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Use this page to watch for any new Youtube videos posted by Canadian members of Parliament.
List of Canadian MPs on Youtube

Grievous Angels -- Having to Say Goodbye
by: CharlieAngusMP
Financial Experts Discussing RRIFs with MP Weston
by: JohnWestonMP
Le pont de Québec
by: ALatendresseNPD
Scrum with Reporters on Attack and Hill Security -
by: MPLaurieHawn
MP Parm Gill SO-31 on October 24, 2014
by: ParmGill
IN THE HOUSE will the govt agree to meaningful con
by: MPJulian
MP Lois Brown's Statement on World Polio Day
by: MPLoisBrown
MP-Djaouida Sellah interroge le Ministre des Finan
by: DSellahNPD
Question sur l’élimination du service postal su
by: laurinliu
Liberal leader Justin Trudeau's speech to the Hous
by: irenemathyssen
PM Harper's Speech to the House on October 23, 201
by: irenemathyssen
Quand la SRC brade ses camions-satellites... c'est
by: pierrenantel
Woman recalls efforts to save Cpl. Nathan Cirillo
by: CBCPolitics
Paul Dewar - Statement on the Ottawa Shooting
by: PaulDewar
Déclaration MP Djaouida Sellah Nouvel an Hegire
by: DSellahNPD
Tom Mulcair's Speech in the House on October 23, 2
by: irenemathyssen
Déclaration Nouvel An Islamique
by: DSellahNPD
SO31 - Tribute to the Canadian Armed Forces - Octo
by: MPLaurieHawn
Speeches by the Party Leaders on the Re-Opening of
by: laurie-hawn
Elizabeth May : Discours sur la fusillade d’Otta
by: CanadianGreens
NDP MP Peggy Nash welcomes His Holiness the Dalai
by: PeggyNashNDP
Elizabeth May - Remarks Concerning the Tragic Even
by: ElizabethMay
Rex Murphy: Two Fallen Soldiers
by: DeirdraMcC
Statement on the Terrorist Attack in Ottawa/Speech
by: PaulCalandra
24 SEVEN Exclusive: PM delivers remarks in the Hou
by: pmharper
Allocution de Justin Trudeau à propos des fusilla
by: liberal_party
Statement by Justin Trudeau on Ottawa Shootings
by: liberal_party
IN THE HOUSE ~ Today we showed the world that Cana
by: MPJulian
House of Commons Opens Again After Gunman Attack -
by: MPLaurieHawn
QP Oct 23 Contracting Canada Post work to the US
by: irenemathyssen
Honouring Corporal Nathan Cirillo
by: wayne-marston
Coupes à Radio-Canada : la francophonie menacée
by: pierrenantel
MP Joyce Bateman speaks on Bill S-4, The Digital P
by: Joyce_Bateman
Happy Diwali from MP Costas Menegakis
by: costasmenegakis
Jinny Sims Diwali Statement 2014
by: jinnysims
Déclaration en Chambre le 23 octobre 2014
by: HeleneLeBlanc
Jasbir speaks in the House regarding Ottawa shooti
by: jasbirsandhu
Our military family is a tight-knit community
by: cherylgallant
Période de questions 23/10/14 : Sécurité publiq
by: RosaneDL
Glenn Thibeault, Question on the Voluntary Code of
by: GlennThibeault
Paul Dewar on the Global Partnership for Education
by: PaulDewar
Hélène Laverdière & Paul Dewar on Malala an
by: HLaverdiere2
Témoignage avec Rosane Doré Lefebvre
by: hoangmai_npd
Ottawa Killings: Who Wins? Russell Brand The Trews
by: cdnrealityvortx
Elizabeth May - Press Conference Concerning Tragic
by: ElizabethMay
Diwali/Deepavali Greetings- Tamil
by: RathikaS
Diwali Greetings-English
by: RathikaS
24 SEVEN : October 16th to 22nd
by: pmharper
Événements sur la colline : Entrevue Téléjourn
by: RosaneDL
Statement from MP Joyce Bateman on National Scienc
by: Joyce_Bateman
Discours concernant les événements tragiques du
by: fortjf
MP Joyce Bateman's shares her greetings for a Happ
by: Joyce_Bateman
Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers receives standing o
by: LKMFedLiberals
M.P. Mark Eyking - Interview about Shootings in Ot
by: MarkEyking_MP
Team Building
by: liberal_party
Ottawa Shooting Statement / Déclaration sur la fu
by: GGDavidJohnston
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