This is an experiement to see which candidates are winning the social media battle in swing ridings that were won by less than 5% in 2008 as identified by

The table below shows how many Twitter followers each candidate has, beside that number is the growth rate of followers week over week. The cells marked green are the candidates with the most followers, the cells with a grey "incu" icon are the incumbents.

Twitter Prediction

riding name prov edid alt tag cpc lpc ndp gpc most growth prediction winner
Brampton Weston350082793 51%conservative
Brampton—Springdaleon350074832 25.8%conservative
Burnaby—Douglasbc590025883 100%ndp
Edmonton—Sherwood Parkab4801610365 11.2%conservative
Edmonton—Strathconaab48018#yegstrath9297 0%ndp
Eglinton—Lawrenceon35019#eglaw12210 20%conservative
Egmontpe110033976 100%conservative
Esquimalt—Juan de Fucabc590083752 60.7%ndp
Kitchener Centreon35037#kitcen3711 -2.3%conservative
Kitchener—Waterlooon35039#kitwat8073 10.7%conservative
London Weston35044#ldnwest5220 16%conservative
Malpequepe110047326 11%liberal
Mississauga Southon35050255 100%conservative
Mississauga—Erindaleon35049188 59.3%conservative
Moncton—Riverview—Dieppenb13007260 47.8%conservative
New Westminster—Coquitlambc590175697 12.5%ndp
North Vancouverbc590191900 28%conservative
Oak Ridges—Markhamon350595452 9.4%conservative
Parkdale—High Parkon35068#parkhp16905 29.8%ndp
Saanich—Gulf Islandsbc59024#saanichgulfislands255368 27.7%green
Saint Johnnb130092177 0%conservative
Sault Ste. Marieon35079274 0%conservative
South Shore—St. Margaret'sns12009#sssm2520 28.9%conservative
Surrey Northbc590283274 53.7%ndp
Vancouver Island Northbc59031#vinorth0 0%conservative
Vancouver Southbc59034#vansouth3427 36.4%conservative
Wellandon350973132 19.9%ndp
West Novans120111861 31.4%conservative
Western Arctictt610011381 63.3%ndp

This page is still under development, if you have any suggestions on how the candidates might be compared, please contact me!