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    Today, we took an important step to ban #asbestos in Canada! We’re protecting the health of all Canadians with new… https://t.co/E2RwYUhh37
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    #DYK over 8 million tons of plastic flow into oceans every year and most comes from items we use and throw away eve… https://t.co/qAat7XkM3x
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    Today, the #CannabisAct became legal in Canada.
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    It’s #WasteReductionWeek in Canada!
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    Edéhzhíe ensures that the Dene relationship with the land is respected and preserved for future generations at the… https://t.co/AtBcvJRKQ3
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Enviroment Minister
  • Enviroment Minister
  • @ec_minister
  • location: Canada
  • followers: 43,942
  • klout: 48.23
  • web: https://t.co/iF5K2mw2y
  • conservative
  • Canadian Minister of Environment & Climate Change, the Honourable Catherine McKenna. Run by ECCC/Parks/CEAA Terms: https://t.co/LKszp6zjSg Fran : @ministre_ec

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