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11Olivia Chow on Twitter: "On this Remembrance Day: http://t.co/UAV4uAQJsU"@oliviachowtwitter.comNov 11, 2014 6:22 amretweet
6Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Looking forward to seeing my campaign volunteers at a thank you party...@oliviachowtwitter.comNov 10, 2014 1:20 pmretweet
11Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Took a few days off away from the city and reconnecting with nature....@oliviachowtwitter.comNov 09, 2014 6:40 amretweet
14Gim Foon Wong’s motorcycle ride turned the tide on Chinese head-tax redress - The Globe and...@oliviachowtheglobeandmail.comNov 06, 2014 3:44 pmretweet
34#BeenRapedNeverReported: Powerful Stories And Conversation@oliviachowm.huffpost.comNov 02, 2014 7:00 amretweet
20Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Pumpkin of Lost Souls, created by Hugh Campbell. #halloweenart http://t.co/M3jMQPgkww"@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 31, 2014 4:14 pmretweet
11Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Ready for #Halloween at my grand kids house. Very grateful to have...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 31, 2014 3:16 pmretweet
15Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Getting ready to watch the results with Sarah Layton and the family....@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 4:58 pmretweet
15Olivia Chow on Twitter: "#Olivia4Mayor http://t.co/toyfFIspo3"@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 4:34 pmretweet
10Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Out and about talking to voters. People are ready for a mayor who...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 2:44 pmretweet
24Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Stopped by HQ to thank our volunteers. We have 6,000+ supporters helping...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 1:47 pmretweet
21Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Lots of smiles and support from young and future voters. Let's do...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 1:14 pmretweet
10Olivia Chow on Twitter: "These ladies just hurried out of their office across the street to...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 1:05 pmretweet
16Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Lack of child care big issue among young parents here at Jane and...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 12:59 pmretweet
10Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Speaking with voters at Jane and Wilson about transit in our city....@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 12:51 pmretweet
19Election Night Party - Olivia Chow@oliviachowoliviachow.caOct 27, 2014 11:37 amretweet
15Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Diversity is our strength. Proud to meet so many enthusiastic young...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 11:07 amretweet
11https://twitter.com/oliviachow/status/52 6796346368720897/photo/1@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 11:03 amretweet
12Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Meeting so many young people who are voting for first time. #Toronto...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 11:00 amretweet
8Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Selfie time in Dundas Square. #Olivia4Mayor http://t.co/wbnTRukj1c"@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 10:59 amretweet
6Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Meeting a diversity of amazing supporters. #Topoli http://t.co/Kwdh2kPcUH"@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 10:59 amretweet
9Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Yellow and purple - the right colours for today! #Olivia4Mayor http://t.co/D5fqdmYzcF"@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 9:56 amretweet
4Olivia Chow on Twitter: ""Olivia, I just voted for you!" #Olivia4Mayor http://t.co/J9Tp17lG7E"@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 9:52 amretweet
26Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Young lady: "I considered voting for someone else, but I didn't. I...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 9:49 amretweet
9Olivia Chow on Twitter: ""Olivia, we need you! We need you as our new mayor!" students tell...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 9:43 amretweet
38Olivia Chow on Twitter: "You can vote until 8:00 p.m. More info on where and what ID to bring...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 9:39 amretweet
12Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Young lady: "You're such an inspiration! Excited to vote for you -...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 9:22 amretweet
11Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Tremendous response at Ryerson. Students are excited to vote for change....@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 9:20 amretweet
45Twitter / ?@oliviachowt.coOct 27, 2014 7:37 amretweet
117Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Good morning Toronto. Today, vote with hope for the city we love....@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 5:48 amretweet
43Olivia Chow on Twitter: "http://t.co/Akom7sziP6"@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 5:46 amretweet
6Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Warm welcome from Scarboro residents at Markham Rd and Lawrence. They...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 27, 2014 5:24 amretweet
14Olivia Chow on Twitter: "At Fairview Mall. Lots of young people concerned about youth unemployment....@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 26, 2014 4:16 pmretweet
134Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Tomorrow, vote with hope, not out of fear. #Olivia4Mayor #TOpoli http://t.co/oMISqbRGdW"@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 26, 2014 4:04 pmretweet
30Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Every person, in every neighbourhood, counts. #TOpoli #Olivia4Mayor...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 26, 2014 4:02 pmretweet
5Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Great conversations at Sheppard and Markham. Lots of support for Sheppard...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 26, 2014 4:00 pmretweet
26Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Honouring volunteers at @iftlive volunteer appreciation event. Let's...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 26, 2014 1:33 pmretweet
41Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Let's ask ourselves, what can we do with each other, for each other?...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 26, 2014 12:06 pmretweet
12Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Thanks to the hundreds of supporters at today's high-energy rally....@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 26, 2014 11:48 amretweet
21Olivia Asks People to Vote for the City and Mayor They Want - Olivia Chow@oliviachowoliviachow.caOct 26, 2014 10:46 amretweet
20Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Amazing energy at our final campaign rally. Speaking soon. #Olivia4Mayor http://t.co/QjSnMGcvm6"@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 26, 2014 10:09 amretweet
21Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Let's build a more caring city for all - including seniors. http://t.co/6ZFdROeWL7...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 26, 2014 9:10 amretweet
18Parks and Spaces for People - Olivia Chow@oliviachowoliviachow.caOct 26, 2014 8:07 amretweet
18Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Events like farmer's markets strengthen communities. I will make it...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 26, 2014 8:07 amretweet
11Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Strong coffee and strong support at the Leslieville Farmer's Market...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 26, 2014 7:46 amretweet
29Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Part of my comprehensive and fully costed platform: an expert-designed...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 25, 2014 8:05 pmretweet
11Twitter / ?@oliviachowt.coOct 25, 2014 4:30 pmretweet
7Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Purple is the 'in' colour this fall. #nightofdread #Olivia4Mayor @clayandpaper http://t.co/mlLbh48YB1"@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 25, 2014 4:25 pmretweet
37Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Half of all households in Toronto rent their homes. Time to strengthen...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 25, 2014 2:10 pmretweet
27Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Transit, child care, jobs for young people, affordable housing: let's...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 25, 2014 1:48 pmretweet
19Twitter / ?@oliviachowt.coOct 25, 2014 12:39 pmretweet
9Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Lots of laughter and support in East York - with the wonderful Councillor...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 25, 2014 12:13 pmretweet
56Olivia Chow on Twitter: "This Monday, vote for the mayor you want. #Olivia4Mayor #TOpoli http://t.co/5pk8xc2eTR"@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 25, 2014 11:49 amretweet
24Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Every person counts. That's why I will invest in child care, school...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 25, 2014 10:46 amretweet
15Olivia Chow on Twitter: "MP Andrew Cash is a champion for Toronto and for the arts. Great to...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 25, 2014 10:41 amretweet
14Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Passed through Kensington Market and had to stop at @BunnersBakeShop...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 25, 2014 10:34 amretweet
16Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Amazing energy, amazing women at the kick-off for today's women's...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 25, 2014 8:54 amretweet
33Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Expanding child care is a key way to improve women’s earning...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 25, 2014 8:51 amretweet
39Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Public transit, affordable housing: more women than men rely on them....@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 25, 2014 7:52 amretweet
38Olivia Will Act on Women’s Issues. They Won’t. - Olivia Chow@oliviachowoliviachow.caOct 25, 2014 7:14 amretweet
26Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Let's put children at the heart of our city. I will create 3,000 new...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 25, 2014 6:03 amretweet
10Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Having fun at the Jackman School Harvest Festival - in support of...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 24, 2014 6:00 pmretweet
7Toronto votes October 27@oliviachowcfib-fcei.caOct 24, 2014 4:05 pmretweet
19Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Did I mention I'm the only candidate with a plan to create jobs for...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 24, 2014 3:22 pmretweet
8Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Pape and Danforth residents agree: let's get started on the engineering...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 24, 2014 3:04 pmretweet
13Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Our HQ are brimming with activity - and we have two more offices like...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 24, 2014 2:39 pmretweet
27Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Proud to have the endorsement of Oscar-nominated director and actor...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 24, 2014 2:15 pmretweet
6Twitter / ?@oliviachowt.coOct 24, 2014 1:53 pmretweet
3Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Meeting exceptional people in a priority neighbourhood, Jane and Finch....@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 24, 2014 1:50 pmretweet
7Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Featured in the latest edition of @DOSmagazine, bilingual English-Spanish...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 24, 2014 12:50 pmretweet
7Twitter / ?@oliviachowt.coOct 24, 2014 12:33 pmretweet
41Olivia Chow on Twitter: "I'm committed to building 200 km of cycling infrastructure. Mr. Tory...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 24, 2014 10:29 amretweet
6Olivia Chow on Twitter: "So sweet! Supporter Bryan just dropped off some flowers for me - complete...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 24, 2014 9:55 amretweet
18Olivia Chow releases list of campaign donations | Toronto Star@oliviachowthestar.comOct 24, 2014 9:26 amretweet
18Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Lack of housing, rising child poverty: I'm the only candidate who...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 24, 2014 9:01 amretweet
8Olivia Chow on Twitter: "We need action on housing, poverty, transit. Glad to be joined by...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 24, 2014 8:58 amretweet
17Olivia Chow shows grit in life and a tough election | Toronto Star@oliviachowthestar.comOct 24, 2014 8:10 amretweet
14Olivia Will Make a Difference Now. They Won’t. - Olivia Chow@oliviachowoliviachow.caOct 24, 2014 7:01 amretweet
7Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Had a fun time on @Flow935 this morning. Keep it up! #Toronto http://t.co/1J43WrQwV4"@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 24, 2014 6:30 amretweet
27Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Thanks to @CityNews for hosting the final debate of this campaign....@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 23, 2014 5:32 pmretweet
165Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Thanks @lenadunham for your support! Enjoy your time in Toronto. #TOpoli http://t.co/uavSon5qj7"@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 23, 2014 1:24 pmretweet
16We're With Olivia Rally - Olivia Chow@oliviachowoliviachow.caOct 23, 2014 1:11 pmretweet
32Olivia Chow on Twitter: "We're 60,000 strong on Twitter. Thank you! This Monday get out and...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 23, 2014 11:32 amretweet
4422 Minutes: John Tory Campaign Spot - YouTube@oliviachowyoutube.comOct 23, 2014 11:24 amretweet
9Sign Up to Help Get Out the Vote - Olivia Chow@oliviachowoliviachow.caOct 23, 2014 10:26 amretweet
6Olivia Chow on Twitter: "My priorities for young people and families are clear; my opponents...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 23, 2014 9:11 amretweet
17Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Youth unemployment in Toronto is at 22%. Too high you think? Then...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 23, 2014 8:57 amretweet
7Olivia Has Youth and Children’s Policies. They Don’t. - Olivia Chow@oliviachowoliviachow.caOct 23, 2014 7:16 amretweet
19Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Let's build a more caring city. I'm the only candidate who will expand...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 23, 2014 5:12 amretweet
4Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Thank you so much! MT @bfchang Ready to go for #turnoutTO @csiTO @csiannex...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 22, 2014 6:54 pmretweet
61Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Great to reconnect with Calgary's @nenshi who says "LRTs work well......@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 22, 2014 6:34 pmretweet
14Olivia Chow on Twitter: "It's great to see so many journalism students at tonight's debate....@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 22, 2014 6:33 pmretweet
2Olivia Chow on Twitter: "A big thank you to @KenShawCTV and @CTVToronto for hosting tonight's...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 22, 2014 6:31 pmretweet
16Toronto: If you build bike lanes, the cyclists will come | Metro@oliviachowmetronews.caOct 22, 2014 3:05 pmretweet
12Election Report Card: Governance | NOW Magazine@oliviachownowtoronto.comOct 22, 2014 2:50 pmretweet
52Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Happy #Diwali! Let us be inspired by Festival of Lights marking the...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 22, 2014 1:58 pmretweet
2Turnout Toronto: A City of Mayors | Facebook@oliviachowfacebook.comOct 22, 2014 1:40 pmretweet
9Olivia Has More Donors Than Rob Ford and David Miller Combined - Olivia Chow@oliviachowoliviachow.caOct 22, 2014 7:02 amretweet
6Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Hit the radio circuit this morning and talked to @johnstall_radio...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 22, 2014 6:29 amretweet
5Olivia Chow on Twitter: "Had a fun time on @KiSS925 this morning. Happy Birthday Roz (@rozweston)!...@oliviachowtwitter.comOct 22, 2014 6:23 amretweet

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Olivia Chow

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