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      • MPndpblog Claude Gravelle 65 post Petitions

        Mr. Speaker, the second petition is from communities in Nickel Belt, including Azilda, Chelmsford, Val Caron, Capreol, and Sudbury. The petitioners want the government to ensure that Canadian policies and programs are developed in consultation with small family farmers and that they protect the rights of small family farmers in the global south to preserve, use, and freely exchange seeds.

        • MPnews news Serré wins tight, three-way battle for Nickel Belt nod - NorthernLife.ca
          Serré will try and wrest the seat from NDP MP Claude Gravelle. Supplied photo. ... He's the former Sudbury regional director of the Canadian Hearing Society, and had taught at both Cambrian College and Collège Boréal. Serré's father, Gaetan, held the ... read more
          Mon 12:59 pm> |
          • MPnews news Serre gets nod in Nickel Belt - The Sudbury Star
            Sudbury was served by New Democrat MP Glenn Thibeault for six years until he left the party in December, was appointed the Liberal candidate in a February byelection and won a seat in the Ontario Legislature for the Grits. Serre believes Trudeau ...and more » read more
            Sun 6:52 pm> |
            • MPnews news Marc Serre chosen as Nickel Belt Liberal candidate - CBC.ca
              Serre agreed and said the hot race for the Liberal nomination is partially thanks to Trudeau's new energy — and the perceived lack of it from Nickel Belt incumbent NDP MP Claude Gravelle. Pablo Gil-Alfau. The federal Liberal candidate for Nickel Belt ...and more » read more
              Sun 7:23 am> |
              • MPnews news Nickel Belt Liberal candidate to be chosen Saturday - CBC.ca
                Election signs are up in parts of Sudbury and Sturgeon Falls, but they're only meant to catch the attention of Liberals driving past. The federal Liberal candidate for Nickel Belt will be decided tomorrow, ending what's been a hotly contested race. read more
                Fri 7:33 am> |
                • MPndpblog Claude Gravelle 265 post Rail Service Resumption Act, 2015

                  Mr. Speaker, I want to thank my colleague from Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie for his excellent speech. He is doing a great job as the NDP labour critic.

                  We just had a derailment in Nickel Belt, on Saturday night if I am not mistaken. I cannot say exactly what caused it at this point, because we do not know yet.

                  However, there was also a derailment in western Canada just a few days ago. The young woman who was in charge of the train has been subjected to disciplinary measures. She said she did not receive any training. This is happening more and more. Companies like CN and CP are not required to train their employees because the government will protect those companies. Training comes with contract negotiations, which take a really long time.

                  Right now in my riding, Nickel Belt, negotiations are under way with Vale. They began three months ago and will continue for another three or four months. However, the Conservatives are not giving the two parties a chance to negotiate.

                  In his role as the NDP labour critic, I wonder if the member could talk about what we could do better, besides getting rid of the Conservatives in 2015.

                  • MPnews news Nickel Belt Liberals buoyed by chances - The Sudbury Star
                    The number of memberships they have sold is unprecedented, Gingras said, and an indicator that the party has momentum in Nickel Belt, which has swung periodically between the Liberals an NDP, whose Claude Gravelle has served as MP since 2008. Prior to ... read more
                    Feb 11, 2015 10:42 pm> |
                    • MPnews news Sudbury Daystarter: News, weather info for Wednesday - CBC.ca
                      People can now go to Service Canada to have their passport application reviewed. Nickel Belt NDP MP Claude Gravelle said there is still a need for a full office in Sudbury. READ MORE. LEDs: Sudbury city councillors didn't jump Tuesday night at a chance ... read more
                      Feb 04, 2015 4:07 am> |
                      • MPndpblog Irene Mathyssen 156 post Petitions

                        Mr. Speaker, I have a petition from constituents who wish draw the attention of the Minister of Health and the House of Commons to the fact that the federal government does not have but needs a national strategy for dementia and for the care of persons afflicted with Alzheimer's and other dementia-related diseases.

                        The petitioners call on the Minister of Health and the House of Commons to pass Bill C-356, standing in the name of the MP for Nickel Belt, and to indeed move ahead on a comprehensive national plan to address all aspects of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias.

                        • MPconblog andrewscheer 327 post Business of the House

                          The Chair would like to take a moment to provide some information to the House regarding the management of private members' business.

                          As members know, after the order of precedence is replenished, the Chair reviews the new items so as to alert the House to bills which at first glance appear to impinge under financial prerogative of the Crown. This allows members the opportunity to intervene in a timely fashion to present their views about the need for those bills to be accompanied by a royal recommendation.

                          Accordingly, following the December 8, 2014 replenishment of the order of precedence with 15 new items, I wish to inform the House that there are two bills that give the Chair some concerns as to the spending provisions they contemplate.

                          These are Bill C-356, An Act respecting a National Strategy for Dementia, standing in the name of the hon. member for Nickel Belt, and Bill C-640, An Act respecting VIA Rail Canada and making consequential amendments to the Canada Transportation Act, standing in the name of the hon. member for Gaspésie—Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

                          I would encourage hon. members who would like to make arguments regarding the need for a royal recommendation for these bills, or any of the other bills now on the order of precedence, to do so at an early opportunity.

                          I thank hon. members for their attention.

                          • MPnews news Gravelle takes on official languages critic role - NorthernLife.ca
                            Nickel Belt NDP MP Claude Gravelle has been appointed as the official opposition critic for official languages. Supplied photo. ... “I am proud of the solid experience offered to Canadians by a strong team of NDP MPs,” Mulcair said. “This is the team ... read more
                            Jan 26, 2015 11:42 am> |
                                    • MPnews news Living with Alzheimer's disease - www.brantnews.com
                                      Marilyn recently participated in a roundtable discussion hosted by Nickel Belt MP Claude Gravelle, who has tabled a private member's bill proposing a national strategy for dealing with dementia in Canada. Gravelle, whose mother had Alzheimer's, was ... read more
                                      Jan 08, 2015 12:50 pm> |

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Nickel Belt

The electoral district of Nickel Belt (Ontario) has a population of 89,377 with 71,107 registered voters and 205 polling divisions.

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