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6Is Harper really talking tough on temporary foreign workers? | Press Progress@jinnysimspressprogress.caMon 8:53 pmretweet
4The Powell River Peak > News > Province quietly approves coal storage@AJWVictoriaBCprpeak.comMon 8:51 pmretweet
2Car Wash Offers Employment to Autistic Young Adults - NBC News@jthornthwaitenbcnews.comMon 8:43 pmretweet
11Former deputy PM Herb Gray dies at 82 | National Newswatch@_Hamishnationalnewswatch.comMon 8:38 pmretweet
5http://www.liberal.ca/newsroom/news-release/statement-liberal-party-ca nada-leader-justin-trudeau-death-herb-gray/@LPCBCliberal.caMon 8:34 pmretweet
18Why the Beer Store picks on mom-and-pop stores: Cohn | Toronto Star@Ont_Ombudsmanthestar.comMon 8:29 pmretweet
10Herb Gray, ‘the godfather of politics,’ dies at 82 - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comMon 8:24 pmretweet
3Twitter / USFWSHQ: Spring, summer, winter, fall ...@keithmartinmdtwitter.comMon 8:23 pmretweet
3Timeline Photos - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service | Facebook@keithmartinmdfacebook.comMon 8:23 pmretweet
3Listening to and supporting small business in Tofino and Ucluelet | BC Newsroom@naomiyamamotonewsroom.gov.bc.caMon 8:19 pmretweet
3Twitter / BobbyDeepak1: Join Lakeland/Babine families ...@BobbyDeepak1twitter.comMon 7:56 pmretweet
12Herb Gray, former deputy prime minister, dead at 82 - World - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.caMon 7:52 pmretweet
8Pierre Duchesne veut continuer à travailler en politique au Québec | C'est pas trop tôt!...@duchpici.radio-canada.caMon 7:51 pmretweet
2Herb Gray, deputy prime minister under Jean Chretien, dead at 82 | National Post@nppoliticsnews.nationalpost.comMon 7:32 pmretweet
10Twitter / ElizabethMay: Fabulous Earth Day event w ...@ElizabethMaytwitter.comMon 7:27 pmretweet
7http://www.liberal.ca/newsroom/news-release/statement-death-honourable -herb-gray/@OmarAlghabraliberal.caMon 7:22 pmretweet
9John Reynolds, "Right Honourable Herb Gray" on March 13th, 2002 | openparliament.ca@adamgoldenbergopenparliament.caMon 7:19 pmretweet
2Former deputy prime minister Herb Gray dies at 82 | CTV News@D_Soudasctvnews.caMon 7:15 pmretweet
3Twitter / Laura_Albanese: The Ontario Youth Employment ...@Laura_Albanesetwitter.comMon 7:11 pmretweet
3Fund helps connect young people with jobs@Laura_Albaneseinsidetoronto.comMon 7:11 pmretweet
31Canada pushes whales aside to green light oil pipeline - Strange Bedfellows — Politics News@ElizabethMayblog.seattlepi.comMon 7:10 pmretweet
4Corbett and Gosse mournful of the loss of Alistair MacLeod | NDP@NSNDPnsndp.caMon 7:03 pmretweet
4Twitter / OshawaNDP: Only @andreahorwath and the ...@OshawaNDPtwitter.comMon 7:02 pmretweet
2New Democrats want shuttle bus for Highway of Tears | (CKNW AM) AM980@mableelmorecknw.comMon 6:55 pmretweet
2Smudge Mother Earth 2014@BGOS_NDPscribd.comMon 6:52 pmretweet
2Manitoba Liberals face increased internal criticism ahead of general meeting - The Globe and...@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comMon 6:52 pmretweet
4Twitter / ?@jec79t.coMon 6:25 pmretweet
2Development Funding for Mission Interpretive Forest and road | MLA Marc Dalton@BCLiberalCaucusmarcdaltonmla.bc.caMon 6:25 pmretweet
2VOCM.COM|Politicians React to Coleman Right to Life Controversy | Article-@stephenkentvocm.comMon 6:16 pmretweet
5Twitter / lanapopham: I'm a farmer too! You didn't ...@lanapophamtwitter.comMon 5:51 pmretweet
5Twitter / ?@TheCICt.coMon 5:44 pmretweet
7Alaska lawmakers vote to formally recognize indigenous languages - Yahoo News@UBCICnews.yahoo.comMon 5:44 pmretweet
9It Was a Woman - 2014 Cowichan International Aboriginal Film Festival :: April 23 - 26, 2014...@janesterkaff.cowichan.netMon 5:40 pmretweet
3Good News for Environmental Science in the BC K-9 Science Curriculum - Andrew Weaver MLA@AJWVictoriaBCandrewweavermla.caMon 5:38 pmretweet
2Instagram@MattAGrantinstagram.comMon 5:36 pmretweet
2WELCOME - 2014 Cowichan International Aboriginal Film Festival :: April 23 - 26, 2014 :: 10th Annual@janesterkaff.cowichan.netMon 5:23 pmretweet
10It’s Time to Drag Redneck Alberta Out of the Closet | Susan on the Soapbox@kenthehrsusanonthesoapbox.comMon 5:14 pmretweet
4Canal Savoir - Le Droit de savoir, saison 4@GilOuimetcanalsavoir.tvMon 5:09 pmretweet
3Common sense, not ideology, best for economy - Ralph Goodale@WatLibralphgoodale.caMon 5:08 pmretweet
2Firewood on the Hills – Grandois, NL | Live Rural Newfoundland & Labrador@MitchelmoreMHAliveruralnl.comMon 5:04 pmretweet
3Pizza place faces federal grilling over temporary foreign workers - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comMon 5:02 pmretweet
5Business booming for Ontario's artisanal cheesemakers | CTV Kitchener News@MikeSchreinerkitchener.ctvnews.caMon 5:00 pmretweet
2Twitter / TheCIC: The Ukrainian Trilemma: ...@TheCICtwitter.comMon 4:57 pmretweet
2WALK FOR JUSTICE | Facebook@UBCICfacebook.comMon 4:53 pmretweet
2Twitter / RobMerrifieldMP: Checked out skywalk near the ...@RobMerrifieldMPtwitter.comMon 4:52 pmretweet
2PM to meet new Quebec premier in courtesy call - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comMon 4:47 pmretweet
12ICI Tou.tv - Découverte@ma_pharandici.tou.tvMon 4:36 pmretweet
2Labrador Metis celebrate last week’s court decision | APTN National NewsAPTN National News@UBCICaptn.caMon 4:32 pmretweet
2Saskatchewan First Nations Winter Games underway | APTN National NewsAPTN National News@UBCICaptn.caMon 4:32 pmretweet
4Communities and Coal CKNW Radio Ad - YouTube@AJWVictoriaBCyoutube.comMon 4:31 pmretweet
2Politician a ‘community-builder in the truest sense of the word’ - The Globe and...@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comMon 4:31 pmretweet
5NDP tends farm fight in South Surrey - Peace Arch News@adriandixpeacearchnews.comMon 4:20 pmretweet
5Mulcair takes aim at Fair Elections Act as party gears up for next election | National Newswatch@CraigScottNDPnationalnewswatch.comMon 4:10 pmretweet
2Tories secretly gave Canadian military OK to share info despite torture risk | National Newswatch@CraigScottNDPnationalnewswatch.comMon 4:01 pmretweet
3Federal lawyers argued for vouching as ‘failsafe’ before Fair Elections Act sought to eliminate...@CraigScottNDPipolitics.caMon 3:51 pmretweet
3Harper’s tough choice on new fighter jet for Canada | Toronto Star@joycemurraythestar.comMon 3:46 pmretweet
4PMO has paid more than $4.1M in severance to departing employees since Harper took office |...@nppoliticsnews.nationalpost.comMon 3:39 pmretweet
2Surrey MLA among models in show of fashions for women in wheelchairs - Local Entertainment...@MLACadieuxthenownewspaper.comMon 3:34 pmretweet
3Twitter / DonDavies: At fabulous#EarthDay celebration ...@DonDaviestwitter.comMon 3:32 pmretweet
21Twitter / CraigScottNDP: Another good infographic from ...@CraigScottNDPtwitter.comMon 3:28 pmretweet
3Twitter / CraigScottNDP: .@mkeelanbishop illustrates ...@CraigScottNDPtwitter.comMon 3:24 pmretweet
4Twitter / MitchelmoreMHA: New culvert being installed ...@MitchelmoreMHAtwitter.comMon 3:17 pmretweet
3Twitter / MitchelmoreMHA: Work continues on repairs to ...@MitchelmoreMHAtwitter.comMon 3:14 pmretweet
5Georges Laraque joue un footballeur gai dans l'émission Tiny Plastic Men | Télévision...@GeorgesLaraquejournaldemontreal.comMon 3:06 pmretweet
3Hermanville wind farm production on target - Prince Edward Island - CBC News@PercyDownecbc.caMon 2:56 pmretweet
2Twitter / Aly_zeh: @JodieEmery got a nice shot ...@JodieEmerytwitter.comMon 2:39 pmretweet
18Nigel Wright Won't Face Charges Over $90,000 Cheque To Mike Duffy@pmoharperhuffingtonpost.caMon 2:37 pmretweet
2A CASE FOR GENOCIDE promo | APTN National NewsAPTN National News@UBCICaptn.caMon 2:36 pmretweet
6Hurricane Carter and Steven Truscott refused to be 'condemned by history' - Canada - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.caMon 2:35 pmretweet
3Twitter / Ont_Ombudsman: I used to have square corners ...@Ont_Ombudsmantwitter.comMon 2:33 pmretweet
8PMO paid more than $4.1 million to departing employees@pmoharperottawacitizen.comMon 2:29 pmretweet
2Frappe de l'UPAC: un ex-bénévole de l'année du PLQ arrêté | Paul Journet, Denis Lessard...@DaneauMalapresse.caMon 2:19 pmretweet
6China-Canada trade ties stall over cabinet divisions - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.caMon 2:07 pmretweet
2Twitter / canoepolitics: Parents cry foul over Catholic ...@canoepoliticstwitter.comMon 2:03 pmretweet
2Parents cry foul over Catholic teachers’ plans to march in WorldPride@canoepoliticscnews.canoe.caMon 2:03 pmretweet
5Security Check Required | Facebook@SeanCaseyMPfacebook.comMon 1:47 pmretweet
2Letters: Complete contradictions and hypocrisy the order of the day@kenthehredmontonjournal.comMon 1:38 pmretweet
10Waitresses in Saskatchewan lose jobs to foreign workers - Saskatchewan - CBC News@ValckeNDPcbc.caMon 1:26 pmretweet
3Twitter / DonDavies: At fabulous #Earthday celebration ...@DonDaviestwitter.comMon 1:24 pmretweet
7500 Internal Server Error@VictorFedelinewstalk1010.comMon 1:17 pmretweet
4Ontario’s Electricity Is Officially Coal Free | DeSmog Canada@OntarioGreensdesmog.caMon 1:10 pmretweet
7NDP MLAs to tour Highway of Tears from Prince Rupert to Prince George to highlight the need...@BCNDPCaucusbcndpcaucus.caMon 1:05 pmretweet
5Toronto school board might make budget cuts after all | Toronto Star@Ont_Ombudsmanthestar.comMon 12:50 pmretweet
2Igniting Innovation | Innovation Week 2014 | May 5th – 9th@SiobhanCoadyNLinnovationweek.caMon 12:39 pmretweet
9With Trudeau on the rise, will Harper stick around? | Opinion - Policy Nexus@WatLiblispop.caMon 12:39 pmretweet
3Jim Flaherty and those in this arena@MichelleRempelmacleans.caMon 12:32 pmretweet
2As Canada’s appetite for artisanal cheese grows, small producers worry about impact of flood...@MHallFindlaylife.nationalpost.comMon 12:23 pmretweet
2Instagram@bergeronsamuelinstagram.comMon 12:09 pmretweet
33Feds pull troublesome questions from poll | National Newswatch@RalphGoodalenationalnewswatch.comMon 12:00 pmretweet
8Twitter / SoStanke: De retour d'un séjour au parc ...@SoStanketwitter.comMon 11:59 amretweet
2Bolivian Vice President: "Bolivia Marked the Start of a Major Indigenous Awakening"@UBCICtruth-out.orgMon 11:58 amretweet
3Dozens of suppporters of Native language bill spent 15 hours or more in Capitol | Alaska Dispatch@UBCICalaskadispatch.comMon 11:56 amretweet
4Progress Report 2014: pocketbook initiatives | Ontario.ca@Bob_Chiarelliontario.caMon 11:42 amretweet
3Twitter / RAndersonMLA: @RAndersonMLA: Hilarious cartoon ...@RAndersonMLAtwitter.comMon 11:41 amretweet
5Timeline Photos - Ontario Ombudsman | Facebook@Ont_Ombudsmanfacebook.comMon 11:36 amretweet
2Formation of Filipino Task Force in Toronto gets support from Councillors@DipikaDamerlaphilippinereporter.comMon 11:26 amretweet
8Twitter / CouncilofCDNs: #DOT111 Detecting Disaster ...@CouncilofCDNstwitter.comMon 11:25 amretweet
8DOT-111 detecting disaster spotters guide | The Council of Canadians@CouncilofCDNscanadians.orgMon 11:25 amretweet
3Is it time for a real war on cars? | Science Matters | David Suzuki Foundation@ecowalkerdavidsuzuki.orgMon 11:23 amretweet
2'Orphan Black' Has Made Canada A Player On The Global Television Stage - Forbes@DebCoyneforbes.comMon 11:14 amretweet

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