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17Bob Rae on Twitter: "Big Rideau October sunset. Beautiful http://t.co/zgXrNq5IRp"@BobRae48twitter.com1 hour agoretweet
3François Legault on Twitter: "Au 15e anniversaire de la Maison des Jeunes de L'Épiphanie....@francoislegaulttwitter.com4 hours agoretweet
7Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "We had a few minutes to spare in Quebec City tonight. Et oui......@ThomasMulcairtwitter.com4 hours agoretweet
4François Legault on Twitter: "Au 30e anniversaire du Centre Inter-Femmes de Repentigny....@francoislegaulttwitter.com6 hours agoretweet
29Elizabeth May MP on Twitter: "Look who I ran into! @NaomiAKlein and I was carrying my copy...@ElizabethMaytwitter.com10 hours agoretweet
118Liberal Party of Canada Leader Justin Trudeau condemns recent acts of vandalism@JustinTrudeauliberal.ca11 hours agoretweet
22Le chef du Parti libéral du Canada, Justin Trudeau, condamne les récents actes de vandalisme@JustinTrudeauliberal.ca11 hours agoretweet
50Jonathan Kay: Did one man’s attack on Parliament really change Canada ‘forever’?@ElizabethMayww2.nationalpost.com11 hours agoretweet
2We learned much about our political leaders in wake of Ottawa shooting - The Globe and Mail@jinnysimstheglobeandmail.com12 hours agoretweet
5François Legault on Twitter: "Inscrivez-vous au Congrès de la CAQ les 1er et 2 novembre...@francoislegaulttwitter.com13 hours agoretweet
2Victor Lau on Twitter: "@Packer_man This is what a Greener world looks like. Income Security,...@votelautwitter.com23 hours agoretweet
222Stephen Harper on Twitter: "Honoured to pay tribute to Corporal Cirillo & Warrant Officer Vincent...@pmharpertwitter.comFri 7:49 pmretweet
2Instagram@christyclarkbcinstagram.comFri 7:30 pmretweet
3François Legault on Twitter: "Avec le Président de l'Association pétrolière et...@francoislegaulttwitter.comFri 1:32 pmretweet
127Stephen Harper on Twitter: "The CAF will continue to vigilantly stand-to in the name of all...@pmharpertwitter.comFri 1:13 pmretweet
235Stephen Harper on Twitter: "Proud to join fellow Canadians at the reinstatement ceremony of...@pmharpertwitter.comFri 1:06 pmretweet
2Tim Hudak on Twitter: "Happy to meet with the Kowalik family, amid the antique farm vehicles,...@timhudaktwitter.comFri 1:01 pmretweet
75Elizabeth May MP on Twitter: "Meeting today with MPs and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. On meeting...@ElizabethMaytwitter.comFri 11:22 amretweet
2Injured sawmill explosion workers cry foul over WorkSafe BC treatment - The Globe and Mail@adriandixtheglobeandmail.comFri 10:57 amretweet
16Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Thank you to @CarpAdvocacy for inviting me to speak at your...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comFri 10:56 amretweet
10Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Merci @CarpAdvocacy de m’avoir invité à prendre...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comFri 10:55 amretweet
4Christy Clark on Twitter: ".@Koyczan takes bow with #stickboyopera cast. Not your average opera....@christyclarkbctwitter.comFri 9:12 amretweet
2Lakeland Mill blast survivors look for justice | Watch News Videos Online@adriandixglobalnews.caFri 8:40 amretweet
8Le PIB québécois est demeuré statique en juillet | Le Devoir@francoislegaultledevoir.comFri 8:11 amretweet
4Le Cirque du Soleil fait équipe avec le Club Med - Argent@francoislegaultargent.canoe.caFri 8:05 amretweet
2La Maison Notman devient un allié de Google - Argent@francoislegaultargent.canoe.caFri 8:04 amretweet
9Editorial: A day to be proud of our Parliament | Ottawa Citizen@ElizabethMayottawacitizen.comFri 7:33 amretweet
46Homegrown terrorists or unbalanced criminals? Our leaders disagree | CTV News@ElizabethMayctvnews.caFri 7:30 amretweet
4François Legault on Twitter: "Venez discuter de comment on peut créer de la richesse...@francoislegaulttwitter.comFri 7:02 amretweet
6Statement on World Polio Day – elizabethmaymp.ca – October 24, 2014@ElizabethMayelizabethmaymp.caFri 6:53 amretweet
3Green Party candidate enters race | Lloydminster Meridian Booster@votelaumeridianbooster.comThu 10:39 pmretweet
2Contribute | Oregon Right to Know@votelauoregonrighttoknow.ngpvanhThu 10:15 pmretweet
2Green America: Economic Action for a Just Planet@votelauaction.greenamerica.orgThu 10:01 pmretweet
27Elizabeth May - Remarks Concerning the Tragic Events on Parliament Hill - YouTube@ElizabethMayyoutube.comThu 7:55 pmretweet
185Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "On this #Diwali and #BandiChhorDivas, we remember the triumph...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comThu 6:18 pmretweet
28Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Célébrons #Diwali et #BandiChhorDivas, la victoire de...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comThu 6:17 pmretweet
41124 SEVEN Exclusive: PM delivers remarks in the House of Commons addressing the attacks in Ottawa...@pmharperyoutube.comThu 4:56 pmretweet
4Tim Hudak on Twitter: "Maitland is a happy, healthy 7-months old today, and already cutting...@timhudaktwitter.comThu 4:16 pmretweet
4Christy Clark on Twitter: "Glad to have @TerryFoxCanada's family with us today. Terry's legacy...@christyclarkbctwitter.comThu 3:30 pmretweet
2Lorraine Michael on Twitter: "@KatieBaggs closing memorial for murdered women and children....@lorrainemichaeltwitter.comThu 3:27 pmretweet
413Stephen Harper on Twitter: "On behalf of all Parliamentarians, thank you to the brave men &...@pmharpertwitter.comThu 2:07 pmretweet
3Jinny Sims on Twitter: "@ThomasMulcair and Catherine pay respects to Cpl Nathan Cirillo @ National...@jinnysimstwitter.comThu 2:02 pmretweet
4Twitter / Error@christyclarkbctwitter.comThu 1:56 pmretweet
5MLA calls for Lower Fraser River dredging plan | www.vickihuntington.ca@vickihuntingtonvickihuntington.caThu 1:13 pmretweet
40924 SEVEN : October 16th to 22nd - YouTube@pmharperyoutube.comThu 11:45 amretweet
2Statement on Diwali and Bandi Chhor Divas – elizabethmaymp.ca – October 23, 2014@ElizabethMayelizabethmaymp.caThu 11:33 amretweet
162Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "http://t.co/rXpNY6juI7"@JustinTrudeautwitter.comThu 10:16 amretweet
13Andrea Horwath on Twitter: "I was in Hamilton today to pay respects to Corporal Nathan Cirillo,...@AndreaHorwathtwitter.comThu 10:14 amretweet
300Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "To our Sgt-at-Arms, Parliamentary security, RCMP, and Ottawa...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comThu 9:06 amretweet
50Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Merci à notre sergent d'armes + sécurité parlementaire...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comThu 9:05 amretweet
5François Legault on Twitter: "Mes plus vives sympathies aux parents du jeune caporal Nathan...@francoislegaulttwitter.comThu 9:00 amretweet
22Speech: Shooting on Parliament Hill – elizabethmaymp.ca – October 23, 2014@ElizabethMayelizabethmaymp.caThu 8:53 amretweet
459Stephen Harper on Twitter: "Canada's thoughts & prayers are with Corporal Cirillo's family...@pmharpertwitter.comThu 8:25 amretweet
216Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "My thoughts and prayers, and the thoughts of the entire country,...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comThu 8:04 amretweet
51Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "C'est notre pays en entier qui se joint à moi pour offrir...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comThu 8:03 amretweet
2Penguins Pay Tribute to Ottawa, Sing 'O Canada' Before Game vs. Flyers | Bleacher Report@timhudakbleacherreport.comThu 7:45 amretweet
13Elizabeth May to hold Press Conference Today on the Tragic Shooting Incidents in Ottawa –...@ElizabethMayelizabethmaymp.caThu 7:34 amretweet
52“Lock your office door and stay away from the windows…” – elizabethmaymp.ca –...@ElizabethMayelizabethmaymp.caWed 6:40 pmretweet
200http://www.ndp.ca/news/speech-thomas-mulcair-shooting-parliament-hill- and-war-memorial@ThomasMulcairndp.caWed 6:22 pmretweet
43Discours de Thomas Mulcair concernant la fusillade sur la Colline Parlementaire et au Cénotaphe...@ThomasMulcairnpd.caWed 6:21 pmretweet
95Statement on the shooting incident in Ottawa – elizabethmaymp.ca – October 22, 2014@ElizabethMayelizabethmaymp.caWed 12:36 pmretweet
2Action needed to resolve Delta Hospital crisis: Huntington | www.vickihuntington.ca@vickihuntingtonvickihuntington.caWed 12:06 pmretweet
2CBC News Network LIVE - News - CBC Player@JohnPercyGPNScbc.caWed 9:10 amretweet
2Aging reactors: a failure to plan that will haunt nuclear utilities | GreenWorld@votelausafeenergy.orgTue 8:36 pmretweet
7Christy Clark on Twitter: "Broke ground on @FortisBC’s expanded Tilbury project–big...@christyclarkbctwitter.comTue 6:00 pmretweet
7FortisBC starts construction of expanded Tilbury LNG Facility > FortisBC@christyclarkbcfortisbc.comTue 6:00 pmretweet
3Bob Rae on Twitter: "At the #Travers2014 I much fun and good cheer. Debating the Senate and...@BobRae48twitter.comTue 5:38 pmretweet
11Christy Clark on Twitter: "#LNGinBC Income Tax means certainty for proponents & fair benefits...@christyclarkbctwitter.comTue 5:04 pmretweet
2Gough Whitlam dies at age 98 | Australia news | theguardian.com@adriandixtheguardian.comTue 4:05 pmretweet
64Stephen Harper on Twitter: "Honoured to present Sarah Burke’s family with the Peace Tower...@pmharpertwitter.comTue 2:40 pmretweet
2Vicki Huntington MLA on Twitter: "Thanks @FortisBC for hosting - Tilbury LNG expansion groundbreaking...@vickihuntingtontwitter.comTue 2:04 pmretweet
4Bob Rae on Twitter: "Premier Bob (aka student Bob) w Sir Isaiah Berlin 20 years ago at U of...@BobRae48twitter.comTue 1:11 pmretweet
4Page not found | The New York Review of Books@BobRae48nybooks.comTue 1:11 pmretweet
104 milliards $ « d’extras » dans les PPP du CHUM et du CUSM : Philippe Couillard doit stopper...@amirkhadirquebecsolidaire.netTue 12:14 pmretweet
4Montreal teacher, 73, loses job over film nudity more than 40 years ago - The Globe and Mail@BobRae48m.theglobeandmail.comTue 12:00 pmretweet
42Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "#Childcare should not cost as much as a mortgage. Support our plan...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comTue 10:18 amretweet
42Tom Mulcair’s affordable childcare plan@ThomasMulcairndp.caTue 10:18 amretweet
50Foreign scientists write letter criticizing decline of Canadian federal research - The Globe...@ElizabethMaym.theglobeandmail.comTue 8:37 amretweet
103Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on the death of a Canadian Armed Forces member in...@pmharperpm.gc.caTue 8:35 amretweet
6A Message to the 21st Century by Isaiah Berlin | The New York Review of Books@BobRae48nybooks.comTue 4:35 amretweet
5François Legault on Twitter: "Merci aux citoyens de Lévis! Merci à François Paradis...@francoislegaulttwitter.comMon 8:32 pmretweet
24Twitter / ?@christyclarkbct.coMon 7:10 pmretweet
2Existing Nuclear Power Plants May Be Renewable Energy's Best Friend - Forbes@votelauforbes.comMon 4:59 pmretweet
7Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Great to meet @AdamGarone today, co-found of #Movember. Un plaisir...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comMon 4:21 pmretweet
3Class warfare in the sandbox? | Broadbent Institute@jinnysimsbroadbentinstitute.caMon 2:00 pmretweet
42Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Stand with us: http://t.co/lFYyEwbwhO #NDP #cdnpoli #ImReady http://t.co/d7gkjloBGk"@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comMon 1:54 pmretweet
2Canada's NDP@ThomasMulcairndp.caMon 1:53 pmretweet
9Thomas Mulcair on Twitter: "Dites que vous embarquez: http://t.co/NUiuutW4By #polcan #npd #Jembarque...@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comMon 1:53 pmretweet
9404 « NPD du Canada@ThomasMulcairnpd.caMon 1:53 pmretweet
2Twitter / ?@ThomasMulcairtwitter.comMon 1:51 pmretweet
6Les citoyens et citoyennes veulent réduire les inégalités, pas les augmenter! - YouTube@FrancoiseDavidyoutube.comMon 1:41 pmretweet
2Twitter / ?@vickihuntingtontwitter.comMon 1:03 pmretweet
2Twitter / ?@vickihuntingtontwitter.comMon 12:59 pmretweet
4B.C. Heroes: Mary Ellen Smith@vickihuntingtonvancouversun.comMon 12:59 pmretweet
5Commission Godbout: Desjardins n'écarte pas le report du déficit zéro | Vincent Brousseau-Pouliot...@amirkhadiraffaires.lapresse.caMon 12:02 pmretweet
10Statement on Offshore Drilling in the Gulf of St Lawrence – elizabethmaymp.ca – October...@ElizabethMayelizabethmaymp.caMon 11:08 amretweet
7François Legault on Twitter: "Ça travaille fort dans Lévis pour @fparadisCAQ http://t.co/rDuriKmT5G"@francoislegaulttwitter.comMon 10:27 amretweet
9Ross never left Gorman mill - Local News - Mobile@christyclarkbckelownadailycourier.caMon 9:53 amretweet
41Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Look who I ran into this morning on set at @CTVCanadaAM. Nice...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comMon 9:51 amretweet
18Justin Trudeau, MP on Twitter: "Regardez qui j’ai croisé ce matin sur le plateau de...@JustinTrudeautwitter.comMon 9:50 amretweet

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