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2Starting a Restaurant in B.C. - Starting a Business@naomiyamamotowww2.gov.bc.ca1 hour agoretweet
5Laurent Lessard - Timeline Photos | Facebook@Laurentplqfacebook.com1 hour agoretweet
4Twitter / ?@kevin_chieft.co2 hours agoretweet
6Twitter / ?@kevin_chieft.co4 hours agoretweet
6Kevin Chief on Twitter: "Manitoba #startups are revolutionizing how the world works through...@kevin_chieftwitter.com4 hours agoretweet
5$1-M boost for Eureka - Winnipeg Free Press@kevin_chiefwinnipegfreepress.com4 hours agoretweet
2Naomi Yamamoto on Twitter: ".@sanjenko Great meeting u @CRAVEvancouver. Thx 4 your leadership...@naomiyamamototwitter.com4 hours agoretweet
2http://www.cfib-fcei.ca/cfib-documents/rr3345.pdf@naomiyamamotocfib-fcei.ca5 hours agoretweet
3The webpage you are requesting cannot be found | BC Business@naomiyamamotobcbusiness.ca5 hours agoretweet
4Youth Day | Industry Training Authority@shirleybonditabc.ca13 hours agoretweet
2Naomi Yamamoto on Twitter: "Be seen. Be safe. Our @mec_northvan #running lights. #NorthVan...@naomiyamamototwitter.com15 hours agoretweet
2Twitter / ?@kevin_chieft.co17 hours agoretweet
3Mailman gives a guided tour of the many good and bad dogs on his route. | Dogs | Happy Place@naomiyamamotohappyplace.someecards.com18 hours agoretweet
394Kathleen Wynne on Twitter: "Fight the stigma around mental illness by tweeting #BellLetsTalk...@Kathleen_Wynnetwitter.com19 hours agoretweet
500Kathleen Wynne on Twitter: "You can help fight the stigma around mental illness by tweeting...@Kathleen_Wynnetwitter.com23 hours agoretweet
563Kathleen Wynne on Twitter: "It’s an Ontario Cabinet #BellLetsTalk #selfie! Working together,...@Kathleen_Wynnetwitter.comWed 11:35 amretweet
2Mental Health Innovation Fund Projects | Support Campus Mental Health@Bob_ChiarellisupportcampusmentalhealthWed 10:02 amretweet
2Victoria named ‘Most Romantic City in Canada’ | CTV Vancouver News@naomiyamamotobc.ctvnews.caWed 9:16 amretweet
8Newsroom : Ontario Seniors Community Grants Accepting Applications@Kathleen_Wynnenews.ontario.caWed 7:14 amretweet
17Bell Let's Talk - Toughen up - YouTube@JonathanDenisAByoutube.comWed 7:04 amretweet
2Naomi Yamamoto on Twitter: "@JoyelleBrandt Thx for the calendar. Love your artwork and the...@naomiyamamototwitter.comTue 9:17 pmretweet
3Naomi Yamamoto on Twitter: "Ok. I'm happy! Wonderful meal @GyozaBarRamen in #Vancouver. Come...@naomiyamamototwitter.comTue 6:42 pmretweet
69Kathleen Wynne on Twitter: "Riding 11,000km across Canada, @clarahughes_ inspired us to fight...@Kathleen_Wynnetwitter.comTue 4:47 pmretweet
2Pierre Arcand on Twitter: "Plusieurs discussions intéressantes à prévoir avec les...@PierreArcandtwitter.comTue 3:48 pmretweet
4Twitter / ?@kevin_chieft.coTue 3:04 pmretweet
2When you’re not the manager 'type,’ how do you move up the corporate ladder? - Fortune@naomiyamamotofortune.comTue 2:45 pmretweet
3National Bird Project - Canadian Geographic - Vote for Canada's national bird@Kathleen_Wynnecanadiangeographic.caTue 12:33 pmretweet
3Pierre Arcand on Twitter: "#Suède: une autre belle rencontre avec Kristine Persson, min....@PierreArcandtwitter.comTue 11:42 amretweet
5Twitter / ?@Kathleen_Wynnet.coTue 11:30 amretweet
15Twitter / ?@Kathleen_Wynnet.coTue 9:15 amretweet
2Naomi Yamamoto on Twitter: "BC's #SmallBusiness Roundtable meets today. Here's a list of members:...@naomiyamamototwitter.comTue 8:42 amretweet
2Small Business Roundtable - Small Business Roundtable@naomiyamamotosmallbusinessroundtable.cTue 8:42 amretweet
5Reforms cut delays in provincial court | Calgary Herald@JonathanDenisABcalgaryherald.comTue 6:48 amretweet
5Kevin Chief on Twitter: "Connie U were a great host for a great discussion in a great neighbourhood...@kevin_chieftwitter.comTue 5:59 amretweet
3Kathleen Wynne on Twitter: "Working to grow our economy. Met with the @TorontoRBOT this evening....@Kathleen_Wynnetwitter.comMon 6:01 pmretweet
29 supply chain management strategies for businesses | BDC.ca@naomiyamamotobdc.caMon 5:55 pmretweet
2Linda Jeffrey on Twitter: "It was great to see my former colleague @StevenDelDuca this evening...@LindaJeffreytwitter.comMon 5:54 pmretweet
5Kathleen Wynne on Twitter: "Congratulating @imfgtoronto on 10 years of great work. What local...@Kathleen_Wynnetwitter.comMon 4:24 pmretweet
2Gerry Sklavounos on Twitter: "Un honneur et un plaisir d'être accueilli à Wendake ce...@GerrySklavounostwitter.comMon 4:17 pmretweet
3http://lowerlonsdale.ca/@naomiyamamotolowerlonsdale.caMon 4:01 pmretweet
4Linda Jeffrey on Twitter: "Great day for #Brampton today. Met w/ @kathleen_wynne 2 talk about...@LindaJeffreytwitter.comMon 2:32 pmretweet
3Pierre Arcand on Twitter: "Mission en Suède: ce fût une rencontre productive avec gens...@PierreArcandtwitter.comMon 1:33 pmretweet
77Kathleen Wynne on Twitter: "Met with two inspiring girls today. We are putting consent in our...@Kathleen_Wynnetwitter.comMon 1:28 pmretweet
2Comox airport traffic increases - Business - Times Colonist@naomiyamamototimescolonist.comMon 1:20 pmretweet
2Students 'mindful' of living in moment are less stressed, more successful, UBC study finds@naomiyamamotovancouversun.comMon 12:56 pmretweet
6Twitter / ?@shirleybondt.coMon 12:21 pmretweet
17Kathleen Wynne on Twitter: "Met with my friend and former colleague, Mayor @LindaJeffrey. #Brampton...@Kathleen_Wynnetwitter.comMon 12:05 pmretweet
3Naomi Yamamoto on Twitter: "Our #WestVan neighbors have some unique traffic jams. http://t.co/r9n2DEAxpC...@naomiyamamototwitter.comMon 11:11 amretweet
3Beaver blocks traffic in West Vancouver - British Columbia - CBC News@naomiyamamotocbc.caMon 11:11 amretweet
35Kathleen Wynne on Twitter: "Great to speak with Mayor @fredeisenberger to discuss how we can...@Kathleen_Wynnetwitter.comMon 10:15 amretweet
2Griffiths resigns - Star News Inc: News@GriffMLAstarnews.caMon 9:34 amretweet
10Kathleen Wynne on Twitter: "Honoured to celebrate Republic Day at the Consulate General of...@Kathleen_Wynnetwitter.comMon 9:32 amretweet
5MERN- Communiqués de presse@PierreArcandmern.gouv.qc.caMon 9:01 amretweet
2Linda Jeffrey on Twitter: "I was pleased to be at the opening of @BovairdSmDental this Saturday....@LindaJeffreytwitter.comMon 7:56 amretweet
16Newsroom : Ontario Funds Research into Treatment of Depression, Alzheimer's, Autism and Parkinson's@Kathleen_Wynnenews.ontario.caMon 7:43 amretweet
2Twitter / ?@PierreArcandt.coMon 7:43 amretweet
7Pierre Arcand on Twitter: "Pour débuter ma mission en Suède, j'ai échangé ce matin...@PierreArcandtwitter.comMon 7:02 amretweet
2Doug W.Currie on Twitter: "Who says Islanders are not interested Arts and Culture @WadePEILiberal...@DougCurrietwitter.comMon 2:36 amretweet
6Doug Griffiths on Twitter: "http://t.co/YmSYJQPQ9x"@GriffMLAtwitter.comSun 9:01 pmretweet
6Doug Griffiths on Twitter: "http://t.co/zNXP8k0sfk"@GriffMLAtwitter.comSun 9:01 pmretweet
4Doug Griffiths on Twitter: "http://t.co/EqJY44obj3"@GriffMLAtwitter.comSun 8:57 pmretweet
4Linda Jeffrey on Twitter: "Very excited to be on SSTV Bhakhade Masle - Burning Issues tonight...@LindaJeffreytwitter.comSun 4:55 pmretweet
13Kathleen Wynne on Twitter: "Enjoyed attending @nachballiye’s Lohri for Her celebration...@Kathleen_Wynnetwitter.comSun 4:43 pmretweet
2Kevin Chief on Twitter: "Thx to the staff at the new North End @TimHortons for the @NCIFM Kitchen...@kevin_chieftwitter.comSun 3:07 pmretweet
2Early Frisbee Photos: Students Play Catch With a Pie Tin in 1950@naomiyamamototime.comSun 2:24 pmretweet
3Naomi Yamamoto on Twitter: "#PittMeadows airport showcased in new TV series "Airshow": http://t.co/2E9WNVc3Jj...@naomiyamamototwitter.comSun 2:17 pmretweet
3Pitt Meadows airport showcased in new TV series - Entertainment - Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows...@naomiyamamotomrtimes.comSun 2:17 pmretweet
2Child-care capital funding, ECE bursaries available | BC Newsroom@naomiyamamotonewsroom.gov.bc.caSun 1:58 pmretweet
3Naomi Yamamoto on Twitter: "Nice turnout for @AlzheimerBC #walkformemories on #WestVan seawalk....@naomiyamamototwitter.comSun 12:51 pmretweet
10Kathleen Wynne on Twitter: "Honoured to be at the @tweetOBHS Black History Month kickoff brunch...@Kathleen_Wynnetwitter.comSun 12:36 pmretweet
8Twitter / ?@kevin_chieft.coSun 12:33 pmretweet
2Doug W.Currie on Twitter: "Capacity crowd @Wade PEILiberal public conversation on the Arts...@DougCurrietwitter.comSun 10:37 amretweet
6Kathleen Wynne on Twitter: "Check out my interview on @ctvqp just after 11am. @RobertFife and...@Kathleen_Wynnetwitter.comSun 6:30 amretweet
2Naomi Yamamoto on Twitter: "Thx @DarrellMussatto for highly recommending @IlCastelloNVan. Authentic...@naomiyamamototwitter.comSat 7:39 pmretweet
4Naomi Yamamoto on Twitter: "Deliziozo! Authentic Neapolitan #pizza @IlCastelloNVan. Thx Francesca...@naomiyamamototwitter.comSat 7:36 pmretweet
5Kevin Chief on Twitter: "That feeling when you know you only burned off a fraction of today's...@kevin_chieftwitter.comSat 5:34 pmretweet
2Carla Johnston on Twitter: "@shirleybond and some #smellysocks @pg_library #childliteracy #booksforbabies...@shirleybondtwitter.comSat 3:43 pmretweet
13Kathleen Wynne on Twitter: "I'm on @ctvqp tomorrow just after 11am, discussing my @Canada2020 speech and the Council of the Federation. http://t.co/vOmTc5BriF"@Kathleen_Wynnetwitter.comSat 2:27 pmretweet
2Kevin Chief on Twitter: "Happy First Birthday Kellan!! I hope we have a few more years before...@kevin_chieftwitter.comSat 2:20 pmretweet
2Naomi Yamamoto on Twitter: "Human body is 55-65% water. After today's monsoon-like #trailrun...@naomiyamamototwitter.comSat 12:52 pmretweet
2Twitter / ?@kevin_chieft.coSat 10:27 amretweet
3Debate begins on how to address Winnipeg’s race problem | News | Winnipeg Sun@kevin_chiefm.winnipegsun.comSat 7:39 amretweet
12Doug W.Currie on Twitter: "Big shoutout to Harry James for all he does @UPEIMensHockey #50/50 @mikejames1962 @mamaceachern #topnotch http://t.co/E3eCI3ABZX"@DougCurrietwitter.comSat 4:12 amretweet
4Doug W.Currie on Twitter: "Thank you @UPEIAlumni #puckdrop with Coach Mulligan @UPEIMensHockey...@DougCurrietwitter.comSat 4:03 amretweet
2Ken Tourand on Twitter: "Woo hoo. @NVIT83 breaking ground for our new trades facility. @Wilkinson4BC...@shirleybondtwitter.comSat 12:02 amretweet
3Tourism Valemount@naomiyamamotovisitvalemount.caFri 8:25 pmretweet
3A winter celebration is taking place in Valemount | BC Newsroom@naomiyamamotonewsroom.gov.bc.caFri 8:25 pmretweet
3Naomi Yamamoto on Twitter: "Thx @shirleybond for the sweet treats from Ooh Chocolat in #CityofPG....@naomiyamamototwitter.comFri 8:03 pmretweet
2Geese ride aerial roller coaster across the Himalayas | Science/AAAS | News@naomiyamamotonews.sciencemag.orgFri 5:33 pmretweet
3RaceOnline.ca: Online Event Registration and Fundraising. Attract more registrants and accept...@naomiyamamotoraceonline.caFri 5:16 pmretweet
6Kathleen Wynne on Twitter: ".@GlennThibeault and I spoke with students at @cambriancollege...@Kathleen_Wynnetwitter.comFri 5:05 pmretweet
3Naomi Yamamoto on Twitter: "Thx @NSRescue for training, educating and rescuing ppl lost or...@naomiyamamototwitter.comFri 4:22 pmretweet
54OSAP benefits for Pan Am/Parapan Am Games volunteers | Ontario.ca@Kathleen_Wynneontario.caFri 1:31 pmretweet
7Kathleen Wynne on Twitter: "Joined by @GlennThibeault skating with students from école élémentaire...@Kathleen_Wynnetwitter.comFri 1:17 pmretweet
3Jonathan Denis MLA on Twitter: "Flags at half mast to honour RCMP Constable David Wynn. #ableg...@JonathanDenisABtwitter.comFri 12:57 pmretweet
9Kathleen Wynne on Twitter: "Visited full-day kindergarten students at St. David Catholic School...@Kathleen_Wynnetwitter.comFri 12:56 pmretweet
5Investors Group Walk for Memories@naomiyamamotowalkformemories.comFri 12:21 pmretweet
3Alzheimer awareness throughout B.C. | BC Newsroom@naomiyamamotonewsroom.gov.bc.caFri 12:14 pmretweet
2Top five takeaways from Bank of Canada’s surprise rate cut | Financial Post@naomiyamamotobusiness.financialpost.coFri 9:25 amretweet
2Pierre Arcand on Twitter: "Merci à la @FCCQ de m'avoir reçu ce matin afin d'échanger...@PierreArcandtwitter.comFri 8:02 amretweet

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