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2RichmondHillNDP on Twitter: "What they’re saying about Justin Trudeau’s latest flip-flop...@RichmondHillNDPtwitter.com7 hours agoretweet
2Twitter / ?@RichmondHillNDPt.co7 hours agoretweet
7RichmondHillNDP on Twitter: "Harper’s Index #Ready4Change #cdnpoli #RichmondHill #YorkRegion...@RichmondHillNDPtwitter.com7 hours agoretweet
2Bill Blair’s version of G20 ‘accountability’ leaves plenty of questions: Keenan | Toronto...@phpndpthestar.com7 hours agoretweet
3ParkdaleHighPark NDP on Twitter: ""Justin Trudeau is in a flip-flop pickle." http://t.co/omf2ZuaFnw...@phpndptwitter.com11 hours agoretweet
2Ryan Young for Lac-Saint-Louis « Canada's NDP@NDPLSLryanyoung.ndp.ca13 hours agoretweet
2Trudeau's deficit flip-flop, grist for Harper's mill | AKIN | Columnists | Opini@phpndptorontosun.com14 hours agoretweet
3Extended: 'I don't buy' Harper's approach | CTV News@LKMFedLiberalsctvnews.ca15 hours agoretweet
2NPD Lac-St-Louis NDP on Twitter: "@ndpmcgill http://t.co/zBTRnmWBOu"@NDPLSLtwitter.com16 hours agoretweet
2LIVE2: Justin Trudeau speaks in Gatineau | CTV News@WatLibctvnews.ca19 hours agoretweet
2Twitter / ?@OshawaNDPt.co21 hours agoretweet
2The set up of the upcoming grand opening... - Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound NDP Riding | Facebook@BGOS_NDPfacebook.comMon 10:50 pmretweet
4RichmondHillNDP on Twitter: "NDP REALITY CHECK: NDP still best fiscal managers. Liberals are...@RichmondHillNDPtwitter.comMon 9:56 pmretweet
4Twitter / ?@RichmondHillNDPt.coMon 9:49 pmretweet
4RichmondHillNDP on Twitter: ""Libs use more weasel words on #C51. #NDP only party that will...@RichmondHillNDPtwitter.comMon 9:41 pmretweet
10RichmondHillNDP on Twitter: "43% of our nominated candidates are women.  20 of our candidates...@RichmondHillNDPtwitter.comMon 9:35 pmretweet
3RCMP investigation into Pamela Wallin’s expenses handed to Crown | CTV News@WatLibctvnews.caMon 7:30 pmretweet
2Thomas Mulcair’s $28 billion hole: Mulcair will break his promises and impose…@LKMFedLiberalsplus.google.comMon 6:07 pmretweet
2Local Issues for Simcoe-Grey with Liberal Candidate Mike MacEachern | Simcoe Grey@SimcoeGrFedLibssimcoegrey.liberal.caMon 3:03 pmretweet
4Twitter / ?@OshawaNDPt.coSun 8:17 pmretweet
12RichmondHillNDP on Twitter: "We are proud that Tommy Douglas balanced 17 budgets at the same...@RichmondHillNDPtwitter.comSun 8:04 pmretweet
2Twitter / ?@RichmondHillNDPt.coSun 7:57 pmretweet
3RichmondHillNDP on Twitter: "Our economy grows $2 for every $1 invested in childcare. #AffordableChildcare...@RichmondHillNDPtwitter.comSun 7:50 pmretweet
2CTV News Channel: Fostering unity | CTV News@WatLibctvnews.caSun 7:20 pmretweet
3ParkdaleHighPark NDP on Twitter: "Canadians want change, and Conservatives and Liberals desperately...@phpndptwitter.comSun 7:13 pmretweet
9RichmondHillNDP on Twitter: "more than 1,000 people showed up to hear Tom’s message at...@RichmondHillNDPtwitter.comSun 6:07 pmretweet
8RichmondHillNDP on Twitter: "Canadians are tired of swapping Liberal corruption 4 Conservative...@RichmondHillNDPtwitter.comSun 5:59 pmretweet
4RichmondHillNDP on Twitter: ""The Liberals have had a different position on balancing the budget...@RichmondHillNDPtwitter.comSun 5:57 pmretweet
5Twitter / ?@RichmondHillNDPt.coSun 5:54 pmretweet
5RichmondHillNDP on Twitter: "Tom Mulcair announces plan to lift seniors out of poverty https://t.co/UXAMy7kRX7...@RichmondHillNDPtwitter.comSun 5:07 pmretweet
2RichmondHillNDP on Twitter: "NDP Leader Tom Mulcair stirs up orange wave in Halifax http://t.co/NJ1voKhCng...@RichmondHillNDPtwitter.comSun 5:05 pmretweet
2NDP Leader Tom Mulcair stirs up orange wave in Halifax | Metro News@RichmondHillNDPmetronews.caSun 5:05 pmretweet
2Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound NDP Riding shared... - Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound NDP Riding | Facebook@BGOS_NDPfacebook.comSun 4:49 pmretweet
2Twitter / ?@LKMFedLiberalst.coSun 4:01 pmretweet
4Mr. Mulcair is wrong about deficits | rabble.ca@WatLibrabble.caSun 3:53 pmretweet
2What they’re saying: Trudeau commits to largest infrastructure investment in…@LKMFedLiberalsplus.google.comSun 2:16 pmretweet
5RichmondHillNDP on Twitter: "“You can’t claim to be a progressive and support #BillC51”...@RichmondHillNDPtwitter.comSun 10:13 amretweet
9CarpAdvocacy on Twitter: ".@ThomasMulcair promises to incr. GIS for seniors and reverse OAS...@phpndptwitter.comSun 7:47 amretweet
3Putting numbers to the NDP's potential corporate tax rate plan@WatLibcanadianbusiness.comSun 7:36 amretweet
2Trudeau reaffirms commitment to strong, united Canada: MISSISSAUGA, ON – A…@LKMFedLiberalsplus.google.comSun 6:50 amretweet
3NPD Lac-St-Louis NDP on Twitter: "#TM4PM #mulcairmania #ndp #freegraphics http://t.co/DcP8pF2tzY"@NDPLSLtwitter.comSat 6:44 pmretweet
5NPD Lac-St-Louis NDP on Twitter: "#TM4PM #ndp #westisland #mulcairmania #elxn2015 #npd http://t.co/94xxeBIpFs"@NDPLSLtwitter.comSat 6:10 pmretweet
3Twitter / ?@guelphndpt.coSat 6:01 pmretweet
7Twitter / ?@RichmondHillNDPt.coSat 5:27 pmretweet
5NDP will repeal the Liberals' and Conservatives' Bill C-51 - YouTube@RichmondHillNDPyoutube.comSat 5:24 pmretweet
4NDP | Donation@NDPLSLsecure.ndp.caSat 5:15 pmretweet
2Ian Sinclair on Twitter: "This clip of @PeggyNashNDP asking Bill Blair about G20 makes me...@phpndptwitter.comSat 4:41 pmretweet
2Peggy Nash on Twitter: "Thanks for your support and hard work, Tracey! Read her letter here:...@phpndptwitter.comSat 4:20 pmretweet
2Strong Liberal team will deliver historic infrastructure investment for…@LKMFedLiberalsplus.google.comSat 2:22 pmretweet
6Canada's NDP@RichmondHillNDPndp.caSat 11:41 amretweet
2Twitter / ?@RichmondHillNDPt.coSat 10:43 amretweet
2Video of Justin Trudeau's #infrastructure announcement in Oakville on Thursday…@LKMFedLiberalsplus.google.comSat 9:32 amretweet
3Tom Mulcair announces plan to lift seniors out of poverty - YouTube@RichmondHillNDPyoutube.comSat 9:20 amretweet
3Oshawa Federal NDP on Twitter: "51 days until #TM4PM. Oshawa is #Ready4Change. #BillC51 http://t.co/C8ZFp1k2dV"@OshawaNDPtwitter.comSat 8:11 amretweet
2Québec solidaire: l'éducation, enjeu prioritaire de son caucus | Politique québécoise@QS_jeanlesagelapresse.caSat 8:07 amretweet
2James Valcke on Twitter: "Holy snap! This @JustinTrudeau Vine on #C51 has almost 20,000 views...@NDPLSLtwitter.comSat 7:14 amretweet
2CARBON - David McLaren NDP - YouTube@BGOS_NDPyoutube.comSat 6:22 amretweet
2Peggy Nash on Twitter: "Today's G&M said Blair hasn't adequately accounted for #G20. Watch...@phpndptwitter.comSat 5:30 amretweet
2Egyptian court sentences Canadian journalist Fahmy to 3 years in prison | Ottawa Citizen@WatLibottawacitizen.comSat 3:36 amretweet
19Canada's prime minister wants to make it harder for people to vote against him | Caroline Konrad...@WatLibtheguardian.comFri 6:41 pmretweet
2Mulcair’s absurd Senate savings pledge: TORONTO – In a weak attempt to deflect…@LKMFedLiberalsplus.google.comFri 6:08 pmretweet
2Conservative Myth DESTROYED: Seattle Restaurants Post Largest Monthly Job Gain Ever@BGOS_NDPusuncut.comFri 3:46 pmretweet
3Trudeau commits to largest infrastructure investment in Canadian history:…@LKMFedLiberalsplus.google.comFri 1:55 pmretweet
3Country bracing for 'made in Canada' recession: former chief statistician | CTV News@OshawaNDPctvnews.caFri 1:18 pmretweet
6Davenport NDP on Twitter: "Mulcair overtakes Harper as top choice for prime minister: poll...@DavenportNDPtwitter.comFri 1:14 pmretweet
6Mulcair overtakes Harper as top choice for prime minister: poll - National | Globalnews.ca@DavenportNDPglobalnews.caFri 1:14 pmretweet
4One-on-one interview with Justin Trudeau and Robert Fife:@LKMFedLiberalsplus.google.comFri 11:47 amretweet
3Flaherty looked to Liberals for lessons on spending cuts - Politics - CBC News@phpndpcbc.caFri 7:06 amretweet
3» Strong Liberal team will deliver historic infrastructure investment for Montreal@WatLibliberal.caFri 6:25 amretweet
2» Mulcair’s vanishing health care pledge@WatLibliberal.caFri 6:13 amretweet
4LIVE1: Trudeau event on the economy in Montreal | CTV News@WatLibctvnews.caFri 5:05 amretweet
2John McCullagh on Twitter: "Can NDP pull it off here? | The London Free Press http://t.co/53xbRJaQnr...@LondonWestNDPtwitter.comThu 7:27 pmretweet
3Hundreds cheer Mulcair's plans | Brantford Expositor@LondonWestNDPbrantfordexpositor.caThu 7:01 pmretweet
5CTV News Channel: 'It's time for real change' | CTV News@LKMFedLiberalsctvnews.caThu 4:44 pmretweet
2Data shows Harper’s economic mismanagement worst in the G7: OTTAWA – Stephen…@LKMFedLiberalsplus.google.comThu 4:07 pmretweet
4FCM - Statement from FCM President on the Liberal Party's announcement@WatLibfcm.caThu 2:05 pmretweet
2Tom Legrady on Twitter: "They love you at Mould st as well, @mikesullivan! #ysw #elxn42 #NDP2015 #TM4PM http://t.co/BhhI0S6a8K"@NDPLSLtwitter.comThu 2:02 pmretweet
4The Forum Poll™ - NDP on track for majority government@AdamDeVitaNDPpoll.forumresearch.comThu 1:44 pmretweet
2Adam DeVita on Twitter: "Here with my opponents @MichaelParsa & @MajidJowhari @ Councillor...@AdamDeVitaNDPtwitter.comThu 1:42 pmretweet
2Marc Garneau on Twitter: "@AdamDeVitaNDP @TOAdamVaughan what Liberals criticize is NDP misrepresentation...@AdamDeVitaNDPtwitter.comThu 1:16 pmretweet
3Marc Garneau on Twitter: "@AdamDeVitaNDP Surprised you dont know fed min wage votes for BOTH...@AdamDeVitaNDPtwitter.comThu 12:54 pmretweet
2Jennifer Hollett on Twitter: "My response to "Freeland campaign said to target NDP opponent...@AdamDeVitaNDPtwitter.comThu 12:36 pmretweet
2Day of Action Against Bill C-51 | Facebook@OshawaNDPfacebook.comThu 11:40 amretweet
2NPD Lac-St-Louis NDP on Twitter: "#TM4PM http://t.co/Kcu2G7ZfNw"@NDPLSLtwitter.comThu 8:46 amretweet
2Michael Bolen on Twitter: "Tom Mulcair is doing a Facebook Q&A tomorrow #cdnpoli #elxn42 https://t.co/zQXFLNGqXJ http://t.co/WBdqJIGQzw"@TDNDPtwitter.comThu 7:20 amretweet
2https://twitter.com/safety/unsafe_link_warning?unsafe_link=https%3A%2F %2Fwww.facebook.com%2FTomMulcair%2Fposts%2F875871742500699@TDNDPtwitter.comThu 7:20 amretweet
3NDP | Donation@LondonWestNDPsecure.ndp.caThu 5:30 amretweet
9NDP in reach of majority, new poll suggests | Toronto Star@AdamDeVitaNDPthestar.comThu 4:54 amretweet
8Trudeau is talking sense amid deficit hysteria | Toronto Star@WatLibthestar.comThu 4:43 amretweet
2http://m.thestar.com/#/article/news/federal-election/2015/08/26/conser vative-governments-character-revealed-in-duffy-affair-hbert.html@OshawaNDPm.thestar.comThu 4:05 amretweet
3ParkdaleHighPark NDP on Twitter: ".@ClairePrashaw @CheriDiNovo @PeggyNashNDP Super canvassers...@phpndptwitter.comWed 8:34 pmretweet
2ParkdaleHighPark NDP on Twitter: "@gwenstyles You folks are the best! #ParkHP #NDP #TM4PM http://t.co/JyxZU4MjTB"@phpndptwitter.comWed 8:06 pmretweet
3At the Duffy trial, the firemen just keeping bringing more kindling - The Globe and Mail@WatLibtheglobeandmail.comWed 7:11 pmretweet
2Wayne Nikitiuk on Twitter: "Worst growth rate in North America thru the 90s// matching Mississippi...@AdamDeVitaNDPtwitter.comWed 6:20 pmretweet
2Conservatives have reason to fear NDP in Southwestern Ontario - The Globe and Mail@LondonWestNDPtheglobeandmail.comWed 6:19 pmretweet
2Yvonne Sawatzky on Twitter: "Woo hoo! Hooray! #TM4PM https://t.co/VZKHzFYGG7"@NDPLSLtwitter.comWed 6:10 pmretweet
2Rick Barnes on Twitter: ".@ThomasMulcair at @revelcaffe in @StratfordON today @NDP_HQ #TM4PM...@NDPLSLtwitter.comWed 6:08 pmretweet
4ParkdaleHighPark NDP on Twitter: "Full phone bank tonight at @PeggyNashNDP HQ! #TM4PM #NDP...@phpndptwitter.comWed 5:35 pmretweet
4Monica Henry on Twitter: "NDP socialists will campaign anywhere on political spectrum they...@AdamDeVitaNDPtwitter.comWed 3:48 pmretweet
6Oshawa Federal NDP on Twitter: "Great quote from Stephen Lewis. We feel it in the neighbourhoods....@OshawaNDPtwitter.comAug 26, 2015 11:10 amretweet

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