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Use this page to watch for any new Youtube videos posted by Canadian members of Parliament.
List of Canadian MPs on Youtube

Question of Privilege - Time Allocation
by: CanadianGreens
Question de privilège - la motion d'attribution d
by: CanadianGreens
NDP MP Peggy Nash calling on the Government for a
by: PeggyNashNDP
Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks at #Unitedfor
by: Lwaler
20140915 MP Weston on Gran Fondo, Canada Bikes, Ca
by: JohnWestonMP
Wayne Gretzky at #UnitedforUkraine
by: Lwaler
MP Murray Rankin calls for immediate suspension of
by: MurrayRankin
MP Bezan's Statement on the Franklin Expedition
by: jamesbezan
Niki Ashton and Romeo Saganash ask about inaction
by: nikiashton
Hélène Laverdière demande un débat d'urgence s
by: HLaverdiereNPD
Andrew Cash slams Conservative plan to strip refug
by: Cash4TO
Paul Dewar presents petitions supporting the Ottaw
by: PaulDewar
Ralph Goodale and John McCallum question the Conse
by: LKMFedLiberals
Hélène Laverdière on the North-South Institute
by: HLaverdiereNPD
Hélène Laverdière au sujet de l'Institut nord-s
by: HLaverdiereNPD
Charlie Angus on Duffy and secrecy
by: CharlieAngusMP
Le NPD veut voir les avis scientifiques sur Cacoun
by: NPDQuebec
Déclaration sur la mobilisation du Samedi 15 Sept
by: DSellahNPD
Andrew on racial profiling in Toronto by the CBSA
by: andrew-cash
Charlie Angus on Conservatives undermining Parliam
by: CharlieAngusMP
John BAIRD : "La guerre est déclarée contre les
by: lawrence_cannon
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Scottish Indep
by: adamgoldenberg
Ryan Stevenson - Dear Mom (Official Video)
by: GeorgesLaraque
Building the team and the plan: LPC(O) AGM 2014 -
by: liberal_party
Jouons Unis! / ¡Unidos Jugamos! / United We Play!
by: BalGosal
Justin Trudeau: Environment and Economy Go Togethe
by: WatLib
24 SEVEN – September 4th to 11th
by: MPLaurieHawn
Profiling People and Places
by: JohnWestonMP
Obama's four-point plan for action against Islamic
by: keithmartinmd
The Spirit of Ukraine HD
by: MPmarkwarawa
Turbulent Summer - an Update on the Middle East
by: M_Ignatieff
Michaëlle Jean • Je m'engage pour la Francopho
by: MichaelleJeanF
Choir! Choir! Choir! sings Sloan - Coax Me
by: ChrisMcCluskey
Problem - Vintage '50s Doo-Wop Ariana Grande Cover
by: ap236
24 SEVEN Exclusive: Canada Discovers one of the il
by: MPLaurieHawn
Liberals Call For a Tax on the Internet!
by: PaulCalandra
MP Minute - Langley Cruise-In with Mayor Ted Schaf
by: MPmarkwarawa
Why I Think This World Should End
by: GeorgesLaraque
Justin Trudeau
by: AlexandraBrStL
DuckTales Theme Song With Real Ducks
by: ap236
Special Olympics Cape Breton Track and Field Day.
by: MarkEyking_MP
Jim Karygiannis participates in the ALS Ice Bucket
by: jimkarygiannis
Angler Kills & Tosses Musky for No Reason (HD)
by: BrianMasseMP
All About That [Upright] Bass - Jazz Meghan Traino
by: ap236
24 SEVEN – August 28th to September 3rd
by: MPLaurieHawn
Troop Tribute at NATO Summit 2014
by: UKinCanada
Discours concernant les enjeux sportifs
by: MattDube
Sam Smith covers Tracy Chapman's Fast Car in the L
by: ap236
Jay Vroom Ice Bucket Challenge
by: TedMenzies
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Mayor Mike Savage & fri
by: MikeSavageHFX
Stay With Me - Vintage 1940s Jazz Ballad Sam Smith
by: ap236
Toronto 2014 mayoral debate with Rob Ford, John To
by: ValckeNDP
MP Hawn brings greetings on the Mid-Autumn Harvest
by: laurie-hawn
MP Laurie Hawn brings Chuseok greetings
by: laurie-hawn
Ted Menzies ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
by: TedMenzies
Windsor Liberal Tri Riding BBQ w Adam Vaughan and
by: LKMFedLiberals
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