inviting me to speak at #HopeLive. Happy...@MinRonaAmbrosetwitter.comTue 8:10 amretweet
5Tony Clement on Twitter: "I will attending Cpl Nathan Cirillo's funeral today. http://t.co/en3OQ2dnk7"@TonyclementCPCtwitter.comTue 5:04 amretweet
5Twitter / ?@kenneyjasont.coMon 5:22 pmretweet
5Hope Live • A gala evening in support of Fertile Future@JamesMoore_orgHopeLive.caMon 5:18 pmretweet
4Instagram@TonyclementCPCinstagram.comMon 5:07 pmretweet
8Tim S. Uppal on Twitter: "Payed my respects at the monument to the victims of the Holodomor...@MinTimUppaltwitter.comMon 1:57 pmretweet
6Tim S. Uppal on Twitter: "At the Maidan memorial in Kiev to honour the heavenly hundred and...@MinTimUppaltwitter.comMon 1:56 pmretweet
3Twitter / ?@HonJohnBairdt.coMon 1:34 pmretweet
3Twitter / ?@Lynne_Yelicht.coMon 1:17 pmretweet
4Health Ministers discuss Ebola preparedness in Canada - Canada News...@MinRonaAmbrosenews.gc.caMon 12:22 pmretweet
5Events - London Chamber of Commerce (London, Ontario)@JamesMoore_orglondonchamber.comMon 12:19 pmretweet
4Instagram@TonyclementCPCinstagram.comMon 12:13 pmretweet
5Twitter / ?@kenneyjasont.coMon 11:20 amretweet
29U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to Visit Ottawa@HonJohnBairdinternational.gc.caMon 10:57 amretweet
9Message from the Minister of Health - Canadian Patient Safety Week, October 27-31, 2014 - Health...@MinRonaAmbrosehc-sc.gc.caMon 9:40 amretweet
18BBC News - Russia: Health agency warns selfies 'spread head lice'@HonJohnBairdbbc.co.ukMon 9:14 amretweet
13Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on the Parliamentary elections in Ukraine | Prime...@HonJohnBairdpm.gc.caMon 9:06 amretweet
2Ted Menzies on Twitter: "Guess who's coming to dinner? #GrowCanada14 @croplifecanada http://t.co/IYnoepWTrl"@TedMenziestwitter.comMon 8:51 amretweet
35Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "This recently-arrived Iraqi Chaldean refugee rushed-up to thank...@kenneyjasontwitter.comSun 4:45 pmretweet
14Jason Kenney ن on Twitter: "Moved to speak to Chaldean congregation in Surrey,who are among...@kenneyjasontwitter.comSun 4:38 pmretweet

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