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6« Le premier ministre doit cesser d’avoir peur du lobby des commissions scolaires » - François...@francoislegaultcoalitionavenirquebec.org6 hours agoretweet
7Mayor among those concerned by school union's job action | Ottawa & Region | New@timhudakottawasun.com6 hours agoretweet
6Amir Khadir on Twitter: "Frais accessoires: les médecins gagnent déjà 30 X plus que...@amirkhadirtwitter.com7 hours agoretweet
4Leaders and Legacies on Twitter: "Ontario Mental Health and Addictions Alliance endorses basic...@votelautwitter.com16 hours agoretweet
3Ontario’s Power Trip: Wind whips Ontario for five hours | Financial Post@timhudakbusiness.financialpost.co19 hours agoretweet
2Nunavut premier says Montreal candidate's remarks about territory 'out of line' - North - CBC...@LizHansonNDPcbc.ca22 hours agoretweet
4Accord de Partenariat transpacifique: François Legault presse Philippe Couillard de s’attaquer...@francoislegaultcoalitionavenirquebec.orgTue 12:01 pmretweet
32Twitter / ?@AndreaHorwatht.coTue 12:00 pmretweet
5Greg Selinger on Twitter: "In Churchill to AFFIRM our commitment to reduce the costs of food...@GregSelingertwitter.comTue 11:54 amretweet
5Province of Manitoba | News Releases | New Subsidy Program to Support Affordable, Healthy Foods...@GregSelingernews.gov.mb.caTue 11:54 amretweet
3Tim Hudak on Twitter: "Great speaking to the Heritage Christian School Grade 9 students today...@timhudaktwitter.comTue 10:17 amretweet
10Amir Khadir on Twitter: "Mme Têtu, infirmière praticienne à la clinique sans médecin...@amirkhadirtwitter.comTue 7:09 amretweet
3Mathieu Lemay, député 24 heures sur 24 - CAQ@francoislegaultcoalitionavenirquebec.orgTue 6:51 amretweet
13Andrea Horwath on Twitter: "Congratulations to @Queensu Prof Emeritus Arthur B. McDonald, winner...@AndreaHorwathtwitter.comTue 6:26 amretweet
2NDP popularity a sign of voters' optimism | Guest column | Columnists | Opinion@LizHansonNDPtorontosun.comMon 8:34 pmretweet
3Greg Selinger on Twitter: "Officially opening the newly upgraded science lab at MBCI in #ThePas...@GregSelingertwitter.comMon 11:51 amretweet
16Frais accessoires en santé : la grande tromperie du ministre « Au lieu d’améliorer l’accès...@amirkhadirquebecsolidaire.netMon 11:38 amretweet
7Regulate Uber, don’t ban it: Editorial | Toronto Star@timhudakthestar.comMon 9:56 amretweet
3Greg Selinger on Twitter: "Checking out the Swan River Daycare Centre's new digs with kids....@GregSelingertwitter.comMon 8:44 amretweet
3Greg Selinger on Twitter: "At Swan Valley Secondary School to announce new equipment and training...@GregSelingertwitter.comMon 7:57 amretweet
2Andrea Horwath on Twitter: "Shout out to @OSTAAECO student trustees. I hear the rest of #OSTAFGM...@AndreaHorwathtwitter.comMon 7:03 amretweet
2L'auteur suédois de polars Henning Mankell est décédé | Livres@francoislegaultlapresse.caMon 5:54 amretweet
5Benoit Charette, la politique dans le sang - CAQ@francoislegaultcoalitionavenirquebec.orgSun 7:56 amretweet
3Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "In Bay Roberts "beating back the Harper attack.". "This is what...@lorrainemichaeltwitter.comSat 11:47 amretweet
3Independent B.C. MLA blasts government selling farmland to global corporation | Globalnews.ca@vickihuntingtonglobalnews.caSat 11:34 amretweet
12Amir Khadir on Twitter: "Avec les 150 000 travailleurs et travailleuses qui manifestent aujourd'hui...@amirkhadirtwitter.comSat 11:08 amretweet
11Le Soleil on Twitter: "Réinvestir dans les élèves en difficulté serait «maladroit»,...@francoislegaulttwitter.comSat 8:25 amretweet
3François Legault on Twitter: "Manque de vision gouv. Couillard: Réinvestir dans les élèves...@francoislegaulttwitter.comSat 8:06 amretweet
3Réinvestir dans les élèves en difficulté serait «maladroit», dit le ministre Blais...@francoislegaultlapresse.caSat 8:06 amretweet
4Tim Hudak on Twitter: "My beautiful, sweet and incredibly determined daughter, Miller turns...@timhudaktwitter.comSat 7:45 amretweet
3stapf on Twitter: "Utility-Scale #Solar Reaches Cost Parity With Natural Gas Across US http://t.co/NHViFJd3NP...@votelautwitter.comSat 5:19 amretweet
2Majority governments may soon be a thing of the past - The Globe and Mail@votelautheglobeandmail.comSat 4:15 amretweet
5PLAYER MAtv@aussantlink.brightcove.comFri 6:42 pmretweet
15Andrea Horwath on Twitter: "Lovely to welcome Premier of Alberta @RachelNotley to Ontario today...@AndreaHorwathtwitter.comFri 6:31 pmretweet
6Les inégalités de richesse au Québec - YouTube@aussantyoutube.comFri 6:09 pmretweet
4Twitter / ?@aussantt.coFri 1:58 pmretweet
2Letter to Premiers Clark and Notley on Kinder Morgan pipeline terminus in Delta | www.vickihuntington.ca@vickihuntingtonvickihuntington.caFri 12:40 pmretweet
67The recording that led police to lay criminal charges@AndreaHorwathamp.twimg.comFri 12:07 pmretweet
6Teachers: Dump your ETFO leaders | Editorial | Opinion | Toronto Sun@timhudaktorontosun.comFri 7:06 amretweet
2Jobs for Donations@votelaujobsfordonations.caThu 7:54 pmretweet
6Québec solidaire on Twitter: "Évasion fiscale - Les banques doivent comparaître devant...@amirkhadirtwitter.comThu 9:43 amretweet
3Zoë Caron on Twitter: "Alberta to phase-out coal power, says Premier @RachelNotley. "This...@votelautwitter.comThu 9:01 amretweet
6Twitter / ?@timhudakt.coThu 9:00 amretweet
4Twitter / ?@votelaut.coThu 8:58 amretweet
2Twitter / ?@votelaut.coThu 8:47 amretweet
2Future Timeline on Twitter: "Sweden is shifting to a 6-hour work day http://t.co/d82atSgYy4...@votelautwitter.comThu 8:38 amretweet
3Elon Musk: Volkswagen Scandal Proves Fossil Fuels Are Kaput@votelauhuffingtonpost.comThu 8:17 amretweet
2Tim Hudak on Twitter: "Grade Three Nation demanding out of uniform day as Miller and her friend...@timhudaktwitter.comThu 7:13 amretweet
11Amir Khadir on Twitter: "Je suis à l'école Sacré-Coeur de Québec avec une centaine...@amirkhadirtwitter.comThu 4:56 amretweet
5Alberta Premier calls for a move of the Trans-Mountain pipeline, upsetting BC Politicians -...@vickihuntingtonnews1130.comSep 30, 2015 5:46 pmretweet
6Paradis fiscaux : les banques et Desjardins absents | JDM@amirkhadirjournaldemontreal.comSep 30, 2015 5:00 pmretweet
37No public mandate to sell-off Hydro.@AndreaHorwathamp.twimg.comSep 30, 2015 4:54 pmretweet
2Delta South MLA responds to Alberta Premier’s Kinder Morgan suggestion | www.vickihuntington.ca@vickihuntingtonvickihuntington.caSep 30, 2015 4:04 pmretweet
6Former Ontario premier Mike Harris ranked top premier since 1981: report | CTV News@timhudakctvnews.caSep 30, 2015 4:03 pmretweet
2Twitter / ?@timhudakt.coSep 30, 2015 3:51 pmretweet
7‘The day the bees attacked!’ Deputy trapped on interstate when swarm of escaped insects...@timhudaknews.nationalpost.comSep 30, 2015 3:17 pmretweet
2Victor Lau on Twitter: "Tired of #poverty ? Try #basicincome @GreenPartySK #RealChange #skpoli...@votelautwitter.comSep 30, 2015 2:02 pmretweet
2Tired of capitalism? There could be a better way. - The Washington Post@votelauwashingtonpost.comSep 30, 2015 2:02 pmretweet
2Sound Solar Systems on Twitter: "Sask. has the best solar ability in Canada. Call Sound Solar...@votelautwitter.comSep 30, 2015 11:18 amretweet
3Shaun the Sheep 4 PM on Twitter: "Must read! I am quitting the Conservatives because of Stephen...@votelautwitter.comSep 29, 2015 9:18 pmretweet
2I Am Quitting the Conservatives Because of Stephen Harper's Politics | Samuel Getachew@votelaum.huffpost.comSep 29, 2015 9:11 pmretweet
2Murray Mandryk on Twitter: "Wall well-positioned going into session/election. Today's column...@votelautwitter.comSep 29, 2015 12:56 pmretweet
6Coupures dans les services aux élèves: La CAQ demande au ministre de l’Éducation d’envoyer...@francoislegaultcoalitionavenirquebec.orgSep 29, 2015 12:55 pmretweet
7Amir Khadir on Twitter: "Frais accessoires: par complaisance le ministre de la #santé laisse...@amirkhadirtwitter.comSep 29, 2015 12:23 pmretweet
4François Legault on Twitter: "Le PQ et le PLQ appuieront-ils la motion de la #CAQ ? https://t.co/FI1LPrBBuf"@francoislegaulttwitter.comSep 29, 2015 12:19 pmretweet
5Les frais illégaux et abusifs en santé: une faille importante de notre système public de...@amirkhadirccpsc.qc.caSep 29, 2015 11:54 amretweet
4Mainstreaming the nuclear exit | GreenWorld@votelausafeenergy.orgSep 29, 2015 11:35 amretweet
2CoalitionAvenirQc on Twitter: "Arabie Saoudite: #CAQ propose que le Canada suspende son financement...@francoislegaulttwitter.comSep 29, 2015 8:01 amretweet
34Why won't Wynne answer questions about Sudbury bribery scandal?@AndreaHorwathamp.twimg.comSep 28, 2015 2:22 pmretweet
3Vicki Huntington MLA on Twitter: "Is this the best use of BC farmland? UK co. RB plants trees...@vickihuntingtontwitter.comSep 28, 2015 11:19 amretweet
2ETFO work-to-rule means unsafe schools, Ontario principals warn | Toronto Star@timhudakthestar.comSep 28, 2015 10:50 amretweet
5Greg Selinger on Twitter: "Touring the set of A Dog's Purpose, filming in Winnipeg and around...@GregSelingertwitter.comSep 28, 2015 9:17 amretweet
4Des perspectives québécoises sans éclat - La Presse+@francoislegaultplus.lapresse.caSep 28, 2015 9:02 amretweet
2This Guy's Wife Got Cancer, So He Did Something Unforgettable. The Last 3 Photos Destroyed...@votelaulook.viralnova.comSep 27, 2015 12:44 amretweet
5Louis Lortie - Chopin Etudes - YouTube@aussantyoutube.comSep 26, 2015 11:37 pmretweet
2Tim Hudak on Twitter: "Proud to unveil plaques and help honour Dorothy Rungeling to celebrate...@timhudaktwitter.comSep 26, 2015 9:04 amretweet
9Greg Selinger on Twitter: "At the @MBMetis_MMF AGA as a partner w/ Metis people. Working together...@GregSelingertwitter.comSep 26, 2015 8:11 amretweet
3Leaders and Legacies on Twitter: "7 Big City Canadian Mayors....1 great idea. #basicincome...@votelautwitter.comSep 25, 2015 8:55 pmretweet
24Twitter / ?@timhudakt.coSep 25, 2015 1:26 pmretweet
4Tim Hudak on Twitter: "Very interesting tour of Clark Agri Services, provide seed, fertilizer,...@timhudaktwitter.comSep 25, 2015 11:39 amretweet
2Michael to Brazil: Where’s our school? | Newfoundland and Labrador NDP Caucus@lorrainemichaelnlndpcaucus.caSep 25, 2015 9:16 amretweet
7MPP Tim Hudak's Speech on Estate Administration Tax Fairness Act, 2015 - YouTube@timhudakyoutube.comSep 24, 2015 6:58 pmretweet
4Tim Hudak on Twitter: "Informative meeting with @Advocis this morning with Peter Tzanetakis...@timhudaktwitter.comSep 24, 2015 6:48 pmretweet
2Tim Hudak on Twitter: "@brownbarrie speaking at Ball's Falls today for the annual Chicken n...@timhudaktwitter.comSep 24, 2015 4:25 pmretweet
2François Legault on Twitter: "À la FQM: Le gouv. Couillard reporte la révision du...@francoislegaulttwitter.comSep 24, 2015 3:07 pmretweet
3Andrea Horwath on Twitter: "Honoured to attend @MACEidFest for Eid al-Adha today. Our thoughts...@AndreaHorwathtwitter.comSep 24, 2015 11:45 amretweet
5Facturation de frais médicaux, Barrette fustigé par l'opposition | JDM@amirkhadirjournaldemontreal.comSep 24, 2015 9:20 amretweet
2Plus de 700 morts dans une bousculade près de La Mecque | Lynne AL-NAHHAS | Moyen-Orient@amirkhadirlapresse.caSep 24, 2015 7:53 amretweet
8Statement by NDP Leader Andrea Horwath on Eid Al-Adha - Ontario NDP@AndreaHorwathontariondp.caSep 24, 2015 6:18 amretweet
8Andrea Horwath on Twitter: "Honouring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our province...@AndreaHorwathtwitter.comSep 24, 2015 6:13 amretweet
5François Legault on Twitter: "Mon entrevue avec @AlainLaforesTVA sur le nationalisme, l'innovation,... http://t.co/2mp30uofi8 http://t.co/oInwleDw3T"@francoislegaulttwitter.comSep 24, 2015 4:05 amretweet
6PLAYER MAtv@francoislegaultlink.brightcove.comSep 24, 2015 4:05 amretweet
6Greg Selinger on Twitter: "Great energy in the room celebrating #Manitoba's film industry and...@GregSelingertwitter.comSep 23, 2015 6:48 pmretweet
5Victor Lau on Twitter: "Incredible!! Canadians picked @CanadianGreens Policy EIGHT TIMES out...@votelautwitter.comSep 23, 2015 5:43 pmretweet
5Here are the issues Canadians care about the most this election - Macleans.ca@votelaumacleans.caSep 23, 2015 5:36 pmretweet
3This hedge fund manager woke up and hiked a crucial drug from $13.50 to $750 | SumOfUs@votelauaction.sumofus.orgSep 23, 2015 2:14 pmretweet
4Tim Hudak on Twitter: "Miller this morning: "Maitland is 18 months old today. She is now a...@timhudaktwitter.comSep 23, 2015 11:37 amretweet
2Vote Together: Saskatoon—University@votelauvotetogether.caSep 23, 2015 8:59 amretweet
3Vote Together: Calgary Centre@votelauvotetogether.caSep 23, 2015 8:55 amretweet
4Avi Benlolo: Universities quick to ban white supremacy, but do little to stop anti-Semitic...@timhudaknews.nationalpost.comSep 22, 2015 5:59 pmretweet

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