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Use this page to watch for any new Youtube videos posted by Canadian members of Parliament.
List of Canadian MPs on Youtube

MP Weston on Jersey Day 2014
by: JohnWestonMP
MP Weston on the Heart & Stroke Foundation
by: JohnWestonMP
À LA CHAMBRE ~ services pour nos militaires et no
by: MPJulian
IN THE HOUSE ~ Conservative government's failure t
by: MPJulian
Nathan Cullen standing up for Canadian jobs in Pri
by: nathancullen
TransCanada : Tenir tête
by: GillesDuceppe
Discours sur le projet de loi C-40, Parc urbain na
by: HeleneLeBlanc
Robert Questions Minister about Iraq costs
by: RobertNDP
(NPD) Denis Blanchette questionne Denis Lebel au s
by: DenisBlanchette
Déclaration au sujet du mouvement coopératif et
by: HeleneLeBlanc
Charlie Angus on huge tax bureau blooper
by: CharlieAngusMP
Le Québec parle d'une seule voix : Radio-Canada,
by: pierrenantel
Dr. Fry asks the Minister of Health to support tha
by: HedyFry
Don's Statement in the House denouncing Racism
by: DonDavies
Candidature de Michaëlle Jean à l'OIF
by: DionneLabelleMP
Megan explains why the NDP is voting against C-40:
by: MeganLeslieMP
The pot calling the kettle black
by: MeganLeslieMP
Megan asks PM about Auditor General report
by: MeganLeslieMP
Final Speech - Motion 532 - Care for Veterans - No
by: MPLaurieHawn
Le discours de Justin Trudeau aux Jeunes libéraux
by: liberal_party
MP Ted Opitz Discusses Military Mental Health on C
by: TedOpitz
NDP MP Peggy Nash presents petitions from Parkdale
by: PeggyNashNDP
SO 31 - VAC Mental Health Investments - November 2
by: MPLaurieHawn
NDP MP Peggy Nash on the Gouvernment's Inability t
by: PeggyNashNDP
NDP Urges All-Party Support in Parliament for Thal
by: LibbyDavies
IN THE HOUSE ~ Question - another massive privacy
by: MPJulian
Mylène Freeman dénonce les violences faites aux
by: MyleneFreeman
Andrew Cash speaks on Bill C-44 - Nov 18th, 2014
by: andrew-cash
Programme Connexion compétences
by: JTremblayNPD
Période de questions 25/11/14 : Blaney et constit
by: RosaneDL
Andrew Cash speaks on Racial Profiling in Davenpor
by: andrew-cash
The Attach of Liberal candidate for Banff-Airdrie,
by: WayneEaster
November 25th International Day for the Eliminatio
by: KirstyDuncanMP
François Choquette en période des questions - 24
by: F_Choquette
Andrew Cash discusses Minimum Wage - Sept 16th, 20
by: andrew-cash
Joe Comartin, MP makes a statement regarding Pancr
by: joecomartin
Matthew Kellway - Question Period - Income Inequal
by: MatthewKellway
Hélène Laverdière au sujet du Sommet de la Fran
by: HLaverdiere2
Glenn Thibeault, Question on Merchant Fees, 2014/1
by: GlennThibeault
Malcolm Allen demands the government apologize to
by: malcolm-allen
Charlie angus challenges Tax Minister on lost data
by: CharlieAngusMP
Statement in the House - November 25, 2014
by: bobzimmermp
MP Sitsabaiesan questions the seriousness of the g
by: RathikaS
The sacred obligation: Dennis Manuge's Story
by: liberal_party
L’obligation solennelle : l’histoire de Jenife
by: liberal_party
Message from MP Parm Gill on Supporting Canadian F
by: ParmGill
Conservatives replace $1 13 billion of funding for
by: frank-valeriote
Government cuts $1 13 billion while spending $750
by: frank-valeriote
Bill McCreary becoming the 16th NHL official named
by: frank-valeriote
Indépendance journalistique : Radio-Canada
by: GillesDuceppe
David Sweet MP Remembers Pat Quinn
by: david-sweet
Charlie Angus on seed rights for farmers
by: CharlieAngusMP
Santé -- assemblée publique nov 2014_ang.
by: laurinliu
Santé_assemblée publique nov 2014
by: laurinliu
20141124 QP Daryl Kramp
by: darylkramp
Mylène Freeman à propos du projet de loi C-26
by: myla-ne-freeman
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