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3Inuit brace for full bore Arctic development at international summit - North - CBC News@UBCICcbc.ca3 hours agoretweet
3Sudbury First Nation athlete strikes gold at Indigenous Games - Sudbury - CBC News@UBCICcbc.ca5 hours agoretweet
2Loretta Saunders murder accused whisked into court early - Nova Scotia - CBC News@UBCICcbc.ca5 hours agoretweet
3The Shipibo-Konibo of Cantagallo: Preserving indigenous culture in a slum | Al Jazeera America@UBCICamerica.aljazeera.com5 hours agoretweet
6Twitter / UBCIC: Copper Breaking Ceremony - ...@UBCICtwitter.com11 hours agoretweet
5Black American Indians seek to honor their mixed ancestry | Al Jazeera America@UBCICamerica.aljazeera.com13 hours agoretweet
3How the global response to HIV/AIDS renders Indigenous peoples “invisible” | Croakey@UBCICblogs.crikey.com.au15 hours agoretweet
3Medical science camp inspires northern, inner-city Manitoba youth - Manitoba - CBC News@UBCICcbc.ca16 hours agoretweet
3Forest Rights Offer Major Opportunity to Counter Climate Change | Inter Press Service@UBCICipsnews.net16 hours agoretweet
2Horn-Miller chats with Littlechild, one of NAIG’s founders » APTN National News@UBCICaptn.ca17 hours agoretweet
2Forest fires continue to ravage NWT » APTN National News@UBCICaptn.ca17 hours agoretweet
2Talimalaw’s death a great loss to Indigenous journalists across globe » APTN National News@UBCICaptn.ca17 hours agoretweet
3New York basketball team shows determination at NAIG - Saskatchewan - CBC News@UBCICcbc.ca19 hours agoretweet
3Inuit begin battle against seismic testing over fears it endangers marine life » APTN National...@UBCICaptn.ca22 hours agoretweet
4Why every Canadian should watch Rhymes for Young Ghouls - Aboriginal - CBC@UBCICcbc.ca22 hours agoretweet
9Twitter / ?@UBCICt.co22 hours agoretweet
9Twitter / ?@UBCICt.co22 hours agoretweet
2From Red Winter to Indian Summer, Drezus ignites with Warpath » APTN National News@UBCICaptn.caWed 11:11 amretweet
2Greenpeace, Inuit come together to fight Arctic seismic testing - North - CBC News@UBCICcbc.caWed 9:09 amretweet
5Yukon fracking committee hears an overwhelming 'No' - North - CBC News@UBCICcbc.caWed 9:09 amretweet
4Doctors speak out against Enbridge - Local - Prince George Citizen@UBCICprincegeorgecitizen.comWed 9:07 amretweet
3Editorial: Prevent conflict over burial sites - Editorials - Times Colonist@UBCICtimescolonist.comWed 8:58 amretweet
2NunatsiaqOnline 2014-07-22: NEWS: Aglukkaq slams Greenpeace’s attempts to make amends with...@UBCICnunatsiaqonline.caWed 8:54 amretweet
5Culturally modified trees point to history, culture and technology of Heiltsuk First Nation@UBCICtheprovince.comWed 8:32 amretweet
4Deal will give Metis an economic share in development of forests@UBCICpulpandpapercanada.comWed 8:23 amretweet
7Grand Chief Stewart Phillip on Supreme Court ruling in Tsilhqot'in title case | rabble.ca@UBCICrabble.caWed 8:21 amretweet
2Clyde River, Nunavut to hunt first bowhead whale in a century - North - CBC News@UBCICcbc.caWed 8:09 amretweet
3Touaregs Seek Secular and Democratic Multi-Ethnic State | Inter Press Service@UBCICipsnews.netWed 5:07 amretweet
3Vancouver's Oppenheimer Park protest raises question of aboriginal title to urban centres -...@UBCICcbc.caWed 2:08 amretweet
5Indigenous people‘s groups to air their plight days before SONA | News | GMA News Online@UBCICgmanetwork.comTue 5:30 pmretweet
4NAIG offers gateway to cultural learning » APTN National News@UBCICaptn.caTue 5:16 pmretweet
2The Linklater inspiration on the basketball court » APTN National News@UBCICaptn.caTue 5:15 pmretweet
2East Coast First Nation firefighters face emergency cash crunch » APTN National News@UBCICaptn.caTue 4:07 pmretweet
2Team NWT’s Andre churning water to gold » APTN National News@UBCICaptn.caTue 4:07 pmretweet
3Coby Felsman beats the odds at North American Indigenous Games - Aboriginal - CBC@UBCICcbc.caTue 3:08 pmretweet
2Stepping up the HIV response in the world's Indigenous communities@UBCICtheconversation.comTue 2:17 pmretweet
3Chiefs of Ontario push for inquiry into student deaths - Thunder Bay - CBC News@UBCICcbc.caTue 10:08 amretweet
3Lutsel K’e Dene cancel spiritual gathering due to fires - North - CBC News@UBCICcbc.caTue 9:09 amretweet
4Hyper-abundant pink salmon are outcompeting wild sockeye@UBCICvancouversun.comTue 8:23 amretweet
2No Cookies | The Courier-Mail@UBCICcouriermail.com.auTue 8:18 amretweet
4Homeless protesters claim land rights but several First Nations distancing themselves - BC...@UBCICglobalnews.caTue 8:11 amretweet
2Loretta Saunders murder suspects back in court - Nova Scotia - CBC News@UBCICcbc.caTue 8:09 amretweet
2Gitxsan displeased with pipeline offer made directly to hereditary chiefs@UBCICvancouversun.comTue 8:08 amretweet
4Fishermen 'disrespecting' sacred Indigenous ceremony in Top End - ABC Rural (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)@UBCICabc.net.auMon 5:30 pmretweet
2Indigenous Communities Say Education, Funding Key to Fighting HIV/AIDS | www.iede.co.uk@UBCICiede.co.ukMon 5:30 pmretweet
2NAIG battles begin on the soccer pitch » APTN National News@UBCICaptn.caMon 5:16 pmretweet
2Team Eastern Door aiming to leave mark on wrestling mat » APTN National News@UBCICaptn.caMon 5:16 pmretweet
2Two Norway House youth watched as RCMP officer shot their 20 year-old brother during ball tournament...@UBCICaptn.caMon 5:16 pmretweet
5Indigenous Communities Say Education, Funding Key to Fighting HIV/AIDS | Inter Press Service@UBCICipsnews.netMon 5:10 pmretweet
2Gino Odjick honoured by home community » APTN National News@UBCICaptn.caMon 4:08 pmretweet
2NAIG opens with a bang » APTN National News@UBCICaptn.caMon 4:08 pmretweet
2Canoeing sisters strike gold during NAIG competition » APTN National News@UBCICaptn.caMon 4:08 pmretweet
2Balfour Collegiate in Regina to drop 'Redmen' name - Saskatchewan - CBC News@UBCICcbc.caMon 2:08 pmretweet
4Thousands of athletes in Regina as N.A. Indigenous Games begin - Saskatchewan - CBC News@UBCICcbc.caMon 11:10 amretweet
3Three candidates in running to become AMC grand chief - Winnipeg Free Press@UBCICwinnipegfreepress.comMon 7:22 amretweet
2RCMP shoot man at baseball tournament on Manitoba reserve - Manitoba - CBC News@UBCICcbc.caMon 7:08 amretweet
5Campers refuse to leave Vancouver's Oppenheimer Park, saying it's First Nations land@UBCICvancouversun.comMon 6:58 amretweet
6Oppenheimer homeless camp: First Nations members issue eviction notice to Vancouver - British...@UBCICcbc.caMon 6:50 amretweet
9B.C. government offers Gitxsan First Nation signing bonus - The Globe and Mail@UBCICtheglobeandmail.comMon 6:43 amretweet
3Finding grave 'like winning the lottery' for Keewaywin family - Thunder Bay - CBC News@UBCICcbc.caMon 4:06 amretweet
3allAfrica.com: Tanzania: Indigenous Rights Discussed Globally@UBCICallafrica.comMon 2:14 amretweet
5Grassroots database launched for missing, murdered native women - Aboriginal - CBC@UBCICcbc.caMon 2:07 amretweet
4Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs to elect Grand Chief - Winnipeg Free Press@UBCICwinnipegfreepress.comSun 7:49 pmretweet
5Catholic pilgrims trek en masse to Lac Ste. Anne, Alta. - Edmonton - CBC News@UBCICcbc.caSun 7:06 pmretweet
6Oppenheimer homeless camp: First Nations members issue eviction notice to Vancouver - British...@UBCICcbc.caSun 7:06 pmretweet
2Q&A: Canada's oil sands linked to health woes - Features - Al Jazeera English@UBCICaljazeera.comSun 5:31 pmretweet
2Canada: The Ktunaxa - Living the Language - Al Jazeera English@UBCICaljazeera.comSun 5:29 pmretweet
3Fourth World Eye Blog@UBCICcwis.orgSun 5:25 pmretweet
2Focus groups hint Conservatives out of sync on Northern Gateway - Politics - CBC News@UBCICcbc.caSun 4:05 pmretweet
7Gino Odjick makes surprise appearance at ceremony to rename arena in his honor » APTN National...@UBCICaptn.caSun 2:07 pmretweet
7Twitter / UBCIC: @waneekhm and @Mike_Hutchins0n ...@UBCICtwitter.comSun 1:05 pmretweet
2CBCNews.ca Mobile@UBCICcbc.caSun 11:01 amretweet
8Les Leyne: B.C. Liberals quiet on land title ruling - Columnists - Times Colonist@UBCICtimescolonist.comSun 9:17 amretweet
2UBCIC - UBCIC shared a video. | Facebook@UBCICfacebook.comSun 8:49 amretweet
3Instagram@UBCICinstagram.comSat 11:50 pmretweet
2UBCIC - UBCIC shared Jeff Rockwell's video. | Facebook@UBCICfacebook.comSat 7:00 pmretweet
2Victim of homophobic attack moves from hate to hope - Aboriginal - CBC@UBCICcbc.caSat 2:06 amretweet
2UBCIC - Mobile Uploads | Facebook@UBCICfacebook.comFri 11:55 pmretweet
3Wild salmon rally at Peach Arch - Chilliwack Progress@UBCICtheprogress.comFri 9:46 pmretweet
3Indigenous Games ready to roll as athletes start arriving in Regina - Saskatchewan - CBC News@UBCICcbc.caFri 8:06 pmretweet
3Instagram@UBCICinstagram.comFri 7:49 pmretweet
7CBC’s Waubgeshig Rice to receive First Nations Storytelling award - Sudbury - CBC News@UBCICcbc.caFri 6:05 pmretweet
2Aboriginal culture finds place on Winnipeg's Fringe Fest stage - Aboriginal - CBC@UBCICcbc.caFri 5:13 pmretweet
2New Zealand brings haka to the mound for softball championship » APTN National News@UBCICaptn.caFri 4:06 pmretweet
3Stage is set, host city ready for North American Indigenous Games » APTN National News@UBCICaptn.caFri 4:06 pmretweet
2Team Manitoba pumped and primed for North American Indigenous Games » APTN National News@UBCICaptn.caFri 4:06 pmretweet
2The Thai-Chi pow wow guy - YouTube@UBCICyoutube.comFri 11:25 amretweet
6CBC.ca | Daybreak North | Rock slide spawns the great salmon rescue of Telegraph Creek@UBCICcbc.caFri 10:40 amretweet
5This Aboriginal Case Should Help Dispel Colonial Attitudes | Andreas Krebs@UBCIChuffingtonpost.caFri 10:09 amretweet
3Remote Indigenous Tribe Adopts Wi-Fi Network in Hopes of Survival@UBCICmashable.comFri 8:17 amretweet
3First Nations study uncovers grizzly bear 'highway' | ScienceBlog.com@UBCICscienceblog.comFri 8:16 amretweet
2ScienceBlog.com Home | ScienceBlog.com@UBCICScienceBlog.comFri 8:16 amretweet
2Thunder Bay athletes head to North American Indigenous Games - Thunder Bay - CBC News@UBCICcbc.caFri 5:12 amretweet
5Study led by indigenous people uncovers grizzly bear 'highway'@UBCICeurekalert.orgFri 2:16 amretweet
7Twitter / UBCIC: #WildSalmon Protest this Saturday ...@UBCICtwitter.comJul 17, 2014 10:50 pmretweet
4Course creating more skilled aboriginal workers - Saskatoon - CBC News@UBCICcbc.caJul 17, 2014 10:06 pmretweet
3A Tribe Called Red without DJ Shub? » APTN National News@UBCICaptn.caJul 17, 2014 8:08 pmretweet
2Metis veteran was youngest sergeant in Canadian military during Korean War » APTN National...@UBCICaptn.caJul 17, 2014 4:06 pmretweet
2Metis swimmers have golden sights set on NAIG » APTN National News@UBCICaptn.caJul 17, 2014 4:06 pmretweet
3AFN Halifax meeting ends with pledge for renewal » APTN National News@UBCICaptn.caJul 17, 2014 4:06 pmretweet

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Union of BC Indian Chiefs

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