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    is grateful for the support of voters, volunteers and staff - thank you!! I am honoured to represent Vancouver Hastings for another term!
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    's campaign has placed over 2000 phone calls to supporters today so far! 2 hours to go!!
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    Get out to vote today - and vote NDP! 8 years of Campbell's Liberals is enough!
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    is grateful for an amazing team, wonderful volunteers and a winning campaign - go team!
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    What a great day to be out chatting with neighbours! Be sure to drop by my campaign office to help out - only two more days to go!
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Shane Simpson
  • Shane Simpson
  • @ShaneSimpson
  • province: British Columbia
  • followers: 2
  • klout: 18.85
  • bcndp
  • Pistons and gasoline energize my body but two wheels sets my soul free. Football, family, life!

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