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Use this page to watch for any new Youtube videos posted by Canadian members of Parliament.
List of Canadian MPs on Youtube

A story from CBC's The National
by: CBCPolitics
Blake Richards supports low taxes
by: BlakeRichardsMP
The Urban Agenda
by: liberal_party
20 octobre 2014 - Question sur le financement du l
by: MarjBoutinSweet
QP October 20 Restore Canada Post Door to Door D
by: irenemathyssen
Matthew Kellway - Petitions - Stop Pay to Pay Fees
by: MatthewKellway
Nathan Cullen questions Conservatives support of s
by: nathancullen
Nathan Cullen Questions Conservatives Marine Safet
by: nathancullen
Charlie Angus challenges dubious Con advertising
by: CharlieAngusMP
Andrew Cash asks when the government will ban pay-
by: andrew-cash
Glenn Thibeault, Question on Credit Card Processin
by: GlennThibeault
Déclaration Sylvain Chicoine hommage Marie-Klaudi
by: sylvainchicoine
Matthew Kellway on Bill S 4 - PIPEDA (2014 10 20)
by: MatthewKellway
MP Hawn brings greetings on Diwali 2014
by: laurie-hawn
Le développement économique dans les régions
by: parti_liberal
RNC Tourism Video
by: ClearyNDP
Questioning the Conservatives on the Muzzling of C
by: kennedystewart
le projet de loi S-5 partie 2
by: nwtdennis
le projet de loi S-5 partie 1
by: nwtdennis
Craig Scott, Speech on Bill C-520, Agents of Parli
by: CraigScottNDP
Speech on Bill S-5
by: nwtdennis
24 SEVEN Exclusive: Reflections about Jim Flaherty
by: BalGosal
by: MarkEyking_MP
24 SEVEN - October 9th to 15th, 2014
by: BalGosal
Questioning the Conservatives on the Muzzling of C
by: kennedystewart
Le droit des femmes de choisir
by: liberal_party
by: liberal_party
Experimenta! 2014 International Youth Art Exhibiti
by: RickDykstra
Christmas Jumper Day
by: GeorgesLaraque
Power of the Arts National Forum
by: MichaelleJeanF
Forum national Le Pouvoir des arts !
by: MichaelleJeanF
Question Period - Drug Industry R&D
by: MPEveAdams
Question Period - Protective Gear
by: MPEveAdams
Question Period: Isolating Putin's Autocratic Regi
by: MPEveAdams
Question Period - Humanitarian Aid in West Africa
by: MPEveAdams
Question Period - Canada's Leadership Against Ebol
by: MPEveAdams
Question Period - Vaccine Donation
by: MPEveAdams
Power and Politics - Ebola Outbreak
by: MPEveAdams
Le réveil – Canadiens de Montréal avec Jay Bar
by: MattDube
The Middle Class
by: liberal_party
Les défis de la classe moyenne
by: parti_liberal
François Choquette rejette le projet de construct
by: F_Choquette
(NPD) Denis Blanchette dépose une pétition au su
by: DenisBlanchette
Le discours de Justin Trudeau à la Chambre de com
by: liberal_party
Sauvons les bélugas!
by: DionneLabelleMP
Services de garderie abordables
by: NDP_Comm
Affordable Childcare
by: NDP_Comm
RMR: Rick's Rant - Copyright
by: OmarAlghabra
The Two Faces of John Tory
by: oliviachow
Everyone Counts
by: oliviachow
Profiling People and Places - Collin Carrie and Ja
by: JohnWestonMP
24 SEVEN Exclusive: Minister Chris Alexander Cele
by: MPLaurieHawn
The Face Of Rare Diseases
by: JamesMoore_org
La réforme démocratique
by: liberal_party
by: liberal_party
Are you ready?!
by: danharrisndp
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