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2Bob Rae on Twitter: "It was a great game, but LeBron stopped us at the end...#Raptors ! http://t.co/dPdMe8NMmX"@BobRae48twitter.com6 hours agoretweet
32Stephen Harper on Twitter: "Honoured to receive the Erebus Medal with my wife @LaureenHarper...@pmharpertwitter.com7 hours agoretweet
4Tim Hudak on Twitter: "PDAC President Rod Thomas and I at the PDAC Reception last night. What...@timhudaktwitter.com7 hours agoretweet
3Vicki Huntington MLA on Twitter: "Just had a excellent meeting with the coms class from Capilano...@vickihuntingtontwitter.com10 hours agoretweet
25Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Productive meeting with @ArvindUBC. Gov’t can and must...@JustinTrudeautwitter.com10 hours agoretweet
7Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Rencontre productive avec @ArvindUBC. Le gouv. doit faire +...@JustinTrudeautwitter.com10 hours agoretweet
49Elizabeth May MP on Twitter: "Today's @PeninsulaNews Review Brilliant cartoon. Thanks Ingrid...@ElizabethMaytwitter.com12 hours agoretweet
10Lucien Bouchard mérite son 500 000$, dit Couillard | JDM@amirkhadirjournaldemontreal.com12 hours agoretweet
36Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Great discussion w @UBC students about smart climate policy,...@JustinTrudeautwitter.com12 hours agoretweet
10Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Belle discussion avec les étud. de l’@UBC sur l’environn.,...@JustinTrudeautwitter.com12 hours agoretweet
31Stephen Harper on Twitter: "Nice to see my friends @OfficialGretzky and Bobby Orr on the fridge...@pmharpertwitter.com12 hours agoretweet
17Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Good to see @jjhorgan at the Leg in #Victoria with @AMacGregor4CML....@ThomasMulcairtwitter.com12 hours agoretweet
14Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Wonderful visit with @AMacGregor4CML at @cherrypointwine, a great...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.com13 hours agoretweet
8Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Excellente visite avec @AMacGregor4CML de @cherrypointwine, une...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.com13 hours agoretweet
6Réforme de la rémunération des députés: priorité à l'abolition des indemnités | Simon...@francoislegaultlapresse.ca14 hours agoretweet
2Andrea Horwath on Twitter: "Pleased to host #youthbridgefoundation directors and MP Seth Kwame...@AndreaHorwathtwitter.com14 hours agoretweet
88Stephen Harper on Twitter: "Announced our Govt’s intent to introduce legislation to keep...@pmharpertwitter.com15 hours agoretweet
9PM announces upcoming legislation to keep Canada’s most heinous criminals behind bars...@MPRandyHobackpm.gc.ca16 hours agoretweet
4Rotary Club of Kelowna supports Okanagan College efforts to elevate trades training in the...@christyclarkbckelownacapnews.com16 hours agoretweet
5François Legault on Twitter: "Richelieu: La priorité de la CAQ: Des emplois payants,...@francoislegaulttwitter.com16 hours agoretweet
5La CAQ entame le dernier droit avant le jour du vote dans Richelieu | Sorel-Tracy Express@francoislegaultsorel-tracyexpress.ca16 hours agoretweet
2Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "Let's keep it going and stand up for the principles of adjacency...@lorrainemichaeltwitter.com18 hours agoretweet
4Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "All-party committee and the most important people - the harvesters...@lorrainemichaeltwitter.com18 hours agoretweet
2Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "@EarleMcCurdy talks about LIFO (last in first out). McCurdy makes...@lorrainemichaeltwitter.com18 hours agoretweet
2Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "Earle McCurdy talks about the history of the shrimp fishery....@lorrainemichaeltwitter.com18 hours agoretweet
3Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "Heather Starks, a fish harvester, talks firsthand about how cuts...@lorrainemichaeltwitter.com19 hours agoretweet
3Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "Ryan Cleary: "those closest to the resource must benefit most"...@lorrainemichaeltwitter.com19 hours agoretweet
2Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "Wayne Collins, Deputy Mayor of Fogo and fishermen, is now speaking....@lorrainemichaeltwitter.com19 hours agoretweet
33Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Amazing Town Hall in #Nanaimo last night #BC w/ #NDP candidates...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.com19 hours agoretweet
2Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "#nlfl #ffaw Mary Shortall addresses the room on behalf of the...@lorrainemichaeltwitter.com19 hours agoretweet
2Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "Sullivan: "we need a change in the management system" #ffaw http://t.co/JQ5lAsVmCM"@lorrainemichaeltwitter.com19 hours agoretweet
2Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "#ffaw #adjacency #saveruralNL http://t.co/84DLElovIM"@lorrainemichaeltwitter.com19 hours agoretweet
3Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "Sullivan says the message cannot be repeated enough: adjacency...@lorrainemichaeltwitter.com19 hours agoretweet
2Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "Keenan giving examples of keeping shrimp fishery versus not...@lorrainemichaeltwitter.com19 hours agoretweet
2Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "Keenan: removing tax base is dangerous and destructive to rural...@lorrainemichaeltwitter.com19 hours agoretweet
2Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "Robert Keenan gives a socio-economic analysis of shrimp fishery...@lorrainemichaeltwitter.com19 hours agoretweet
4Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "Great crowd here supporting rural NL. http://t.co/QcCYQWJm7N"@lorrainemichaeltwitter.com20 hours agoretweet
3Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "Mayor of Twillingate speaks about #adjacency #ffaw http://t.co/6z4B49mI4g"@lorrainemichaeltwitter.com20 hours agoretweet
4Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "The people who must benefit from the fishery are the people adjacent...@lorrainemichaeltwitter.com20 hours agoretweet
2Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "The fish was here before oil and gas, and it will be here after...@lorrainemichaeltwitter.com20 hours agoretweet
2Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "The message is clear. http://t.co/PohSfXMtqr"@lorrainemichaeltwitter.com20 hours agoretweet
3Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "Keith Sullivan speaking to applause #ffaw #nlndp http://t.co/TIE6iLxAQr"@lorrainemichaeltwitter.com20 hours agoretweet
4Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "All-party committee #ffaw #adjacency http://t.co/pIBUIUhmu2"@lorrainemichaeltwitter.com20 hours agoretweet
9Coal company withdraws proposal for contentious mine on Vancouver Island - The Globe and Mail@ElizabethMaym.theglobeandmail.com22 hours agoretweet
95Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "If elected Prime Minister, I promise not to play at any concerts....@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comTue 6:32 pmretweet
14Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "These are the real job creators. #NDP candidate @s_malcolmson and...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comTue 6:31 pmretweet
3What's the big green way forward? Thoughts on LNG and B.C. climate politics — MAKING CLIMATE@vickihuntingtonmakingclimate.comTue 6:30 pmretweet
68Tom Mulcair: Leading the charge against C-51 | National Post@ThomasMulcairnews.nationalpost.comTue 6:28 pmretweet
2Tim Hudak on Twitter: "Congratulations to Pelham's 2014 Citizens of the Year, Gary & Rosemary...@timhudaktwitter.comTue 6:01 pmretweet
14» Justin Trudeau propose d’utiliser le modèle de l’assurance maladie pour lutter...@JustinTrudeauliberal.caTue 1:00 pmretweet
9Ow.ly - image uploaded by @kicpeople (Kamloops Innovation)@christyclarkbcow.lyTue 12:51 pmretweet
13Le monde n'a jamais compté autant de milliardaires@FrancoiseDavidlemonde.frTue 12:33 pmretweet
2Twitter / ?@christyclarkbct.coTue 11:35 amretweet
18Andrea Horwath on Twitter: "Out showing my support for U of T and York workers. http://t.co/W6ktR2H2Du"@AndreaHorwathtwitter.comTue 11:33 amretweet
8François Legault on Twitter: "Richelieu: La CAQ a un plan pour créer des emplois payants...@francoislegaulttwitter.comTue 11:07 amretweet
8Jean-Bernard Émond revient sur sa campagne | Les 2 Rives et La Voix@francoislegaultles2riveslavoix.caTue 11:07 amretweet
8François Legault on Twitter: "Richelieu: Il est temps de tourner la page du PQ http://t.co/GwNyQmRHbG...@francoislegaulttwitter.comTue 11:05 amretweet
9Pierre-De Saurel - Bilan de campagne dans Richelieu « Un vote pour le PLQ sera un vote...@francoislegaultsoreltracyregion.netTue 11:05 amretweet
33Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Hey, it's 5 o'clock somewhere! Great visit at @townsitebrewing...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comTue 10:38 amretweet
5François Legault on Twitter: "Avec notre candidat, Jean-Bernard Émond, et sa fille, Alexandra,...@francoislegaulttwitter.comTue 9:53 amretweet
4François Legault on Twitter: "Au Restaurant O'Gusta à Sorel-Tracy avec le candidat de...@francoislegaulttwitter.comTue 9:48 amretweet
6Le libre-échange, dans l'angle mort de l'austérité | Points de vue@amirkhadirlapresse.caTue 9:13 amretweet
3François Legault on Twitter: "Au Biophare de Sorel-Tracy, une belle inspiration pour le...@francoislegaulttwitter.comTue 8:31 amretweet
11Twitter / ?@ThomasMulcairt.coTue 8:13 amretweet
3Mandryk: Protest shows need for legislature | Video@votelauleaderpost.comTue 6:34 amretweet
5François Legault on Twitter: "Richelieu: Après Borduas, St-Hyacinthe, Johnson et Nicolet-Bécancour,...@francoislegaulttwitter.comTue 5:08 amretweet
17Global warming contributed to Syria's 2011 uprising, scientists claim | Environment | The Guardian@ElizabethMaytheguardian.comTue 4:06 amretweet
5Home - Years Of Living Dangerously@ElizabethMayyearsoflivingdangerously.Tue 3:14 amretweet
2France’s Nuclear Decline Exposed as Areva Confronts Cash Crunch - Bloomberg Business@votelaubloomberg.comMon 2:35 pmretweet
2Photos: Leaking Nuclear Waste Fills Former Salt Mine@votelaunews.nationalgeographic.cMon 2:29 pmretweet
8François Legault on Twitter: "Richelieu: Un 23e député de la CAQ? http://t.co/TFPJXZfvBk"@francoislegaulttwitter.comMon 2:04 pmretweet
11Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Le #NPD défend Radio-Canada au QG à Toronto, qui risque d’être...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comMon 12:39 pmretweet
58Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "#NDP stands for #CBC at #Toronto headquarters, which may be sold...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comMon 12:38 pmretweet
42The birth of three sports | About McGill - McGill University@pmharpermcgill.caMon 11:48 amretweet
3François Legault on Twitter: "En campagne dans Richelieu avec notre candidat, Jean-Bernard...@francoislegaulttwitter.comMon 11:44 amretweet
3Mandryk: Fire protection not about money@votelauleaderpost.comMon 9:37 amretweet
3Mandryk: Wall delivers early knockdown to Broten@votelauleaderpost.comMon 9:10 amretweet
28Andrea Horwath on Twitter: "With 4 police investigations into Libs, #onpoli like a House of...@AndreaHorwathtwitter.comMon 7:34 amretweet
30Stephen Harper on Twitter: "Great to meet Olympic curling bronze medalist, Shannon Kleibrink...@pmharpertwitter.comMon 7:22 amretweet
5Le ministre Blais doit s'engager pour les cégeps | Geneviève Fortier-Moreau@FrancoiseDavidquebec.huffingtonpost.caMon 7:09 amretweet
10Bâtir la Silicon Valley québécoise, un projet à la fois | Le Devoir@francoislegaultledevoir.comMon 4:12 amretweet
3t.co / Twitter@votelaut.coSun 10:46 pmretweet
10Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Mes félicitations à @NicolasBillon qui a gagné le prix...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comSun 6:24 pmretweet
12Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Great to meet @RicoColantoni at the #CdnScreen15! What amazing...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comSun 5:44 pmretweet
115Conrad Black: Alarm bells must ring in response to the government’s new anti-terror bill@ElizabethMaynationalpost.comSun 4:33 pmretweet
47Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Mandatory selfie at the #CdnScreen15 Awards. #WhenInRome @Academy_NET...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comSun 3:11 pmretweet
33Twitter / ?@ThomasMulcairt.coSun 3:06 pmretweet
16Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "What a pleasure to meet the very talented @TatianaMaslany from...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comSun 3:05 pmretweet
4Peggy Nash, MP on Twitter: "@ThomasMulcair with Catherine at the @academy_net #cdnscreen15...@PeggyNashNDPtwitter.comSun 2:06 pmretweet
24Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "#NDP will partner with the mining industry to responsibly increase...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comSun 1:59 pmretweet
24Tom Mulcair’s NDP will strengthen the mining industry « Canada's NDP@ThomasMulcairndp.caSun 1:59 pmretweet
6Twitter / ?@ThomasMulcairt.coSun 1:58 pmretweet
6Le NPD de Tom Mulcair renforcera le secteur minier « NPD du Canada@ThomasMulcairnpd.caSun 1:58 pmretweet
8Christopher Skeete on Twitter: "@francoislegault et @EmyToussaint a l'œuvre pour @JBEmond...@Cskeetetwitter.comSun 1:50 pmretweet
3Andrew Cash on Twitter: "@ThomasMulcair @academy_net with his wife Catherine #CdnScreen15 congrats...@Cash4TOtwitter.comSun 1:39 pmretweet
7François Legault on Twitter: "Ça travaille fort au local électoral de la CAQ à...@francoislegaulttwitter.comSun 12:30 pmretweet
6François Legault on Twitter: "Danse de la FADOQ St-Maxime avec Colette, la mère de @EricSalvail...@francoislegaulttwitter.comSun 11:55 amretweet
7t.co / Twitter@coalitionavenirt.coSun 10:55 amretweet
7François Legault on Twitter: "Beaucoup de bénévoles au local électoral de la CAQ...@francoislegaulttwitter.comSun 10:53 amretweet
6François Legault on Twitter: "À la Résidence Château Langelier à Sorel-Tracy....@francoislegaulttwitter.comSun 10:04 amretweet

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