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    August 10 is #PrisonersJusticeDay. This is a day to remember the voices of those who are far too often silenced or… https://t.co/0hM0VJwEh1
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    Really proud of you for putting out this challenge. Really proud of all the work you are doing especially to keep… https://t.co/O6DPMDQous
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    @Deeyah_Khan an exceptional woman . She helps us recognize that the other is part of ourselves in her documentarie… https://t.co/rkLsijSFVH
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    We all are very blessed to have you @Reachoutreo in our lives. You teach us everyday how we should look after the… https://t.co/KuSIZga8bT
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    I completely agree with you @jnbeuze. The people of Lebanon are resilient. My friends apartment windows were shatt… https://t.co/kIU9iR4zny
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Mobina Jaffer
  • Mobina Jaffer
  • @SenJaffer
  • location: British Columbia
  • province: Ontario
  • followers: 8,975
  • fb fans: 3,064
  • klout: 44.28
  • web: https://t.co/Mi3biIylt
  • liberal
  • Non-affiliated Senator for British Columbia | Sénatrice non affiliée de la Colombie-Britannique. Passionate advocate in equal rights for #women and #minorities.

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