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    Sharing an excellent article which asks “How Are You, Really?” in this time of COVID: https://t.co/aPJCbMwZR5. We a… https://t.co/6tM1u7aqLt
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    'Zoom fatigue' is setting in: What it is and how to prevent it: https://t.co/laYUPAnuZb
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    @robertbenzie @OntarioPCParty @TorontoStar At least the older white plates are more attractive. The new blue plates… https://t.co/RdXggXkrna
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    What a horrible, horrendous prospect!! Let's uglify our countryside for minimum revenue. Ford wants to erect bill… https://t.co/P23oWUNI4N
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    Income inequality is shrinking in Canada, continues to rise in US, many other developed countries: https://t.co/ymXz2lX7Z0
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Jonathan Mousley
  • Jonathan Mousley
  • @mousley_j
  • location: Canada
  • province: Ontario
  • followers: 185
  • klout: 40.16
  • web: www.mousley.ca
  • liberal
  • Proud Canadian / Un fier Canadien; Government and public affairs professional / Un professionnel au sein du gouvernement et des affaires publiques

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