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2Stepping up the HIV response in the world's Indigenous communities@UBCICtheconversation.comTue 2:17 pmretweet
3Instagram@TonyclementCPCinstagram.comTue 2:16 pmretweet
2Camp Summer Camp | Megan Leslie, MP@MeganLeslieMPmeganleslie.ndp.caTue 2:15 pmretweet
10Twitter / MinStevenBlaney: Our Govt has announced removal ...@MinStevenBlaneytwitter.comTue 2:15 pmretweet
2Mike Duffy contacted Peruvian woman claiming to be daughter, lawyer says - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comTue 2:07 pmretweet
2Twitter / YouthAndWork: .@GenSqzNS & @GenSqueeze ...@AbadKhanNStwitter.comTue 2:02 pmretweet
2Gen Squeeze Nova Scotia Launch Party! | Facebook@AbadKhanNSfacebook.comTue 2:02 pmretweet
2Aboriginal Sport BC – TEAM BC TAKES WASCANA LAKE BY STORM WITH 14 MEDALS AT 2014 NAIG@christyclarkbcaboriginalsportbc.caTue 2:01 pmretweet
6Twitter / GenSqueeze: Follow the conversation: ...@AbadKhanNStwitter.comTue 2:00 pmretweet
2Marketing de cause: le tous pour un de Publici-Terre – Isarta – Infos : Communications...@RichardLeclercisarta.comTue 2:00 pmretweet
5Twitter / globepolitics: Exclusive: Mike Duffy contacted ...@globepoliticstwitter.comTue 2:00 pmretweet
5Mike Duffy contacted Peruvian woman claiming to be daughter, lawyer says - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.comTue 2:00 pmretweet
2Twitter / MinStevenBlaney: Thanks to Timea Nagy of ...@MinStevenBlaneytwitter.comTue 1:53 pmretweet
4Ontario Ombudsman speaks to Brighton municipal council - YouTube@Ont_Ombudsmanyoutube.comTue 1:52 pmretweet
3Chris Warkentin - Events Throughout 2014 | Facebook@chriswarkentinfacebook.comTue 1:51 pmretweet
4Twitter / CBCCanada: Beef's environmental costs ...@CamilleLabchuktwitter.comTue 1:45 pmretweet
4Beef's environmental costs called exceptionally high - Technology & Science - CBC News@CamilleLabchukcbc.caTue 1:45 pmretweet
6CBCNews.ca Mobile@CamilleLabchukcbc.caTue 1:42 pmretweet
10Newsroom : Home Depot of Canada Inc. Fined $90,000 After Worker Injured@OntMinLabournews.ontario.caTue 1:40 pmretweet
3Twitter / ITK_CanadaInuit: Watching the games #inuvik ...@ITK_CanadaInuittwitter.comTue 1:37 pmretweet
10Twitter / ITK_CanadaInuit: Alaskan jumper #northerngames ...@ITK_CanadaInuittwitter.comTue 1:35 pmretweet
2Twitter / ITK_CanadaInuit: Looking for the Beaufort ...@ITK_CanadaInuittwitter.comTue 1:33 pmretweet
3William Yoachim named ‘Caps 2014 Community MVP | Vancouver Whitecaps FC@BCLiberalCaucuswhitecapsfc.comTue 1:23 pmretweet
324h Montréal – Actualités - Des groupes pressent Québec et Ottawa de s'entendre@exovirtuelle24hmontreal.canoe.caTue 1:23 pmretweet
8Cimenterie en Gaspésie : la CAQ maintient la pression sur le ministre de l’Environnement...@coalitionavenirledevoir.comTue 1:20 pmretweet
6L’octroi de 3,2M$ d’aide aux sans-abri bloqué | Métro@alexboulericejournalmetro.comTue 1:18 pmretweet
9Twitter / JamesMoore_org: Why connect Canada online? ...@JamesMoore_orgtwitter.comTue 1:15 pmretweet
4Twitter / naomiyamamoto: Ambassador Doer at #PNWER14: ...@naomiyamamototwitter.comTue 1:15 pmretweet
3Twitter / JamesMoore_org: Pourquoi un Canada branché? ...@JamesMoore_orgtwitter.comTue 1:14 pmretweet
24Twitter / ?@liberal_partyt.coTue 1:13 pmretweet
5Twitter / ?@parti_liberalt.coTue 1:12 pmretweet
5Twitter / Unaapik: All the youth involved in one ...@ITK_CanadaInuittwitter.comTue 1:02 pmretweet
2La saga des Coyotes de l'Arizona reprend de plus belle | RDS.ca@Jasmin2rrds.caTue 1:01 pmretweet
4Lobster processors seek new workers in wake of TFW changes - New Brunswick - CBC News@kenneyjasoncbc.caTue 12:59 pmretweet
18Twitter / NDP_HQ: Join the campaign to make life ...@NDP_HQtwitter.comTue 12:56 pmretweet
3Select Committee on Developmental Services Final Report@Laura_Albaneseontla.on.caTue 12:49 pmretweet
2Le NPD souligne l’ouverture des 6e Jeux de la francophonie canadienne « NPD du Canada@alexboulericenpd.caTue 12:48 pmretweet
2Mississauga.ca - City Hall - News Room@CrombieWard5mississauga.caTue 12:45 pmretweet
5Newsroom : Plank Road Auto Wreckers Ltd. Fined $60,000 After Worker Killed@OntMinLabournews.ontario.caTue 12:42 pmretweet
2Les libéraux ont-ils lu la Loi sur le Parlement du Canada? « NPD du Canada@RCoteNPDnpd.caTue 12:41 pmretweet
2RocketSpace program launching Canadian tech firms onto world stage@DeanAllisonMPipolitics.caTue 12:40 pmretweet
7Twitter / DaveHancockMLA: The Support Our Troops licence ...@DaveHancockMLAtwitter.comTue 12:39 pmretweet
2http://podcast.cbc.ca/mp3/podcasts/bcearlyedition_20140722_39909.mp3@adriandixpodcast.cbc.caTue 12:36 pmretweet
2Twitter / larochecbc: Acadia Band members bless new ...@larochecbctwitter.comTue 12:35 pmretweet
2Twitter / larochecbc: NS Health Minister Leo Glavine ...@larochecbctwitter.comTue 12:33 pmretweet
2Twitter / ?@MacLeodLisat.coTue 12:21 pmretweet
4RCMP delving into Duffy's murky $65k contract with friend - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.caTue 12:21 pmretweet
2Ow.ly - image uploaded by @BCLiberalCaucus@BCLiberalCaucusow.lyTue 12:20 pmretweet
4Twitter / ?@MPJuliant.coTue 12:19 pmretweet
11Twitter / shirleybond: Danica chose career in the ...@shirleybondtwitter.comTue 12:19 pmretweet
3Twitter / MPJulian: Learn how Germany & Denmark ...@MPJuliantwitter.comTue 12:18 pmretweet
4Twitter / mypcmla: The Support Our Troops licence ...@mypcmlatwitter.comTue 12:17 pmretweet
15Twitter / YourAlberta: Support our Troops licence ...@YourAlbertatwitter.comTue 12:11 pmretweet
17Canadian Armed Forces’ Support Our Troops Program receives support through new Alberta...@YourAlbertaalberta.caTue 12:11 pmretweet
5Grand Splash: les Montréalais se mouillent pour un meilleur accès au fleuve (VIDÉO)@francoislegaultquebec.huffingtonpost.caTue 12:07 pmretweet
4Opening Ceremony | Flickr - Photo Sharing!@UKinCanadaflickr.comTue 12:05 pmretweet
2Twitter / Kathleen_Wynne: Notre Fonds pour l’innovation ...@Kathleen_Wynnetwitter.comTue 12:00 pmretweet
3Twitter / ?@jameslunneympt.coTue 12:00 pmretweet
7Twitter / Kathleen_Wynne: Our Innovation and Prosperity ...@Kathleen_Wynnetwitter.comTue 12:00 pmretweet
2One third of access to information requests take at least four months to release | Toronto...@Carolyn_Bennettthestar.comTue 11:56 amretweet
5Twitter / WildfileChannel: Satao 50 yrs murdered by ...@keithmartinmdtwitter.comTue 11:55 amretweet
8Twitter / BDrainvillePQ: Écosse (25), au bas de ...@BDrainvillePQtwitter.comTue 11:52 amretweet
5Twitter / BDrainvillePQ: Écosse (24), sur abribus ...@BDrainvillePQtwitter.comTue 11:48 amretweet
7NDP Calls for Climate Change Preparedness Summit | New Brunswick's New Democrats | Les Néo-Démocrates...@NB_NDPnbndp.caTue 11:48 amretweet
2Twitter / John_Yap: Congratulations Tung Chan on ...@John_Yaptwitter.comTue 11:46 amretweet
9Twitter / ?@HonJohnBairdt.coTue 11:40 amretweet
2Oppenheimer Park protesters slam Vancouver mayor's efforts to solve homelessness@dtseghayvancouversun.comTue 11:39 amretweet
4Twitter / BDrainvillePQ: Écosse(23): À Inverness, ...@BDrainvillePQtwitter.comTue 11:38 amretweet
11Conservatives fretting about the supremacy of Parliament@Carolyn_Bennettmacleans.caTue 11:37 amretweet
11Twitter / DenisCoderre: Un des plus grands comiques ...@DenisCoderretwitter.comTue 11:36 amretweet
3300 ANS ET UN REFERENDUM | Indiegogo@SolZanettiindiegogo.comTue 11:28 amretweet
2Twitter / ?@MPNinaGrewalt.coTue 11:25 amretweet
3Twitter / PascalBerube: De la belle visite dans mon ...@PascalBerubetwitter.comTue 11:24 amretweet
2France’s refusal to halt warship’s sale to Russia likened to its appeasement of Nazi Germany...@PercyDownenews.nationalpost.comTue 11:17 amretweet
2Ow.ly - image uploaded by @BCLiberalCaucus@BCLiberalCaucusow.lyTue 11:17 amretweet
3Child And Forced Marriage And FGM Are Way More Common Than You Think@UKinCanadabuzzfeed.comTue 11:16 amretweet
8Twitter / ?@HonJohnBairdt.coTue 11:15 amretweet
2LE NPD EXHORTE LA MINISTRE BERGEN À OCTROYER ADÉQUATEMENT LES FONDS DE LA SPLI | Marjolaine...@MarjBoutinSweetmarjolaineboutinsweet.npdTue 11:13 amretweet
10AIDS conference told legalizing prostitution a simple way to curb HIV - Health - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.caTue 11:13 amretweet
3Une borne de recharge publique pour véhicules électriques à Acton Vale | Communiqués de...@nigirardnouvelles.hydroquebec.comTue 11:10 amretweet
2Twitter / davidtilson: At MARS in Bolton with Minister ...@davidtilsontwitter.comTue 11:06 amretweet
129Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada condemning religious persecution in Iraq | Prime...@pmharperpm.gc.caTue 11:05 amretweet
2Did the Liberals read the Parliament of Canada Act? « Canada's NDP@alexboulericendp.caTue 11:02 amretweet
2Seven Manitobans on way to Commonwealth Games - Winnipeg Free Press@Brian_Pallisterwinnipegfreepress.comTue 10:58 amretweet
3Vaughn Palmer: The Health Ministry has some explaining to do@adriandixvancouversun.comTue 10:56 amretweet
2Israël mérite le Prix Nobel pour sa "retenue" à Gaza, dit son ambassadeur Ron Dermer à...@DaneauMaquebec.huffingtonpost.caTue 10:48 amretweet
9CBC.ca | The Early Edition | Minister Amrik Virk on compensation@Dave_Ebycbc.caTue 10:48 amretweet
3Twitter / ?@Sask_NDPt.coTue 10:37 amretweet
4Ross Farm Museum Breaks Ground on New Learning Centre | novascotia.ca@nsgovnovascotia.caTue 10:37 amretweet
5Toronto-Centre NDP riding association raked in $145K in 2013 - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.caTue 10:37 amretweet
6Exhibition Assistance@oac_caoarts.on.caTue 10:29 amretweet
2Twitter / BevShipleyMP: With Frank Letourneau from ...@BevShipleyMPtwitter.comTue 10:26 amretweet
2Petition to Rollback Liberal Insider Pay Hikes | BC NDP@CaroleGordonBCbcndp.caTue 10:26 amretweet
9http://www.985fm.ca/lecteur/audio/accurso-aurait-soutenu-gauthier-dans -le-dossier-du-232538.mp3@duchp985fm.caTue 10:23 amretweet
28Meeting of the Security Council, New York, 21 July 2014 | Speech | Government.nl@HonJohnBairdgovernment.nlTue 10:17 amretweet
2Les libéraux ont-ils lu la Loi sur le Parlement du Canada? « NPD du Canada@alexboulericenpd.caTue 10:17 amretweet
4Twitter / ColinCarrie: With @Erin_M_OToole & ...@ColinCarrietwitter.comTue 10:16 amretweet
2Twitter / ?@ColinCarriet.coTue 10:14 amretweet
18Kraft Celebration Tour 2014@PremierBradWallkraftcelebrationtour.caTue 10:12 amretweet
3Did the Liberals read the Parliament of Canada Act? « Canada's NDP@sfharrisndp.caTue 10:09 amretweet

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