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2Thérèse Casgrain rayée de l'Histoire | Régine Laurent@abitibichapsquebec.huffingtonpost.ca42 minutes agoretweet
4Twitter / ?@JodieEmeryt.co1 hour agoretweet
4Israeli officer: I was right to shoot 13-year-old child | World news | The Guardian@JodieEmerytheguardian.com2 hours agoretweet
3Kinder Morgan's Disappointing Answers@AJWVictoriaBCandrewweavermla.ca3 hours agoretweet
2Plan to build $25B refinery at edge of proposed Northern Gateway pipeline a good ‘compromise':...@JessicaVdVbusiness.financialpost.co6 hours agoretweet
4Twitter / ?@JodieEmeryt.co7 hours agoretweet
4Instagram@naomiyamamotoinstagram.com7 hours agoretweet
3Instagram@naomiyamamotoinstagram.com7 hours agoretweet
4Twitter / ?@JodieEmeryt.co8 hours agoretweet
2Opinion: Tent city occupants have law on their side@dtseghayvancouversun.com8 hours agoretweet
2The Jodie Emery Show: Marc & Jodie Still Apart on Wedding Anniversary | Pot TV@JodieEmerypot.tv8 hours agoretweet
3Gold medal for Arjun Gill in Glasgow - Surrey Leader@MLACadieuxsurreyleader.com8 hours agoretweet
2Twitter / JohnMartinMLA: Barbecuing alongside the ...@JohnMartinMLAtwitter.com9 hours agoretweet
2Staycation Month in BC – Take a vacation close to home - YouTube@shirleybondyoutube.com9 hours agoretweet
6La femme de la semaine : Ayaka Shiomura, sa bataille contre le sexisme - aufeminin@djemilabenaufeminin.com9 hours agoretweet
4Un politique truc conseille aux femmes de ne pas "rire fort en public" - aufeminin@djemilabenaufeminin.com9 hours agoretweet
4Twitter / jjhorgan: Activity in Active Pass. Gorgeous ...@jjhorgantwitter.com9 hours agoretweet
2D’autres médecins dans la mire de la RAMQ | Assurance maladie du Québec | Santé@Cskeetejournaldemontreal.com10 hours agoretweet
4Twitter / DrewMooreNS: Why are we getting mixed msgs ...@DrewMooreNStwitter.com11 hours agoretweet
6"La stratégie d'al-Qaida en France confine à la perfection" - Le Point@djemilabenlepoint.fr11 hours agoretweet
7Twitter / jjhorgan: Good idea from @gwenomahony ...@jjhorgantwitter.com12 hours agoretweet
13KSM project granted environmental assessment approval | BC Newsroom@christyclarkbcnewsroom.gov.bc.ca13 hours agoretweet
6Twitter / gwenomahony: @jjhorgan Can't visit ...@gwenomahonytwitter.com13 hours agoretweet
3Twitter / fbonnardelCAQ: La beauté de l'Île d'Orléans ...@fbonnardelCAQtwitter.com13 hours agoretweet
4Twitter / jthornthwaite: Congrats to @TheCapReview on ...@jthornthwaitetwitter.com14 hours agoretweet
2Twitter / TerryLakeMLA: So cool! @MobileMedicalBC at ...@TerryLakeMLAtwitter.com14 hours agoretweet
8Conservative government’s poll shows Canadians want pot laws changed | Ottawa Citizen@JodieEmeryottawacitizen.com14 hours agoretweet
2Twitter / jthornthwaite: Congrats to @TheCapReview on ...@jthornthwaitetwitter.com14 hours agoretweet
13Ow.ly - image uploaded by @christyclarkbc (Christy Clark)@christyclarkbcow.ly14 hours agoretweet
15Penticton Hospital plans move forward | BC Newsroom@christyclarkbcnewsroom.gov.bc.ca14 hours agoretweet
2Twitter / ?@naomiyamamotot.co14 hours agoretweet
3Twitter / AndrewJakubeit: Thanks @christyclarkbc for ...@christyclarkbctwitter.com14 hours agoretweet
2Gaza : vos questions à nos correspondants de retour de guerre | Le Proche-Orient s’enflamme...@stpierre_chici.radio-canada.ca15 hours agoretweet
2Women in trades one of five labour partnership studies | BC Newsroom@DonMcRaeMLAnewsroom.gov.bc.ca15 hours agoretweet
3Twitter / naomiyamamoto: Gorgeous view of vineyards ...@naomiyamamototwitter.com15 hours agoretweet
4Twitter / naomiyamamoto: @christyclarkbc announces new ...@naomiyamamototwitter.com15 hours agoretweet
4Penticton Hospital plans move forward | BC Newsroom@naomiyamamotonewsroom.gov.bc.ca15 hours agoretweet
3Twitter / naomiyamamoto: "We are so lucky to live here!" ...@naomiyamamototwitter.com15 hours agoretweet
3Twitter / toddstonebc: Premier @christyclarkbc speaks ...@toddstonebctwitter.com15 hours agoretweet
2Twitter / TerryLakeMLA: @christyclarkbc speaks to sold ...@TerryLakeMLAtwitter.com15 hours agoretweet
2Twitter / DrewMooreNS: Fog goes out, fog comes back ...@DrewMooreNStwitter.com16 hours agoretweet
5Twitter / naomiyamamoto: Early morning run w/ ...@naomiyamamototwitter.com16 hours agoretweet
8“Kum-We-Gotum-Maru”: The Racism of Political Cartoons | Komagata Maru 100@adriandixkomagatamaru100.com18 hours agoretweet
2Overview Calendar > B.C. Economic Forum: Women as a catalyst for growth@shirleybondboardoftrade.com18 hours agoretweet
2Pilot project puts people with autism into IT jobs@jthornthwaitethestarphoenix.com18 hours agoretweet
2Coquitlam to re-think ban on skateboards - News - Coquitlam Now@selinarobinsonthenownews.com18 hours agoretweet
5J’ai honte du Canada - Sympatico - Actualités - Sympatico – Actualités@djemilabenactualites.sympatico.ca19 hours agoretweet
2More access, reduced waitlist for trades training seats at BCIT | BC Newsroom@NormLetnicknewsroom.gov.bc.ca19 hours agoretweet
4L’influence des enfants | Mario Asselin@MarioAsselinblogues.journaldequebec.c19 hours agoretweet
2Message from Todd - Kamloops Events, Liquor Policy Changes & More!@toddstonebcus8.campaign-archive2.com19 hours agoretweet
3Twitter / John_Yap: Honoured 2 present community ...@John_Yaptwitter.com20 hours agoretweet
2Liquid natural gas in B.C. questions and answers | LNG in BC@PatrikMuncasterengage.gov.bc.ca21 hours agoretweet
2Twitter / GlobeNow: No dinner plans? @MattyFood ...@John_Yaptwitter.com21 hours agoretweet
2Video: Barbecue Basics: Meaty and juicy – three top BBQ steaks and how grill them - The Globe...@John_Yaptheglobeandmail.com21 hours agoretweet
3Twitter / shirleybond: Great to join @bcit students ...@shirleybondtwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
2Ghislaine Daris, mairesse de Cacouna: Sauvez les bélugas dans le St-Laurent@bergeronsamuelsecure.avaaz.org22 hours agoretweet
2Une autre école de l'ONU frappée à Gaza | Le Proche-Orient s’enflamme à nouveau | ICI.Radio-Canada.ca@MarioAsselinici.radio-canada.ca22 hours agoretweet
3Ghislaine Daris, mairesse de Cacouna: Sauvez les bélugas dans le St-Laurent@bergeronsamuelsecure.avaaz.org22 hours agoretweet
2CHOI 98,1 Radio X : Bolduc doit rembourser la RAMQ@ericcairequebec.radiox.com23 hours agoretweet
2Ghislaine Daris, mairesse de Cacouna: Sauvez les bélugas dans le St-Laurent@bergeronsamuelsecure.avaaz.org23 hours agoretweet
2Ghislaine Daris, mairesse de Cacouna: Sauvez les bélugas dans le St-Laurent@bergeronsamuelsecure.avaaz.org23 hours agoretweet
2Ghislaine Daris, mairesse de Cacouna: Sauvez les bélugas dans le St-Laurent@bergeronsamuelsecure.avaaz.org23 hours agoretweet
2Ghislaine Daris, mairesse de Cacouna: Sauvez les bélugas dans le St-Laurent@bergeronsamuelsecure.avaaz.orgWed 4:30 amretweet
5Will Fedeli run? : Prime time : SunNews Video Gallery@VictorFedelisunnewsnetwork.caWed 4:20 amretweet
3Ghislaine Daris, mairesse de Cacouna: Sauvez les bélugas dans le St-Laurent@bergeronsamuelsecure.avaaz.orgWed 4:15 amretweet
2Third Vancouver rally for Gaza planned as Palestinian deaths surpass 1,200 | Georgia Straight,...@dtseghaystraight.comTue 11:16 pmretweet
2Finance memo flags Bitcoin crime potential - Surrey Leader@John_Yapsurreyleader.comTue 9:56 pmretweet
2Twitter / lanapopham: Prince George and back again. ...@lanapophamtwitter.comTue 9:19 pmretweet
7Ow.ly - image uploaded by @christyclarkbc (Christy Clark)@christyclarkbcow.lyTue 9:15 pmretweet
2Kamloops council sends casino-relocation plan to public hearing | Kamloops This Week@toddstonebckamloopsthisweek.comTue 8:19 pmretweet
5Twitter / VictorFedeli: #pcpo Party renewal is alive ...@VictorFedelitwitter.comTue 6:57 pmretweet
3Gaza Power Plant Attacked By Israeli Tank Fire, Knocking Out Electricity To Gaza City@JodieEmeryhuffingtonpost.comTue 6:40 pmretweet
2Twitter / ?@GeorgeHeymant.coTue 5:52 pmretweet
2Twitter / aussant: En pleine pratique sur le piano ...@aussanttwitter.comTue 4:55 pmretweet
2Twitter / jimhanson_NV: Sharing some time today with ...@jimhanson_NVtwitter.comTue 4:51 pmretweet
2SWERUS-C3: First observations of methane release from Arctic Ocean hydrates@ChrisAikman2swerus-c3.geo.su.seTue 4:38 pmretweet
4Local tech, art showcased as B.C. hosts SIGGRAPH 2014 | BC Newsroom@naomiyamamotonewsroom.gov.bc.caTue 3:56 pmretweet
2Twitter / ?@MarcDaltont.coTue 2:42 pmretweet
5Les Leyne: Timing of youth custody centre’s closing still rankles - Columnists - Times Colonist@mkaragianistimescolonist.comTue 1:41 pmretweet
2Local tech, art showcased as B.C. hosts SIGGRAPH 2014@toddstonebcwww2.news.gov.bc.caTue 12:27 pmretweet
8Twitter / ?@JodieEmeryt.coTue 12:06 pmretweet
10Twitter / ?@JodieEmeryt.coTue 12:03 pmretweet
9Twitter / JodieEmery: WAR=DEATH: Nine children killed, ...@JodieEmerytwitter.comTue 12:00 pmretweet
8Comment: Province cannot neglect the Grace Islet issue - Op-Ed - Times Colonist@HolmanGarytimescolonist.comTue 11:39 amretweet
16Daniel Weeks named as UNBC’s new President | University of Northern British Columbia@christyclarkbcunbc.caTue 11:38 amretweet
6Opinion - Op-Ed - Vancouver Sun@clairetrevenavancouversun.comTue 11:01 amretweet
15Twitter / ?@JodieEmeryt.coTue 10:24 amretweet
4CHIPIG: Top 10@TerryLakeMLAchla-absc.caTue 10:14 amretweet
4HealthLink BC Home Page@TerryLakeMLAHealthLinkBC.caTue 10:14 amretweet
4Twitter / ?@JodieEmeryt.coTue 10:13 amretweet
6Premier Clark must ensure feds back up negotiation promises with federal dollars and resources...@mkaragianisbcndpcaucus.caTue 10:11 amretweet
7Premier: Time to negotiate now - Kelowna News - Castanet.net@adriandixcastanet.netTue 10:09 amretweet
4Flood relief coming from province - (CFJC News)@toddstonebccfjctv.comTue 9:50 amretweet
7Ow.ly - image uploaded by @christyclarkbc (Christy Clark)@christyclarkbcow.lyTue 9:45 amretweet
5Twitter / ?@christyclarkbct.coTue 8:47 amretweet
8Twitter / shirleybond: 272 new training seats for ...@shirleybondtwitter.comTue 7:22 amretweet
3Like salt on a wound - Penticton Herald: Opinion@Olsen4MLApentictonherald.caTue 7:13 amretweet
5Sorti des voûtes | Rencontre avec Jean-Paul Lemieux | Capsules | La Fabrique culturelle@duchplafabriqueculturelle.tvTue 6:56 amretweet
2Harper agit pour diminuer ses chances de victoire au Québec | Mario Asselin@MarioAsselinblogues.journaldequebec.cTue 6:50 amretweet
5La mauvaise foi de Lise Ravary – Être magazine@djemilabenetre.netTue 6:43 amretweet

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