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5Carolyn Bennett on Twitter: "Gr8 2meet w @UNACanada @EliasDLeon @BGCCAN @NAFC_ANCA #engageYOUth...@Carolyn_Bennetttwitter.com21 hours agoretweet
2Neuf mineurs coincés dans une mine en Abitibi-Témiscamingue | Faits divers@Guy0uellettelapresse.ca21 hours agoretweet
3Jane Thornthwaite on Twitter: ".@LynnValleyDays wouldn't be possible without volunteers - thank...@jthornthwaitetwitter.com21 hours agoretweet
2Fairmont Hotels on Twitter: "It certainly is! RT @fairmontsouth: We don't like to brag, but...@jthornthwaitetwitter.com21 hours agoretweet
2Colin on Twitter: "@ClearyNDP Your staff at the Mt Pearl office were a huge help in getting...@ClearyNDPtwitter.com21 hours agoretweet
3La ministre Lise Thériault souligne la Journée nationale des enfants disparus  — Ministère...@Guy0uellettesecuritepublique.gouv.qc.21 hours agoretweet
32Twitter / ?@liberal_partyt.co21 hours agoretweet
2Le DPCP doit dorénavant faire preuve de plus de transparence |@partiquebecoispq.org21 hours agoretweet
2» Appuyez la science@parti_liberalliberal.ca21 hours agoretweet
4Leona Aglukkaq official 'can't do the math' on climate targets for MPs - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.ca21 hours agoretweet
6http://www.pantone201.ca/AGM2015/DraftAgenda.pdf@OntLiberalpantone201.ca21 hours agoretweet
3Joy Smith on Twitter: "One of my highlights each is a visit by Faith Academy Students. Love...@MPJoySmithtwitter.com21 hours agoretweet
27Patrick Simonin on Twitter: ""Je suis né écrivain au #Québec" Dany #Laferrière...@Maka_Kottotwitter.com21 hours agoretweet
2How to Talk to Teenagers about Mental Health | Comment parler santé mentale avec les adolescents...@TracyMacCharlesyoutube.com21 hours agoretweet
4Kathleen Wynne on Twitter: "It was great to see my friend @ticatsfan7 this morning at the #HamOnt...@Kathleen_Wynnetwitter.com21 hours agoretweet
2http://podcast.cbc.ca/mp3/podcasts/bcalmanac_20150526_91762.mp3@mableelmorepodcast.cbc.ca21 hours agoretweet
8Le ministre Barrette doit rendre publique l’entente conclue avec les médecins - YouTube@JFLiseeyoutube.com21 hours agoretweet
3Brad Wall on Twitter: "Happy 5 yrs to #CitySC SW Welcome Centre. One of the orgs who've helped...@PremierBradWalltwitter.com21 hours agoretweet
2Mark Strahl, MP on Twitter: "World War II Veterans honoured in Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon http://t.co/Tcco6tRHi6 http://t.co/hC7tfx5d28"@markstrahltwitter.com21 hours agoretweet
2World War II Veterans honoured in Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon | Mark Strahl, MP for Chilliwack...@markstrahlmarkstrahl.com21 hours agoretweet
2Naomi Yamamoto on Twitter: "Very engaged Grade 5 students from #NorthVan Holy Trinity School...@naomiyamamototwitter.com21 hours agoretweet
3Doug Bing on Twitter: "@John_Yap mc'ing #actfast Heart & Stroke/Health Ministry event at #bcleg...@douglasbingtwitter.com21 hours agoretweet
2Charlie Angus on Senate and Acces to Information - YouTube@CharlieAngusMPyoutube.com21 hours agoretweet
3All in a Day on Twitter: "Will @tedhsu 's motion for a new Chief Science Officer and more freedom...@tedhsutwitter.com21 hours agoretweet
3Deported Roma family wins legal battle for second chance | Toronto Star@PeggyNashNDPthestar.com21 hours agoretweet
2Doug Bing on Twitter: "@SimonGibsonMLA being tested for atrial fibrillation, a stroke risk...@douglasbingtwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
2Joyce Murray 梅麗喬 on Twitter: "#Canadian Armed Forces first female LGen, thx...@joycemurraytwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
3Dean Allison on Twitter: "Great to meet with the students of Lakeview Public School in #Grimsby...@DeanAllisonMPtwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
2Seema on Twitter: "Thanks MP @jamesrajotte for meeting with CDA today. #diabetes #cdnpoli...@JamesRajottetwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
3Twitter / ?@irenemathyssent.co22 hours agoretweet
3Twitter / ?@John_Yapt.co22 hours agoretweet
4Terry Lake on Twitter: "#BC provides funding @TheHSF FAST Signs of Stroke campaign http://t.co/W2dejoYtul...@TerryLakeMLAtwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
4John Yap on Twitter: "Gr8 2 support #ActFAST launch #BCLeg with @TerryLakeMLA @TheHSF ID-ing...@John_Yaptwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
2Trish on Twitter: "Loving the new OPS video https://t.co/YOru4nrnUx well done! #prideinpolicing."@Ont_Ombudsmantwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
12Ted call on the government to listen to PIPSC and unmuzzle federal scientists - YouTube@tedhsuyoutube.com22 hours agoretweet
3Mystic on Twitter: "@Ont_Ombudsman thanks for all you do Andre!! At least there is one honest...@Ont_Ombudsmantwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
3Marie-Ève Gaudreau vous invite à la Course du député 2015! - YouTube@jfrobergecaqyoutube.com22 hours agoretweet
9CoalitionAvenirQc on Twitter: "Joyeux anniversaire @francoislegault ! #CAQ #Assnat #polQc http://t.co/TV5pHbmNDQ"@coalitionavenirtwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
24Kathleen Wynne on Twitter: "Local Food Week is next week! Enjoy all Ontario has to offer. #ontag...@Kathleen_Wynnetwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
6Fedeli Disappointed | North Bay Nugget@VictorFedelinugget.ca22 hours agoretweet
6Jane Thornthwaite on Twitter: "Getting my blood pressure checked @BC_EHS @TheHSF #actFAST #createsurvivors...@jthornthwaitetwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
2QUESTION PERIOD: MLA Kathy Corrigan asks about expenses of post-secondary institution board...@kathycorriganyoutube.com22 hours agoretweet
5CoalitionAvenirQc on Twitter: "Réforme de la carte électorale « Le #PLQ défend...@CharetteBtwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
3Murray Rankin, MP on Twitter: "Great to see you in #yyj, @nenshi. You're always welcome here...@MurrayRankintwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
3Pierre Karl Péladeau on Twitter: "@MAGagnonJDQ .Gérard Deltell fut le meilleur député...@MarioAsselintwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
4Chilliwack bookstore’s parody video goes viral: ‘It’s all about them books’ | Globalnews.ca@naomiyamamotoglobalnews.ca22 hours agoretweet
2Sébastien Couture on Twitter: ".@PKP_Qc a souligné le travail de M. Deltell comme député...@MarioAsselintwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
2– MAY 28 | Webinar: 10 Ways to Meaningfully Engage Underrepresented Youth@TracyMacCharlesyouthrex.com22 hours agoretweet
3Bob Chiarelli on Twitter: "Great discussing transit infrastructure in #ottcity during @Invest_Ottawa...@Bob_Chiarellitwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
2La publicité du député Tanguay retirée de la page d'un centre musulman | Martin Croteau...@GentilAstineuxlapresse.ca22 hours agoretweet
2Ancien parc linéaire sur l'avenue King-Edward .:. 1938 contre 2013 - Ottawa Passé & Présent@bernierarcandpastottawa.com22 hours agoretweet
2Député Pascal Bérubé on Twitter: "En direct de la Commission des Institutions de...@PascalBerubetwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
11Allison Smith on Twitter: "MPP @jagmeetNDP calling for provincial strategy against police carding....@phpndptwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
5Twitter / ?@UKinCanadat.co22 hours agoretweet
2Dave Taylor on Twitter: "Coming up, poli-strategy expert @zainvelji on what's wrong w new #CPC...@davetaylor_ABtwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
5David Johnston on Twitter: "It was great to highlight the 75th anniversary of the Military...@GGDavidJohnstontwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
41Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Met w. members of Six Nations of the Grand River. #LPC is...@JustinTrudeautwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
2David Johnston on Twitter: "C'était formidable de souligner le 75e anniversaire de la police...@GGDavidJohnstontwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
13Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Rencontré les rep. des Six Nations de la rivière Grand....@JustinTrudeautwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
6Jane Thornthwaite on Twitter: ".@BC_EHS @TheHSF @TerryLakeMLA announce #ActFAST funding to...@jthornthwaitetwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
4New Democrats move to block frivolous, anti-democratic lawsuits | BC NDP Caucus@SChandraHerbertbcndpcaucus.ca22 hours agoretweet
11Pierre Poilievre on Twitter: "Proud to have signed the 1st Memorandum of Understanding for...@PierrePoilievretwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
2Wai Young, MP on Twitter: "Welcomed constituents + guests to Parliament to promote Canada-Taiwan...@WaiYoungtwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
2Tories propose voluntary Canada Pension Plan expansion - The Globe and Mail@globepoliticstheglobeandmail.com22 hours agoretweet
2Pierre Poilievre on Twitter: "Fier d’avoir signé le 1er protocole d’entente sur...@PierrePoilievretwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
4Dancing for our Stars: Joachim Stroink@NSLiberaldancingforbridgeway.com22 hours agoretweet
4Neuf travailleurs de la mine Westwood sont pris sous terre à Preissac en Abitibi | ICI.Radio-Canada.ca@abitibichapsici.radio-canada.ca22 hours agoretweet
5Coalition Avenir Québec » Réforme de la carte électorale « Le PLQ défend l’indéfendable...@coalitionavenircoalitionavenirquebec.org22 hours agoretweet
2http://ow.ly/Nnf6N - Linkis.com@MikeSchreinerlinkis.com22 hours agoretweet
4Jane Thornthwaite on Twitter: ".@TheHSF #actfast know the signs of stoke @TerryLakeMLA @John_Yap...@jthornthwaitetwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
5Michelle Rempel on Twitter: "For those following at home, I'm going to reference this pic in...@MichelleRempeltwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
2Tracy MacCharles on Twitter: "5 days left to nominate an Aboriginal youth for the James Bartleman...@TracyMacCharlestwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
2James Bartleman Aboriginal Youth Creative Writing Awards@TracyMacCharlescitizenship.gov.on.ca22 hours agoretweet
3Conservatives, Liberals hit closest to the mark with new political ads - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.ca22 hours agoretweet
2Yukon Housing Corporation introduces HOPE| Government of Yukon news release@yukongovgov.yk.ca22 hours agoretweet
11Jane Thornthwaite on Twitter: "Know the signs of #stroke #ActFast #Heart&Stroke @TerryLakeMLA...@jthornthwaitetwitter.com22 hours agoretweet
2Coalition Avenir Québec » Projet de loi 20 et médecins omnipraticiens: « Une entente...@coalitionavenircoalitionavenirquebec.org23 hours agoretweet
2vaney. on Twitter: "Thank you for spending your time with us! ☺️ @MPJoySmith http://t.co/9Dej67N6mg"@MPJoySmithtwitter.com23 hours agoretweet
4Lancement de l’Institut Broadbent au Québec - Institut Broadbent@alexboulericeinstitutbroadbent.ca23 hours agoretweet
2Joe Oliver to consult on 'voluntary' Canada Pension Plan boost - Politics - CBC News@CBCPoliticscbc.ca23 hours agoretweet
19NDP_HQ on Twitter: "It's time for a PM who will focus on middle class job creation. Join our...@NDP_HQtwitter.com23 hours agoretweet
2» The Real Conservative Record on Defense@LPCBCliberal.ca23 hours agoretweet
2Deltell «un gérant d'estrade», selon Sam Hamad@GentilAstineuxtvanouvelles.ca23 hours agoretweet
2Mike Allen - Private Members' Motions - Current Session (Filtered Results)@mpmikeaparl.gc.ca23 hours agoretweet
2S Skidmore on Twitter: "Great discussion with #FTQ today with @GGCLC @bcgeu http://t.co/nK4CDLG1E4"@SussanneStwitter.com23 hours agoretweet
6UK in Canada on Twitter: "The #QueensSpeech takes place tomorrow at Westminster. The traditions...@UKinCanadatwitter.com23 hours agoretweet
6James Moore on Twitter: "Pleased to announce our gov’t is studying future Canada-Israel...@JamesMoore_orgtwitter.com23 hours agoretweet
7Supporting Canada-Israel Space Cooperation - Canada News Centre@JamesMoore_orgnews.gc.ca23 hours agoretweet
2Bernard Drainville on Twitter: "Classe de francisation de l'école GFilion de Longueuil en...@BDrainvillePQtwitter.com23 hours agoretweet
2Guy Ouellette | Facebook@Guy0uellettefacebook.com23 hours agoretweet
2Coalition Avenir Québec » Taxes scolaires à la Commission scolaire des Premières-Seigneuries...@coalitionavenircoalitionavenirquebec.org23 hours agoretweet
6Conservatives propose voluntary Canada Pension Plan expansion - The Globe and Mail@currybtheglobeandmail.com23 hours agoretweet
2Kyle Seeback on Twitter: "Celebrating Dutch Heritage month and the 70th anniversary of the...@KyleSeebacktwitter.com23 hours agoretweet
6CBC My Region - New national kidney donor program helps hard-to-match patients@DrEricHoskinscbc.ca23 hours agoretweet
4B.C. Senator Mobina Jaffer slams Bill C-51 - British Columbia - CBC News@jinnysimscbc.ca23 hours agoretweet
48Twitter Video@JustinTrudeauamp.twimg.com23 hours agoretweet
2Marc Picard on Twitter: "Du 27 au 31 mai Achetez votre passeport pour le Festivent et 3$ ira...@MarcPicardQctwitter.com23 hours agoretweet
3Hydro One in contempt of the legislature, Ontario PCs insist - The Globe and Mail@SteveClarkPCtheglobeandmail.com23 hours agoretweet
13Twitter Video@JustinTrudeauamp.twimg.com23 hours agoretweet
7New Democrats move to block frivolous, anti-democratic lawsuits | BC NDP Caucus@BCNDPCaucusbcndpcaucus.ca23 hours agoretweet

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