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    At this point I think Canada should make it clear that black Americans can claim refugee status at any border crossing.
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    Where is the beef? This is how the Prime Minister has spent our money. These last tweets courtesy of former speaker @andrewscheer #cdnpoli
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    What did they bring home? Nineteen bags of marshmallows, a case of chocolate bars, bags and bags of chips! https://t.co/JVsBS1b2VF #cdnpoli
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    ...and it is about jobs for all Canadians. https://t.co/RbWvjgBXKY
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    Mr. Speaker, I want to thank the PM for taking my advice and meeting with Mr. Coderre. This is an issue about the national economy...
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  • Documenting the best (and worst) from Canada's Parliamentary debates. Tweets from this account are quoted directly from the Hansard transcripts.

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